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  • Pulau Tenggol or Tenggol Island
    Pulau Tenggol or Tenggol Island
    by kelnsha
  • Tenggol island beach
    Tenggol island beach
    by kelnsha
  • Nemo family photo
    Nemo family photo
    by kelnsha

Kuala Dungun Things to Do

  • Scuba Diving at Rajawali Reef, Tenggol...

    We did a multi-level dive. It is located at the northern side of the island walls (04.49.05N, 103.40.50E), approximately 32 metres.This was a very easy and relaxing dive. Large boulders with magnificent seascape swim-throughs and passages. Some of the marine lifes we spotted were schools of yellowtails, moray eel, blue-ringed angelfish, six-banded...

  • Scuba Diving at Moon Raker, Pulau Nyireh

    It was a leisure dive with our sigtings of scorpionfish, nudibranchs, sea dragons, blue-ringed angelfish, Christmas tree worms, longfin bannerfish, sea cucumbers, sea squirts, sea shell, soft and hard corals.

  • Scuba Diving at Teluk Nakota, Tenggol...

    Our night dive sightings: this was the first time that I got to see a green turtle during night dive, sea cucumbers in their vertical positions, sleeping titan triggerfish, blue-ringed angelfish, parrotfish, giant moray eel, grouper, coral banded cleaner shrimp and crabs.

  • Watch sea turtle egg hatching

    I have not watch it personally but one of these days I will. May be you can share your experience and tips if you have.The sea turtle egg hatching campaign is during the months of August to October.For millions of years, green turtles and hawksbill turtles driven by their instincts have returned to the same beaches they hatched from, some...

  • Scuba Diving at Tokong Laut, Tenggol...

    The terrain is generally rocky with huge boulders forming walls, tunnels and swim throughs. Diverse range of coral formations growing on the walls of the boulders.We got to see many nudibranchs, sea dragons, fusiliers, batfish, pufferfish, parrotfish, moorish idols and butterflyfish.This dive site is a favourite among regular divers, it is also...

  • Scuba Diving at Tanjung Gemuk, Tenggol...

    I did a night dive from Tanjung Gemuk to Turtle Point. There were many crabs, shrimps parrotfish, triggerfish, rabbitfish. We even sighted a Spanish Dancer (slightly bigger than our palm) , Frimbriated moray eel and sticky sea cucumbers. The bottom of this area houses an interesting collection of rock outcrops covered with soft and hard corals, sea...

  • Scuba Diving at Turtle Point, Tenggol...

    The calm dive site of turtle point at teluk air tawar are ideal for novices and underwater photography.This is a well-sheltered bay and the water is generally calm. Considered the house reef of the resorts which is about 200 metres from shore, its slopes from 10 to 40 feet with sandy bottom covers with hard and soft corals. Some of the marine lifes...

  • Scuba Diving around Tenggol Island

    Tenggol island offers more than 20 attractive dive sites with various varieties to satisfy divers with ranging interest and levels of diving ability. The warm water and high visibility (20-30m) makes Tenggol island quite a popular destination for diving and snorkeling. The calm sea has an assemblage of corals and aquatic inhabitants such as...

  • Soak Up The Sun

    Dungun is blessed with beautiful pristine beaches and great sunrise comes with the package. In my two days trip, I ensure that I set my alaram clock at 6:00am before i go to sleep so that I could wake up to enjoy the sunrise. From the pictures, you know that I was not disappointed!For more pictures, please visit my travelogue.

  • Eat Nasi Dagang

    Nasi Dagang is a rice speciality of Terengganu. Nasi Dagang or literally the ‘trader’s rice’ which is said is the rice that was eaten by trader on their business journey. The dish is mixes of rice and glutinous rice with coconut milk added once it is cooked. The rice is eaten with tuna curry and light vegetable pickles. Simplicity is its essence.In...

  • Eat Laksam

    Laksam (or Laksang as the local pronunced it) is a delightful yet simple dish, prepared using both wheat and rice flours. The gravy is made from fish meat which is boiled, pureed, and later mixed with coconut milk. It is eaten cold at breakfast.Some might be turned off by the fishy smell. To me, it looks like "Chee cheong fun", a chinese dish. :)

  • Sura Point

    There's a secluded beach at Sura Point, at one end of the Dungun beach (just beside UiTM college). Take a short climb up the hill, pass some lakes and you'll reach the beach. It's a bit too secluded to come at night, but then again safety and security are good in Dungun. Never heard of any robbery or theft. But it makes sense to be on the safe...


Kuala Dungun Restaurants

  • Popular Among The Locals

    Open only for dinner. I found this place a stone throw away from our motel, Damai Pantai.When we arrived, we saw the place was crowded. The restaurant is breezy as it is located just across the road from the beach. I ordered the Nasi Goreng Minang (yellow fried rice with a piece of crispyfired chicken) and a bowl of chicken tom yam. The rice was...

