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Pulau Pangkor

See all 202 Pulau Pangkor Tips
  • Ferry to Pangkor

    Pulau Pangkor Transportation

    To avoid long queue, buy your ticket at 11 pm and above. You'll avoid long line of tourists and locals eager to get into the island. This also means you'll be able to roam around a half empty ferry on your way there.BTW, tickets to Pangkor are return tickets. On your way back, there's no ticket needed. The ferry agent use a ticker to count the...

  • Pangkor Island Beach Resort

    Pulau Pangkor Hotels

    I had not been to Pangkor for donkey's years but I did send me nephew and his new bride for a...

  • Boat trip around the bays

    Pulau Pangkor Things to Do

    Taking a boat trip arond the bays is a great way to see more of Pulau Pangkor. We arranged a boat trip from Pasir Bogak - 150RM for a three hour trip which we thought was a fair price. The boat driver took us to several points of interest including a view of turtle rock and heart rock. We saw several beautiful bays, stopping to swim at one where we...



See all 263 Ipoh Tips
  • Ipoh World at Han Chin Pet Soo

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Ipoh Things to Do

    This is a history museum/exhibition which recounts the history of the building known as Han Chin Pet Soo, the Hakka Tin Miners' Club, an organisation 122 years young. The building is fully restored and fitted out with its own tin mine, gambling and opium den, prostitutes and more, all in full size models in period clothing. There is also an 11...

  • Heritage

    Ipoh Hotels

    i was apprehensive about this property having read many negative reviews on various websites. i...

  • Ipoh dim sum

    Ipoh Restaurants

    Dynasty Palace is a medium sized dim sum restaurant, which serves OK food at average prices for this type of place. There wasn't an enormous variety of food like you might expect with dim sum, but there were a few vegetarian options. Staff are friendly enough, though it helped having a Chinese speaker with us. The decor is the usual cliches,...



See all 145 Taiping Tips
  • Lake Garden

    Taiping Things to Do

    Spending time at the Lake Gardens in Taiping was a real treat. All the lush, foliage - bursts of green over the blueblack Bukit Larut (previously known as Maxwell Hill) in the background. A total change from my normal concrete jungle scenery. The Taiping Lake Gardens was opened in 1880, making it the first public garden in Malaysia. Chung Thye Pin...

  • Hotel Furama

    Taiping Hotels

    The check in was fast & no hassle. Payment is upon check-in. Cash & card is acceptable. Room is...

  • Spritzer EcoPark - Play, Learn, Discover

    Taiping Things to Do

    Bring your family and friends to this serene green Spritzer EcoPark, where a dedicated Kidz Zone and 18-Hole Mini Golf make his an ideal family retreat. Learn while having fun at The Discovery Tunnel, take a plant visit to Malaysia's largest bottled water manufacturer, or discover and explore the marvels of the rainforest on the Tree Tag Walkabout....



See all 84 Lumut Tips
  • Fu Zhou Cuisine

    Lumut Restaurants

    This restaurant was listed in TripAdvisor and you can even see TripAdvisor logo at the entrance. I would not say that it is very special. I went there after seeing its good review in TripAdvisor and people's blogs.Overall, it was a little below my expectation in terms of food and service. It was rather expensive too. The place was rather dirty;...

  • Galaxy Inn

    Lumut Hotels

    No. PT 4148 & 4149, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, Lumut, Perak, 32200, Malaysia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Fresh Seafood at a very Reasonable Price

    Lumut Restaurants

    They serve all kinds of seafood and their seafood is very fresh. You can even go around the restaurant to have a look. I saw their clams were still alive in the tank.This place looks like a coffee shop, with ceiling fans or you can also choose to sit in the open air. No ambience at all but good food at a reasonable price.We would come back again...


Parit Buntar

See all 59 Parit Buntar Tips
  • Sport facilities at Dataran Sungai...

    Parit Buntar Things to Do

    Dataran Sungai Kerian is a peoples' park in Parit Buntar. It is crowded in the morning and evening especially during weekend. There are cycling track, empty space for street dance and children playground. There are steel structures around the park, spend some time to use some of the structures to exercise your body, you will feel fresh.

  • New Railway Station 2015

    Parit Buntar Transportation

    Although the Train Station and the double tracks electric railway were completed, even they are behind time, but the actual ETS ( Electric Train System ) is delay again to August 2015 due to late arrival of the coaches.The train station in Parit Buntar is built according to a single desgin similar to other train station in other town. There are 2...

  • Upgrading the fore ground of NaTokKong...

    Parit Buntar Local Customs

    Due to the lower level of some surface and flooded issue, the Temple Committee has decided to surface the fore ground of temple by bricks.The committee invites donation from local public and prayers to donate bricks base on RM5 a piece. I heard about the construction in progress has resurfaced a stone pathway which was covered. I went to have a...


