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  • squash court
    squash court
    by Norasuz5
  • Beach ride
    Beach ride
    by Norasuz5
  • Kampong ride (1)
    Kampong ride (1)
    by Norasuz5

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    It`s all about water sports

    by ajackaln Updated May 3, 2011

    Kota Kinabalu`s sports scene is all about water sports! You can do them all , snorkeling , Scuba diving , swimming , jet skiing and etc . Just jump on one of the hourly boats to one of the islands very nearby(ls than ten minutes away) and do all the water sports you want.

    Don`t worry about the scuba and snorkeling equipment , you can rent them at any island nearby. The renting fare is quick cheap.

    Equipment: Swimming suite

    Bathing suite

    Snorkeling tuba and glass

    Scuba equipment

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    Snorkel in the marine park

    by stevemt Updated Oct 13, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are 4 islands in the Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park that you can visit.

    The snorkeling is great at all of them, you can dive also.

    There are however coral graveyards on most islands, but out past them the coral is regenerating and the fish are fantastic.

    Equipment: Take your own snorkel gear if you have it, the hire stuff available is not that good

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    Horse Riding

    by Norasuz5 Written Aug 26, 2008
    Beach ride
    2 more images

    We enjoyed "beach riding" & "kampong (village) riding" at Kindawan Riding Centre.
    But the centre moved to Tuaran from Kinarut beach, and Ms Dale Sinidol, Manager & Instructor, backed to Australia.
    The centre is operated by Tuaran Beach Resort now.
    (These photos were taken at Kinarut.)

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    by Norasuz5 Written Aug 26, 2008
    squash court

    I heard that Likus Sports Complex & Sutera Resort have squash courts.
    But we could play squash at Marina Court Condo (we stayed there).
    We have our own rackets & ball, so don't know you can rent equipment or not.

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  • Diving in Sapi

    by drgdg Written Jun 28, 2008

    Took scuba diving lessons in KK and it was held at Sapi Island. We spotted 2 turtles! that really made our day!

    Snorkelling at the island is also great. Lots of marine life even near shore. Fishes can be abit aggressive.

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    Sutera Harbour Golf & Country Club

    by chiabh Updated Mar 19, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Situated along the shores of the South China Sea and within sight of Manukan Island, the golf course is part of the Sutera Harbour Resort... which comprises the 5* Pacific Sutera Hotel, resort-style Megallan Sutera Hotel, two Mandara Spas and a marina...

    The 27-holes course designed by Australian Graham Marsh comprise the Lakes Course, Heritage Course and the Garden Course... Each course display particular characteristics with regards to challenges, hazards and landscaping... The Lakes play to 3,140m from the black tee, the Heritage is 3,176m and the Garden 3,095m...

    The Lakes nine takes it name from the many water hazards and man-made lakes on the course... Crafted with a view of the city of Kota Kinabalu across the water, the Heritage nine serves as a reminder that not only Sutera Harbour a secluded vacation destination, but it is also a few minutes drive from the city... The Garden course is the prettiest of the three, boasting tall and numerous species of old trees...

    The course is comparatively easy and flat.. hence it is a rather easy course to play...

    Equipment: The clubhouse is a huge retreat with a striking views of both the city skyline and the course... Along with the golfer's terrace, there is a sauna and jacuzzi to wind down with, a golf shop that is well-stock and a fitness centre... There is also a 2-tier aquatic driving range as well as a practice green and bunker...

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    by wkm Written Jan 13, 2008

    As a football lover, i invite you all to join our game at Kota Kinabalu. We play every sunday 4pm-6pm at Likas. Just drop your email(wkm@hotmail.com), i tell you the details. It's absolutely FREE!! So bring your soccer boots while travelling, join the locals and have fun.

    Equipment: Soccer boots

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    climb d highest mt in south east asia

    by rajanurulain Updated Mar 15, 2007
    sunrise at low's peak
    2 more images

    mount kinabalu is the highest mount in south east asia. Why its so special?u can celebrate valentine's day at the peak.and dont 4get to take as many pic as possible else u'll regret..i did!!i regret i didnt snap a photo me with a pitcher plant :(
    well, mayb during going up u wont feel anything,but wait till u're going down,feel d muscle strains..hahaha!
    there might be thick fog,so stick together with ur group.and local believes that there's penunggu or "spirit" at d mount. and d kadazan dusun believe that d mount is d place where their dead anchestor lives.thats y it's called akinabalu,revered place of d dead.so dont get overexcited, u might get lost.my friend(who is a local) said that, there's alot of people die here because they make d spirit mad.so careful of d words going out from ur mouth.

    take a bus from kota kinabalu to kundasang MYR15/per person
    park fee - MYR3
    permit fee - MYR30
    insurans - MYR7
    cert-MYR10 (if u reach low's peak u'll get colored cert, if u stop halfway, u'll get black n white cert)
    timpohon gate fee -MYR5

    u need to pay guide fee,if ur alone, join other group.its cheaper..

    u need to stay a day at d national park - hostel MYR 12. kitchen, share bathroom, fireplace.
    u need to stay a day at laban rata b4 climb to d peak at 2am. - hostel MYR20(if im not mistaken)

    u need to do advance boooking b4 u climb.i did d booking 4months earlier n its nearly full. best time to go climbing is february - jun.

    p/s: d price is mycard(malaysian identity card) price..

    Equipment: must bring:
    headlight, leather gloves, energy bar, haversack, windbreaker, warm clothings,extra battery(in case), food n drink (d food at laban rata is expensive), bring water when u climb from laban rata to the peak,though there's a water tank there,if ur unlucky,its empty.i went up there with empty bottle,n i ended up begging 4 some1's water coz d tank is empty!!but from timpohon gate to laban rata,every resthut has a water tank.oh yea,dont 4get 2bring raincoat.

