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  • Ferry boat ticket booth
    Ferry boat ticket booth
    by ErwinKoo
  • Exchange Booth , Bank of Maldives
    Exchange Booth , Bank of Maldives
    by ErwinKoo
  • Ferry boat pier
    Ferry boat pier
    by ErwinKoo

Most Viewed Transportation in Maldives

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    by DAO Updated Dec 11, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The entry point for almost all visitors to the Maldives is the Island of Malé. From here you have 2 choices:
    • Fast and beautiful seaplanes (expensive)
    • Slow supply boats that cost less
    • Speedboat – somewhere in between in price
    There are 2 large domestic airlines:
    • "Fly Me" by Villa Air
    • "Maldivian" by Island Aviation Services
    Other Seaplanes:
    • Trans Maldivian Airways

    There is a good all around local travel agent for flights and accommodation:
    • Inner Maldives

    Try these people for speedboat transfers:
    Maldives Direct

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    maldives tour agent

    by hanspeter_W. Written Nov 24, 2014

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    to come from airport to holiday island and vice versa i would recommend to book an arrangement by local touragent to avoid high expenses, even transfer by sea oand even more by seapülane is very high in general
    our tour agent Island voyage was very reliable and helpful and well connected

    boat transfer from male airport to bandos

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    by DAO Updated Jul 27, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    They only fly their planes during the day. It is the ONLY way to really see the Maldives! You will probably be here in the Maldives on a 'once in a lifetime' visit. Do not take the boat and see the waves. Take the seaplane transfer to your resort island and see the real beauty of the Maldives. Its not cheap - but you will never see anything like this in the world. Make sure you have your camera ready, battery charged and a big memory card.

    Just look at the pictures. This is the only way to really see the Maldives!

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  • Atoll Explorer

    by daffern Written Apr 5, 2012

    One of the most memorable trips of my life and one that I would love to repeat. The boat was small and cozy and the service was the best that I ever experienced anywhere in the World.
    No two days were the same as we took in different sights and island visits every day.
    We had the chance of daily water sports as well as of course diving, which is some of the best diving in the world.
    It is work booking one of the higher class cabins - next time, we will book the highest class cabin.

    We booked this 7 day boat trip as part of a package, so not sure of the direct contacts.

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    Seaplane Transfer

    by Gillybob Written Dec 27, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you're staying at one of the resort island further away from Hulhule, seaplane transfer may well already be included in the cost of your package. If not, its worth considering paying for an upgrade from your boat transfer to seaplane for at least one direction of your resort transfer. The views from the seaplane are wonderful and you may find yourself stopping at another resort on your way - giving you the opportunity to have a look over the island as you come in to land. You'll also get great views of the uninhabited islands throughout the Maldives. Of course, taking a seaplane transfer to the distant resorts will also shorten your transfer time, in most cases. For those resorts closer to Hulhule, you may well find yourself waiting in the departure lounge at the seaplane airport which may give you a transfer time equal to or longer than a boat transfer.

    Its worth noting a couple of the potential downsides to your seaplane transfer :

    - your luggage may not be able to be accommodated on your transfer flight (be sure to pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage for this eventuality - which happened on my flight to the resort)

    - seaplanes only operate during daylight hours (which means if your international flight arrives or departs at night you will be booked into the airport hotel until your transfer can happen or until your international flight departs)

    - hand luggage is stored at the rear of the seaplane (be sure to get your camera out before you board and keep it with you for those great aerial shots)

    Seaplane Seaplane Seaplane departure docks Seaplane terminal Seaplane and terminal building
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    Air and Sea

    by shawncastellino Written Dec 20, 2009

    To get to the Maldives one would need to get on an airplane, there are many major carriers that connect Maldives with the rest of the world (Qatar, Emirates, Indian Airlines, Srilankan, Singapore Airways). Many european countries also have special charter services to the Maldives

    As each resort is on one island, the only way to reach your resort is by either a speed boat/Dhoni (Local motor boat) for islands that are near the airport or by Sea Planes to Islands that are away from the Airport

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  • Maldives Liveaboard

    by adriankathy Written Aug 26, 2009

    I just came back from my one week vacation in Maldives. We booked the Black Pearl liveaboard online through website. I can say that me and my husband had an amazing experience diving with them, the staff were very friendly and attentive. We visited 2-3 dive sites each day and saw some manta rays, whales, turtles and sharks. The coral reefs were breathtaking, no wonder Maldives was among the best diving spots in the world.

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    By waterplane from the island to the airport.

    by a5floor Written Aug 30, 2008

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    One other way to travel from your island to the airport is by waterplane. It is the fastest way to do so. But also the expensive one.

    Up to 12 people can go in this waterplane. The suitcases and handluggage go in the back of the plane.

    By waterplane from the island to the airport. By waterplane from the island to the airport. By waterplane from the island to the airport. By waterplane from the island to the airport. By waterplane from the island to the airport.

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  • best Transportation & Biggame Fishing in maldives

    by jhonn00 Written Aug 19, 2008

    marine farumaa maldives pvt ltd

    Marine Farumaa Pvt Ltd is a registered company in the Republic of Maldives, operating in the market of sea transport and cargo handling since 1997. During its tenure as an emerging leader in the field of sea transport, cargo handing and ship maintenance it has had the privilege of being a service provider to a diverse group of clients within and outside of the country, including some of the most renowned companies operating in the country.

