Negeri Sembilan Things to Do

  • Things to Do
    by nickchen1210
  • Things to Do
    by shannsow
  • Things to Do
    by shannsow

Negeri Sembilan Things to Do

  • Broga Hill

    Broga hill is the once i told beautiful hill in Negeri Sembilan,it is approximately 400m in altitude and is easily climbed by most people.

  • Natural Hot Springs Spa in Wet World...

    WET WORLD AIR PANAS PEDAS is your neighbourhood water theme park with a very unique feature; A NATURAL HOT SPRINGS SPA POOL. The natural hot water coming from underground springs has been around for hundreds of years. Many believe that the natural hot water has medicinal values for certain skin and rheumatism problems. It also help to relax muscles...

  • Nilai - near Selangor

    Nilai Town is a day trip from Kuala Lumpur, about 30 minutes if there is no massive traffic jam. In Nilai, there is popular Nilai whole sale center with selling household products, furniture, artificial flowers and miscellaneous items at low cost price. The stalls are arranged in grid lines and air conditioned for shopping comfort. Nilai is also...

  • Seremban - State Capital

    Seremban is an easy quick exit from the PLUS highway. Found the traffic in town to be slow with a lot of traffic lights.Easy to locate a big food court in the center of town. Typical Malaysian state capital.

  • Port Dickson - Popular Seaside Resort

    Port Dickson is very popular seaside resort for local tourist and families for a weekend at the beach from Kuala Lumpur and neighboring areas.The beach is not the cleanest in the world but nobody seems to care. There are many seaside stalls selling food, drinks, inflatables for swimming. Can be fun for beach activities like kicking the ball,...

  • Playing Kite!!!!

    Beside golf,i love playing kites inherit from my Dad . Here in Seremban2 Park ,you can fly from small kite up to 15 feet kite as the wind here is strong enough to blow your skirt up!!!heheehe.come on sunday afternoon and you can play or just stroll along the park watching beautiful kites flying around.

  • Jeram Berungut

    After the river trekking you'll come to the river canyon called Jeram Berungut by the locals. This place is totally secluded, which is a good thing. Everything there is totally 'untouched'. At the end of this is a fall waterfall and current there is quite strong. If you're a strong swimmer you can reach it and be rewarded by strong waters splasing...

  • River Trekking

    The river trekking is a must if you wanna go to the river canyon. Along the river you can see all sorts of plants and insects.You also get free reflexology.

  • Kijang Jatoh

    Claimed to be the tallest single drop fall in Malaysia of approximately 350 feet high, this is a must see when you're there. There's a small pool at the bottom where you can have a dip and have back 'massaged'. The view is spectacular and a perfect place to leave all your troubles behind.

  • Port Dickson Beach

    Port Dickson has one of the longest beaches in Malaysia, offering holiday makers ample room to frolic and have fun in the sun. With 18km of beachfront, you can stop anywhere along its coastal road and enjoy sandy beaches lined with tall casuarinas trees, coconut palms and the spreading branches of Banyan trees.A half hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur,...

  • Most Beautiful Pre-war Structure in...

    This is the most well kept, beautifully painted wall of the pre-war structures found in Kuala Pilah. The window frames and panels are remained original, the authentic looks of the building also not distorted with modern air-conditioning compressors or hand-phone advertisements.

  • Kampong Tour

    Beside the palace tour, you may want to consider a short tour into small villages around Sri Menanti.You will discover very rich kampong setting and nice roof arts that concaved upward (Minangkabau style).Complete story featured in Sri Menanti page.

  • Mosque

    The mosque is just next to the Temple of 3 Saints (Kuala Pilah) and it show the perfect proof that Malaysian are living in perfect harmony despite all the differences in cultures, traditions and religions.Complete story found in Kuala Pilah page.

  • Temple of 3 Saints, Kuala Pilah

    The three saints that they referring here are most probably the 3 most popular Chinese scholars. They are Confucius and the other two more kind of thing. (Don’t test my history, its disastrous)Of course Taoist temples like this is very common for town that mostly occupied by Chinese that carry out some traditional small businesses.

  • Sri Menanti Architecture

    Sri Menanti not just built entirely with solid wood, but it is also the only big palace architected without the usage of a single metal nails.The building was built entirely woods interlocked and wood pegs to hold the building in place and survive many years of administration purposes.

  • Royal Museum of Sri Menanti (Old Palace)

    The Royal Museum of Sri Menanti is one of the major attractions in Negeri Sembilan. Due to its difficult route access to Sri Menanti, some beach destinations had somehow overshadowed the full potential of Sri Menanti.

  • Take a dip @Pedas Hot Spring

    Pedas Hot Spring is a small water theme park with hot springs where you can relax in the midst of the natural surroundings and greenery.

  • Minangkabau Roof@Negeri Sembilan

    The name Negeri Sembilan means nine countries (negeri = country; sembilan = nine). This name is long-believed to be derived from their traditional bound with the Minangkabau people in West Sumatra, Indonesia. As you know, the Minangkabau people (tribe) in West Sumatra is formed of nine sub-tribes or lineages, big family lines called puak. This is...


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Negeri Sembilan Things to Do

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