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    Watching soccer

    by syetan Updated Jan 19, 2007
    Stadium prior to kick off

    Watch Sabah play in the Malaysian league. Years ago it was very popular but years of match fixing, incompetent management and live coverage of the English Premier League has destroyed attendances. As a young boy I'd sometimes go 6 hours before a big match to get a seat but now you can rock up as you like because 200 people in a stadium seating 30000 tend to be able to choose their own seat!!! The atmosphere is rubbish these days and how I miss the good old days, but I live in hope. Matches kick-off anytime between 8.00 - 8.45pm so check out starting times.

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    Jogging near the sports complex

    by syetan Updated Aug 11, 2006

    For those looking to walk or stretch their legs, you can go for a jog at the sports complex in Likas near the city - there is a small lake within the jogging area and a few stretching equipment for you to use. Go early in the morning or in the evening.

    Equipment: There's a canteen at the complex but do bring a bottle of water in you like. There are no lockers so if you have a car put your stuff in there (well hidden) or travel very light.

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    Jogging at Tun Fuad Stephens Park

    by syetan Written Aug 11, 2006

    You can also go jogging at Tun Fuad Stephens park, it's a longer stroll than the one at the sports complex and has a bigger lake where you can rent a boat and food stalls are located around it.

    Equipment: As with the sports complex there are no lockers so travel light and keep your valuables well hidden in your car.

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    Water Rafting

    by savitha Updated Aug 13, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    White Water Rafting!

    Padas River is a Grade III-IV area.
    Situated on the southern part of Sabah, this river is one of the best water rafting area in the region. ( Another one is in Bali )

    The interesting part about Padas Rafting is the trip there...It takes around 3 hours to reach the Panggi Station, whereby 1 1/2 hrs will be by bus and the remaining hours will be spent in an antique steam train!

    Enjoy the scenic beauty while you're on the train.

    Below is a detailed itinerary from BWA ( the agent I used for this activity )

    0745 : Depart Kota Kinabalu to
    Beaufort via coach

    0955 : Board train to Pangi Station
    (the starting point)

    1120 : Arrive at Pangi Station and light
    refreshment will be served

    1150 : Briefing on safety precautions and
    rafting techniques.
    Commence rafting down Padas River.

    Arrive at Royoh Station (the ending

    Lunch upon arrival

    1540 : Depart for Beaufort Train Station via

    1700 : Arrive Beaufort Train Station.

    Transfer back to Kota Kinabalu

    1900 : Arrive in Kota Kinabalu.
    Return to hotel / airport.

    1. All Transportation
    2. English Speaking Tour Guide
    3. White Water Rafting equipments
    4. Meals as stated

    Equipment: Essentials.

    a)Bring a pair of dry clothes + Towel
    b) A bottle of water (its a long ride!)
    c) Use googles if you're wearing contact
    lense ( for hygiene purpose )
    d) Spectable String - to make sure it does
    not fly when you FLY!

    All Water Rafting equipment provided.

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    White water rafting

    by Jusba Written Jun 28, 2005

    Oh man was this fun. From Kota Kinabalu we talked with a travel agent and bought a day white water rafting.In the morning we took a bus to a train, the train took us through a jungle to the startpoint of the rafting. A big rubber boat, 3 guides and a river scaled number 4 in danger level (4 is the last one you can take tourists in). It was fun, fast and of course the guides actually intentionally tripped the boat over in the rapids. I've never been as scared of dying (drowning), but after it all, drunk 2 liters of water, I was exhausted and happy. I recommend to every hot head there!

    Equipment: Normal sport clothes...any money and other valuables You can leave in a "safe place".

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    Hike up Mt. Kinabalu

    by yuet29 Updated Apr 17, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Many people come for this SE-Asia highest peak, it is known as one of the easiest peak to climb in the world. More tips please refer to Taman Kinabalu page.

    The Kinabalu park is 2.5hours from KK. The hiking trip takes 2 days for a normal climber. As others will say- you dont need special skills, only some stamina will do.. it is true, anyhow you will make it to the top, what makes the different is how many days your muscle aching last! haha

    Equipment: Refer to my Taman Negara Kinabalu for further tips on everythings

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    White river rafting in Sg, Padas

    by yuet29 Written Jan 12, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    padas river

    You can book the tour in KK, the company will send a van to pick you up from KK, and you will transfer to train in Beaufort. The train will bring you from Beaufort station to the starting point of the river rafting.

    There are a few rapids along the Padas River. Some are graded up to level 4 or 5. The time to raft depends on the current and tide on that day.

    For the pricing, check for the tips on tourist trap. For paying rm170, the excitement you get wasnt worth the price, but if you pay rm120 or less, it is okie.

    Note that there are a few river for rafting in sabah- padas, kiulu and papar. Papar is the new spot but the rapids are not as great as in padas, similar to kiulu. You will be much disappointed is you raft in papar or kiulu, that is what i think.. since padas doesnt satisfied us as well...

    However, it is a good try if you never go for rafting before..it could be amazing.. must try!

    Equipment: Everyone will get a life jacket and helmet. For those wearing specs, the guides will help you to tie a rubber band on your spec to secure it.

    No belongings are allowed with you besides specs and sandals. The guide will collect your slipper/ sandals by the time you board the boat. They keep the shoes inside a net hanging behind the boat.

    A short briefing is given before the rafting teaching all how to swim inthe river and the command to raft - forward, backward, left, right. And then it starts the journey.

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