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Tampin Things to Do

  • Bukit Tampin (aka Gunung Tampin)

    Bukit Tampin, also known as Gunung Tampin, is located within the Tampin Forest Reserve. The Hill Diptercarp Forest which is formed here is rich with a plethors of forest trees and palms. Its beauty is enhanced further by the outcrop of rocks which form a natural landscape that is sure to attract and charm every visitor. The scenario of indulating...

  • Balai Tunku Besar Tampin

    The Balai Tunku Besar Tampin is the official residence of the ruler for Tampin, the Tunku Besar of Tampin. Historically, Tampin used to be part of the district of Rembau before it was partitioned in 1836 where the southern area of Rembau around Tampin is being recognised as a new luak (state) with its own ruler. Unlike other luak in Negeri Sembilan...

  • Taman Rekreasi Tampin

    The Taman Rekreasi Tampin (Tampin Recreational Park) is home to several species of fowls and birds as well as longtailed monkeys, porcupines, swans, peacocks and ducks. The landscape of this recreational park is fashioned in such a way that the park is situated in a valley bordered by sloping hills with a small lake in the centre with a suspension...

  • Taman Tasik Tampin

    Taman Tasik Tampin (Tampin Lake Garden) is located at the foot of Tampin Hill, about 10 minutes drive from Tampin town centre. This lake garden is the starting point for trekking journey to reach the peak of Bukit Tampin. Facilities available here are resting huts, bathing pools, observation tower and jungle tracks that are provided for the comfort...

  • Muzium Tampin

    Tampin is the first ever district and town in Negeri Sembilan to has a museum of its own. The Muzium Tampin (Tampin Museum) was built in the 1920s and used to be the home of a high-ranking government official but after its conversion as a museum, it has become an invaluable place for the preservation of history. The museum is a storehouse for...

  • Tampin (Pulau Sebang) Train Station

    It is incomplete to visit Tampin without visiting the train station that gives life to the town and the district. The Tampin Train Station was built during the British Rule in Malaya in 1922 and is functional till today as part of the railway line that connects Singapore and Bangkok via Kuala Lumpur. Other than passenger trains, the station also...

  • The state border

    The town of Tampin actually start from accross this state border for Negeri Sembilan and Melaka. Geographically and politically, the town of Tampin and its main road is divided into two parts by the states' border - the one under the jurisdiction of Negeri Sembilan is where the town of Tampin is located whereas the other half of the road and the...

  • Tampin Town

    The main road of Tampin (Jalan Besar Tampin) runs through the heart of the town. Those travelling along the town's main road will definately notice the sheer contrast between the town and its next door neighbour Pulau Sebang. Most of the buildings in Tampin are quite sombre-looking in contrast to the brightly painted buildings in shades of orange...

  • Gurdwara Sahib Sikh Temple

    The Gurdwara Sahib Sikh Temple is probably the most beautiful place of worship in the town of Tampin. Founded in 1967, the temple has evolved from just a place of worship in its early days into a one stop community centre for the Sikh community in Tampin today. Apart from religious celebrations, social functions and community services are also...

  • Sticky Dodol

    Dodol is a traditional desert or sweet served in many traditional occasions. The ingredient of dodol is basically grind rice powder mixed with coconut milks, sugar & salt and stir the mixture in slow fire until it turn thicken & sticky.It sounds tedious to prepare dodol? Just go and buy some, because it make more economical sense and convenient if...

  • The making of Lemang

    This is lemang and normally sold during Ramadan month & served by Muslim friends for Raya open house.Rice is filled into bamboo tube and cooks in slow fire that normally using traditional burner such as coconut remains and fire woods.

  • To Tampin

    Sorry, the caption may sound silly. I need to start driving so that I can reach home in time for my niece’s 1 year old birthday.I only manage to cover a small section of Tampin, I will definitely come back for more detail tour and hopefully will update my Tampin page soon.The Must See section is not exactly all the “Must See”, but will show you my...

  • Good Bye Tampin

    The lemang, dodol and cencaluk tips were some of the highlights for road connecting Tampin to PLUS highway. You will see many stall selling almost identical products, and similar price tag. Just stop by anyone of them or across the street if the joint is lacking of one of two items mentioned. Happy shopping and do try cencaluk see whether you enjoy...

  • Cencaluk (Fermented Shrimp)

    Cencaluk is made of small baby shrimp after being salted and ferment them to perfection. It is a great enhancer for some local dishes and will smell a little for those who are not used to it.It’s hard to describe cencaluk without actually tasting it yourself. You will either love it or hate it to the core.Most hotel buffet in Malaysia will include...

  • Tampin Town Centre

    I won’t call Tampin a city although it is a district centre by itself. Tampin is quite big but somehow still lack of high rise building for me to call it a city.Tampin strikes my attention with very colorful town-wide repainting of striking colors and also because I lost my direction every time I drove pass the Tampin.


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Tampin Nightlife

  • Roadside Lorry Pit-stop: Kampong Night Out

    by nipmat Updated Jun 10, 2008

    In geographical terms, Tampin has been an important stop along North-South trunk road. There are many road side stalls dotted along outskirt of the town. They serve anything from teh tarek to double boiled soup....Very international. It's been a culture where these stalls opened well into the night. Many truck drivers (heading to Gemas & Segamat) stopped along these stalls to get recharged. Naturally, the locals patronise these stalls as well and they provide generous parkings.
    Eversince the highway by-passed the lovely town, the stalls have transformed themselves by providing free projection screen entertainment showing anything from football to educational program about deep sea creatures.
    Among the places i recommend are stalls along trunk road leading to seremban (near taboh naning & lake garden), stalls along trunk road leading to Gemas, food court on top of bus station, also stalls outside railway station.
    Eating at these places is a enjoyable experience because you can enjoy the cooling breeze decending down from Tampin Mountain and not to mention the fantastic night view of the transmitting tower/building on top of the mountain.....the bright lights on top of the mountain resembles an active volcanoe especially after rain.

    No one gets bored or hungry in Tampin throughout the night!

    Dress Code: Anything goes!

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Tampin Transportation

  • Pulau Sebang Bus Station

    To go to Tampin by bus, you need to allight at Pulau Sebang Bus Station. Fret not as the bus station is within the same township of Tampin-Pulau Sebang. However, it is quite a distance frm the Tampin (Pulau Sebang) Train Station. You may have to hire a taxi from the bus station to go to the train station or vice versa.

  • Keretapi Tanah Melayu (Malayan Railway)

    The Keretapi Tanah Melayu connects Tampin with Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Tumpat at Tampin (Pulau Sebang) Train Station.

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Tampin Off The Beaten Path

  • Azri_Azmi's Profile Photo

    Where's The Hospital?

    by Azri_Azmi Written Dec 5, 2006

    This is just an information if emergency cases happens during your travel here in Tampin, the government hospital is situated inside Tampin town and it is very easy to access.

    It has 85 bed strength all together as it is a small district hospital.

    The address is Hospital Tampin, Tampin,, 73000 Negeri Sembilan.
    Telephone : 06-4411511.

    I frequently visits this hospital as one of my companys branch is situated inside the hospital compound.

    Hopefully and wishfully, we will always have a safe travel & happy trips.

    Nice landscape here in Hospital Tampin
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