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  • Welcome to Kuala Pilah
    Welcome to Kuala Pilah
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  • Kuala Pilah
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Kuala Pilah Things to Do

  • Ulu Bendul Recreational Park

    This place is situated at the entrance of Kuala Pilah as we exit from the North-South Highway. There's a row of foodcourt at the front and the waterfall, chalets and other recreational activities can be found around the area.One may have to jungle trek all the way up to the top, which reaches up to 85m. (This is what I read at the information...

  • Istana Seri Menanti

    The palace is situated in an old royal town of the state of Negri Sembilan. The building itself is made out of wood and attached together without the use of any single nails. A beautiful landscape to enter the palace and a long walk from the gate to the main entrance.This ceratinly is a must for every visitor to Kuala Pilah, regardless of locals or...

  • Dastar

    "Dastar" is a traditional headgear worn by the Sultan. This is the replica of the official dastar worn by the first Yang Di Pertuan Agong (King) of Malaysia who is from Negeri Sembilan.

  • Repainted Furniture Shop (pre-war...

    This green building is also a pre-war structure. It’s now repainted to give that exclusive look in order to match the posh teak and wood based furniture showroom setting.Some of the furniture selling here are really nice, I almost shop that whole truck load for my father’s new house. I am just kidding!!

  • Yellow wall

    How do you like this yellow wall? Sorry, I was itchy hand and digitally enhanced the looks of the wall. The original picture is found at the left-bottom corner.This shop lot is facing Lister Road and is one of the newer post-war buildings.

  • Young and Old!!?

    Most pre-war old buildings in Kuala Pilah will most likely fall into this category where air-conditioning compressors are hanging everywhere, and slowly losing their pre-war identity.

  • Most Beautiful Pre-war Structure

    This is the most well kept, beautifully painted wall of the pre-war structures found in Kuala Pilah. The window frames and panels are remained original, the authentic looks of the building also not distorted with modern air-conditioning compressors or hand-phone advertisements.

  • Household Brand Name

    Singer, Maggi, Milo are some of the household brand names since like from ages ago. The brand name Singer which produced great sewing machine in early days will surely put a smile on anyone faces especially those who are in their forties and above.Oh! The point I’m trying to make here is people are keeping their traditions and their lives are very...

  • Corner Joint

    I would like to call this corner lot with its side facing Jalan Muar (see sign) as Corner Joint. There will be a separate travelogue being created to show some of the uniqueness of this lot.I can’t remember the building was constructed in which year, but it should not be later than 1930. I didn’t have the chance to view the interior, but another...

  • Lemang

    These are some pre-cooked lemang that normally served by Muslim friends during the Hari Raya open house.I have a separate lemang tip in my Tampin page.

  • Weekend Market at Tanjung Ipoh

    There are a lot of activities of festive shopping and preparation works at Tanjung Ipoh weekend market.You can get really fresh beef, fishes and chicken from this market. Other Hari Raya essentials such as pre-packed ketupat (see picture), lemang and dates are widely available here.Btw, not many people will make ketupat and lemang for own...

  • Yam Tuan Road

    This is the famous night spot Yam Tuan Road of Kuala Pilah. I was visiting during the Ramadan month (last few days before Hari Raya), some of the food vendors are selling at Buka Puasa Bazaar and that is the reason the street is quite empty even though it’s only 8pm.

  • Corner Joint at Night

    This is the corner joint after 8pm. Kuala Pilah is perfectly turning into sleeping mode after 9:30pm daily.Today is especially quite since most people are out of town because of the long Deepavali-Raya weekend.

  • Mosque at Night

    This is the scene of the mosque after the evening prayer. In fact mosques in Malaysia are open 24x7 since two of the 5 prayer slots are fall into odd hours (around 9pm & 5am).

  • Mosque

    The mosque is just next to the Temple of 3 Saints and it show the perfect proof that Malaysian are living in perfect harmony despite all the differences in cultures, traditions and religions.

