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Seri Menanti Things to Do

  • Sri Menanti Palace

    This 5-storey palace is designed according to tajul muluk principles and was built by master craftmen "tukang" Kahar Siak Baki and "tukang" Taib using cengal wood. Built without a nail or screw, the palace is raised 2 metres above the ground... It has a long balcony and its wooden pillars, 99 in all, are carved with intricate gold flower...

  • Batu Kasur (weight stone)

    Located on the compound of Sei Menanti palace is a replica of Batu Kasur (weight stone) that has a significant cultural element and histrory in the royal family.

  • Sri Menanti

    How do you like this magnificent looks of Sri Menanti with it’s reflection on wet field after the overnight shower?This is not a common looks of Sri Menanti. In fact do not hold me responsible for not getting the same photographic effect on your visit.Did I tell you it’s a reflection on "wet field" after "overnight shower"? That is the condition...

  • Selamat Datang

    This is one of the arches that welcome and bring you to loyal palace of Sri Menanti. You can enjoy some nicest roof top and houses using this N29 exit.The other route accessible to Sri Menanti is much closer for visitor coming from Kuala Pilah direction.Either way, you will get to see great architectural Minangkabau roof works and color village...

  • Visiting Hour

    Daily (Monday-Sunday): 10am – 6pmExcept Friday: 10am – 12:15pm, 2:45pm – 6pmI think you would have guessed them after referring to your phase book. Anyway, Friday noon will have a compulsory prayer slot for Muslim friends in Malaysia.Don't worry if you arrive during Friday prayer time because you can explore the lakes and probably drive around the...

  • Newly planted

    This field is well watered and it’s planting season for some paddy growers.I have serious obsession to click my cameras whenever I see paddy fields. I don't know whether it's due to the longing to escape to quiet place these farmers had or it's my patriotism from growing up in an agricultural nation?I am especially like the scene of ripe paddy...

  • Kampong Tour

    Beside the palace tour, you may want to consider a short tour into small villages around Sri Menanti. You will discover very rich kampong setting and nice roof arts that concaved upward (Minangkabau style). How often do you get to see some villages next to an attraction anyway? Since you have been struck by the awesome looks of the museum & roof...

  • Royal Museum of Sri Menanti (Old Palace)

    The Royal Museum of Sri Menanti is one of the major attractions in Negeri Sembilan. Due to its difficult route access to Sri Menanti, some beach destinations had somehow overshadowed the full potential of Sri Menanti.I don't think i have cover much in my page due to my interest in visiting museum. But you better hurry to the place just in case some...

  • Selamat Jalan

    I hope you enjoy the Sri Menanti virtual tour. If you want to find out more about my next destination (Kuala Pilah), please leave your comment and click Kuala Pilah.

  • The Arch of Sri Menanti

    There is no exception for Sri Menanti not having a grand looking arch. Being a Royal Town surrounded by beautiful hills, this arch will really set your mood to better appreciate this awesome looking town.

  • The journey continues….

    I hope you enjoy the Sri Menanti Virtual Tour. My next destination is Kuala Pilah then Tampin.Do sign my comment column and continue with my Negeri Sembilan tour.

  • Never miss good shots!!

    I am suppose to show you some great looking buffalos but delayed my urge to take the shot when those buffalos came up close. I was thinking taking the photos slightly later since the opportunity for buffalos are plentiful.I was proved wrong when I return and those buffalos rather playing mud at the far end (see highlight in yellow). My advice is if...

  • Masjid Diraja Tuanku Munawir

    This is the Royal Mosque of Tuanku Manawir, located next to Arch of Sri Menanti at the entrance of Sri Menanti.I don’t think you’ll even miss it from entering the area.

  • Sri Menanti Architecture

    Sri Menanti not just built entirely with solid wood, but it is also the only big palace architected without the usage of a single metal nails.The building was built entirely woods interlocked and wood pegs to hold the building in place and survive many years of administration purposes.

  • Minangkabau Houses & Roof Arts

    Most roofs in Negeri Sembilan will concave upward a little. Majority of the houses will also be painted with dark color. Some families have lately painted the pillars with brighter colors and redefined the colorful lifestyle of Negeri people.According to Pepatik custom, men in Negeri Sembilan will be married into the female families. The wife will...


Seri Menanti Warnings and Dangers

  • Cows Crossing

    You may encounter some cows crossing while you’re driving towards Sri Menanti Loyal Palace. Just slow down and wait for them to make way for you.Some people may tell you that driving in Malaysia is very hazardous because you'll always see some cows crossing the road. This is not TRUE because most highway or federal expressway have very strict rules...

  • And the sign too....

    I dare you not to follow the arrow. If you can afford to ignore the double line, why don’t you ignore the arrow too?You can see that i place very high emphasis on road safety here is because this stretch of Negeri Sembilan roads are some of the highest mortality rate in the country. Before you can really see the Sri Menanti or touring the Kuala...

  • Respect the Line

    Please respect the traffic rules when you see double lines on the road. They are not painted for fun, but there to protect your life.Try to prove the line as obstacle will often prove futile.I am writing this warning tip is because starting from the road passed Senawang to Sri Menanti, more than 70% of the road is painted with no overtaking double...


Seri Menanti Favorites

  • KGDSM (Kelab Golf Diraja Sri Menanti)

    If you’re access from N29, you will pass Royal Golf Club of Sri Menanti. Do watch out for golfer crossing while you’re looking out at the nice sceneries.The KGDSM Golf Course spanned across both side of N29 and often time where will be some small gates opening for crossing of golfers and their turf maids.

  • Farming

    Majority of the villagers live around Sri Menanti are farming in one way of the other. Beside growing paddi, durian, banana & other tropic fruits are very common here.Although Malaysia has made its name on the map for world class structure like KLCC, Sepang International Airport & Sepang F1 Circuit and its Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), most of...

  • Road accessible to Sri Menanti

    Most visitors coming from Seremban direction will access to Sri Menanti via this exit. The road further down will lead you to 2nd entrance and also to Kuala Pilah.How do you know whether you’re taking the right turn? Make sure you see some paddi field and exhibition centre on you left and one impressive Minangkabau style arch is welcoming you. You...


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