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  • aussirose and Zam at Beach Bar Parkroyal Penang
    aussirose and Zam at Beach Bar Parkroyal...
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  • Beach Bar Parkroyal Penang by aussirose
    Beach Bar Parkroyal Penang by aussirose
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Bukit Mertajam

See all 47 Bukit Mertajam Tips
  • St. Anne Church, built in 1888

    Bukit Mertajam Favorites

    St. Anne's Church is famous in northern Malaysia. The annual celebration and gathering during every last July's weekend invite Catholics from all over the country to vow and to votive.The church is located along Jalan Kulim in a big compound. It has it's hall opposite the road. I had my experience during teenager to join with friends to attend St....

  • St. Anne's Hall

    Bukit Mertajam Favorites

    I attended a GST seminar on 19 Oct, 2014. The organizer picked this hall as it can sit 1500 audiences. It is a big hall in Bukit Mertajam. There are 4 badminton courts in the hall, and the stage is big and wide too. The washrooms are behind the hall.The St. Anne's Church is just opposite the hall in a bigger compound along Jalan Kulim. The church...

  • Korean Steamboat and BBQ

    Bukit Mertajam Restaurants

    I 1st ate the Korean style when in Taichung. Soon, I realise this type of restaurants are in Malaysia too, mostly in the shopping mall. The Ocean Garden is in the AEON shopping mall, Alma, Bukit Mertajam, at the level of food court and next to it, with other franchising fast food outlets are the neighbours.We were attractted by the students...


Pulau Aman

See all 33 Pulau Aman Tips
  • Worst Service of Restaurant Terapung...

    Pulau Aman Restaurants

    very bad service from the owner and staff. the owner is a racist too. restaurant didn't provide price tag too, and the owner will scold you if you ask for the price. Average one mantis prawn will cost you around RM40-RM50, so it's not cheap. Pulau Aman still is a nice place to visit, but please skip this restaurant. Not worth it. very bad service...

  • Adventure to the village.

    Pulau Aman Things to Do

    We are taking a little walk on this village,only can knew they are only have a small school,farm and fish farm.One thing is i never see car,they transport with motorcycles and bicycles.A small island can hold the life till the end,I am very appreciated.

  • Fishing.

    Pulau Aman Things to Do

    Pulau Aman is the best place for fishing using fishing rods or fishing nets. Many fishing enthusiasts will rent a homestay with varandah facing the sea and start fishing, what a waste of time, I rather sleep!! Hehe.. Get fishing baits from picture 5.


Batu Feringgi

See all 24 Batu Feringgi Tips
  • Batu Ferringi

    Batu Feringgi Things to Do

    Popular with the tourists this long strecth offers plenty of beach activities from skimboarding, parasailing, jetskiing and sailing. Bars and eateries abound!

  • Hard Rock Hotel Penang

    Batu Feringgi Hotels

    Batu Ferringhi Beach, Jalan Sungai Emas, Batu Ferringhi, Penang, 11100, Malaysia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Cheap bus ride between Batu Ferriggi &...

    Batu Feringgi Transportation

    UPDATE: The new bus service of Rapid Penang, using U101 will get you comfortablly in a modern aircon bus from Teluk Bahang, Batu Ferringhi, Tanjung Bungah to Komtar (downtown Penang). An excellent way to travel.Taxi is expensive from the beach areas of Teluk Bahang, Batu Ferringgi and Tanjung Bunga to downtown areas of Gurney Drive or Komtar and...



See all 24 Butterworth Tips
  • The Merdeka Bridge

    Butterworth Things to Do

    The Merdeka Bridge also known as Jambatan Merdeka in Malay language. It was built in 1955 and the bridge spans across the Sungai Muda River ( the longest river in Kedah) and also as a border between Kedah and Penang. During the 70s, 80s and early 90s before the North-South Highway was built, we used to travel to Penang using this trunk road. I...

  • Travel Lodge

    Butterworth Hotels

    1 Lorong Bagan Luar Satu, Butterworth, Penang, 12000, Malaysia

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Business

  • How Chiak Kay

    Butterworth Restaurants

    Next visit to Chai Leng Park, you can find a while row of eating stalls. much of food, very tempting but I am already fulled after having a few stick of yummy bites of Lok=lok.Pick your food, find a table, make sure the water is boiling in the pot and You just dip your food in the boiling water and eat it with the many sauces in the bowl,...


George Town

See all 179 George Town Tips
  • hiking 5 km

    George Town Off The Beaten Path

    You take the bus to the Penang hill. Take the train up the hill. Above in front of the train station you will see a small police station. If you go down next to that building just following the yellow marks, you will have a nice but very steep walk down to the botanical garden. The road is called jeep trail. It is only 5 km but that is a lot...

  • Hotel Mingood

    George Town Hotels

    We came for a short stay but extended due to the more than adequate accommodations, convenient...

  • Go up the Penang hill

    George Town Things to Do

    Next to the Komtar builiding is a bus station. Bus number 204 will take you to the train station for a few ringgits to go up the hill. Be prepared for a little fancy fair with shops, temples and restaurants and nice views. The bus is airconditioned, so very comfortable. on the hill it is a little colder then down hill. There is a big curfew waiting...



