Mongolia Off The Beaten Path

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Mongolia Off The Beaten Path

  • Ibex Hunting

    Mongolia is home to some of the finest, and highest, Ibex sheep in the world. It is also home to the cheapest sheep hunting around as I write this. If you choose Mongolia for your next hunt, you will not be dissapointed. You will be very tired at the end though because such hunting is extremely tough. Be warned - no amount of training in a gym will...


    Kharkhorin is ‘only’ 8 hours away from Ulaan Baator. That is near compared to how spread out the rest of Mongolian civilisations are. Karakorum, the name of the old town, was Chinggis Khan's capital in the 13th century but it only served as the capital for 40 years. After the capital was moved to Beijing by Kublai Khan, Krakorum was abandoned and...

  • Terelj National Park Village

    This village was just next door from our fancy hotel. While walking around we ran into the horse guide we had met earlier. He was so excited to see us venture into the village. He gathered a few friends, his girlfriend and invited us to a "club" that was in the village for some beers and dancing. We went to the village to go to a local small...

  • Ogii Lake

    Ogyi Nuur, or Ogii Lake, is a large lake located about 65km north of Harhorin and about 300km west of Ulaanbaatar on the road to the Arhangay provincial capital of Tsetserleg. I came here on the 4th day of my 12-day tour around Mongolia and stayed the night in a tourist ger camp beside the lake surrounded by horses. The lake measures a length of...

  • Fly fishing in Mongolia

    Mongolia is a unique fly fishing destination, a rolling green pasture, snow capped mountains , clearly blue sky, streams and glaciers ,purely pristine rivers. In the early times Mongolians say Fish is the animals of the heaven, and abstain fishing. But now fishing and rafting, floating become one of the adventure sport in Mongolia. Grayling, Lenok,...


    Are you the sort who likes a challenging hunt? If so, challenges don't come much more difficult than wolf hunting. Mongolia is probably one of the only places on earth where a foreigner can sign up for such a hunt without a month or three of advance planning or an expensive permit. If you are pinching pennies, this is the cheapest 'international'...

  • MArshall Zhukov in Mongolia?

    The Marshall Zhukov Museum isn't exactly off the beaten path, but does fall under the catagory of randomness...The Russians don't even have a museum for there greatest general of all time, yet the Mongolians do...That is because Zhukov moved here to live out the remainder of his days after he fell out of favor with Stalin. (Stalin was jealous of...

  • Turkish Grave?

    This stone, which our guide told us was a Turkish grave, was situated in the countryside a short walk from where the first nomadic family that we stayed with lived. This was between Ulaanbaatar and Tsetserleg and near what they called the Fake Gobi. The head of this stone figure had been knocked off and was lying on the ground. Our guide said it...

  • Bring your own English chick!

    If you end up taking local transportation to the far reaches of the country, you should be warned that the promiscuous English backpacker chicks normally found scattered about the world are in short supply in places like Kharkarim. You would do best to bring your own from Ulan Baatar, where they can be found in abundance.

  • Mongolia in late autumn

    By end of August the summer in Mongolia is over...Be prepared for freezing nights. For late September - October on the steppe or in the mountains you will need to bring layered winter gear (not necessarily snow gear - it's a very dry place) if out hiking or staying at local gers, such as on a horse trek. Already the first half of September you may...

  • Financial maters

    The currency of Mongolia is called Tögrög. In 2004 the exchanges rates were $1 - T1500There are several banks and hotels in Ulaan Baatar where you can chage mayor european and asian currency. There is also one ATM machine somewhere near the Sukhbaatar square.It is wise to bring some travellerscheque in US-dollars with you. I know they do not accept...

  • Contortionists

    Mongolia is famous for its contortionists. They are highly sought after by circuses all over the world. In Mongolian, they are known as uran nygralt, which means, "skilful deviation"!They are usually young women under five feet tall and can twist their tiny bodies in unimaginable ways. I was told that it is every Mongolian man's dream to marry one....

  • Attila the Person

    "Heun" or "hun" if you prefer, is the Mongolian word for "person". So, for example, an Englishman is an Angelheun and a Mongolian is a Mongolheun.When the Mongol hordes invaded Europe, their response to the question "Who are you?" was, of course... The name stuck. thus it was that Attila the (possibly very nice, if only they'd understood him)...

  • Potanin Glacier

    Can't be described with words....Its difficult to reach,but it worths the effort.If you're in Olgiy,contact Dagis, superb Guide, and lovely person

  • Olgiy and Tavan Bogd

    if you have time and travel between may and sept,go to visit the Olgiy aimag.It's other Mongolia.Huge mountains,incredible lakes,khazak-muslim but tollerant-people, busy bazaars and breathtaking treks

  • Landscape near Karakorum

    The landscape near to Karakorum town is amazing, especially at the river valley next to the town. There is a tourist ger camp next to the river and you should spend a day here during some trekking (especially up the hill overlooking the Karakorum town and the river valley, which is simply amazing).

