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  • Durbar square
    Durbar square
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  • Tachupal Tole
    Tachupal Tole
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  • Nyatapola temple
    Nyatapola temple
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Bhaktapur Highlights

  • Pro
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    SumTingWong says…

     Walled-city, full of Nuwari culture, amazing, the best city in Nepal 

  • Con
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    schlumpf says…

     too expensive the enty fees 

  • In a nutshell
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     More than you hope to see 

Bhaktapur Things to Do

  • National Art Gallery- Bhaktapur.

    This place is worth visiting. The art and architecture of Nepal is deeply influenced by the religion. Unique craftsmanship can be found in temples, architecture, shrines, fountains and the design of religious objects. Art and religion is so deeply interlocked that it is impossible to separate the one from the other. All art forms express both Hindu...

  • Bhaktapur Brass & Bronze Museum

    The Bronze and Brass Museum is located at the famous Pujari Math area of downtown Bhaktapur. This museum is just opposite to the National Woodwork Museum in the outskirts of Kathmandu. The museum is the newest to pop up in Nepal. This museum is primarily dedicated to the Newari lifestyle. Newars are the original inhabitants of Nepal and are mostly...

  • The Peacock window & Wood Carving...

    The Peacock Window, which is also called the "Mona Lisa of Nepal", is a rare masterpiece in wood. Dating back to the early 15th century, the unique latticed window has an intricately carved peacock in its center. The window adorns the Pujari Math which, with rows of exquisitely carved windows and doors, is equally appealing. The building presently...

  • Dattatreya Temple.

    Dattatreya Temple from Historic Town Bhaktapur Nepal.The Dattatreya Square is Bhaktapur’s third dazzling gem. The seat of royalty till the 15th century, the area still houses a great number of historic monuments including many wondrous Maths (residential mansions) and temples.The Dattatreya Temple is the main attraction of the Square. Constructed...

  • Dattatreya Square.

    Dattatreya Temple from Historic Town Bhaktapur Nepal.The Dattatreya Square is Bhaktapur’s third dazzling gem. The seat of royalty till the 15th century, the area still houses a great number of historic monuments including many wondrous Maths (residential mansions) and temples.The Dattatreya Temple is the main attraction of the Square. Constructed...

  • Taumadhi Square- Bhaktapur.

    It lies just a minute walk to the South East Durbar Square. A standee in this square is pygmised by the towering five storeyed pagoda style temple of Goddess Siddhi Laxmi and that of God Bhairavnath.This is the place where age old Dances & Festivals are observed by the locals. The dance festivals was started by King Yaksha Malla in 15th entury. The...

  • Art Gallery with a difference

    National Art Gallery is worth seeing, inside and out. It has Hindu and Buddhist paintings, stone and wood carvings. There are also portraits of the Kings of Nepal with information on each of them, you may want to compare this with your guide book. All this for 20 rupees. The ticket covers you for the Woodcarving and Brass & Bronz Museums.

  • Wait for the night fall

    It is not a bad idea to stay in Bhaktapur after night fall, when the one day tourists leave and the quiet squares from day-light come back to "real" life, with dozens of vendors trying their chances and with the locals gathering in smaller or larger groups,, just to sit and speak the events of the day, in a sort of "Italianesque" atmosphere.

  • Entrance - 10 USD

    Foreigners’ entrance in the old town of Bhatkapur is charged a hefty fee of 10 USD. Well…it may be much as per Nepali standards, but it is well worth it by all means. See?.........Payment in rupees saves 1 usd because of the odd exchange rate.

  • Rice in Bhaktapur.

    In Bhaktapur in the citycentre are many sorts of rice on the street, people make the rice free of dust and dirt in the wind. Al handwork.

  • Temples all around!

    Travelling around India and Nepal means to see very many temples for different kind of religions. This was the most high - 5 floor, temple in Bhaktapur.

  • Changunarayan

    I walked from Nagarkot to this temple in about three hours. A bit slow but there were many trails to follow. From the temple it's a 90 minutes walk back to Bhaktapur.


Bhaktapur Hotels

Bhaktapur Restaurants

  • If you are willing to waste your time

    This was our biggest mistake. Not because of the foods or location. The service was so slow so we missed all the free time waiting for some lunch. This is why I couldn’t have good photos; this is why I couldn’t buy souvenirs. This is why I haven't any decent image of Bhaktapur in my memories. Begging the waiters didn’t help and we finished the...

  • Nepal's Favourite Newari Food

    If you are in Nepal and have not tasted the original Newari ( Nepali) food, you really have missed something. We tried everithing Nepali, Thakkali food, Newari food the original combination of Daal, Bhat & Tarkari combination, everything. In almost everywhere in Kathmandu vally one can find Newari food. Just look for Newari Khaja Restaurants and...

  • a ncie place for a soft drink

    A ncie place to realx in Bhaktapur,. which offers you an absolutely great view is Cafè Niatapola.It offers you all the kind of soft drink, but it is also a restaurant (more common to come here just for a drink):Pretty a ncie place!

  • Garden restaurant

    we stay at the hostel which is next to this restaurant. we missed it the previous day due to the tinny entrance of this nice garden restaurant. the next morning, when i enter the door, there was such a wonderful empty garden, full of sunshine. a very nice garden.