See all 24 Perai Tips
  • Use Parking Coupons

    Perai Transportation

    Unlike in Penang Island where you use parking meter or parking tickets, in Seberang Jaya for public parking lots, you have to buy the parking coupons and rub out the date and time of each parking coupon.Each parking coupon is 40 sen for every hour. And you have to place them visibily inside your car on top front dash board. There is RM2 coupon for...

  • Driving Around Seberang Jaya

    Perai Transportation

    When driving in Seberang Jaya, look out for the signs and follow them.There are many intersecting roads in Seberang Jaya. Once you know the major roads, then driving around Seberang Jaya is easy.1) There is Penang Bridge from Penang Island to the mainland connecting with North South PLUS Highway between Alor Setar in the North and Ipoh in the...

  • Crossing the Penang Bridge

    Perai Transportation

    Seberang Jaya is only a 20 minutes drive across the Penang Bridge from Penang Island. It is a 13.5 km long over the sea.There are limited bus services across the brdige by Rapid Penang Bus (U704, U705) and other bus companies. In the past, it is a big deal for Penangites on Penang Island to cross the Penang Bridge to go to Seberang Jaya. Nowadays,...


Balik Pulau

See all 12 Balik Pulau Tips
  • Explore Balik Pulau

    Balik Pulau Favorites

    Get a free guided tour of Balik Pulau from Explore Balik Pulau - the visitor centre. You pay only the bicycle rental fee, they will bring you visit around balik pulau for attraction like traditional malay village, paddy field, mangrove, beautiful seaside, fruit orchard and more...

  • Visit an Fruit Orchard Farm

    Balik Pulau Things to Do

    Especially during the durian season in June-July, visit one of the many fruit orchard farms in Balik Pulau.You can enjoy a durian buffet for a fixed price of RM25 or so per person. Then you can eat as much as you can and being introduced to the many famous varieties of durians from seedless, bitter, sweet, milk creamy to extra dry or extra...

  • Balik Pulau Sugar Can Juice anyone?

    Balik Pulau Restaurants

    After all that hot spicy "laksa", the sugar can juice is great to quench the taste and take away the lingering spiceness.Fresh sugar can are pulverized to squeeze out the juice. There is difference in price if you want "iced" or "pure". It is naturally sweet and "no sugar added". You can drink at the stall or ordered it to your tables inside the...


Nibung Tebal

See all 24 Nibung Tebal Tips
  • Crab and Seafood Porridge

    Nibung Tebal Restaurants

    Opened 5pm - 11pm only and losed on MondayThe reataurant was originally a hawker under a giant tree in town. As business grown, they relocated to the new premise at the end of the HIGH Road in Nibong Tebal town, just drive straight to the end of the road when you enter the town, when you see it at the right, take a U turn and you are there joining...

  • Amaltas tree or Cassia Fistula

    Nibung Tebal Favorites

    It was yesterday while I drove on the road in Bukit Panchor Industrial Park, Nibong Tebal, the yellow petals of the Amaltas flower fallen like winter snow. I stopped and have some photos of it. I later search and found the name of the tree. It is Amaltas. The botanical name is Cassia Fistula and belong to the Caesalpiniaceae family.The tree bloom...

  • steam boil skewer food

    Nibung Tebal Restaurants

    Lok-Lok is a method of cooking skewer food in a pot of boiling water, served and eat with chilli or spice sauces.It is first a hawker food. In Raja Uda, Butterworth, there are a few lok-lok seller gather together by the local authority in a food court area, They are famous, they are my 1st choice for lok-lok.In Nibong Tebal, Mr Lok-Lok Restaurant...


Batu Maung

See all 23 Batu Maung Tips
  • Penang's Haunted Fort

    Batu Maung Local Customs

    Thought this British Fort in Batu Muang had been around for 70 years, it was only re-discovered in the 1970's . Why? Simply because at one time, this entire region was shunned by the locals as it was 'cursed' and haunted by restless soldiers. It took a very brave man from Kedah to track through the thicket and discover this fort. Talk about a...

  • War Museum

    Batu Maung Things to Do

    Built around the remnants of British fort, this 20-arce museum contains several installations above and below ground where old war relics are stored. Visitors can weave through complex to view barracks, old cookhouses, lock-ups, tunnels and ventilation shafts.

  • Narrow jetty of Batu Maung

    Batu Maung Warnings and Dangers

    Most of the jetties found all over Penang is fairly spacious even enough for two motorcycles to drive pass each other easily.However, the one at Batu Maung is relatively "narrow" and "flimsy". So take precaution especially with children or elderly especially if you are strolling at night so that no one fall overboard and get wet.The locals are used...



See all 10 Jawi Tips
  • The original Soon Lee

    Jawi Restaurants

    Since 1924, the original restaurant that famous in vegetable dumplings.In Sungai Bakap, now there are 3 restaurants, run by the relatives from the family. Each has their own specialty but vegetable dumplings being the main item in the menu to offer.The older shop operates in an old shop house, customers can park their car at the backyard to enter...

