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Petaling Jaya Highlights

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    xuessium says…

     Lots of delicious food to be discovered here 

  • Con
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    st_hannes says…

     Comes with all the problems of a huge All-in-One Mall.. 

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     Come Here To Do Your Shoppings ! 

Petaling Jaya Things to Do

  • Cinema - Cathay Malaysia Cineleisure...

    It's a cinema with its own huge building. Their seats are comfortable and it comes with a couple's seat so you can relax with a bigger space with your loved ones. It's located on the top floor of the place. In the same building, there are shops that yet to be open.

  • Menara MPPJ

    The Menara MPPJ (MPPJ Tower) is probably the most notable landmark of PJ. This ultra-modern 27 storey building is among the tallest building in PJ. The building housed the offices of the Petaling Jaya municipal council.

  • A favourite with the kids-Ahoy there!

    Waterplay is certainly fun for the kids when there's a ship to be explored. With nooks and cranies to be explored, slides and rope sails to climb, the young ones will be happy to spend hours here. Apart from that, it is certainly attractive with bright colours that will certainly charm the young ones.PS. I have to admit to having tried out the...


Petaling Jaya Hotels

Petaling Jaya Restaurants

  • Authentic food...try the nasi lemak!

    Get here solely for the food. Very simple and authentic atmosphere, without all the fancy fanfare. If you're looking for mood, feel and atmosphere, you'll have to head elsewhere because Lil' Taipan is the kind of place which is big on good food at affordable pricing. Really, the chicken nasi lemak is one of the best that I've tasted! Apart from the...

  • The BEST roast duck yet!

    The sun rises indeed but it ain't a rooster crowing!The long queues of long faces is testimony to how GOOD this restaurant is with its Cantonese style Roast Duck.Nothing in the way of ambience - typical local eatery with tiles walls, cheap plastic chairs and grimey ceilings but gosh, the place was packed to the brim on a Saturday lunch, albeit with...

  • The Best Bandung Noodle In Town!

    Everything on the menu taste great. And priced reasonably too. If you want to get a taste of delicious local cuisines, you can get them here. And the best thing? It's a chain restaurant available at almost every Tesco hypermarket! =) The main branch is in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Bandung Noodle - the smell of the hot and tasty gravy is...


Petaling Jaya Nightlife

  • Quiz Nights, pool comps and live music

    Wicked bar in Plaza Kelana Jaya, live music five nights a week, sushi and a massive whiskey collection. Be sure to check it out if you get the chance. Smart-Casual, jeans are fine

  • Safe Arrived Home...

    After walking for about 1 hour or so, I safely arrived back to my 'private heaven', my room to all of you...When walking at night, apart from the thieves (there are many illegals living in this area as you know by now that there are many construction sites & their hire cheap labours from Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philiphines...

  • Drop By...

    The SHELL Kiosk, where sometimes I drop by to buy some snacks;Closed till about 11pm...walking home on the same night, I captured this photo, kinda look nice though...I was the only one walking home, 'cos everybody owns a car (or 2...) here.Me, I can't even afford a mobile phone !


Petaling Jaya Transportation

  • LRT to KL

    T he LRT Putra line is quick and easy to use and will take you to the centre of KL From the Hilton in PJ the nearest station is Taman Jaya. Turn left from the entrance and walk past the Nestle headquarters walking uphill. As yo clear the buildings you will see the overhead LRT line. Follow the line until you come to the station. Useful stations...

  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)

    The closest airport to Petaling Jaya is going to be Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL). Landing here will most likely put you a taxi or limo ride away from Petaling Jaya.Kuala Lumpur International Airport is serviced by many different airlines, but most prevalent will be Malaysian Airlines.For more information on KLIA, click on the link...

  • LRT

    The LRT is versatile as it takes you all the way to the suburban parts of KL. But as far as travelling within PJ is concerned, it adequately takes to you Taman Jaya,Taman Bahagia and Kelana Jaya. Prices are alright but they are constantly on the rise. Arm yourself with a Touch n Go card and you cannot go wrong. Else it is great to go by car (taxi...


Petaling Jaya Shopping

  • The Summit ( Subang USJ )

    The Summit in Subang Jaya is a fairly large shopping complex with many reasonably priced goods. It caters to the high-density neighbourhood of Subang Jaya. Always crowded with shoppers, the Summit is a good place to hunt for bargain items and console/PC games. There are also many restaurants here that you might not be able to find elsewhere.

  • Subang Parade ( Subang Jaya )

    Subang Parade in the populous Subang Jaya area is one of the older shopping complexes in Selangor and during its heyday, was considered to be one of the most vibrant leisure and shopping spots of its time.

