Negeri Terengganu Restaurants

  • The Shop Golden Dragon
    The Shop Golden Dragon
    by limkahwan
  • Cuttle Fish
    Cuttle Fish
    by limkahwan
  • Fish In Sweet & Sour Sauce
    Fish In Sweet & Sour Sauce
    by limkahwan

Negeri Terengganu Restaurants

  • Most Famous Chinese Restaurant

    This restaurant serve most of the Chinese menu, foods serving and preparing is fast and the price is reasonable. In Trengganu it is not easy to find a decent restaurant serving good foods like this restaurant. Cuttle Fish with sweet & sour Sauce and Steam Fish.

  • Chicken rice at Batu Burok

    The chicken rice served here is delicious. The chicken is cooked just nice and together with the light soya sauce, it is really appetiting. They also serve "Tauge" and vegetables. The rice is cooked with marjerin and the aroma is great.

  • Duku, langsat, salak

    In Terengganu, it is a great place to buy fresh fruits at good price. Try the duku, langsat, salak and rambutan. Many of the fruits are seasonal and will cost less when it is in full season. All year round fruits will include bananas, papayas and guavas. You will find some fruits that comes from other states and southern Thailand and China. So ask...

  • Baulu and Akok

    Baulu and Akok are two popular local speciality cakes of Terengganu.You will see cars stopping along roadside to buy them at local stalls.Both are made from batter, eggs and coconut. Being cooked over coconut husks, there is an extra coconut flavor. So it can be smokey as you wait to order and buy and eat them hot at one of the many beach stops. So...

  • Nasi Dagang

    In my hometown, Kuala Lumpur, I get nasi lemak. Famous here in Trengganu is Nasi Dagang. Fish here, compared to Kuala Lumpur is cheaper and really fresh. Most dishes have fish bits and flavour. So has nasi dagang, tuna like ikan Tongkol. You can get at least 3 packs for 1USD.Also, they have a little plate of delicious fried meehoon.Just outside at...

  • Roadside food stalls

    There are roadside food stores at the major attractions of Terengganu which offer good local Malay food and drinks at a cheap price. Do give the food a try as they are generally hygienic.

  • For seafood and stuff

    Reasonable food and price and the servers are really nice. We ordered 7 dishes (for 14 people) and it came up to RM10 per person.

  • Nice food

    This coffeeshop eatery is located just beside the gate of Chinatown. There is a lady selling soybean milk at the entrance of the eatery. Their fishmeat beehoon is really nice (RM4), and they also have other stuff such as yong tau hoo and mixed rice.

  • Delicious Seafood-at reasonable prices

    There are 4 to 5 seafood restaurants at the main riverfront area of Cukai on Jalan Sulaimani. They all specialise in Stuffed Crab. We chose the one that was the most crowded. Great decision as it turns out! BBQ Tiger Prawns-RM80 per kilo (we had two large ones-see pics) that set us back by only RM40 (about US$10)!! see pics for how large they...

  • Visit the Warungs (stalls) for...

    A number of Warung are located at this Medan Selera-a type of foodcourt. I visited warung 4 (in the middle) and the one at the end (facing the warungs, on the extreme right).The food tastes pretty good but can be rather spicy and sometimes too sweet for me. If in doubt, ask them to cut out all the cilli and sugar.All the stalls here are family run...

  • Great Seafood at reasonable Prices

    Following on from above, this is my second tip on the same restaurant because we visited twice. The food was GOOD and priced reasonably both times.To be fair, there are many other restaurants along this row at Cukai, all facing the riverfront. The other one that came highly reccomended is Restaurant Malaysia but we didn't have the opportunity to...

  • Don't miss the Best Coffee on the East...

    A Taste of NostalgiaThe look and feel of an old kopi-tiam (Chinese coffee shop) with authentic furniture and best of all, the coffee is freshly brewed, smells good and the price is very reasonable. Attracts an eclectic crowd of engineering & technical crew from the nearby Paka & Kertih powerstations, Petronas staff from Kertih, local Malays and...

  • For an alternative flavour...

    When in Terengganu and you simply can't please the kids or just have a craving for some "western" food - why not go to the nearest MacDonalds, one such outlet is located at Kertih,the town which oil refining built.There is also a number of Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets (known as KFC in Malaysia) - one at the shophouses at the front of Awana Kijal...

  • An interesting restaurant by the beach

    Mainly western food in their own style. Cook is a guy from the city of Kuantan and apparently he's from the hotel line for many years and decided to do this with the family. Great place to end your evenings with some dinner and drinks, note they serve only hard liquor, cocktailsm draft and bottle beer. Live band performs as well. Everything on the...

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Negeri Terengganu Restaurants

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