  • A Wonderful Place to Watch the Square

    I believe Sunny is the name of this tiny Cafe. It's located at one corner of the square. The house is very small, but with several floors and terraces. We went to the top terraces. It's only big enough for two tiny tables. Food there is fairly good. What makes it special is the overall view of Taumadhi square. You see everthing under your sight,...

  • Newari Food

    Bhaktapur is inhabited mostly by Newars, one of Nepal's cultural groups and known for skilled artistic talent. They have their own language and of course their own food. There are tons of Newari restaurants around Bhaktapur and a simple Newari restaurant is called Bhatti, so you can basically say that word and be pointed in the direction of a local...


Bhaktapur Transportation

  • Kathmandu - Bhaktapur

    I was sick that day (diarrhoea from earlier meals in Chitwan) and spent almost all morning in the hotel in Kathmandu. Feeling a little better in the afternoon, I insisted on seeing Bhaktapur, although it was getting really late. So we rented a cab to take us from Kathmandu to Bhaktapur, wait 2 hours and then back to Kathmandu. The whole thing was...

  • Take a Bus from Thamel

    If you simply want to visit Bhakthapur, then the best way is to take a pubblic bus form Kathmandu, where you will have no difficulties to caught it.Anyway, I won’t reccomend you to spend a compelte day here, as it is enough to stay here an half a day, you could then set a day with the visit of Patan and Bhaktapur.In that case you could, take the...

  • The easiest way to visit all Kathmandu...

    My first plan once I was in India, was to reach Nepal and relax there for a week or so.It was a good plan, but unfortunately I got extremely sick in Varanasi and I had to stay in that amazing city four more days.So, I got just three days left, and with that time I had to visit as more as possible.Once you will run in the same situation, short with...


Bhaktapur Local Customs

  • More craft works!

    It was really hard to pass all the beauty you can see in the little shops. If i would have someone who would carry my bag, i would spend all my money for all this nice things. :)oh, sorry for being so typical woman! :)

  • No hurry!

    It is amazing how calm people can be in Nepal, as well as in India. They never have any hurry, but for whole day long they can just sit near some temples or main squares, watch people and do nothing.Try to do the same and if you can - you are very special! :))) Actually for people from West it is really hard thing to do, we dont know how to rest...

  • Craft work!

    In Bhaktapur are very many nice shops where is possible to buy good craft works - like crocks, woodcarvings and things from metal.


Bhaktapur Warnings and Dangers

  • illa's Profile Photo

    by illa Written Aug 28, 2004

    This is just a warning. From the time you arrive at Bhaktapur, there will be a lot of kids coming to recommend themselves as your tourist guide in Bhaktapur. Preferring to have the freedom of where to go and what to see myself, I had to say constantly "no" to them. However, they didn't seem to easily give up.

    --- You have spent much more money coming all the way to Nepal. So why don't you spend a little money now to get to know more of Nepal? See, they have their point... and on and on...

    Well, one of my friends hired a guide for the tour and found him indeed quite satisfactory --- fair charge, knowledgeable, patient, fun loving... Maybe it's a good way to get rid off more bother.

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Bhaktapur Tourist Traps

  • Entrance fee

    There is now e $ 25 entance fee, a bit steep for some people... If you arrive by bus from Kathmandu there is a ticket couter at the corner where the bus entered the bus stand, you can easy avoid that by leaving the busstand on the other side. There is an other ticket counter at the western entrance of the Durbar square, if you turn right in a...

  • The Commercially Traditional Pottery...

    Lying at a few minutes walk to the south of Durbar and Taumadhi Square, the Pottery Square, Talako is actually an interesting place to visit. You see the flow process of pottery producing on the square. Of course they also sell the potteries on site.What you should be careful is to take photos. They all sign eagerly to you to take photos of them,...

  • Bhaktapur Hotels

    2 Hotels in Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur Off The Beaten Path

  • Changu Narayan

    Changu Narayan Temple and village are a Unesco World Heritage Sites and they are localted on top of a little hill five kms north of Bhaktapur. The temple, built in the 4th century, is the oldest one in Kathmandu valley and can be reached by walking through the quaint village.The main temple si dedicated to Lond Vishnu and his 10 reincarnations, as...

  • nagarkhot

    We had booked two nights in Nagarkhot because it is known as the balcony over the Himalayas, in the sense that it's the nearest hilltop resort to Kathmandu to have great views over the mountains. Moreover we had seen a fancy hotel (Club Himalaya) with a spa and a gorgeous indoor swimming-pool.The day we left for nagarkhot we were in high spirits,...

  • Erotic Carving

    Looking up to admire the wood carvings on the temples, I found it's full of erotic theme, on four sides of the temple, all different.You can find it in Durbar Square, as well as on street temples.


Bhaktapur Favorites

  • Bhaktapur squares

    There are three main squares in old Bhaktapur – Durbar, Taumadhi and Tachupal Tole (to the east), linked togather by a number of narrow streets and courtyards. Durbar square is larger than the one in Kathmandu and much less “crowded” with temples than Patan. The empty plinths you see today mark where temples once stood before the earthquake in...

  • Erotic elephants temple

    Newari humor at the erotic Elephants temple – copulating elephants and other animals in the missionary position are carved on the temple struts.

  • Pujari Math

    A math is a Hindu monastery.Out of the several maths monasteries in Bhaktapur, this is the most famous. Dating back from the 15th century, it was renovated in 1979 with German funds, as a wedding gift for the king Birendra.The 15th century peacock window, 30m down a small alley on the right hand side is reported to be the finest carved window in...


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