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  • Wrestlers at the Naadam Festival
    Wrestlers at the Naadam Festival
    by Willettsworld
  • Lenin Statue, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
    Lenin Statue, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
    by happyhourkid
  • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
    by happyhourkid

Mongolia Highlights

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    Saagar says…

     Splendid wilderness and steppe landscapes, fantastic history and culture, some great places to see and experience. 

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    hanula says…

     Travelling is hard but worth the trouble - it's just stunning! 

  • In a nutshell
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    Tulka says…

     Imagine Mongolia with, horse riding tough Guys, Red cheeked cute kids,unbelieveable Reindeer people, Mare's milk & the Endless blue sky, 

Map of Mongolia



Hovsgol Nuur


Ogiy Nuur















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  • Significantly cheaper furniture store

    Ulaanbaatar Shopping

    Not really something tourists would be interested in, but it might be helpful to folks who are staying in Ulaanbaatar for more than a few weeks such as seasonal workers related to the mining industry. Generally, furniture selection is poor and it is very expensive in Mongolia, perhaps because of high transportation costs to this vast and land...

  • Bayangol Hotel

    Ulaanbaatar Hotels

    I stayed here for a couple of nights - the first and last night’s of my Mongolian tour. This 4-star...

  • Sukhbaatar Square

    Ulaanbaatar Things to Do

    Sukhbaatar Square has a number of monuments--Dimdin Sukhbaatar, a leader for independence for whom the square was named, along with Chingghis Khan and some of his generals. The parliament is on one side of the square, as is the opera house. The square was festive and fun—some people were singing, and kids in pedal cars were racing around while...


Hovsgol Nuur

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  • hongmingd's Profile Photo
    Sunset in Jankhai

    by hongmingd Written Oct 1, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dont miss the incredible sunset view of Lake Hovsgol when night comes. when the sky is clear you even can see the milky-way on the huge horizon.

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Ogiy Nuur

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  • Rowing boat

    Ogiy Nuur Things to Do

    Here's a photo of my guide standing by some rowing boats moored up by the side of the lake. We took one out for about 30 minutes which was rowed by a young chap from our ger camp. There's not much to see beside or on the lake itself.

  • Ogii Lake

    Ogiy Nuur Things to Do

    Ogyi Nuur, or Ogii Lake, is a large lake located about 65km north of Harhorin and about 300km east of Ulaanbaatar on the road to the Arhangay provincial capital of Tsetserleg. The lake measures a length of about 8km by a width of 5km and has a surface area of 25.7 sq km. I came here on the 4th day of my 12-day tour around Mongolia and stayed the...

  • Horses around Ogii Lake

    Ogiy Nuur Things to Do

    Our ger camp beside Ogii Lake was surrounded by dozens of horses, some of them very young foals who were a bit dodgy on their legs. The reason why there's so many of them is due to the fact that they belong to a nomadic family nearby. More photos of them can be found in the travelogues.



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    Gachuurt Local Customs

    Mongolian men carry with them a snuff bottle, filled with snuff, a sort of tobacco powder. A custom upon meeting friends is to exchange their snuff bottles with the other men. Unscrew the cap. Take the little ladel which is attached to the cap and scoop out a miniscule spoonful of the powder. Place it on your finger and sniff the powder. If you...


    Gachuurt Local Customs

    Entering the ger, one should walk clock-wise around it. There are standard places to put things. The stove is in the middle. On the left, upon entering, is where they put the horse saddles and other related items. In the back-ground is the family chest. To the right of the family chest is the bed. On the right side of the door is the kitchen area....


    Gachuurt Warnings and Dangers

    My impression is that horses in Mongolia are wilder. During our stay at Gachuurt, the kind Mongolians offered to let us ride their horses to cross a river or whatever. However, in one incident, a horse with my friend Pablo on it panicked and galloped away at top speed. Pablo steered the horse to a slow-down and jumped! He managed to get out of this...



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  • Phallic Rock

    Erdene-Dzuu Things to Do

    If you have some time, it is worth looking for the bizarre 'phallic rock', which points erotically to something interestingly called a 'vaginal slope'. It is surrounded by a stone fence, hidden up a small valley, and visible from the main road to Ulaanbaatar, about 1km from Kharkhorin. Legend has it that the rock was placed here in an attempt to...

  • Turtle rocks

    Erdene-Dzuu Things to Do

    Outside the monastery walls are two 'turtle rocks'. Four of these sculptures once marked the boundaries of ancient Karakorum, acting as protectors of the city (turtles are considered symbols of eternity). The turtles originally had an inscribed stone stele mounted vertically on their back.One is easy to find: just walk out of the northern gate of...

  • Destruction and reconstruction

    Erdene-Dzuu Things to Do

    Virtually the whole monastery site was destroyed during the Stalinist purges of the 1930s. All but three of the temples were destroyed and an unknown number of monks were either killed or shipped off to Siberia and never heard from again. These photo's in a souvenir shop in a ger outside the Lavrin Temple show the extent of the destruction as well...



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  • Reconstructed Temple

    Ongi Things to Do

    This is the only reconstructed temple building within the ruins of the complex. Our young girl guide showed us various aspects of it with our tour guide translating what she said for us.

  • Ongi Temple Museum

    Ongi Things to Do

    We were shown around the monastery complex by a young girl whose family lives on the complex site. In the museum, inside a ger, we showed us old stone work and wooden posts left from the destruction by the Communists.

  • Ongi Temple

    Ongi Things to Do

    Formerly one of the largest monasteries in Mongolia, Ongi Temple was founded in 1760 and combined two temple complexes on the north and south sides of the Ongi River. The older southern side consisted of various administrative buildings which were linked to the northern side by a bridge over the river which has long since disappeared but you can...


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