Langtang National Park Travel Guide

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    On the way to the top of the Tserco Ri...
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  • Langtang National Park
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Langtang National Park Things to Do

  • Goisankunda trek

    This is a great trip to do before or after the Langtang trek or you can also combine it with a trip over the pass to join the Helambu trek. Goisankund lake is sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists (the rock in the lake is said to be the birthplace of Lord Shiva) and is a site of mass pilgrimage in August each year. The views along the trail are...

  • Hiking a peak

    When you are in Kyanjin Gompa you really should make the effort to climb when of the many peaks that are around. The easiest peak is Kyanjin Ri at 4773m with beautiful views of the glaciers and Langtang Lirung, but even climbing up to the viewpoint before that, is well worth it, and the views are equally spectacular. You can also climb Tsergo Ri at...

  • Hiking up the valley

    If you get the chance to hike up the Langtang Valley to Kyanjin Gompa, and even beyond, it should not be missed. It is a beautiful 6/7day walk, either starting in Syabrubensi or Dhunche. I think the walk to Lama Hotel from Dhunche going via Thulo Bharkhu and Thulo Syabru is much nicer than going there straight from Syabrubensi, it is also a shorter...

  • Follow the road beyond Langtang

    If you are of the curious kind, proceed along the road to the lead mine at the foot of Pabil mountian in the Ganesh Himal. You may be able to hitch-hike here by a truck going to the mine, or you can trundle up the zig-zagging road. An interestin diversion will be to walk one of the ridges or spurs back toward the Trishuli Bazaar area.Beware,...

  • Alpine flora

    I guess this is a gentian, but I will leave this toi the experts. Once in a while, not only when there's a steep uphill, check the ground foir beutiful alpine flowers. They hug the ground, most of them, but remain you of their presence by very strong colors.The Langtang area is famous for its flora. Perhaps, if you are interested, bringing a flower...

  • Himalayan Mousehare

    This little ... mouse-hare! looks just like its name and is a trustful companion in the high alpine country. It is bigger than a mouse, more like a rat, but very cute. If you are still and apparently benign, it will quickly come near and scavenge bread crumbs and nuts and rasins etc. This one was right at the Laurebina La.


Langtang National Park Restaurants

  • Bakery at altitude

    This bakery is amazing selling everything from chocolate croissants to freshly cooked bread and cookies. The chef at this hotel used to work at the Brezel Bakery in Thamel so definitely knows how to make a good pastry. Definitely the cocolate croissant

  • Great variety

    All of the lodges on the trek have a wide range of food available - you will honestly be amzaed what they can rustle up on a small stove at 3000+m. You can pick from a choice of local food, such as thukpa and shykpa (noodle soups) and of course dal bhat. But there is also others such as spaghetti, macaroni, pizza and soups.

  • The Chandanbari lodges

    We came up tired and thirsty from Dunche and were the only guests one December evening. Carefully we asked if the lodge served any food, and the ladies laughed and sent across a school exercise book: inside were 108 - the holy number - recipies. Pick any one!We were delighted with the view, the place itself, the big iron stove and the homely...


Langtang National Park Nightlife

  • Cosy up

    Most lodges have a large wood burning stove in their dining room which is absolutely fantastic to sit around on a cold day/night after you have finished your days trek. It is a brilliant way to get to know fellow trekkers as well as the lodge owners who are usually always willing to sit around and enjoy the conversation.

  • Keep warm

    Up in the mountains during the winter time, the best nightlife tip is to snuggle into the sleeping bag at sundown. The temperature drops very quickly. Cook up some hot drinks and get comfy with a view toward the sunset. Very nice, and a truly appropriate end of a nice day out. Very warm clothes!!!

  • Langtang National Park Hotels

    0 Hotels in Langtang National Park

Langtang National Park Transportation

  • Hiking distances from Dunche to Inner...

    The approach hike to langtang starts out with downs and ups, then slowly uphill. That calls for alarmbells to ring; it is easy to come down to altitude sickness here. The altitude gain deceptive and you really do need to watch out and not push ahead, too much, but remain with short day hikes. The walking times stipulated here I obtained from a...

  • Hiking diistances from Dunche to...

    The hike to Gosainkund lake and beyond is surprisingly short and fast. That calls for alarmbells to ring; it is easy to come down to altitude sickness here. So the hiking distances are deceptively short for what you actually need to get to Gosainkund. Not staying overnight at Sing Gompa/Chandanbari and/or the Laurebina lodges can be risky. The...

