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  • The Bee Hive in Bako National Park
    The Bee Hive in Bako National Park
    by balhannah
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by DanielF

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    by balhannah Written Dec 25, 2009

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    This is something to see, and it is something to be aware of, so I have put it in warnings and dangers.

    Located wedged between a tree trunk, our guide pointed out a Bee Hive. Buzzing around were Bee's which he said were "Stingless" so we didn't have to worry about them.

    What of importance he told us, is that the "Pit Viper Snake" likes to come and raid the honey from the hive, so he has left his poison behind and contaminated the Honey.

    The poison would kill a Human in a very short time!

    Don't be temped to try the Honey!

    The Bee Hive in Bako National Park
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    by apenan Updated Oct 21, 2006

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    Most major foreign currency notes are convertible to local currency. The Malaysian currency is called RINGGIT MALAYSIA ( RM ) and one (1) RINGGIT is equivalent to one hundred (100 ) SEN. Denomination for coins are 1 sen, 5 sen, 10 sen, 20 sen and 50 sen coins. RM1 coins are phased out and not legal tender any more. They are collectors' items now. For currency notes, they are RM1, RM5, RM10, RM50 and RM100. RM2 and RM 20 notes are also phased out but are still legal tender.

    Limited number of RM2 currency notes are still in circulation. But the most limited amount and rare, almost none, are RM20 currency notes. In fact, the number in circulation are so limited that it is now considered as collector's items. Try your luck whether you can get hold of one piece in circulation!!

    In Kuching city, there are five (5) licenced money changers. Major banks also accept foreign currencies. But the banks' exchange rate are a bit cheaper.

    The licenced money changers are:-

    (1)MAJID & SONS

    45, India Street, Kuching. Tel: 66-082-422402; 66-082-230230


    Ground Floor, Sarawak Plaza, Kuching. Tel: 66-082-416928


    Everrise Departmental Store, Jalan Padungan, Kuching.
    Tel: 66-082-233200


    Lot 111, Level 1, Tun Jugah Centre, Jalan Padungan, Kuching.
    Tel: 66-082-428151


    Jalan Padungan, Kuching. ( Next to Everrise Departmental Store )


    (1) Smaller denomination of currency notes are not acceptable by the money changers.
    For example, US notes are acceptable only from $20 and above. This ruling also apply to all other currencies.

    (2) In Kuching, US currency notes bearing prefix of CB, CL, AB, C and A ARE NOT acceptable. Please bring newly issued currency notes from year 2001 onward. Any currency notes issued before 2001 are not acceptable.

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    by chirpy383 Written Aug 12, 2005

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    Avoid short cuts through dark or deserted areas
    LPan your route and avoid dark and deserted places
    Be wary of persons who follow or distract you
    Carry your handbag in front of you or clasp it firmly under your arm (sling bag is never a good choice)
    Never leave it unattended, especially in crowded places like shopping and hawker centres
    Always walk facing oncoming traffic if possible and hold te handbag on the side away from motorists
    Avoid wearin excessive jewellery or carrying large amount of cash on you. Leave your valuables and passport in the safe.
    If confronted, surrender your valuable on demand one at a time and try to remember any distinct features of the culprit.

    Pickpockets often work in teams; one creates a distraction by bumping or showing, dropping something, or asking a questionwhile others lift wallets from pockets or handbags
    They look out for ladies with handbags, especially handbags carried with clasp facing outwards.
    They prefer men who keep wallets in the rear trousers or chest pockets.

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    Do Learn from my experience!!!

    by chirpy383 Written Aug 7, 2005

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    I was a victim of a snatch thief on motorcycle. What we understand is it's a common occurance. Be careful! It happened 2 hours into my first day in Kuching! I was on the main road along Holiday Inn Kuching,
    just outside Pizza Hut.

    I was carrying a small sling bag and in a second, it was gone! Good thing is,
    some of the local guys were quite helpful. They chased after the motorcycle. In
    fact, the motorcyclist and pillion rider crashed into a car but rode off

    The poor lady driver now has to deal with a severely dented door.

    I made a police report but I'm told the motorbike license plate number is fake.

    I was asked an interesting question at the police station: Do you want us to
    investigate or is this report just for reference? I'm told the former will take
    a long time and it's unlikely I'll recover my bag.

    So in a nutshell, be careful! Don't carry a sling bag and if possible, walk
    against the direction of traffic. Put your money into your trousers pocket.

    The amount lost can be small but you wont want to get yourself injured.

    I am suffering from a few cuts and bruises.

    Right. Just be careful. Dont expose any valuables!!! Also, dont leave your bags on the floor.. Enjoy your trip in Kuching! great fun still

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    by Kollengode Written May 5, 2007

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    My wife and I were walking in Brickfields near two temples. A person came from behind on a motorbike and snatched my wife's hand bag from her shoulder. In the process she was dragged a couple of yards and thrown on the road. The thief made off with the hand bag. My wife ended up in Hospital for 4 days. Fortunately a couple helped us to go to hospital and seek emergency help. Travellers beware. Snatch thieves are abound in Malaysia.

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    Beware, esp if you are going on Youth Expedition!

    by mystrappyshoes Written Oct 30, 2004

    Take care of who you are liasing with especially if you are organising trips to Kuching via the Rotary Kuching. The Club is ok on the whole but there will always be one black sheep..He happens to be Patrick Panai, and he has done this to many schools already.. He even gives the schools a token of appreciation using Rotary Kuching's name (but later we found out Rotary Kuching never issued those). FInd out more about the other party, its best to check all this out first!

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  • Writing on currency

    by ngash Updated Apr 4, 2011

    If you want to exchange currency especially dollars to ringits if the dollar has any markings you will receive a lower exchange rate than normal and some even refuse to exchange the money so make sure your money has no markings before going to the money changers

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    No worries

    by DanielF Written Oct 3, 2002

    Do these dragons scare you?

    I don't think so. So won't anything make you be afraid in Kuching, according to my experience.

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