  • Eat Breakfast with the Locals

    This coffeeshop came recommended by the owner of the motel that we stayed in. We had to walk about 1km from, Damai Pantai. Along the scenic beach, passing by kampung houses and primary school.A favourite among the locals, this shop is patronised by school children to old grampas. Just peep under the tudung saji (food cover) and pick your favourite...

  • Teh Dangdut

    I do not know how this drink got its name. Dangdut is a genre of Indonesian popular music that is partly derived from Arabic, Indian, and Malay folk music, which is quite well known by the sexy hip moves with dance that comes along with it.The drink comes in a mug. You can see three distinct layers - milk at the bottom, tea in the middle and foam...

  • Keropok & Sata

    This is not really a restaurant, but a shop selling freshly fried keropok lekor (fish cake) and sata. It also offers instant keropok (fish crackers) and frozen fish produce for sale.Open 3:00pm – 7:00pm. Keropok Lekor is popular fried snack in Terengganu, made of fish meat, ground to a paste, and mixed with sago. Keropok is best eaten hot with its...

  • Malay-Thai Food

    If you are craving for some Tom Yam action, this is the place for it. The food is a fusion of Malay & Thai. Tastes great and it's cheap. Tom yam, fish & simply any Malay-Thai dishes. Ask the boss to recommend his specialties!Warning: Tom yam can be really really spicy!

  • Nice food with the evening breeze

    There are many Malay stalls set up along the beach in Dungun. These are very nice places to hang out in the evening after a stroll down the beach. It's not hot here because the stalls have chosen strategic places under the shades. Enjoy the sea breeze as you take some local snacks. It's very cheap. Few years back it was only 50sen for a bowl of ais...

  • Great Breakfast

    This little coffee house serves very nice coffee during breakfast. Enjoy your favorite Malaysian breakfast here - Nasi Lemak, Curry Puff, Toast Bread, Half-Boiled Egg or choose from an assortment of local kuih.

  • Noodles

    This is the place to get your favorite curry noodles, dry noodles and clear soup noodles. You can choose from different types of noodles like yellow noodles, bee hoon or kuey tiao. You can also choose extra toppings! Nice lady boss who always smiles.

  • Biggest night market

    The night market in Dungun is the biggest in Terengganu. It is held every Thursday night and is located near the district library. There is a huge square selling local delicacies. Food is cheap and tasty. Try nasi briyani, nasi bukhari, keropok lekor, otak-otak and many different types of kuihs. Good local Malay food here. Don't miss it!


Kuala Dungun Transportation

  • Wooden bum boat to Tenggol Island

    Depending on the resort you choose and if you are lucky, you get to Tenggol island by speedboat from Kuala Dungun jetty but Tenggol Island Resort arranged a wooden bum/dive boat for us.The trip from Kuala Dungun to the island will take about 1 hour by speed boat and 2 hours for bum boat.

  • Bus to Dungun

    You can take a bus to Dungun from the Putra or Pudu bus stations in KL. I reckon it costs less that RM30 nowadays. For punctuality and safety, I recommend Transnasional though it doesn't offer the most luxurious coaches. The bus will pass by Dungun, so you'll have to tell the driver where you want to get down. If you have never been to Dungun...

  • Kuala Dungun Hotels

    0 Hotels in Kuala Dungun

Kuala Dungun Warnings and Dangers

  • Stray dogs

    The jetty at Kuala Dungun is a favorite hangout at night for anglers. Nice place to fish and enjoy the cool evening breeze. The place and its surroundings are quite dark at night. There are stray dogs hanging around. Beware of them as you wouldn't want to be chased around town!

  • Swimming in Dungun Beach

    Swimming is prohibited on the Dungun stretch of beach. There's a warning sign somewhere. However, most peole ignore it. Be forewarned though... there are many cases of drowning here. The sea is rough especially during the monsoon period. The sea bed is also not a smooth landing. If you really want to swim, be sure to have a local with you.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Kuala Dungun Off The Beaten Path

  • kelnsha's Profile Photo

    Visit Tenggol Island off Kuala Dungun,...

    by kelnsha Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Try visiting this island if you have visited other islands at the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia (eg. Tioman, Redang, Perhentian and Lang Tengah) and you will find less people and more privacy for your vacation. If you are looking for five stars resort(s), then you will be disaappointed because the resorts there are fairly basic. I will be updating more on this island progressively. Do return and check them out!

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Kuala Dungun Sports & Outdoors

  • runwitme's Profile Photo

    Beach Running

    by runwitme Written May 28, 2007

    Picture this, running bare-footed on smooth sand, with waves lapping on your feet. Cool seabreeze caressing your every step. And a glorious view of sunrise thrown in.

    It sounds like a dream but you can actually experience it at Dungun Beach.

    Equipment: Running shoes optional. Just go barefoot, and let your feet enjoy the natural sensations.

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