  • Temple of 3 Saints

    The three saints that they referring here are most probably the 3 most popular Chinese scholars. They are Confucius and the other two more kind of thing. (Don’t test my history, its disastrous)Of course Taoist temples like this is very common for town that mostly occupied by Chinese that carry out some traditional small businesses.

  • Arch of Lister

    The middle panel said “ERECTED BY A GRATEFUL PEOPLE TO THE MEMORY OF THE HONOURABLE MARTIN LISTER” and other smaller words that I can hardly read.So, it’s a testimonial for Martin Lister who contributed to the development of Kuala Pilah town I guess.

  • The India Temple

    This is the first land mark when you arrive at Kuala Pilah. The temple will be on your right hand side as you coming from Sri Menanti or Seremban.I arrive at Kuala Pilah on Deepavali day, but I do not see much of the Indian worshipping in the temple. This picture was taken on day 2 and I was the only person in the temple courtyard for some photo...

  • From Sri Menanti to Kuala Pilah

    Instead of showing you the way to Kuala Pilah from the alternate exit, I would like to show you how to get to Kuala Pilah from where we last spin off from Road 51. We must take the right turn or you’ll be back to Seremban in no time.The “Must See” section is best view using “Author’s Order” and the remaining sections will be of no particular order.

  • Mid-Way

    2 kilometer away from mid-way of Lister Road, turn your head back and you will see this tipical city has been surrounded by the mountain.

  • Tampin Road

    Further up till the end of lister Road, is the beginning of Tampin Road. Stopped over at the local famous school of Tuanku Muhammad. This local school has been build for more than 70 yeras ago.

  • L'Arch de Lister

    L'Arch de Lister made by Martin Lister hundrad years ago is one of the must see historical manument in Kuala Pilah City.

  • Chinese Temple

    Majority of the inhabitant of this typical mid-way city are Chnese. You would be able to see Chinese Temple around.

  • Landuse

    Yes, this is a piece of land for religion use on city planning act. Again, this proof that malaysia is the only country in this planet whereas people in different religion live n harmony and peacefully.


Kuala Pilah Restaurants

  • stop here and try , you sure come back .

    Cleanliness is the major factor for any restaurant . Here we can find threes A's lebel . Cool and calm like we in a country home. Big parking area with tarmax .A lot of tables and chairs that we do no hurry .Confortable and clean toilet with tile furnished .Have Wakaf for Muslims , for sholat .Delicious hot food and fast order.Harmonies and...

  • Howker Center

    Kuala PIlah city center howker center is a very famous place for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even before you sleep, it is a place for your supper.

  • Pasar Malam

    Must have a look and a walk on the Kuala Pilah famous Night Market. You would find interesting local food for dinner..


Kuala Pilah Nightlife

  • It’s Meehun Soup Time!!

    Well, it is my feeding hours and I found this particular stall still open. The meehun soup is quite tasty and I am perfectly satisfied with the hot-soup-and-coke combination.

  • Jet Hua Shi

    Most of the population in this city are Chinese and that's why you will see a lot of Chinese Temple around the city area.

  • Chinese Temple

    Oposit od L'Arch de Lister is a Chinese temple. This temple has been decorate with light especially during Chinese New Year.


Kuala Pilah Transportation

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    Kuala Pilah is a Mid-Way-Town from Seremban or from Kuala Pilah. It takes not more than 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur.

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Kuala Pilah Off The Beaten Path

  • Where's The Hospital?

    This is just an information if emergency cases happens during your travel here in Kuala Pilah, the government hospital is situated just near to Kuala Pilah town and it is very easy to access.It has 314 bed strength and special services provided are Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Anaesthesiology, Diagnostic Imaging,...

  • Guest Hall

    The hugh guest hall for the party during Chinese New Year, wedding, birthday or any other religion ceremony.

  • Interior

    The interior of old house. As you can see, the furniture, the lightning, mirrow etc.. was brought from China


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