    Throughout the past 10 years our establishment has strived to achieve "Maximum Client Satisfaction." for the services we provide, which include representations as Travel Agents, Passenger Carrier, Logistic Support, Marine Cargo Handling, Ship Maintenance, Dockyard Service, Manpower supply, as well as various auxiliary services specifically catered to meet our client's requirements. With support centers based throughout the Maldives, the company assures highest quality of service, at the shortest possible time guaranteed to go well beyond client's expectations.

    Geared with a team of experienced, well-trained personnel possessing the required skills and an extensive knowledge of the local market as well as statutory procedures and documentation, Marine Farumaa Pvt Ltd strives not only in comprehending our customers' requirements and specific needs, but also in proposing the most cost-effective solutions with a view towards minimizing time and ensuring optimum efficiency.

    Simply meeting client requirements has never been our aim. We in Marine Farumaa aspire to far surpass expectations through consistency and a high level of professionalism.

    Sea Transport

    Our company has acquired 5 speed boats capable of reaching any island in the Maldives.

    The fastest of its kind in the Maldives, Touring 36 Gulf Craft vessels will take you to your desired destination in a smooth and comfortable ride.

    Big-game Fishing

    Marine Farumaa owns two Gulfcraft Dolphin 36 speedboats, running on 2 Yamaha 200hp outboard engines.

    These two boats have been modified to carry four fishermen each and are equipped with a vast array of
    big-game fishing devices including fish-finder, Fighting-Chair and a complete set of professional rods, reels and tackles.

    The Big-game Fishing boats are available for half-day and full-day charters.
    In the case of half-day charters, refreshments and small snacks will be made available to the clients.

    For full-day charters, all meals and refreshments will be available on-board.

    We'll be glad to arrange a great big game fishing excursion on request. The Prowler, which leads you on the hunt for the "game" is equipped with all the necessary equipment, radios, GPS system and heads.

    Big-game Fishing
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    By boat from the Airport to the resort.

    by a5floor Written Aug 17, 2008

    After I landed on the International Airport of the Maldives, I had to wait for about half an hour. Around 10am I went to the boat. Together with some other people. First the people go in the boat. When everybody is sitting down, the suitcases go in. Once everything is done, the boat is leaving.
    From the International Airport to the Rashdoo Atoll it last 1,5 hours by boat. It is really great to experience this. You will have great views. And it is really nice to have a breaze while going to the island. Especially when it is +32C outside.

    By boat from the Airport to the resort. By boat from the Airport to the resort. By boat from the Airport to the resort. By boat from the Airport to the resort. By boat from the Airport to the resort.
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    by DAO Written May 1, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Getting to the Maldives is not cheap by any means and virtually all fights here are tied up with a hotel deal. If you can find any good deals or sales on holidays here, please post them here:


    It’s you deals page for the Maldives here on Virtual Tourist. Yet another great feature on VT!

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    Seaplane Transfers

    by Russ60 Written Apr 11, 2008

    After flying from the Uk to Dubai and a change of aircraft for the flight on to the Maldives we were then to be transfered by seaplane on to Kuredu Island. What an experience!! the seaplane takes off from the seaplane terminal at Male Airport and the flight to Kuredu takes about 45mins. Here's a little tip: pick up some earplugs at the check-in in the terminal because the whole flight is noisy with the constant droning of the engines. That aside this has to be one of the most spectacular scenic flights in the World a constant procession of tiny coral islands and atolls pass by your window.

    Maldavian Seaplane Terminal A passing atoll Another paradise island Leaving Kuredu
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    Malé International Airport

    by DAO Written Dec 28, 2007

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Because Malé island is so dense, they had to build this airport on a small island nearby called Hulhulé. It was opened on 19th October 1960. The runway is 2,840 meters (9,315 feet) long and 45 meters (148 feet) wide. It can handle any sized jet passenger plane. It can handle 350 passengers an hour and lists the following services:

    Duty Free (including alcohol)
    Health Care
    Mother Care
    Children's Recreation Park
    Free Shower Room
    Passenger Service Charge
    Shopping (souvenirs and flowers)
    A basic restaurant
    Post & Telegraph
    Telephone & Internet

    ** PLEASE NOTE: Any alcohol you bring into the country will be held here until you are ready to leave the Maldives. Keep the receipt they issue you!! **

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    Walk or Cab.

    by Emichelle Written Dec 13, 2007

    Male is a very small city and most places can be reached by merely walking. It is very easy to find Shops, Restaurants, Businesses and other things in the city. If you really find is difficult to enjoy the walk and if it is far out you can hop a cab which will cost you Rf 15/- for your ride. The charge is from point A to B no stopping in between

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    Hotel Transfers

    by ambitachenai Updated Jun 21, 2007

    The cost of transport from Male to the hotels is an extra that most people dont consider while budgeting a trip. A return trip by speed boat to 'Baros' was US$ 160 per person and the sea plane to 'W' was US$ 250 per person. Thats 800 chips extra to just get there!!!

    Depending on where and how you are going, wait at the airports can be upto 2 hours after arrival. Please confirm that with the hotels.

    Some Hotels have lounges at the terminal, The 'W' and Hilton do... Find out about a rest area if your hotel does not have a lounge.

    If taking a sea plane you MUST carry ear plugs !!! take the first seat as it is closest to the little fans that they have...

    Speed Boat to Baros Sea Plane to the 'W'

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