State of Sabah Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by blueberrytoddy
  • great beaches...nice cool water
    great beaches...nice cool water
    by DennyP
    by DennyP

State of Sabah Warnings and Dangers


    When out and about for the day to these Island National Parks make sure that you have plenty of fresh bottled drinking water with you at all times.. The days can be extremely hot here and do not underestimate the heat in the sun I saw some british tourists here that were incredibly sunburnt. Dehydration can creep up on you so make sure that you...

  • Mischievous Monkeys

    There are a lot of Macaque monkeys around on the trails so watch out for all of your belongings. Keep everything out of reach of these guys. They can grab your valuables and be off with them in a flash.One morning when we were staying at Gayana Resort, we could see contents of a womens purse thrown all along the beach.The tissues were torn in...

  • Malicious macaques

    This 50 pounds of muscles, fangs and fur threatens hikers on the path is Sepilok's Orangutan sanctuary. I don't know what's the best way to deal with this, but I stood my ground and made noise as I waved a stick at him. He eventually left.

  • Leaping leeches!

    If you trek in lowland jungle, it seems inevitable that you’ll encounter leeches. These heat-seeking creatures can “flick” themselves off leaves or ground to land mostly on the foot to knee region. The cure is to get gaiters that are impervious to the blood suckers. Even hiking boots and long socks are no preventive. One fellow trekker ended up...

  • Delinquent monkeys

    The macaques at Sepilok can be very aggressive. We watched from afar as these smart cookies tried the zips on peoples bags when their backs were turned. I also saw a very tiny baby climb from his mothers back to hit out at a tourist. He was so small the tourist didn't even notice. The little one defiantly had a case of monkey see monkey do. One day...

  • Bus drivers in a frenzy!

    When we arrived in Sabah we took a taxi to a bus station then on again to another bus station, that would take us to the National Park. When we arrived at the bus station I suddenly found myself surrounded be about 10 men all yelling, as they pulled at me, "Where you want to go lady!". I was scared and unsure what to do. I ignored them hoping if I...

  • You wouldn't want to hurt them!

    Orangutans, just like us, are prone to diseases such as malaria. Don't take things into their area that might hurt them. Water bottles spread all sorts of germs, insecticides are hazardous, and constant ringing of mobiles stressful. Although the orangutans keep their distance macaques don't. These feisty monkeys will think nothing of running of...

  • Watch where you put your hands!

    Whilst we were in Sandakan we were lucky enough to see snakes. One in particular was sleeping on the hand rail of a boardwalk. I spotted it just in time. Although this one pictured is a harmless python they can give a painful bite. A few days later we saw another at the entrance to a restaurant. A local told us that this one was deadly. After that...

  • Leaving stuff in Hotel Rooms

    While I was in a hut in Manukan island (which was comparatively expensive considering I had paid one third of the amount to stay in a suite in a 4 star hotel in KK) I once left my money in the hut and went for a walk. The money was divided in 2 wallets and each well hidden at the bottom of rucksacks. That night I went to sleep and was looking for...

  • Liquorice animals??

    Okay, I have to admit it, I am a real sweet-tooth. So with me to Sabah, I brought this big can of "Liquorice Animals". They tasted great, hahaha, and I was amazed that I was able I hadn't all of them by now. But this afternoon, getting back to the lodge at Sukau, I felt I just HAD to have a "Liquorice Animal".I remember clearly from that morning...

  • Malaria

    This state is said to be the most region at Malaria risk in the whole of Malaysia so it is important to take the necessary precautions. In this case prevention is the only option, you really don't want to get Malaria!Check with your doctor for appropriate tablets, don't forget to tell him/her the exact region where you shall be going, the tablet...

  • Wild monkeys on Sapi Island

    When visiting Sapi Island be aware that the wild monkeys come out at about 1pm and they ravage through peoples bags that are left on the tables.and other belongings quite indiscriminately. If you are not careful they will rip everything out of your bags and take off with items. When I was there, there were some very upset people who had their...


    Humidity is very high, forget the old saying that only horses sweat, gentlemen perspire and ladies SWEAT !drink lots of water [ Tiger beer is NOT an acceptable substitute !] and take rehydration suppliment to maintain your electrolyte balance..........wear loose, light cotton clothing and rest during the hottest part of the day

  • Blood suckers !!!

    If you're coming from the 4-season countries, try to step your foot to one of the rain forest and pray hard that the blood sucker will "attach" to you. No worries, they don't bite but suck a little bit of your blood. Afterall, leeches aren't that scary and it is something you never see it in your home country ;)

  • Pick pocket

    Im not being prejudice but just to be careful... I was advised by my friend in Sabah to be carefully when walking around town. To keep the money in safe place.. lots of Phillipines immigrant walking around the town and sitting at the road side.. but I never feel scared or maybe Im having too much fun..


    Beware of leeches ! they sit in wait for your nice fresh blood !!!the tiger leeches od the Danum valley are particularly clever, they sit in wait then hurl themselves at you when you pass, then make a bee - line for those warm , hidden places !they fall off when squirted with mosquito repellent or touched with a cigarette, and you are given a...

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State of Sabah Warnings and Dangers

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