Teluk Intan

See all 51 Teluk Intan Tips
  • Coffee is ok but Kuey Teow .....

    Teluk Intan Restaurants

    Recently dropped by to visit a friend in this slow but laid back town. Stopped for tea at the above cafe opposite the bus station. The coffee was rich and good but had to sent it back as 'kurang manis' (less sugar) was still way too sweet for me.But the kuey teow was soggy, the chili paste and base seem to become separated from the kuew...

  • Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

    Teluk Intan Things to Do

    The Leaning Tower of Pisa is not the only leaning tower we have. Tucked in a small town in Malaysia, we also find a leaning tower of Teluk Intan.

  • Teluk Intan Golf Club

    Teluk Intan Sports & Outdoors

    The golf club started off as the Diamond Bay Golf and Country Club... Subsequently, it was then run by the Majlis Perbandaran Teluk Intan before being turned over and run under the existing Management by a group of golfers...The 18-holes par-72 course is rather flat with oil palm trees lining the fairways... Water comes into play in a number of...


Kuala Kangsar

See all 76 Kuala Kangsar Tips
  • Excellent little cafe/restaurant with...

    Kuala Kangsar Restaurants

    The gate is a real nice little place in Kuala Kangsar.It's more of a coffee house than a restaurant really, but they do serve hot food too and it's very good.I had some excellent sweet and sour chicken when i was there for instance.I was there a couple of times and mostly came there for thier excellent coffee and because they had a free witfif with...

  • Great western food dishes

    Kuala Kangsar Restaurants

    This great little place is located along the main road that leads into the town centre from the Clock Tower. It's run by a really huge guy who's the chef and looks like he enjoys his food! They serve a lot of western food which is very tasty.

  • Istana Kenangan

    Kuala Kangsar Things to Do

    The Istana Kenangan is a charming wooden yellow and black painted building that was one of the best buildings I came across in my time in Malaysia. Also known as Istana Lembah and Istana Tepas, it's located a short distance from Istana Iskandariah and the Ubudiah Mosque. It was built around the same time as the current royal palace, Istana...



See all 18 Kampar Tips
  • Possibly the best Malay food in the area

    Kampar Restaurants

    Down the road from Kampar, towards KL is Tapah. In Tapah main town the mosque is on the left just over the river bridge and the restaurant is next to the mosque.This restaurant serves one of the largest selections of Malay food I have seen, and that includes many in KL too. The food is still hot if you arrive about 12 noon, and al a carte is...

  • Caving and Swimming

    Kampar Things to Do

    A few minutes drive from Kampar is the Gua Tempurung Cave complex. Here you can explore the caves, or enjoy climbing, rope bridge walking, picnicing and a wide range of activities. Although the caves have been there for a long while the complex is just finding its feet tourist wise. Many other activities are planned in this area.If you take the...

  • Day trip from Kampar

    Kampar Things to Do

    Kampar is a central location from which to begin exploring the local area. There is much to offer from castles to herb gardens, golfing and trips to seaside.Pictured here is Kellie's Castle aka Kellie's Folly. Built by William Kellie Smith between 1915 and 1926 but never completed. It is to be found on the road to Batu Gajah from Simpang Pulai off...


Batu Gajah

See all 17 Batu Gajah Tips
  • Kellie's Castle

    Batu Gajah Off The Beaten Path

    Kellie's Castle is located in Batu Gajah and was built by a Scottish planter, William Kellie Smith, who arrived in Malaya in 1890 and made his fortune in tin and rubber.With cash in his pocket he returned home to marry his sweetheart Agnes and brought her over to Malaya in 1903. They had a daughter called Helen the following year.William Smith...

  • MM's Merc

    Batu Gajah Transportation

    There are a few ways to get to Batu Gajah which includes buses and taxis that leave regularly from KL's Puduraya bus station.Our transport came as a part of a package deal, departing from our KL accommodation, with MM Adventures on the White Water Rafting @ Kampar River Tour. Because there was only myself and my two teenage kids we travelled there...

  • Don't Miss The Tomyam Meehoon!!!

    Batu Gajah Restaurants

    TOP 1 ONE is famous for tomyam noodle, a variety of fried rice, ice-cream, fruit juice as well as Western food. It is a quiet place to have your meals with your family or friends. The set lunches have value for money. The waitresses are warm and friendly. When I went there for the first time, I had Tomyam meehoon and I love it. To me it really has...



See all 14 Tapah Tips
  • South bound R & R

    Tapah Favorites

    I usually pass by this R&R in the morning. I would buy the newpaper of the day. Someone in the car can read it. This R&R is growing bigger and bigger, just like the number of registered vehicles that keep on increasing.

