State of Sabah Favorites

  • I use my Mykad as travel document when go to Sabah
    I use my Mykad as travel document when...
    by DaHongHua
  • it is near the round about of Gaya St and KK 5 St.
    it is near the round about of Gaya St...
    by DaHongHua
  • 0km, the starting point to travel KK
    0km, the starting point to travel KK
    by DaHongHua

State of Sabah Favorites

  • Mt Kinabalu Climb: The Completes Guide

    This is the article I have written to help other who wanted to climb the highest mountain in Malaysian, Mt. Kinabalu. The full article can be read at

  • Beautiful sunsets

    I have seen many beautiful sunsets but none more beautiful than what we seen in Sabah.From our hotel in Kota Kinabalu the sun setting over the South China Sea was breath taking.When I think of KK the sunset is one of my best memories.

  • Over water bungalows

    If you have never stayed in bungalows that are sitting on stilts out in the sea, this is your chance.I had always wanted to be able to watch the fish swimming by from my balcony and I got to do that in Sabah. Gayana Resort Bay has 44 over the water bungalows, restaurant, dive shop, and front office , all connected by a boardwalk that sits out in...

  • Orangutans having breakfast

    The Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center is a must see.It is located 30 minutes drive from the bustling town of Sandakan. What a difference a few miles makes.Orangutans come into Sepilok, not only from captivity, but more than likely from their homes in the forest that are being cleared for Palm plantations. This area is being planted in trees...

  • Monkeys with big noses

    Seeing the Proboscis Monkeys in their natural habitat has to be one of my favorite memories of Borneo. They are among the world’s most unusual animals and a must see for anyone interested in wildlife. They only live in the wild on BorneoThe male Proboscis Monkey is big, weighing up to 24kg. He has a huge nose and round belly. The reason for the...

  • Sun, sea & sand

    If you love the water/beach & touring, I would suggest Kota Kinabalu (KK) in Sabah. It has several islands right across the city, and a few more great beach/resorts just outside the city (within reach of 1 - 2 hours drive). KK is where you can get blue sea & blue sky almost all year long.You can also tour the mountain for the weekend. It's about 2...

  • HSBC

    short of cash in kk, well, there is one HSBC towards the end of town.just opposite Tong Hing Supermarket. beware that there is only ONE HSBC in kk.So take as much money as you one as you won;t find any elsewhere. other locations: Sandakan, Tawau, Labuan

  • Not a pet friendly place

    i was shocked during my recent travel when i saw cats and few days later dogs staying in the same hotel with us in altanta. well, i have 2 dogs and was thinking of bringing them for a holiday recently. call the place of stay and was sad to be informed that pet are not allowed. so, travellers, do check with your place of stay before you bring your...

  • Window view from KK to Sandakan

    If you are flying day time from Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan during the day, take the window seat on the side where you can see the peak of Mount Kinabalu below you.It is a wonderful view of the coast, then the jungles and the mountains of the Crocker Range. Of course, the highlight when the pilot asked all the passengers to look out the window to...

  • Stamp on Malaysian passport

    Similar to Sarawak, I was amused that as a fellow citizen from Peninsular Malaysia, I still need my passport and got a stamp with a limited conditional stay. Nowadays, you can use your Mykad identification and fill up a form or apply for Restricted Travel Document.Check this website -

  • Stunning slopes

    The grey granite slopes of Mt Kinabalu. Ravished by winds, ice and pressure the mountain has many unique features. Ledgends claim the mountain is inhabited by the spirits of the dead.

  • Pitcher plant

    Pitcher plants are one of those unique plants which you can find in the park lands of Borneo. They are Carnivorous and attract their prey with colour, sugar and smell. The insect or small animal once attracted makes its way down the plants spout where it slips downward because of a waxy sediment on the walls. Once inside it surcomes to the...

  • Nutkin

    Taken on Mt Kinabalu this little squirrel had no fear. He was obviously use to stealing a snack from a climber or two. He looked a lot more robust then his counterparts we had seen in the National park. Must be all that climbing.

  • Interesting insects

    This fellow landed on my coat when we were walking in Kota Kinabalu park. He measured about 3cm. I'm not sure if it was a bee or wasp but it seemed harmless. It had a little walk around my coat and then flew off again.

  • Turtle tea

    We spotted this guy whilst walking around Selingan Turtle Island. He was quite big and looked well fed. He is precisely the kind of predator the park rangers want to keep away from the turtle eggs. I asked one of the rangers if the lizards ever made it into the fenced off nurseries. I was told yes but not by digging under the fence as I thought....

  • Turtle tracks in Sabah

    Turtle tracks can be found all over the island. Follow them from the shore till you find a whole in the sand where the turtle laid her eggs. Park rangers collect the eggs and rebury them in the fenced off nurseries.

  • On top of the world

    View of the mountain. Taken in the afternoon in front of the park headquarters.

  • Turtle Islands

    We really wanted to do this but were unable to. Reason : You have to book in advance!So we advise, do book for this as soon as you arrive in sabah. You may not get a spot so soon so be prepared to join in a few days later. What you will see Lots of turtles out on the beach, having their time :) At nite, you get to see them laying eggs and how...

  • Go Island-ing!

    Sapi island is nice. The big one Gaya is not suitable for snorkelling as it's a lot of rock outcrop... but if you arrange for aboat on your own you can ask them to take u to nice snorkelling spots! And then just jump off and indulge!The OTHER islands like Layang Layang, Pulau TIga (where Survivor was filmed), Sipadan, Turtle Islands are by far more...

