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  • Suria Mall
    Suria Mall
    by Paulm1987
  • Chest stabbed 6 inches below shoulder.
    Chest stabbed 6 inches below shoulder.
    by DaveRamsay
  • Theft & Pickpocketing
    by gerald.bishop
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    Snatch Thiefs !

    by dragontml Written Aug 26, 2004

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    *** Alert !!! ***

    Ladies please be CAREFULL with your handbags while walking on streets.
    Pay close attention to motorbikes from behind. They then to ride slowly first and then grabbing your bag and then just scooting off while you would have probably have fallen down and probably hurt from the fall.

    Report the incident to the nearest police station.

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    Purse Snatching

    by penpoison Written Jun 27, 2004

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    Please be careful around the tourist areas esp. Merdeka Square and Chinatown. I was walking late at night through a shortcut from Merdeka Square to Chinatown. 2 youths tried to snatch my purse but luckily my bag never broke and they got away with nothing. I was very fortunate since I was not hurt and all they wanted was my purse. I still reported the incident to the police though.

    KL is still a fairly safe city compared to some of the other major cities in the world but be careful, use common sense (not like I did :} ) and watch your belongings though. Also, please watch out for the rising amount of drugs esp. around Merdeka Square.

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    by diggingdeep Updated Feb 10, 2004

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    KL is pretty much a safe place and our crime rates arent as high as other major cities. However, do take precaution and be a little more aware of your surrondings. Snatch thieves are pretty common in KL. (i've heard of cases where they come riding in a bike and snatch your bag from behind) Avoid carrying small handbags, it would be better to carry a backpack instead.
    Try to avoid walking alone esp. at night, its always better if you have a partner.

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    Snatch thieves in KL and PJ

    by trees100ft Written Oct 8, 2003

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    Please do be careful when in KL. The petty crime rate is quite high.

    When I travel to KL on business, my KL colleagues will always remind me to be careful while on the streets. There are about 10 women in my KL office, and all of them have been victims of snatch thieves. One of them has a very bad injury on her shin to remind her of the theft for the rest of her life.

    Do take care.

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    Beware !...

    by coceng Updated Sep 6, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Not in everywhere in KL. So, you don't have to worry much. Be extra careful when you are in Puduraya Bus Station. This is the main bus station which you can find buses to various destinations throughout Peninsula Malaysia.
    Thefts & pick-pockets are rife in this area. Although the police kiosk is just near the entrance, the police is more than helpful to give you the directions as to where to purchase your bus tickets than actually helping you if you have lost belongings.
    Please keep your luggage & personal belongings intact to you.

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    Personal belongings

    by city_guy Updated Aug 25, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Just an update: Please stay clear of unfamiliar places.
    Many people have lost their personal belongings right from the time they arrive at the airport all the way to the hotel rooms.

    ----------My WARNING----------

    1. When you arrive, ALWAYS keep an eye on your hand luggage, lap top, cell phone even your check-in bag.

    2. When you exit a bus/taxi/train, ALWAYS look behind your seat to see if you left anything behind.

    3. [Ladies] When in the city, ALWAYS hold on to your purses/wallets very carefully as snatch theives are around. They operate by foot,motorbikes and even cars.

    4. When eating, NEVER leave your cell phone/purse/wallet/pouch on the dining table or empty chair.

    5. When at any counter(hotel,mall ect.) NEVER leave your bag unattended. Put it between your feet or simply use it around you.

    6. When taking a taxi in KL, ALWAYS make sure the meter is running. If the taxi man refuses to run the meter, politely get out and look for another.

    7. When renting a car/van, NEVER leave your personal belongings unattended and ALWAYS lock the doors. There have been cases where a rider on bike will open door and take purse/laptop and ride off.

    8. When in bars/clubs, NEVER get too sloshed/drunk. You might wake up minus wallet. [Ladies] Never leave your drink unattended.

    9. When you leave your hotel room, NEVER leave your passport or personal belongings there. ALWAYS put it in the hotel reception safe before going out.

    10. When bargaining at markets, ALWAYS bargin for something you like but don't make such a silly offer.


    Chinatown in general
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    Please watch over your...

    by wen_viaggio Written Aug 26, 2002

    Please watch over your valuables and don't leave them unattended. Avoid wearing expensive jewellery when you are strolling around the streets of KL.

    Try to avoid buying snacks or desserts from roadside stalls too. You might end up with a bad stomachache. They are not like your regular hotdog stalls.