  • Undur Dov

    Undur Dov is about an hour drive from Ulaanbaatar's airport. Visitors can stay in Mongolian gers and the surrounding area is a typical steppe zone and horse back rides can be easily arranged. More photos of Undur Dov will be posted in my VT Tov Aymag page soon, so do keep a lookout for updates.


    sometimes people don't stay enought on the steppe to appreciate the traditional mongolian lifesouvent les touristes ne restent pas assez de jours dans la steppe et avec les nomades.spesso i turisti non stano abbanstanza nella steppa con i nomadi

  • Mongolia in winter

    To come to Mongolia during winter must in itself be a fantastic experience. Seen here from the plane, the cross-country skiing would be perfect ...Sufficiently well equipped and not depending too much on motorised transport, a winter visit to Mongolia should be expedition-like, but not too difficult, logistically.Just a dream so far, this photo...

  • Where is the "Beaten Path"?

    In the Mongolian case it may be easier to define where the beaten path is. That's easier to define than what is off...- Ulan Bataar- Terelj National park in Töv province just outside Ulan Bataar.- Karkhorin/Erdene Zudd in Duörhangai.- The loop UB-Mörön-Hövsgöl-Tsherkhin Tsaagaan Nuur-Kharkorin-Mongol Els-UB.- Hövsgöl area, southern end- Flaming...

  • Bird watching

    I know next to nothing about birds but in Mongolia I wished I would have known more! There were so many different species that it's no wonder some people go all the way to Mongolia just to watch them.

  • Mongolia

    The whole country is basically off the beaten path! realistically outside of UB, Erdenet, Darkhan you might be the first non-russian foreigners old people have ever met, and the first foreigners period for others. The Peace corp has about 100 volunteers spread throughout Mongolia, even in Bayen Olglii(the westernmost Kazakh majority province), and...


    If you do not have time and are not going on a jeep tour into the outskirts of Mongolia, here is a suggestion : You can take a local bus to Gachuurt, a village just 20km from Ulaan Baator. There is a river nearby. Walk around until you find a nice spot to camp. The view across the river, spotted with gers, is gorgeous.

  • OVOO

    This ovoo is located at the top of the Zaisan Memorial. An ovoo is a shamanistic pile of stones that is very sacred in Mongolia. These piles of stones can be found all over the countryside often with hadag (the blue cloths) draped over them. It is good luck to walk around the ovoo three times chanting a sutra.


    Khustain Uul is a nature reserve made for the protection of the Takhi horse, otherwise known as Przewalski's horse. The Takhi is Mongolia's wild horse that nearly became extinct in the 1960's. Special breeding programmes were set up in the Netherlands and in the 1990's the horses were re-introduced in this special protected area. Entry into the...


    Otherwise known as 'the big market', this market is in Bayanzurg District. You can get here by mini bus (200 Tugriks) from the train station, Sukhbaatar Square and other places. If you wanted to hail a car to get there it would cost you about 800 Tugriks from town. The market is quite dirty and dusty but interesting culturally. The market is really...

  • Temple

    One of the Temples that wasn't destroyed by the Soviets. Its about 100 years old. This one is downtown Ulan Bator.

  • Bayan Uul

    The houses in all of these small villages are made of wood and sometimes have double glazing! Transport is a mixture of old Russian jeeps, newer South Korean taxis and the odd horse or two. Bayan Uul is about 400km NE of Ulan Bator.

  • Ulan Bator

    Another shot of downtown Ulan Bator. These people are queuing to catch the bus home at the end of the day.

  • Gur

    I didn't know before coming to Mongolia that these gurs (nomad tents) are quite well known. This one comes with a satellite dish that picks up Russian and Chinese channels. Most Mongolians can speak some Russian.

  • Roads

    Roads outside of Ulan Bator are diabolical! We had a 700km roadtrip that took 2 full days! The problem is that there is no maintenance and trucks make deep tracks that 4WD cars cannot follow easily.

  • Choibalsan

    A former Soviet military base just outside Choibalsan, about 100km from the Chinese border. It was first destroyed by the Russians and then trashed a second time by the Mongolians.

  • The Horses

    Family out riding horses for the day (herding livestock). Unfortunately just after I took this photo the little girl had a nasty fall and hurt herself quite badly. Mongolian horses are slightly smaller than horses elsewhere.

  • The Gobi desert

    The Gobi desert is one of the biggest desert in the world. You can sometimes find some camels, yaks, sheeps or cows with people in tents. It is amazing to see that.

  • FALCONRY > Many of the...

    FALCONRY > Many of the Kazakh people are still adamant falconers Capturing eagles as chicks, the eagles are trained to hunt fox. Most of the hunting is done in the fall, as the falconer will free the eagle and follow on horse back. Once the eagle grabs hold of a fox, the falconer must pry the eagle away from the catch in an attempt to save the...

  • They miss alot of good time...

    They miss alot of good time that local people can arrange for them, just talking with someone who lives in a Ger and eating with them is very enjoyable.


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