  • A Shopping Town Of Its Own

    This is my favourite shopping mall of all time and let me tell you why. When I visit shopping malls in Malaysia, my first priority is 'Parking'. If I can't get a parking space or the charges are expensive, then I don't like it. I also don't like to go to places where I can't even walk in peace - the type of walk where I have to watch out for...


Petaling Jaya Local Customs

  • No Tipping Required

    You don't have to pay any tips in Petaling Jaya or anywhere else in Malaysia. Tips are usually included in the price .. you might notice this if you look at some receipts (e.g. those who make a note of this more prominently are the more modern/westernised restaurants such as fast-food outlets, etc.) & you will find at the bottom of the receipt -...

  • Fish Photos...

    This FISH photo was taken at The New (Wing) One Utama Shopping Mall...Situated on the ground floor, the area is called The Green Area !

  • Fish Photos...

    This FISH photo was taken at The New (Wing) One Utama Shopping Mall...Situated on the ground floor, the area is called The Green Area !


Petaling Jaya Warnings and Dangers

  • Gambling!

    This has been around for as long as 30 years. Called the 4D Magnum here's how you play it.4D Game is a simple game of chance. To play, you just pick a 4-digit number, or 4D number, from the 10,000 possible numbers of 0000 to 9999. You win when the 4D number you picked matches one or more of the winning 4D numbers drawn by us.See, simple right?...

  • Don't let it Snap!!

    Ooh.. I once was walking along KFC SS2 to Georgetown Chemists when I saw an Indian lady got dragged to the ground by a snatch-thief on a motorbike.I tried to give chase on foot, but my Diadora Space Runner was not a match for their Yamaha SS110.. So please, gals, DON'T walk alone especially in quiet back-alleys, with your handbags to the side of...

  • Street vendor alert! Beggar alert!

    There are times when you see street vendors selling stuff to you or even 'blind' people or beggars. I'm not saying to be ignorant but at least aware of what they are capable of doing. There are more of these potentional conmen lurking so be careful and act smart when approached.


Petaling Jaya Tourist Traps

  • janettepang's Profile Photo

    by janettepang Written Nov 13, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Most travellers who visit without finding out about this aspect of Malaysian culture, are paying more than they should.

    When buying from any outdoor market (e.g. morning market or night market), you have to bargain to get the price that you actually deserve .. most of the vendors will sell at the highest price, especially when they see a foreigner, they'll even mark it up higher although it might still be cheap compared to the kind of prices you might pay in your home country or some other places in the world.

    Unique Suggestions: One of the ways to tell if you're getting closer to the worth of what you're buying or 'how low they can go', ask them to reduce until the reduction in price from them didn't come swiftly .. to the point where the seller has to hesitate strongly.

    To start of your bargaining for new 'bargainers', you can say something like 'oh, that cost too much for it - how much lower can you go?' after you asked them for a price.

    Fun Alternatives: Don't like to feel like you're being swindled if you think you're not up to the 'bargaining bit'? Then shop from the Shopping Centres/Complexes or normal shops, where bargaining is out of the question & the price you see is usually the price you pay unless there are special promotions or discounts, which will be advertised/marked. If you think the regular price of the items even in shopping centres are already cheap, wait till you see the sale! However, NEVER bargain in these places, nor in restaurants.

    A key to help you determine where you can bargain & where you shouldn't .. don't do it in 'single brand shops' (e.g. if it is a 'Reebok' shop or something like that), in bookstores, cafes, restaurants, places that offer services (e.g. laundromat, film processing, etc.), a local superstore/supermarket. But you can do it when you're in a shop that sells many different brands but is a small business, usually family-run (e.g. some shops selling watches, bags, etc.), at stalls that are like temporary units/booths all over the place in shopping centres, by the roadside stalls or markets.

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Petaling Jaya What to Pack

  • janettepang's Profile Photo

    by janettepang Written Jul 17, 2005

    Luggage and bags: Bring an almost-empty big suitcase with only clothing maybe for your first day/night, as you can seriously buy EVERYTHING from here - this is where you can find just about the cheapest price for almost everything.

    Although prices are competitive with those from other manufacturing countries such as China and Thailand, Malaysia still wins in terms of quality control at the low prices.

