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97 Jalan P Ramlee +60 3 2166 9919

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  • KL Beach club
    KL Beach club
    by austarman
  • KL Beach club
    KL Beach club
    by austarman
  • Rainy night at the beach club caf'e Bar.
    Rainy night at the beach club caf'e Bar.
    by austarman
  • Beach Club Café: Not a great bar

    by neilmcaliece Written Nov 25, 2006

    I went to the Beach Club Cafe last night and wasn't impressed. As of right now (25th November 2006) the entrance fee is 35 MYR (45 MYR = 10 Euro right now) which gets you one beer. Then the price of Carlsberg which they sell in botles is 21 MYR which isn't too bad considering this city is a bit exphensive anyway.

    The main problem here is the hookers and pimps - there are lots of hookers in the bars and dozens of pimps surrounding the outside waiting for customers to come out.

    It was a friday night when I went and it seems to be full of city types (bank workers etc) drinking and sharing around full bottles of vodka - not for the average tourist exploring the city.

    From what I have seen all of the other bars in this area are pretty much the same - they close at 3am.

    A much better drink can be had at one of the Finnigans Irish Pubs in the city - there's four of them now - good pint of Guinness available as well even though it's a bit expensive.

    Dress Code: You can wear anything from what I saw.

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  • cokes's Profile Photo

    Beach Club Café: A nice night out but...

    by cokes Updated Aug 4, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

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    I went out walking in KL one night , hope to catch up with some night life. Anyway I found myself in Jalan P Ramlee and there was quiet a few places that look like it was happening. Anyway I saw the Beach club looked all packed and rocking and descided to check it out. The music there is hip hop and I won`t forget the shark swimming in the tank there next to the dance floor which was kinda neat. The funny thing I saw these older Australian men with some beautiful young ladies. I thought these guys knew there way when it came to charming ladies until I had my own encouter with these Filipina ladies acting all friendly and hoping you pay them to have sex with them. Ok now I see what was happening here , why all those older men had all these young women. Other than that its not a bad place , yet I found drinks to be expensive. I notice alot of Foreigners hanging out here.

    Dress Code: Come as you are.

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  • Beach Club Café: Warm Beer

    by Phil_H Updated Jun 16, 2006

    BCC - Great place, great atmosphere but not as great as they themselves believe.
    If you are drinking draft beer watch out for the warm ones! The barstaff save the slops from previous servings in jugs by the beer taps and use it to supplement the servings hence a proportion of your beer may be room temperature. Recently I had two consecutive jugs of warm beer and by warm I mean no condensation outside the jug at all! When I complained all they did was to supply me with a bucket of iced water to sink the jug in. No problem, the beer was cold eventually but that is not acceptable service. Call me fussy if you want but, out of happy hours, when I'm paying central London prices + + I expect quality service and goods.

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  • BorneoGrrl's Profile Photo

    Beach Club: "Social" Bar

    by BorneoGrrl Updated Apr 25, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Beach Club exterior

    Chances are, should you ask where is a popular nightspot in KL, 9 out of 10 times, a local will say "the Beach Club!". Currently THE most popular nightspot in KL, the Beach Club is constantly packed with up & coming yuppies, teen wanabees, expatriates and street-walkers. Situated at along Jalan P Ramlee, it is more innocent looking & quiet during the day time. Following the theme, the exterior of the building is predominantly wood & dried grass. Inside, a tank with swimming sharks looks over the bar and the dance floor. If you're a solo guy, don't be surprised when you get approached by girls who are "into you". If you like, better have your $$ ready. The music, in my opinion, is so-so and the socialising that goes on in the club is the main activity & attraction here

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  • rahularora's Profile Photo

    Beach Club Café: Pick up .....?????

    by rahularora Written Dec 4, 2005

    well someone earlier has given a description that this is more of a pick up joint for europeans and americans. well he is very right.

    It has got good music and being a open air space gives you lot of place to roam around and take your pick.

    One thing you need to be very careful is the guys who have had an operation. you will find a plenty of them around. one of the friendly cab drivers gave us an advise to "check for the adams apple". Girls do not have that and operation does not remove that. I did not check and confirm on that. guess any one does that let me know.

    there are two areas one in the inside where the girls are mostly for encouraging you to drink more and get more revenue for the cafe and depending on the drinks on the table they get their commission. and outside the enclosed area within the premises of the cafe there is a row of girls...all ready to go........

    for me it was a very interesting experience.
    okie now about music.....well I would say good and give 7 on the scale of 10. be in the front and grab the front seats so that you can drink as well as dance.