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  • Apr 24, 2014 at 8:18 AM

    It's great to have all these cautious rules - what to do what not to do - but why not just make it a lot easier by not setting foot in such a hellhole?

  • Oct 13, 2013 at 5:36 AM

    Thank You for all your comments, they're very helpful. It is a shame for them but apparently, these are mostly due to the politics. The politicians just don't want to do anything to stop this, and according to some of my friends in Malaysia, these corrupt politicians as well as those under them denied any negatives being said about Malaysia and going as far as claiming it's "The Safest Country in the World". I really had no idea if they were joking or not but Malaysia had the chance to change the whole government which has been ruling Malaysia for more than 50 years, can you believe it? The first reaction I had was "I didn't know Malaysia is a communist or a dictator country" While majority has voted for the opposition in the last election, they just somehow didn't win it, seems like "miracles" happen in Malaysia.

  • Oct 12, 2013 at 7:32 PM

    so please never spend your money in malaysia, advice from citizens

  • Oct 11, 2013 at 2:16 AM

    Yes, crimes are very rampant in Malaysia nowadays, especially in the cities. Your are considered lucky if you are still alive or unhurt after the incident. The criminals like to stab and snatch, if you are a difficult victim or well built. If you let go of your belonging and gave in, then they will let u go. I am sorry to hear that this happens to tourists too, as they are easy targets. Malaysian police are very busy everyday tending to these cases & I'm sure the statistics is higher than the one reported on any news portal. Kidnapping, raping, snatch theft, mugging. murder.. you name it. So don't aspect them to solve your problems in a day. We always carry something to protect yourself like a pepper spray or an umbrella. If taser are legal here, it would be great. Can't wait to zap them... >;(

  • Jun 21, 2013 at 11:11 AM

    My incident happened in Suria KLCC, at the door that takes you to the fountains in the back in front of the DOME Cafe at around 5:55pm. It was me my wife and our 4 girls ages 7,6,5 and 3. The youngest one was in the stroller which i was pushing. As i got to the door to go out to the fountains/park 3-4 men rushed in front of me and acted like they had changed their mine or didn't know where they were going.The point is that they block the door/exit.Very quickly a crowd formed around me,then i heard my wife say something along the lines of "what are you doing?" apparently a woman pushed her way between me and my wife.While i was turning my head to see what my wife was on about and to tell her to go back because of the men that blocked the exit.I saw a man move through the crowd as if looking for something on the floor next thing i know the man held my leg and started to shake it. I tried to move back away from him but he held on and i didn't have much space to move and still had the stroller in my hands.Few seconds later i'll say 2-3 at the point that the astonishment of what is happening ended and got to the point that i was going to kick him in his head (as it was right there waiting for it and i wish i did it) the man said sorry and ran away.Then like magic the crowd around me disappeared. Money in my pocket was gone, but the good news was my wallet and phone Galaxy s4 was still in my back pockets and my wife and girls were ok.

    Now what i find odd about this whole matter. As i said the incident happened in-front of the DOME cafe. 1)There is always a security guard stationed there but when all this was happening he was no where to be seen then i took a walk around the escalators looking for him to report what happened like from no where he appeared where he should have been.
    2)When i told him what happened he was smiling and looked like he didn't care at all.

    After writing a report on what happened down in the security office they told me to go to the tourist police to make a report there and so that i can see the CCTV footage.When i got there there were 2 people there already filing reports one of they got the leg shake like me.Then 5 mins later a man walked in who lost him money in KLCC earlier that day but this time on the escalators the person in front of him dropped his water bottle and blocked everyone's way.While i was chatting with him and filing my report another 2 people at least came in.

    After filing and printing the report they told me to go back to the security office in KLCC so that i can look at the CCTV footage.What a waste of time the criminals from their movements looked like they knew where the cameras were pointing. And even if they didn't lets just say floor to floor i have more CCTV cameras at home then they do.

    Getting you pocket picked is a problem but it can happen, like in crowded places like on trains or buses.But for it to happen in one of the bests malls in KL and right where the security guard should have been and in the manner that it happened. Shows that the authorities have no control of the situation and not only that the criminals do not even fear them if anything it looks like the other way around .

    My family and I spent the next 4 days going around with no more then 500MYR in my pocket no wallet no cards not even my phone and my wife with no bag.

    So in KL it is good to move with a few friends because if you are faced with a situation like this and you do confront them looks like you are going to have a fight on your hands because as i said above they have no fear of the authorities and they know they have a very good chance they are going to get away with it or wear steel tipped shoes to make that first kick in the head count.So as KL being a family friendly city i give it a zero, never coming back here.

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