State of Sarawak Off The Beaten Path

  • Lambir Hills National Park
    Lambir Hills National Park
    by Daihappydai
  • One of the new chalets at Lambir Hills
    One of the new chalets at Lambir Hills
    by Daihappydai
  • Waterfall on the way to Latak Waterfall
    Waterfall on the way to Latak Waterfall
    by Daihappydai

State of Sarawak Off The Beaten Path

  • Pitcher Plants Aplenty

    Along the road between Serian and Lemanak there are interesting 'fields' of pitcher plants - from the tiny to some quite large, these carnivorous plants trap and then devour insects. Ask your guide or at your accommodation for the best stops along the road - you can also see large 'forests' of pepper growing and some beautiful wild orchids.

  • Pre-Historic Cave Drawings in Niah Cave

    Just 2 hours south of Miri, Sarawak lies Niah Caves, one of the largest limestone caves in the world. It was in these caves that the oldest human remains in South-East Asia were found.Niah Caves are in the Niah National Park which charges only a token entrance free of about RM20 which the park management uses to maintain the pathway from the edge...

  • Long Terawan Landing

    The landing at Long Terawan is pretty good sized since people who take longboats to Mulu use it (like me), along with local fishermen. See also my Transportation tips about the Long Terawan to Mulu Park headquarters trip. There is a shelter where the longboats land and a couple of commercial docks upstream.

  • Long Terawan School

    The Long Terawan school is on the path from the longhouses to the landing. I did not get a chance to visit it, but I am guessing that it is like Long Atip, i.e., now has very few students.

  • Long Terawan

    Long Terawan is a Berawan longhouse on the Tutoh River. The Berawan people are a subset of the Kelabit tribe. Berawan can be found from the Bario highlands all the way down Mulu and into the Ulu Baram area. Long Terawan is another large longhouse that no longer has very many people except at rice harvest time. Many former residents now live and...

  • End of the Rice Harvest at Long Terawan

    It was the end of the rice harvest at Long Terawan but there were still some people drying their rice. Note the satellite dish in one of the pictures.

  • Inside a "Door"

    "Doors" are like huge two-story townhouses. They are occupied by an extended family. The large room when you first walk in is used for rice storage. An even larger common area (partially open air) in the middle has the living and dining areas. There were bedrooms both downstairs and upstairs. Besides a regular kitchen, there was a wood fire cooking...

  • Long Atip - Longest Longhouse in Sarawak

    The Kayan longhouse, Long Atip, is located in a remote spot on the Apoh River, a five hour drive from Miri. At 98 "doors" (families), Long Atip is the longest longhouse in Sarawak. See also a videoclip.

  • Long Atip Suspension Bridge

    When you go to Long Atip by road, to get to the actual longhouse you must cross a suspension bridge over the Apoh River and walk maybe 100 meters down a path. If you bring any supplies, you must handcarry them across the bridge but then the path is paved so you may use a cart after that. See also a videoclip.

  • Long Atip School

    Long Atip is facing the same trend as other longhouses, i.e., most people are moving into the cities except during the rice harvest. Their large school is supported mainly by Australian funding and teachers but now only has 22 students. Some families keep their kids in the longhouse school when they are young to live at home and learn their...

  • Tinjar River at Lapok

    The Trans-Borneo highway crosses the Tinjar River at Lapok. The bridge was built by an Australian team. Lapok is named after the corresponding longhouse but is mainly a logging camp. It does have some new government buildings. The turnoff to Loagan Bunut National Park is just 10 minutes east.

  • Bantang Ai National Park

    We started our journey in to the National Park from the Hilton Bantang Ai longhouse. Our vehicle was a small, narrow longboat with a motor on the back. We travelled across the Bantang Ai lake and then up the Ai river. This was a much more frightening experience than I had expected. The river was very choppy and our boat rocked alarmingly as we...

  • Semmenggoh Orang Utan Sanctuary

    Borneo is one of the last places on Earth where the extremely endangered Orang Utan still roams free. The most famous Orang Utan Sanctuary is located in Sepilok, in the State of Sabah. But there is also a similar sanctuary near Kuching, called Semmenggoh. Orang-utans live in a semi-wild state while their acclimatation periode before their...

  • Visiting a Iban Longhouse

    A must when in Sarawak. Visiting or even staying at the local Iban Tribe Longhouse. This longhouse is located at the Lemanak river which is about 4-5 hours drive from Kuching.Speak to the local tour companies for more details about this. A once in a lifetime experience one should not miss. Watch the Iban do the tribal War dance and drink the local...

  • Enjoy the Gawai's

    Unexpected! I could just join them dancing around during Gawai Day. This is such unique activities. Entering local native tribe of Bidayuh isnt that hard. Peoples there are friendly. During their gawai celebration, people happy drinking liquer, beer. all night long. Sounds of music hearing is so nice. This is also consider visiting longhouse in...

  • Gunung Mulu National Park

    Gunung Mulu National Park is Sarawak's largest national park. A visit usually includesThe Deer Cave, The Eagle Cave, The Clearwater Cave, and possible The Pinnacles. The mammals here include the Sun Bear, Slow Loris, Yellow-throated Marten, and several species of civets.Casual visitors are more likely to see Macaque, the Grey and red leaf Monkey,...