    Go there anyday ....every day is the same.. crowded.... thought sunday the number is girls is less.

    Dress Code: no everything is allright....

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  • prozgen's Profile Photo

    Beach Club Café: Hooker Bar

    by prozgen Updated Sep 30, 2005

    i ve been to this place twice back in 2000-2001. this time around, during my recent trip to KL in sept 2005, i came to realize that this place is dominated by filipino hookers. i heard from a friend of mine that they charge 400 ringit for a night. its the same as what these gals charge in singapore. but the question is whether they r that worthy...

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  • AnttiPeltonen's Profile Photo

    Beach Club Café: Clubbing

    by AnttiPeltonen Written Sep 14, 2005

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Not everyone liked this place ´cause of "all the tourists" but for me meeting some europeans was not so unpleasant. Cheap drinks once You get in.
    I really liked the atmosphere and the live bands.

    Watch out for too friendly local girls - they are not interested of your looks ;)

    Dress Code: No matter what you wear.

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  • perseushermes's Profile Photo

    Beach Club Café: The Nightlife begins

    by perseushermes Updated Sep 5, 2005

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    While there are many places to go at night, your first stop must be here. A varied bunch (loads) of people having a good time. Music wise, depending on the master DJ which has no fixed preference

    Dress Code: NO shorts please

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  • Jusba's Profile Photo

    Beach Club Café: The nro 1 nightclub in city

    by Jusba Written Jun 28, 2005
    lights in beach club

    The music, the nightlife, the dancefloor and the athmosphere....can you ask for anything more from a nightclub. I didn't have to try many clubs to find out that this is the best one! Located in the center of the city, with other popular clubs around it. HOw the whole club is's mix of outside and inside...sharks and the lights make it look like highclass.

    Dress Code: We got in with shorts and wear what you like.

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  • Beach Club Café/ Thai Club: Great Fun

    by Ewcia_AZ Written Apr 15, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Beach Club is located right in the centre of KL , very busy and laud hot place. Its worth coming but after some minutes you might feel a little bit aqward with all foreigners hanging out ( not only ) with as Malay people say- Philipines girls. Besides it is increadibly hot and humid in there.
    We dont have to go far away from Beach club to find a fantastic atmosphere with residences dancing everywhere where is possible!! That place is just opposite beach club , and its called Thai club! I recommend in 100% you will have fun there!

    Dress Code: no dress code

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  • XLH's Profile Photo

    Beach Club Café: The current hip place to be - 14092004

    by XLH Written Sep 19, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It is the current hippest spot to be seen at. And the nght we were there, it was a Tuesday and still seemed like it was a full house.
    They play the current rock/pop hits as well as 90's music.
    It is just a 5 minute walk from the Menara KL.

    Dress Code: Seemed to me like there wasn't any strict dress code enforced, so smart casual should do.

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  • Beach Club Café: Quite disappointing

    by MangoSunrise Written Jun 21, 2004

    Went there with a group of friends on a Sat night and was asked by two girls dressed in very ugly clothes to buy 2 bottles of liquor at RM398 in order to get a table inside or else i will have to pay a cover charge of RM30. I thought the drinks were quite expensive, going by KL's pricing standards. The live band was bad, playing a mix of 60s music and some salsa. The music progressed to HipHop by 1am when the band finally stopped playing. Most of the crowd had no fashion sense but they were definately enjoying themselves. Comparing this night spot to Singapore's, this is nothing. It doesn't register on my Hip quotiant and it's expensive.

    Dress Code: I don't think there are any dress code. The crowd there are mostly in jeans and ugly shoes and ugly tops. Just be casually dressed as the place is rather hot.

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  • dragontml's Profile Photo

    Beach Club: KL...

    by dragontml Updated Jan 9, 2004

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Some ppl tells me that it's more of a pick-up joint these days...have not been there for a very long time now. They use to play music from the 80's and then it slowly changes to house / techno later in the nite...

    Wear a white top and see what happends ! ;-)

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  • RheaKing's Profile Photo

    Beach Club: Get Hot Here!

    by RheaKing Written Jul 29, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of the must go club if you ever step foot in Kuala Lumpur,'s right in middle of the city on popular tourist area..very close to Petronas Twin tallest building..
    Open 7 days a week with non stop crowd and to go during weekdays ..Sunday-Thursday.....weekend is impossible to move around......mixture of all ethnic and nationalities..locals,tourist,expat,'working girls'.....

    Dress Code: Come as you are..
    Dress as you wish but avoid looking like slob..if you want to get some attention around..

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