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Negeri Selangor Highlights

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     low-rise, residential and pleasant 

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     Easily accessible place to see nature 

Map of Negeri Selangor

Petaling Jaya


Batu Caves






Kampung Tanjung Karang






Petaling Jaya

See all 290 Petaling Jaya Tips
  • Gambling!

    Petaling Jaya Warnings and Dangers

    This has been around for as long as 30 years. Called the 4D Magnum here's how you play it.4D Game is a simple game of chance. To play, you just pick a 4-digit number, or 4D number, from the 10,000 possible numbers of 0000 to 9999. You win when the 4D number you picked matches one or more of the winning 4D numbers drawn by us.See, simple right?...

  • One World Hotel

    Petaling Jaya Hotels

    I spent 5 nights in the One World Hotel in Petaling Jaya, and I would suggest this accomodation to...

  • Don't let it Snap!!

    Petaling Jaya Warnings and Dangers

    Ooh.. I once was walking along KFC SS2 to Georgetown Chemists when I saw an Indian lady got dragged to the ground by a snatch-thief on a motorbike.I tried to give chase on foot, but my Diadora Space Runner was not a match for their Yamaha SS110.. So please, gals, DON'T walk alone especially in quiet back-alleys, with your handbags to the side of...


Batu Caves

See all 216 Batu Caves Tips
  • 272 steps

    Batu Caves Things to Do

    If you want to visit Batu Caves, the best day is on Thaipusam Celebration. You embark on the journey as early as 4pm-5pm (Thaipusam Celebration) and you'll see people starting to walk to the holy cave (Batu Caves). From Kuala Lumpur, take the LRT Putra to Putra Station. Then take the feeder bus towards Tmn Melewar or Taman Batu. Ask the driver to...

  • Batu Caves Police Stand

    Batu Caves Favorites

    Usually there is less police officers on duty unless during religion festival such as Thaipusam day when Batu caves would be crowded by Hindus religion people from all over Malaysia, and the visitors who come here for the event. The police force would added more manpower to ensure everybodies are safe in the event and after the event.

  • pigeons feeding

    Batu Caves Things to Do

    There are thousand of birds in the Batu Caves temple. Visitors may feed the birds buying the padi or seeds on sales at the hawker stalls.



See all 34 Klang Tips
  • Pulau Ketam - Ketam Island

    Klang Things to Do

    This was a great trip. The island is only about 10 K west of Port Klang and you can get a high speed or standard ferry across to the island from the ferry terminal.The houses and shops are built on stilts is because over 90% of the island is covered by seawater and most of the land consists of swampy mangroves. Roads are really non existant and...

  • Getting to Port Klang

    Klang Transportation

    It's easy to get down to Klang Port (station is at the port) or Klang City by bus or train. The fare was very cheap, just can't remember how much it was!) I caught a bus down and train back , should have done it the other way around though and stopped in the city before going to the port and ferry station. Then I could have just got back on the...

  • Danny Yap - Wonton Meeh

    Klang Restaurants

    Best Wonton Meeh in Klang, Malaysia located at Bukit Tinggi 2 shops. Excellent food and a great personality to talk to and even have a beer with. Ask for Jamie the JAZ girl. Curry Meeh, with Kway Teow noodles.... Best Ever!!!!



See all 25 Cheras Tips
  • Morning street market

    Cheras Things to Do

    Morning street market is too common in Cheras because every housewives or househusbands need to shop in the early morning to get themselves something for the day. Morning street market sells almost everything needed for them. Tourists if interested in taking photos of them, Cheras is probably one of your best choice.

  • Modern Cherasian Architecture

    Cheras Favorites

    Picture is a local's terrace being modified into a grandiose Greco-Roman style of dwelling. This is very much in trend in Malaysia today, peoples become rich and they wanted to see themselves living with these big columns once rule by Julius. These columns can be bought so easily in any construction framework supply shops. They mass produce in mold...

  • Street garbage

    Cheras Warnings and Dangers

    Street garbage dumped at the "Do not dump garbage here, fine RM500.00" is very common in Cheras. Please take a look, enlarge to look.


Kampung Tanjung Karang

  • Visit the "Rice bowl" of Selangor

    Kampung Tanjung Karang Things to Do

    After you have visited the fishing village, and if you have more time, you may want to continue your drive to the Sekinchang district. There are paddy fields of green that are quite pretty, and would be an eye-opener for city folk and their kids who have never seen rice fields up close before. The green fields that we caught on camera that day was...

  • BBQ fish anyone?

    Kampung Tanjung Karang Favorites

    Getting thereI guess I am rather given to impulse, but to drive 60 km out of town just for fish? Are you sure? asked my husband. Anyway, I won him over & so we set off at around noon on Saturday. We knew the way but had not anticipated the traffic jam at around Sg Buloh. That was rather bad (we promised ourselves that if we go back, we'll try a...

  • Look out for dragon fruit orchards

    Kampung Tanjung Karang Favorites

    The dragon fruit was newly introduced to Malaysia and can be found here at Kuala Selangor and also in and around Negeri Sembilan. There are two main types of dragon fruit - white flesh with tiny black seeds and pink flesh with tiny black seeds, both are mildly sweetish or bland, depending on your luck. The type commonly found in Malaysia is the...



See all 4 Rawang Tips
  • restaurants everywhere

    Rawang Restaurants

    restaurants are everywhere. people are very friendly and fare offered is fair and reasonably priced. very few restaurants are airconditioned but it is nice to mingle around and eat as the locals do.eating should not be a issue to any kind of diner other than fine dining - vegetarian, indian, chinese, malay and western meals are easily.i have asked...

  • road to rawang

    Rawang Transportation

    it is a night mare - the short 6 k.m. from the resort to rawang town can take from thirty minutes to one hour. the traffic is just chaotic.good thing about most malaysian drivers is their patience - most of them keep in line and carry on at snail has to be alert, totally so to reach the destination.

  • Al Ali's Restaurant

    Rawang Restaurants

    Al Ali's Restaurant is almost like what the Cantonese says "Money pouring in". This is how good their business are from the last two trips to Rawang where I stop to eat the Nasi Bryani which is the fried mixed rice with chicken and curries and spices and with mix vegetables and it taste so so so delicious and I want to go back again and I want try...


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