  • Swimming and Spa

    Jawi Favorites

    The best place for swimming and spa in Jawi is Bukit Jawi Golf Resort. It's pools and receation area has children pool with slide, adult pool, a 25 metre sport pool and a spa pool.It is very crowded during weekend and public holiday.

  • Jawi Money Changer - Thousand Life S.B.

    Jawi Favorites

    Since 2008, I used to exchange my foreign currency whenever I travel oversea at this not so impress outlet. It is located at Sungai Bakap old town along the main road, just opposite the Sungai Bakap Police Station and on the left side of the Kee Family big house.Local people used to exchange their foreign currency at this money changer too. We used...


Pulau Jerejak

See all 7 Pulau Jerejak Tips
  • Island Prison

    Pulau Jerejak Things to Do

    Jerejak Island was used as a prison up to about two decades ago. You can take a 3 km walk to get to this prison (refer to map in activities brochure) and pay nothing or you can ride in the resort's truck with a guide (RM25). On the way there, you will pass old graves which are most likely those of the lepers who were on the island in the mid...

  • Suspension bridge

    Pulau Jerejak Tourist Traps

    The resort has a suspension bridge that you can use for free if you walk there by yourself. Just refer to the map in the activities brochure in the lobby.But if you are signing up for the flying fox, payment to use the suspension bridge will be included. Because to hitch up for the flying fox, you have to cross the bridge. I guess this is one way...

  • Convenient and easy to reach

    Pulau Jerejak Nightlife

    Queensbay is the latest shopping mall on Penang island with lots of parking. Besides shopping, there are many outlets where you can eat, both Eastern and Western cuisine. There is also a hawker's centre at the basement. There is a cineplex and a winter theme park (with skating rink) has just opened.



See all 6 Juru Tips
  • JURU Autocity Food Garden

    Juru Restaurants

    Xuan Garden is the JURU Autocity's Food Court. It is design in a garden style with all the dining tables are arrange in the middle of the court with coconut trees and canopy as the shade. All the hawkers selling various kind of Malaysian and Western food, ice-cream and snacks are set at the four corners. The selling price of all the food are...

  • JURU Autocity Food Garden

    Juru Restaurants

    Xuan Garden is the JURU Autocity's Food Court. It is design in a garden style with all the dining tables are arrange in the middle of the court with coconut trees and canopy as the shade. All the hawkers selling various kind of Malaysian and Western food, ice-cream and snacks are set at the four corners. The selling price of all the food are...

  • Shop In d' Park

    Juru Things to Do

    Shop In d' Park open from evening until mid night. The stalls offer many kind of imported products which attract all range of people. You can buy a new fashion, a funny watch, a pinting wall clock, perfume, footwears, all are latest design with reasonable prices. This place worth a visit, if you are not buying anything, just window shopping will...


Ayer Itam

See all 5 Ayer Itam Tips
  • Penang Hill ( Bukit Bendera )

    Ayer Itam Things to Do

    Malaysia's first hill station, Penang hill is 830m above sea level. ascend to the top by hiking up or by travelling in the funicular trian which has been operational since 1922 and enjoy the cool climate as well as the fantastic view at the sumit.

  • Kek Lok Si Temple

    Ayer Itam Things to Do

    Reputed to be the biggest Buddhist temple complex in Southeast Asia, the temple stands majestically on a hill in Air Itam. It boast the beautiful '' Pagoda of Ten Thousand Buddhas '' which blends Chinese Myanmarese and Thai architecture.

  • Going vegetarian....

    Ayer Itam Restaurants

    At Kek Lok Si temple, there is a well known vegetarian restaurant. It is fully air conditioned and seemed to be busy mainly at some auspicious festival period and when there is a tour group that have opted for vegetarian diet.Like in other vegetarian restaurants in Penang, do not be surprise to find in menu, vegetarian chicken, vegetarian fish,...


Telok Bahang

See all 9 Telok Bahang Tips
  • Teluk Bahang Water Reservoir Dam

    Telok Bahang Things to Do

    Less than half a kilometer south of Teluk Bahang town and overlooking the Butterfly Farm is the Teluk Bahang Dam which was completed in 1999.Most of Penang Island water comes from the mainland from Sungai Muda in Kedah. So Teluk Bahang Dam besides other dams and reservoirs on the island like Air Itam Dam, Mt. Erskine's "Guillemard Reservoir". the...

  • Jelly fish watching at Teluk Bahang

    Telok Bahang Things to Do

    When you are walking along the Teluk Bahang shaded jetty, look down on your left and right.Besides the "long sharp nosed" fish, shoals of small fish fries and the crab crawling along the rope holding the fishermen's boats, you will see soon the jelly fish in propulsion.There are white and brownish varieties but told that the purplish version is the...

  • Teluk Bahang boat jetties

    Telok Bahang Things to Do

    Beyond Batu Ferringhi is Teluk Bahang. Take a walk out to the boat jetties. There is one which is shaded while the other is an open jetty. Free ample parking at the entrance of shaded jetty. Just beware of the motorcycles of the fishermen on the jetty itself.It is a nice walk along the jetty and see the surrounding sea, forested hills and fishermen...


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