  • North bound R & R

    Tapah Favorites

    To long journey travellers along the north-south highway, taking a rest at Tapah R&R is a normal exercise. I prefer to have a quick stop here as at this R&R, you can relax and not bored, sometimes, you can meet beautiful things such as a sport car and etc. My first trip to Cameron Highlands was in 1980's. It was a school trip that we organised...

  • To Tapah and beyond

    Tapah Transportation

    I could not find a direct coach to bring me right to the doorsteps of Cameron Highlands from Larkin Bus Station in Johor Bahru. Instead, the nearest destination where a connecting bus to Cameron Highlands could be made is Tapah. It was an overnight ride starting at 11pm. The SVIP coach ticket cost RM$55. By 6am the next morning, I reached Tapah....


Bukit Merah

See all 12 Bukit Merah Tips
  • Pedicure at the The Fish Spa

    Bukit Merah Things to Do

    Remove dead skin cells of your feet with the help of the skin-eating fish at this spa. The fish will nibble away the dead skin of your feet leaving the skin looking fresher and healthier. Visitors will be charged RM10.00 for a 30-minute session but you will normally want your massage session to last an hour.

  • a very romantic and neat and clean...

    Bukit Merah Restaurants

    it's a very nice & romantic restaurant...the decoration is excellent...the services are excellent too...but the food is abit pricey...have a good try =)

  • bus to bukit merah laketown

    Bukit Merah Transportation

    If you are a tourist in Kuala Lumpur and you want to take a bus directly to bukit merah laketown resort, there is none! Buses will only drop you at kamunting. From Kamunting you have to take another bus to semanggol, and from there take a third bus up to the hill resort. Very tiring!!! Imagine going back and repeating eveything again!


Ayer Tawar

See all 21 Ayer Tawar Tips
  • The Real Special Thing

    Ayer Tawar Shopping

    A run-down wooden shop offering the very best of Ayer Tawar and the Fuzhou ( Kutien ) culture !The KomPiang - pastry baked INSIDE the earthware oven - you can see it being done. KomPiang is crispy and delicious when fresh out of the oven, and tough and rubbery when cold. You can wrap a bundle and go home and eat it after toast in electric oven.TRY...

  • The New Kid In Town

    Ayer Tawar Shopping

    The only reasonably store in town. This one took over from the Gedung Harian. Management and name change complete in September 2005. Nothing special here. Rm 100 keeps you happy for at least 1 week !

  • At Last !!! A Public Toilet !

    Ayer Tawar Things to Do

    This is a rare and most welcome sight in most Malaysian towns.Otherwise, you would have to go to the coffee-shop, but only after buying a drink or some food -- the owner might not welcome you to his toilet Free-Of-Charge


Kuala Kurau

See all 3 Kuala Kurau Tips


See all 4 Sitiawan Tips
  • Released Pool

    Sitiawan Things to Do

    Released Pool is adoption tortoise when somebody give up their pet or pick up at somewhere else. You can buy the tortoise food to feed them.

  • Pray

    Sitiawan Things to Do

    When we go to the temple,first things we do is pray to all Gods with the sticks call''thus''.I tell all Gods i want my Family going to healthy and safety,and wish me have a happily travel always. In here every each pack of sticks need to pay RM4,but i paid RM4 for a pack of sticks is not enough for all Gods from this temple.Awwee....

  • Kong Piang

    Sitiawan Restaurants

    Sitiawan is famous for a Foochow pastry called kong piang. It is basically made of onion with minced meat and lard inside some Chinese pastry. There are quite a few places you can get this in Sitiawan. But according to the locals, the best (less known to outsiders) is one bakery in Taman Mas, Kampung Koh. Kong Piang.



See all 9 Gerik Tips
  • Leeches May Not Be Your Fancy

    Gerik Warnings and Dangers

    Should you be tracking into the Royal Belum Rainforest and you consider leeches to me an unpleasant experience, here are some tips.Liquid Mosquito Repellent Spray - Spray them on your shoes ever so often. Remember to spray your shoes again if you track through water when you emergeInsect Repellent - I used an Aerosol spray which did not seem to...

  • The bridges

    Gerik Things to Do

    As Banding Island is a men-made island that emerged at the centre of the men-made Temengoor Lake due to the creation of the Temenggor Dam, there are two bridges take connect Banding Island to the mainland.

  • Open Top Boat

    Gerik Transportation

    You can hire an open top boat to move around in Temengoor Lake, eietehr for fishing, island hoping or just to visit the orang asli settlements there. The rate start from RM50 for a leisurely boat ride around the lake.


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