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  • I love Penang's T-shirt
    I love Penang's T-shirt
    by DaHongHua
  • sandals
    by DaHongHua
  • cold drinks and snacks
    cold drinks and snacks
    by DaHongHua
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    Souvenirs , Arts & Handicrafts: Buy some souvenirs at Snake Temple

    by DaHongHua Written May 19, 2013

    There are many places to shop for souvenirs in Penang. The Snake Temple has its space for the traders, there are two rows of shops at the left and right and a few shops in front of the street. You can buy the thing you like here, if you want more choices and better bargain margin, then Batu Feringhi hawker centre is a better place for Penang souvenir.

    What to buy: Penang T-shirt, Penang local products, fridge magnets, key chains, fancy hats, swimming wears, cloths and kids wears

    cold drinks and snacks I love Penang's T-shirt sandals
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    Rao Saree Centre: Tailored Sari!

    by leanne_pearc Written Mar 13, 2010

    In Little India there are many tailors ready and waiting to make a Punjabi suit or for girls a Saree. We thought it would be fun to do. The prices between each shop differ greatly so shop around. We found this place which seemed reasonable.

    Choosing the material was the best fun, there were so many different colour, sparkle and texture varieties. You could buy an expensive material or a budget me the budget one looked beautiful.

    We flicked through a book and choose our design, were measured up and paid a deposit. The sari's were ready the next day!

    I was soo happy with it! I have worn it twice so far to dress up parties :)

    The finished products

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  • tayloretc's Profile Photo

    Souvenirs, Arts & Handicrafts: Yahong Art Gallery

    by tayloretc Written Jul 21, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is one of the few art dealers that shows up in guidebooks for Ferringhi Beach, and it’s a good one. Besides a nice collection of antiques and jewelry (and higher-end souvenir handicrafts for when the sticker shock of the originals hits you), it also has a real art gallery, with a collection of original batik paintings by masters of the craft (Teng and his sons) and other contemporary Penang artists. You can get matted prints of some of the batik paintings, too (for when the sticker shock of the originals hits you).

    There’s also a selection of batik cotton and silk fabric on rolls (as opposed to the tablecloths and clothes everywhere else).

    The antiques downstairs probably aren’t all antiques, and they come from across Southeast Asia via “suppliers.” I’m not sure what they meant by that. The staff couldn’t tell me much about the couple of items I asked about (including the strange “monk on a tortoise” I ended up buying) but there are some interesting things down there, worth looking around.

    Print of a Teng batik painting Monk on a tortoise

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  • tayloretc's Profile Photo

    Souvenirs , Arts & Handicrafts: Hong Joo

    by tayloretc Written Jul 21, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    From the outside (and the inside) this looks like all the other pewter/corporate gifts/“Asian arts and crafts” shops along this stretch. The difference is in the proprietor, Tan, who uses that part of the business to fund his real interest, which is interesting and unusual objects – some of them authentic tools and artifacts from around Malaysia. He’s an enthusiastic collector himself, selling items he doesn’t have room to keep, and he’s curious and knowledgeable about his finds. Besides that, he’s at least a second-generation dealer, with items left from his father (a beautiful collection of old ivory, for example). And he was fun to talk to.

    Not everything in the store is old – in fact most of it isn’t. But the new things appeared to me to be better-quality tourist items than you’d find elsewhere in Georgetown (that stretch of shops seemed to have many of the same types of higher-end tourist goods). The shadow puppets, masks, and some of the wood carvings were very attractive. I don’t know whether his prices are reasonable for the older items – I didn’t see anything like most of them anywhere else – but the prices for newer items were comparable to the places nearby, and were lower than for the same items in KL or Ferringhi Batu.

    The shop can arrange shipping.

    For the tourists Not for the tourists

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    Souvenirs , Arts & Handicrafts: Too many Tiles

    by meshi Updated Jul 10, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Antique shops in Chulia Street a good place to shop, there are four shops on this street but I found the other three over priced, this shop was in the middle with old man working inside, he will barter prices if your up too it.
    Great idea for a unusal gifts,but Aussies do not buy wood even though it is so devine.
    There is so much on offer in Malaysia but there was alot of the same thing on offer that I can buy here in Australia so for me Antique shops held there own.

    What to buy: Antique tiles or carvings anything you cant get back home.

    What to pay: up 80 rinjit for a large tile depending on it's age,the wood carving where 160 rinjit ..

    Hmmm how much rinjit i have left?

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    Shopping mall: Gurney Plaza

    by Star1ight Updated Mar 8, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    What to buy: If you are shopping for souvenirs like bookmarks, postcards, magnets and keychains with Penang flavors, you can check out the MPH bookstore. Surprisingly they are priced reasonably as compared to other shops or bookstores there. There are quite a variety of items there. You can use the pricing there as a benchmark.

