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  • Lot 10 Hawker Food Court KL by aussirose
    Lot 10 Hawker Food Court KL by aussirose
    by aussirose
  • Lot 10 Hawker Food Court KL by aussirose
    Lot 10 Hawker Food Court KL by aussirose
    by aussirose
  • Lot 10 Hawker Food Court KL by aussirose
    Lot 10 Hawker Food Court KL by aussirose
    by aussirose

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  • HebaM's Profile Photo

    Pastamania Klia2: Good pasta

    by HebaM Updated Jan 16, 2015

    It was after midnight and I very hungry, so I had to eat something before my flight. I decided to go for Italian so I picked pastamania without knowing what to expect, but it turned out to be a good dining experience. The pasta was delicious and the service was great the staff was very nice and friendly. I payed RM 27 for main course and 1 appetizer .

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  • Gyppo's Profile Photo

    Saravanaa Bhavan: Vegetarian curry chain

    by Gyppo Written Jan 6, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I visited SB in the Suria KLCC mall food court. I had the SB special and a chapatti, and both were excellent. I then looked into it and found it was a chain with branches in India, Malaysia, China, UK and France, among others. The ambience in the food court was that of a food court, but I went to the masjid India branch and it was a decent restaurant. The staff at the latter did try the upsell a little.

    Favorite Dish: The vegetarian 'mutton' paratha/parotta is delicious - flaky paratha bread sliced up and fried with mock meat, onions, garlic, chilli and spices.

    SB special is great too - mock chicken cooked with lots of onions, whole cloves of garlic, and big chillies.

    Food court branch SB special and chapatti

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  • victorcklau's Profile Photo

    La La Chong: A bit far but worth it

    by victorcklau Written Dec 7, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I decided to travel a little far from town and went all the way to Ara Damansara area, which is near or rather on the way to the old Subang airport. This place is a bit difficult to locate but I did manage it and was pleasantly surprised by the mixture of nationalities there. There were 6 tables of Chinese diners, 3 tables of Indian diners and 5 tables of Malay diners.

    Of course I asked for their recommendation and being named as "La La Chong" it is obvious that they would specialize in La La which in Cantonese, is the name of some clams. I am not sure what's the name in English, but take a look at the photo and decide yourself (or anybody can help?)

    The La La can either be served in "thick soup" or "fried with chili" style - these two styles being the most popular. I picked the soup style and also ordered their "flagship" soup which is (in Cantonese) "Tau Foo khung". This soya based soup is really good, and the minimum size which I ordered can serve 6 small bowls. Anyway, almost every table has either the La La soup or the Tau Foo Khung on their tables.

    I did not order any of their crabs as my party was only of 2 persons. The food was good, the price average, maybe just very slightly high; plenty of parking space as well and the place is away from the maddening crowd, so it's pretty cool.

    We had steamed and deep fried buns and a plate of vegetables. Total cost about RM 60 which is less than USD 20.

    What do you call this in English? Tau Foo Khung Deep Fried Bun Steamed Buns
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  • Orchid's Profile Photo

    Makan Place Food Court: Basic Local Home Cooking

    by Orchid Written Nov 21, 2014

    Mid Valley Mall is massive, and the lower ground floor is lined with comfortable mid range eating places.
    But for good, cheap local home cooking, it is pretty hard to beat Makan Place, which is pretty much everything those others are not.

    It is not swish - but it is clean and the tables are not crammed together. It is fan cooled so not as comfortable as the AC mall, but the prices cannot be beaten. The tables are in the central 'square' with 20 to 30 stalls lining the walls. Most dishes with rice will cost about RM0.50 for white rice, plus RM1.0 to RM1.5 for each vegetable dish dish added (and serves are generous). A piece of fish or chicken will set you back the princely sum of RM 3 to 5!

    Open from 7:00am – 10:00pm (Monday – Sunday).

    It is Halal certified and serves only juices and soft drinks.

    Favorite Dish: There is a great Roti Chennai stall, which is extremely popular, and deservedly so. Eat breakfast for just RM1.50.

    We enjoyed the laksa and soto ayam, whilst there are also many stalls selling varios thai and indian dishes. The theme is good home cooking. Stalls start to run out of things after 7pm though, so your choice of takeaway fro breakfast can be limited!

    You come for the food seek and ye shall find... great food.
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  • lmkluque's Profile Photo

    Xin Cuisine: The Concorde Hotel

    by lmkluque Updated Aug 22, 2012

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Xin Cuisine a restaurant at the Concorde Hotel offered a lovely buffet on Father's Day and the food was DELICIOUS. Most of my experience in KL regarding restaurants were the buffets at the better hotels. The day I went to the Concorde for lunch, it was packed with locals treating daddy to a scrumptious meal. The hotel itself seemed very nice and the "air-con" was adequate, but it was the flavor of the food that made the day for me.