  • Getting to Sematan

    Unlike the days of old when you had to endure three hours on dusty gravel roads, it’s now a fairly easy drive along tarred roads, taking around one and a half hours. Though only single lane there were long straight stretches and traffic was light when we went on a weekday. To get to Sematan, take the Batu Kawah road and follow the signs to...

  • Open Air Market

    The Open Air Market is not actually a market, but is said to be the oldest hawker center in Kuching. For those who are not familiar with the “hawker centre” concept, it is an open space where various independent hawkers sell their own style of hawker food from a little stall. In appearance much like a large scale coffee shop, only with a larger...

  • Sematan Ferry Crossing

    Near to Sematan, we crossed a river on a government operated ferry (see pic) which charged RM1 per vehicle. There were two of them in operation. Be warned - during long weekends, you may have to queue for the ferry up to an hour. Make sure you drive in slowly, and have your handbrakes securely engaged as the ramps at both ends of the ferry are...

  • Overnight at Sematan

    Small but cosy chalet resorts have sprung up to cater to the increased number of visitors keen to enjoy Sematan’s unspoilt beach. One of the better ones is the Palm Beach resort, opened sometime last year. It offers chalets at the beach front and dorm rooms as well, which can also be booked for a 6 hour day use. Like the other resorts here, the...

  • Sematan Town

    Sematan town is really tiny with a few blocks of shops. There’s nothing much that would be of interest to visitors and the shops basically provide for the daily needs of the local population.We went to town around 2pm hoping to get a decent lunch and came away with stomachs still empty. The eateries only served drinks with tiny cakes and buns...

  • Sematan Beach-the best kept secret

    Sematan is a small fishing town and the area around it offers a natural and unspoilt beach which seems to stretch on forever. If you want fine, white sand with water clean and as blue as the sky, this is the place to come. Many years ago coming here would take around 3 hours of driving along dusty gravel roads. Nowadays, it’s an hour and a half of...

  • Damai Lagoon

    When the Damai Holiday Inn proved to be a roaring success, the Damai Lagoon came into being. Room rates are slightly cheaper here. A distinctive feature of this place is the very open, very breezy and high ceiling lobby with a spectacular view of the South China Sea. It has a smaller natural beach than the neighbouring Damai Holiday Inn, but I...

  • Visit Damai Beach

    Like all beaches in Malaysia (all beachfronts are owned by the government), Damai Beach is also a public beach . However, its access is only through the Holiday Inn Resort Damai. Famous in its heydays as the first beach resort in Kuching of International standard, the Holiday Inn Resort Damai is the main resort along Damai Beach. It has since grown...

  • "Reservoir Park"

    Not many people seem to find this, but you can combine it with a trip to the Civic is a small landscaped park south of the city centre where surprisingly people come to jog, some of them wear sweat suits, phewww! imagine that.It is a relaxing place for a walk and there are fish and small turtles in the water. Drinks and snacks are also...

  • Caves

    Tourists can experience the wilderness of the world's largest cave network in Sarawak's Majestic Mulu National Park. Home to thousands of bats, the Mulu Caves are marked with the ritual migration of these bats as they fly from these caves to forage for food every evening and the other are the Niah Caves. The most unusual cave is the Deer cave where...

  • World's largest flower

    Borneo is the center of diversity for the Rafflesia, the world's largest flower. In Sarawak it is found in the Gunung Gading National Park in Lundu. Visitors can call National Park Booking Office or Forest Department for permits and to check if the Rafflesia is in bloom.

  • Orangutans

    20 KM south of Kuching city lies the Semongok rehabilitation centre of Sarawak. Here, rangers are teaching the once captive Orang utans to return to the forest. From teaching them to stay on the trees (as they instinctively do in the wild), Things like making nests on tree tops for sleeping at night.The best time to observe the orang utans who are...

  • Gunung Mulu surroundings

    There are only a few roads and paths around Gunung Mulu, but they are really worth wile to explore. This was a road connecting the close by airport, Gunung Mulu National Park and our hotel. On the way to the Park there was a restaurant that was mainly for the locals but we stopped by there to have some drinks.

  • The outskirts of Kuching

    There are a lot of nice places little futher away from Kuching center. The buildings are at some places old and beautiful and "genuine".

  • Huge Ants

    What is happening in this picture? It´s a bone, that´s going up a wall. The bone is being dragged up by huge ants! Never thought we´d see something like this. The bugs really are BIG in Sarawak.

  • Iban Longhouses

    You may get an invitation to go and stay at the Iban Longhouses (we were on an Intrepid tour). The Iban used to be called the headhunters of Borneo, although they no longer hunt! If you are inited you must remember to take plenty of gifts such as rice, beans and if you really want to be appreciated a pigs head!Whole communities live in a long...

  • The best views in town

    What can I say about the Civic Centre, well from the top you get the best views in town, you can see the Cat museum, mount Santubong, mount Serapi near Matang and everywhere else almost.You just have to go.It is about 1km south of the city centre along Jln Tun haji Openg turn left at Jln Budaya.


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