    Always compare before buying or you may come across it later and find yourself got cheated earlier.... :(

    What to pay: Lowest price of :
    - Magnet: RM3.50
    - Key chain: RM2.50
    - Postcard: RM0.60

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    Souvenirs , Arts & Handicrafts: lots of sarongs all sizes

    by Tattugran Written Nov 4, 2005

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    this shop is along Batu Ferringi.. you cant miss it.. I never notice a name on it but you can get all kinds of batiks from sarongs to kids short sets.
    they are so colourful you will enjoy browsing and the prices are cheap too

    What to buy: clothing

    What to pay: about 10 RM

    Batik Shop

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  • BlaTboy's Profile Photo

    Shopping in the Gauntlet: TOURIST TRAP Shopping

    by BlaTboy Updated Jan 12, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As you walk up the steps to the Kek Lok Si Temple you run the GAUNTLET as I like to call it. They sell everything you can Imagine from t-shirt, to souveniers of all sorts.

    What to buy: I only go for "THE FOOD, LAH !!!"

    What to pay: BARTER


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    Souvenirs , Arts & Handicrafts: Batik

    by Ines28 Written Dec 12, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Craft Batik offers free guided tours of their factory. They sell any kind of batik items, like dresses, tablecloth etc.

    What to buy: I bought some tablecloth for my mother, really very colourful!

    What to pay: It depends on the kind of cloth you want to buy, but as far as I remember, I spend around $8 for the tablecloth

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  • kenyneo's Profile Photo

    Batu Ferringi: Local Souvenier

    by kenyneo Written Mar 22, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Well its usually stalls set up along the road in Batu Ferringhi

    What to buy: Local batik , key chains , T Shirts , VCD/DVD

    What to pay: Varies from stall to stall so its good to walk around and bargain ....things that are sold at these road side stall can be bargained

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  • hundertmorgen's Profile Photo

    Yahong Art Gallery: Souvenirs, arts and handicrafts

    by hundertmorgen Updated May 26, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Located in the midst of Batu Ferringghi beach resort is Yahong Art Gallery, the largest arts and crafts center on the island. Yahong brings together a rich variety of artwork and handicrafts by both Malaysian and Asian artists. The Yahong Art Gallery is also home to Malaysia's most celebrated batik artist.

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  • DanielF's Profile Photo

    Excellent value for money

    by DanielF Written Oct 15, 2002

    As in the rest of the country, prices are very convenient in Penang. You can find here from traditional handicrafts to the last Japanese invention.

    The island used to be a tax-free area but it is not any more. However, you will still find a lot of shops selling electronic devices for reasonable prices, although you must be prepared to bargain a bit in most of these places.

    A busy commercial street in Georgetown.

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  • alisonr's Profile Photo

    the whole of Ferringhi Road: It is on your door step!

    by alisonr Written Sep 8, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On the main road where all the hotels are, walk out of your front door at about 6pm each night, and be greated by rows and rows of stalls set up along the road side. They sell everything from fake watches and t shirts, cds, perfume, painting, local handicrafts, pewter, wallets, DVDs etc etc.

    What to buy: Fakes, if you are into it. They have a lot of beautiful painting, all different sizes and styles. Local handicrafts are rather nice.

    What to pay: You must barter! They hawkers here will not start at unrealistic prices and expect you to come down 50%, they start a bit closer to the price you end up getting, or maybe my skills aren't as good as yours!

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  • gnh's Profile Photo

    Souvenirs , Arts & Handicrafts: Fine Art ?

    by gnh Written May 4, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Assortment of art, paintings, carvings, batik.

    What to buy: Why, don't you like batik ? get it here !

    What to pay: Anything from RM 10 to RM 10 000 .

    Yahong Art Gallery, Bt Ferringhi

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  • Apr 28, 2014 at 11:48 AM

    If you're very picky about your batik and you want good art (not just cheap reproductions) that you can frame or hang in your house, there's a Chinese lady selling her batik paintings in one of the stalls in Batu Ferringhi night market (near one of the popular food court restaurants). The paintings are actually pretty good with vibrant colors, mostly of life in the Malay village like a Malay girl with her baby or old man with fruits, etc. Its slightly stylized but with exquisite details e.g. in the sarong of the women in the paintings. I really like the paintings and have considered buying them but I was too cheap. They cost more than the average reproductions of Balinese or Chinese art e.g. RM$250 but they are unique and is real art. The artist is passionate about her paintings so she doesn't offer discounts. These are paintings that may cost more than twice the price if they are displayed in art galleries. She's not very easy to find as her stall is quite small.
    For pretty batik sarongs in vibrant colors that can be used as gifts, there's a stall in Gurney Plaza that also sells jewelry. Again, she's easy to miss because you don't notice the batik because of the other stuff that she's selling. There's also a cheongsam vendor at the ground floor at Gurney who sells more exquisite cheongsams than those in night markets or Batu Ferringhi or Kek Lok Si. Again you pay slightly more but its pretty good value. You can also get nyonya blouses and sarongs at a shop at the Pulau Tikus market.
    Buying quality stuff at good value is a hit or miss in Penang because the vendors move about so much and the merchandize changes each time. Good luck.

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