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  • The coupon i got cheated
    The coupon i got cheated
    by rahulkhan
  • Bird Park
    Bird Park
    by aryaayer
  • Streets full of taxis
    Streets full of taxis
    by robertgaz
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    by gripdxd Written Dec 14, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Every cabbie is pretty much trying to rip you off, so be aware of your prices. If one charges too much just let them pass you on by. There will be another one. It's like a living down there. You will probably get ripped off once and then you quickly learn.

    Unique Suggestions: Hold your ground and haggle let them know you know that they're ripping you off. Some will come down, others will just drive off. Let them keep on driving. Negotiate!

    Fun Alternatives: Walk and sweat it out or take the subway.

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  • njay22's Profile Photo

    KL Taxis are the WORST in the world

    by njay22 Updated Aug 21, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The taxi drivers will do anything to rip you off in KL. They will press buttons to increase the fare, take the "scenic" route, try and overcharge, argue, fight and fuss

    Unique Suggestions: Insist on using the meter. Always keep your eyes on it (sit in the front passenger seat) and have an idea of the route to take.

    If they give you trouble then write down the taxi number and complain to the taxi authority - you have to help stop this - dont just ignore it.

    Fun Alternatives: At the airport you can get a fixed price taxi to KL and back. Taxis have a 50% surcharge from midnight to 6am.

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  • morninglory's Profile Photo

    Not Worth The Hassle

    by morninglory Written Aug 19, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The red/white taxis are quite dodgy. They choose passengers. least they will take any tourists than me, the local. But be careful, they might take you the longer way to reach your destination.

    Unique Suggestions: Familiarize yourself with city map and say up front that it is not the way. If they insist, ask to stop the taxi and pay whatever amount on the meter and jump out. Or else say that take you to the nearest police station. They will chicken out.

    Fun Alternatives: Take bus or now there's a few lines of trains that can take you. In fact..much easier and faster. Monorail to take you around the city triangle from Bukit Bintang to Jalan Sultan Ismail. LRT takes you from city centre to the outskirt of the city and Putra Line from KLCC to Kelana Jaya.

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  • A2002's Profile Photo

    Ripped off if you are not familiar.

    by A2002 Written Feb 24, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I always try not to take any taxi in Malaysia. I thought KL would be better since it is the capital. However, it's the same. I was ripped off by taking a taxi from Puduraya to Kepong. I was quoted by many taxi drivers for RM25. I decided not to use their service. Instead, I got one on the road and I was quoted RM20. I thought I had a deal.
    When I got to my relative's house, I was told it should only cost between RM8 - RM10 for that journey!!! I was ripped off. The price difference is just too much. Mind you, I am a Malaysian, just that I do not speak cantonese.

    Unique Suggestions: There's a meter for all taxis. Make sure they use their meter. When you board, tell them you want to go by meter, if not, get out of the taxi.
    Find out the normal price from someone you know.

    Fun Alternatives: Too much trouble with taxis... I will boycott them next time I visit KL again.

    Take the LRT.

    Take the public buses.

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  • city_guy's Profile Photo

    Beware of 'Taxi Touts' on arrival at KLIA, M'sia

    by city_guy Updated Jan 19, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Always, someone is bound to get tricked into getting a taxi by 'touts' as soon as you exit the arrival hall. The authorities have tried to curb this menace, but somehow, these 'touts' are still there. so, below are some tips on how to get your transportation to the city. Mind you the city is around 75km from the airport.

    Unique Suggestions:

    At the Satellite Terminal Building, look out for a currency changer counter(Money Changer) or bank to change your currency to Malaysian currency (RM = Ringgit Malaysia; US$1.00 = RM$3.80 or better). You need RM$ to pay for your train or taxi fare later.

    Taxis use the coupon system and taxi booths are available upon exit from the Arrival Hall. There is a choice of an airport limousine service as well as a budget taxi service.

    The registered taxis can be boarded after buying coupons from Airport Limo counter at Level 3-Arrival Hall (at the exit immediately after clearing customs). Then queue up near Door 3 at Level 3 to board the registered metered taxis. Show your coupon to a person on duty before boarding a taxi. The taxi journey takes 50 to 90 minutes (depending on the general traffic condition on the roads).

    Public bus services to the city are available one floor down from the Arrival Hall.

    Fun Alternatives:
    ERL - Express Rail Link or KLIA Express

    After coming out of the exit immediately after clearing customs, you are at Level 3 (Arrival Hall). Take a lift down to Level 1 to take the KLIA Ekspres (trains) to KL Sentral Station.

    Cost: RM35.00 (adult, single trip) or RM70.00 (adult; return trip)

    There are also promotional group/family rates. Pls inquire at the counter.

    RM15.00(child 3-12 yrs, single trip)

    RM25.00 (senior citizen, single trip) Please ASK if you qualify for this rate!

    ☼First Train: 5.00 am
    ☼Last Train: 1.00 am
    ☼Frequency: Every 15 minutes
    ☼Travelling Time: 28 minutes (non-stop)

    KLIA Arrival guide
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  • ishi01's Profile Photo


    by ishi01 Written Oct 29, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Very well decorated but things are EXPENSIVE!EXPENSIVE!EXPENSIVE! Enjoy the place for its embiance - thats it! Do not Buy! Do not pass go (oh well you can hang out there) not PAY RM200 (it might cost RM20 elsewhere)

    Unique Suggestions: Hang out at the place for its embiance and since its located in KLCC, enjoy the shopping center.

    Fun Alternatives: Karyanika handicraft center, Central Market (you can bargain here), or Kg Bahru.

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  • Sunflora's Profile Photo

    Beware of the taxi drivers....

    by Sunflora Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Beware of the taxi drivers. They often cover their meters or 'forget' to turn the meter on when you get on their cab. And when you arrive at your destination, they will quote you exorbitant price. So when you get in a taxi, make sure you check that he sets the meter. If you don't see any meters visible, ask him why he doesn't have one. Once a taxi driver covered his meter with a towel and when I asked him about the availability of the meter, he then proceeded to remove that towel. Cunning indeed!

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