    Favorite Dish: The buffet wasn't the largest I'd seen, but the flavors were as good as the best I had tried up to that time. I've never eaten duck before and when I adventurously tried it I realized what I had missed. Maybe at other places duck isn't prepared with such mouth watering flavor, but from the taste I experienced, I still wonder why it isn't offered at more places.


    In the course of finding the name of this restaurant inside the Concorde Hotel I also found out that what was served at the Father's Day brunch was Peking Duck. Then I found out that the duck is offered at dinner. This August, 2012 they have a special on the duck at Xin Cuisine, Any party spending at least RM300.00++($84.45 ) on one ticket, can have Peking Duck for RM10.00 ($2.81.) Almost worth the trip over there.

    So, my favorite dish at the Concorde is definitely the duck. The Soto Ayam was very good too.

    Soto Ayam
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  • sahlenare's Profile Photo

    Gil's: Butter Chicken

    by sahlenare Updated Dec 21, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    OMG where to start?? Inside is no smoking.. outside smoke if you want to :-)
    I had butter chicken, actually it was the first time I tried butter chicken and I'm telling you.. I can still get a craving for it...

    Favorite Dish: Ha.. Butter chicken :-D

    Butter chicken from Gil

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  • kl tower buffet restaurant: please miss the food

    by vtecr Written Aug 6, 2011

    please do not eat here and waste your money, the food at your local mama stand has a higher class than this restaurant. they seem to think that just for the view, the food has to be sub standard.
    nothing else nice to say

    Favorite Dish: the only think that was normal was alcohol

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  • sweetie_inc's Profile Photo

    The Chicken Rice Shop: The best chicken rice shop..

    by sweetie_inc Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Great place to have a plate of nice aroma chicken rice...

    "The Chicken Rice Shop" serves traditionally prepared steamed, roasted, honey barbecued or braised chicken as its signature products. These signature dishes are served with fluffy chicken flavored rice cooked to perfection from a recipe passed down through the generations, originating from Hainan Island.

    Their signature appetizer, Pai Tee or Top Hats is a popular treat. It is made up of dainty pastry shells filled with shredded vegetables and chicken meat accompanied by a tangy sweet sour sauce. This is further complemented by a choice of four oyster sauce based vegetable dishes. These vegetables are lightly blanched to retain its natural flavour and topped with crunchy fried shallots.

    Price from RM10 per set meal...

    RM10 set meal you can get:
    - A plate of chicken rice
    - A plate of stir friend bean sprouts
    - A bowl of soup
    - A plate of roasted/fried/braised chicken
    - A dessert
    - A glass of coke

    Favorite Dish: Hainanese Chicken Rice

    The Chicken Rice Shop The chicken rice meal

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  • xuessium's Profile Photo

    Rasa Ayamas (Fastfood): If it's Roast Chicken you're looking for....

    by xuessium Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Folks craving for local taste roast chicken can go no further than a Rasa Ayamas outlet.
    There are quite a few variants of roasts and you can have the chicken on its own or with rice/noodles.

    I quote from its website:
    ..."The first Rasa Ayamas Restaurant (previously known as Rasa Gourmet) began operations in 1996. In 2003, Ayamas retail and restaurant division underwent a brand restructuring exercise during the year. The objective was to brand all its ready-to-eat cooked food under the name Rasa Ayamas while all primary and further processed products at its convenience stores retained the Ayamas brand name.

    In addition, a fresh new look was officially launched for Rasa Ayamas chain of restaurants. Its flagship restaurant commenced operations in May 2003. There are currently 43 Rasa Ayamas restaurants and kiosks, offering full table service with a HALAL menu that covers a wide variety, including Rasa Ayamas Roasters, Rasa Ayamas Noodle Set, Roaster & Rice, Chop Set, Steak Set and Great Savers' Meal.

    The chain's new platform is centred on building and enriching Ayamas' relationship with its customers, by aiming to make each meal a special occasion for them. It is the place where delicious Rasa Ayamas Roasters and a variety of nutritious meals can be experienced and savored - Rasa Ayamas Roaster and Rice - Simply Better"...

    Favorite Dish: The Ayamas Percik Roast is rather unique - infused with flavours of coconut milk and lemongrass.
    For its picture, please see my photologue on KL's glorious food.

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  • xuessium's Profile Photo

    Secret Recipe Cakes & Cafe: For folks with sweet teeth!

    by xuessium Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Folks with a sweet tooth can try out this chain of cafe/bakery....their specialty is cakes but they do also offer meals (please refer to their online menu)

    There is nothing spectacular about the ambience; the cafes these days more or less followed a common theme in creating a cosy environment to draw customers in though I like the montage on the wall with pictures of food from the menu interspaced with photos of folks enjoying their food.

    The "Chocolate Indulgence" is smooth, rich and to-die-for for chocolate lovers.

    The "White Chocolate Macadamia" is balanced, rich, creamy and comes with a generous helping of macadamia chunks.

    The slice of "Brownie" (with ice cream) is rich, decadent and sinful with chocolate.