    However, if you intend to be doing some mountain-climbing (there are some interesting places, including the highest peak in South East Asia located in East Malaysia), hike/camp in the national parks, etc. Then an almost-empty backpack would be more appropriate ... again, you can stock up with everything from 'Tabard' (the essential rub-on mosquito repellent .. you'd be thankful for having it when you enjoy going to open-air stalls or walk around at night for extended period, or for going into parks, rainforests, etc.) to other necessary gear, when you arrive in Petaling Jaya, or any other town/cities in Malaysia.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: For what is appropriate to wear here: loads of sunblock, a pair of sunglasses, hat/cap if you prefer that to holding an umbrella under the scorching sun, a towel/handkerchief/plenty of tissues and/or anti-perspirant for the inevitable sweating sessions, light clothing - from short skirts, sundresses, vests, cullotes, to shorts, t-shirts. In the day, you may walk around in shorts and sandals (even in shopping centres). However, for some for exceptional restaurants, nightspots, libraries, etc., casual t-shirts, vests, and sandals are not allowed. For classical performances, ballet, etc. you are expected to be at least semi-formal in attire. To allow for smooth transition from day to night, jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers as a combination can usually get you around most places. With the weather, an umbrella in the bag is always handy for rain or shine.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: You can get all the toiletries and medical supplies here cheaper than anywhere else (I'm serious! most of them are manufactured here anyway!). But get the kind of jabs/immunisation that you need for coming to this part of the world such as for hepatitis, etc. if you plan to be eating at roadside stalls when you're here or any other roadside stalls of countries in the Asian region.

    Photo Equipment: Get it all here! You can sometimes find electronic/electrical goods that you've purchased from your home country 'Made in Malaysia' anyway. But if you already have one, bring along a digital camera (you can buy more memory cards and spare rechargeable batteries here), or if you still like the traditional automatic cameras with APS or 35mm film, you can develop the films and buy more films cheaper here than in developed countries :-)

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: You can actually stock up on these gear here in Petaling Jaya! PJ Uniform shop in SS2 has some camping/outdoor stuff because most scouts/girl guides/rangers come here for their supplies, but if you intend to get even the heavy stuff such as tents, etc. you can head on to bigger departmental stores/shopping centres such as Parkson in the Atria shopping centre (in Damansara Jaya residential area), or Jusco in 1 Utama (Bandar Utama residential are) - you can find beach gear in Parkson and Jusco at good prices too. You won't be able to bargain, but you can look out for sale items. Feel assured that apart from morning/night markets, these are places locals go for shopping for bargains and reasonable prices too.

    Miscellaneous: It might be handy to get yourself a guidebook hopefully with some transportation information (e.g. bus routes, LRT routes, maps), some common phrases in the national language of Malay (simply to 'wow' the locals and break the ice, as many locals are apt in English anyway), and more details on all the states of the country if you might consider exploring the country further.

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Petaling Jaya Off The Beaten Path

  • Food on the run

    This is a common sight in the city of Petaling Jaya or PJ as the locals call it. You would find vans selling all kinds of food around. From mixed rice to cakes to this one, Chee Cheong Fun.The system works in a very simple manner, and anyone can try it out. 1. Approach van2. Check out food3. Order to eat there or take away4. Eat while standing5....

  • Malaysian news stand

    These are not an unusual sight in PJ or in KL and these 'Mamak Book Stores' are usually operated by the Indian Muslims throught the country. They provide the daily supply of Newspapers, Cigarettes and Junk Foods. Some of them do carry 2nd hand books and novels as well. The best part about these stalls, sometimes they are located at the corner of...

  • Petaling Jaya Hotels

    12 Hotels in Petaling Jaya

    458 Reviews and Opinions

Petaling Jaya Sports & Outdoors

  • Sunway Pyramid Ice

    You may be in a tropical country but who says you can’t enjoy the wonders of ice skating? Now, the opportunity is available to all visitors who wish to learn skating techniques.The public can gain access to the rink from noon onwards. The rink measures 22.5m by 39m in size and can accommodate a total of 250 people at one go. So if you wish to cool...

  • Batting Cage (Baseball & Softball)

    It's a batting cage for baseball and softball. One row is for baseball and one row is for softball. The price is very cheap before 15:00. It's RM3.00 for non members. It's located on the rooftop of the One Utama Shopping Mall (New Wing). You don't need to bring anything because the equipments are provided included with the fees.

  • Indoor Climbing

    Camp 5 offers a state of the art indoor climbing facility with a variety of walls to climb. They have all sorts of walls for every level type of climbers. The instructors there are very helpful and will be there for you through out your time there. It simply is a great fun and activity for regular climbers and non experienced ones as well. I would...


Petaling Jaya Favorites

  • Traffic Jams

    The favourite thing about Petaling Jaya is you/me all must enjoy the horrible traffic jams.Look at the photo I took while I was stuck on the road to KNK.Please don't get it wrong, Petaling jaya is not only KNK but I build this page mainly about KNK.

  • Have to pay road tolls

    Very common culture, when you are in Malaysia, driving on highway has to pay tolls. Nobody can escape unless you ride a motorbike or a bicycle.To eat at Kayu Nasi Kandar, one must pay at least one road toll before he/she can taste the Kayu.

  • Malay Language @ Fast Food joints

    International food chain McDonalds has its outlets all oer Malaysia and if you do come across one like this, do not worry, they have the menu in English as well. Fondest Memory? When McDonald's made it's way here...


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