  • Flowers everywhere

    I cant get enough of Malaysian flowers. Growing wild and so many species. Some of the spectacular gardens that stand out are KLCC for its frangipanis, Turtle Island with rows of Hibiscus, Sepilok jungle resort to many to name and of course those growing wild in Kota Kinabalu National park.

  • As big as a dinner plate!

    Took this shot of a moth on our room door. It was easily the size of a dinner plate. I don't like moths much..spiders with wings!

  • The Park Headquarters

    The bus to Kota Kinabalu stops at the front of park headquarters, at the bottom of the hill. So if you have a lot of luggage this bit it fun as you must carry it up, then carry it another 15 minutes to your accommodation. The headquarters is always busy with lots of tourist booking accommodation, trying to get a places on the mountain and the...

  • Fill in your forms...

    When you go to Sabah, even when you go there from other places inside Malaysia, you have to fill in a form with all your personal details. Name, address, age, passport number and the reason why you are visiting Sabah. You need this form when you pass the immigration. Normally you can get this form at the airport you are departing from so you can...

  • The Town That Called "Api" or "Fire"

    This is Kota Kinabalu wet market. The Chinese name was saying "Api Wet Market". The old name for Kota Kinabalu is Api. It may suggest that the Sabah was one time an active volcanic zone.Api = Fire

  • Travel Light

    You’re encouraged to travel light when you’re visiting Sabah. Not every rain forest resorts have porter service to engage.You may ended carry all you baggage yourself while you are transit by some rugged truck/4WD on really rugged trail.Laundry service & shopping outlets are found abundantly in bigger towns.

  • Sabah Terrains

    Sabah terrains are mostly mountainous & the land is watered by great rivers.Lots of great bridges were built along state express ways connecting bigger cities/towns such as Kota Kinabalu, Tawau, Sandakan.

  • Local Craft Heaven

    Kota Kinabalu is a local craft heaven. The amount of things & local craft that money can buy are just uncountable.Rattan products, chandelier made of seashells, wooden vase, bamboo wind chime, batek, T-shirts that printed with Orang-utan, Mt Kinabalu, Sipadan Island & etc are found abundantly at local centers. You can bargain when you’re shopping...

  • Bikinis!! (No I mean Life Guard)

    Most of the beach resort or Taman Tunku Abdul Rahman beaches are equipped with Life Guard facilities. Just jump into you bikinis and enjoy the beach to the fullest.

  • In the name of Survival!!

    It's tough to be growing out of competitive environment. This timber seed were evolved overtime & able to glide away from its parent with the better hope of getting more sunlight & good soil in order to grow strong & choke other plants in process.It's all about survival, baby!!

  • Chilling out!!!

    We just chilling out at sea level 13000 ft (4500M). Nice!!!The background is Low's Peak, the highest point in South East Asia. ;-)

  • Mr. Kinabalu

    You must hire at least one guide when you're entering Kinabalu National Park.They are very friendly & helpful, and most of them can speak multiple languages. No kidding!!!

  • Infrastructures

    Contrary to what most people believe that Sabah is very much underdeveloped. Even some KL people think so.This picture clearly shows that the infrastructures are all in place & have a wonderful holiday in Sabah.

  • Travel Information @ Sabah Tourism

    Very conveniently located, the Sabah Tourism is along Gaya Street. Lots of good information, friendly staff. The office is in one of the colonial buildings.


    The jungle at daybreak is a wonderful thing to see, as the animals and birds rouse you can feel and hear the jungle coming alive ..... not that it ever really sleeps, even at night there are still the sounds of the nocturnal creatures This picture was taken at 6am just before the mist started to clear, immediately after taking this picture a...


    Off the coast of Kota Kinabalu are some beautiful coral islands, the snorkelling is really good.... there are white beaches.... and shady trees....They are the perfect antidote to the bustle of the city and a perfect way to spend a day Snorkelling all morning, then eating a barbeque lunch under the trees with a cold beer.....A great relaxation day...

  • Maliau River Fall

    One of the World’s last untouched spots is now being explored and a centre for research, information and ecotourism is to be established.

  • Maliau Basin

    Only about 20% of Maliau Basin Conservation Area has so far been explored, and researchers will carry out botanical, faunal, meteorological, hydrological, geological and soil studies as well as detailed mapping surveys.The project will also address public awareness and environmental education about Maliau Basin Conservation Area, and its potential...

  • " Lost World of Sabah "

    Geographical Features The 588.4 km² (58,840 hectares) Maliau Basin Conservation Area, encompasses the whole of Maliau Basin itself (390 km²), plus an additional 198.4 km² of forested land to the east and north of the rim, including the fabled Lake Linumunsut, formed by a landslide blocking a small tributary of the Pinangah River.While all of this...

  • Blue skies, crystal clear beaches

    Mount Kinabalu - you cannot leave Sabah without reaching the highest peak of South East Asia Sunset around 530am at the peak of Mount Kinabalu

  • The Proboscis Monkey

    Next to the orangutan, the proboscis monkey is the must see animal of any excursion to Borneo. The proboscis is so named because of a very generous sized nose. The bigger the nose the more attractive the male becomes to the female. The older and stronger males keep a harem of 10 to 15 females. Therefore, any sighting of the proboscis will either be...

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