    The "Chocolate Mudcake" is just as rich, but balanced nicely with a semi-bitter aftertaste that makes you yearn for more.

    The famous "Mango Delight" while flavourful, was unfortunately dry.

    Each slice of cake cost around MYR5.50 (circa 2005).

    SecretRecipeOfferings SecretRecipeOutlet
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  • l_joo's Profile Photo

    Feast Village at Starhill Gallery: Feast Village at Starhill Gallery

    by l_joo Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Feast Village at Starhill or Starhill Feast Village. This is actually inside a big shopping mall name Starhill, is where enpensive brands LV, Dior, Fendi, Celine, etc gathered while at bottom floor, 15 modern and very designer-look restaurants competing in selling delicious foods, each restaurants represent a nation with its very own cultural feels of ambience, is good for luxury tourists to spend some money. As a tourist, this place is definitely worth a visit. Picture is some customers looking at the chef working in kitchen, is open.

    Starhill Feast Village
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  • Lot 10 Hawkers Centre: Definitely not your dad's hawker market!

    by aycha Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Cuisine: Malaysain

    the Lot 10 Hawker Centre is tucked beneath the Lot 10 complex by Isetan across from Bukit Bintang. it's one of 14 different stalls, each featuring a specific food category and you'll find char kway teow in the Fried Noodles/Lobak area. and no, this definitely isn't your dad's hawker market. for one, it's open all day long and closes rather early at 9 pm! it's indoors and underground, swathed in neon orange and dull browns with a minimalist sorta feel.

    Favorite Dish: char kway teow isn't a diet dish. it's quite the opposite of atkins and i've yet to find one person that considers it healthy. it's made with rice noodles, fat and flat, just like the ones used for thai rad na. but that's where the similarities end. it's definitely not soupy. it's fried, almost charred...with perfectly unovercooked morsels of mussels, shrimp and squid. it's served to you piping hot, fresh from the wok. you take 2 condiments served in their own miniature bowls: a heap of sauteed garlic and a mountain of red chillies drowned in a soy-like sauce. you throw both at your pile of steaming noodles, you dig in and then you're in heaven...for roughly around 4 ringgits which translates to but 1 US dollar.

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  • savitha's Profile Photo

    Passage Thru India: A Culinary trip for Indian Food...

    by savitha Updated Apr 4, 2011

    I think everyone will agree with me that the deco at PassageThruIndia (PTI) is simply authenticly Indian...

    I am an indian and i was truly fascinated with this place...On the way to the main eating area, there a small beautifully decorated "huts" which also serves as a eating area...

    The main eating hall has a small stage set up for Indian classical musicians to play their musicals using traditional indian instrument such as the famed sitar...

    There are 2 branches in malaysia, one in KL and the other in Penang

    Favorite Dish: The restaurant serves up to 100 dishes coming from different parts of India..Its interesting to taste the different spices and recipes used to bring out the best in indian culinary....

    Me@Passage TThru India
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  • savitha's Profile Photo

    La Bodega Kuala Lumpur: Yummy Paellas

    by savitha Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A Spanish Restaurant located in the heart of KL ( Jln Tung Shin, near Bukit Bintang )

    There's also another branch in Bangsar which has a lounge, bistro....

    Good ambience in all the restaurants and can serve different purposes...The Lounge is very relaxing..Can play games and laze on the sofa...Sometimes, there's special performances too...

    La Bodega in KL ( Jln Tung Shin ) is more a quaint and has a nice quiet ambience...Jazz singers usually perform here...

    Favorite Dish: I LOVED the Paella..!
    Paella is basically a Valencian rice dish very well known in Spain and the world over...Originated from the East of Spain...

    The traditional Paella is cooked over open fire with a very big pan, with a variety of ingredients ranging from BIG SUCCULENT PRAWNS, chicken, tomatoes, peppers, beans etc.

    Ordered Paella ( with Rice ) and another dish with Pasta...Personally, I preferred the Paella ( cooked with Rice ) as you could smell and taste the aromas of all the ingredients mixed together..

    Check out the selection of Tapas and Tiramisu too...

    Me and the Gang@La Bodega
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  • mansionion's Profile Photo

    Lemon Garden Cafe: Lemon Garden Cafe

    by mansionion Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As the main restaurant of the Shangri-La Hotel KL, the Lemon Garden Cafe is said to be Malaysia's most modern and quality live buffet style restaurant. It features an open kitchen concept with live cooking, using only fresh ingredients coupled with friendly and efficient service.

    The cuisine here are international, mainly made up of local delicacies of the Malay, Indian and Chinese as well as Italian and Continental, with vegetarian options.

    However, it lost its direction as its try to please everybody's taste bud and ended up serving acceptable meals iunstead of something that make you want to come for more. Anyway, it is still a pleasant experience dining here.

    Opening Hours:
    6 am - 1 am

    Dress code:
    Smart Casual

    Favorite Dish: The dessert bar.

    Lemon Garden Cafe
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