  • Dodgy bus to Dhunche

    There are 3 buses a day from Kathmandu to Dhunche and 2 of these carry on all the way to Syabrubensi via Thulo Bharkhu. The bus ride as far as Trisuli Bazar is relatively smooth ride, though there are quite a few military/police checkposts where the majority of the Nepali people on board the bus have to get off and walk through, this adds at least...


Langtang National Park Shopping

  • Tamang handicrafts

    The local crafts that these people make are beautiful. The bags are great as are the belts and the head scarves. But particualarly nice are the socks and gloves, they are very very warm. Approx. 400Rs for a bag, 200Rs for a belt and 150Rs for some socks, but it really does depend on the quality and size.

  • Two good, dedicated Langtang trekking...

    To my knowledge there are two dedicated guidebooks to Langtang, in addition to the UNDP booklet on Lower Langtang.1) Kev Reynolds 1996: "Langtang with Gosainkunda & Helambu. A Trekker's Guide", A Cicerone Guide, Cicerone Press, Milnthorpe, UK.2) Jamie McGuinness 1997: "Trekking in Langtang, Helambu & Gosainkund". Nepal Trekking Guides,...

  • A good book about Lower Langtang

    Before you go to Langtang check out the little book "East Trek the Lower Langtang", published by Pradhan & Harrison, UNDP Partnership for Quality Tourism Project, Nepal 1997.It is a thin but informative handbook about trails, villages, houses and peoples and everything else you need to trek sensitively and sensibly in the lower end of Langtang:...


Langtang National Park Local Customs

  • Tamang not Nepali

    Most people in the Langtang region are Tamang and they have their own language. Even though the majority of people will understand Nepali it is always nice to learn just a few words of Tamang.

  • Paying for accommodation

    Some times as you are ready to depart from your overnight accommodation and expect the bill, the food charges will be there but not the accommodation charge. Instead you may be asked to pay as you wish.My feeling is that this may sometimes be a competition factor, but there have also been times when there were no other lodge option in the vicinity....

  • Thy holy waters of Gosainkund

    Gosainkund is a serious place of pilgrimage (more on that in another tip later), and the goal is to come and do "darshan" and rinse oneself in the icy waters of the Gosainkund lake. This pilgrimage is significant for Hindus and Buddhists alike. If you know someone in Kathmandu or elsewhere who you'd think would like to have some holy water, bring...


Langtang National Park Warnings and Dangers

  • AMS - high altitude

    Surprisingly many trekkers to Langtang report on catching AMS and related symptoms. In essence, the Langtang area is too easy for health... it is deceptively easy trekking getting you too high too fast. If in good shape you can actually reach Gosainkund and Laurebina La toward Helambu in one day's trek, but if not acclimatized beforehand that's...

  • Road conditions between Betrawati and...

    This stretch of road has never seen asphalt and might not see it in decades.... There is a huge landslide area that the road to cross, and negotiating this has led to many, many bus accidents. From spots along this road (also closer to Kathmandu) it is not infrequent that buses do not turn while roads to and the other way around. And it is a long...

  • The Supersonic Express...

    The buses running the distance between Kathmandu and Syabrubesi keep falling off the road to the great anguish and regret of those involved.It doesn't help to call the buses "Supersonic Express" when the buses run at an average of 12 km per hour and still keep tumbling into Trishuli River. This is one of the more risky public transportation...


Langtang National Park What to Pack

  • The best map of langtang

    S.S. Center MAP HOUSE in Thapathali in Kathmandu carries the HMG/Finnida map series that cover entire Nepal in 1:50.000 . Two sheets cover the Langtang valley trekking areas. These are the most accurate and best maps. However, there are other maps that carry more information for trekkers on them.Cost of maps 150 Rs each.

  • Warm sleeping bag for cold nights

    Make sure you bring a very good, warm sleeping bag if you are rambling around these heights during winter. On one trip here in early December we had night temperatures down to about -15 C, and certyainly no more than + 2-3 C during the days.

  • Preparing for cold nights and snow and...

    An easy-to-carry backpack, sturdy anought to be handled on the bus. Hiking boots above Laurebina Yak.Gloves, hat Sun screen, things against colds Very strong light uphigh, my automatic camera settings were fooled by the intense light and underexposure was the issue. Mountain parka, the best maps, extra food for emergencies, warm sleeping bag,...


Langtang National Park Off The Beaten Path

  • Many lakes around Gosainkunda

    If you have time and can stand the cold - depending on season - spend some time, a day or two to explore the other lakes around Gosainkunda. The best map to use for such exploration is the Finnida series in 1:50.000.

  • Toward Rasuwa Gardhi

    There are a couple of interesting places on the trail toward Rasuwa Gardi, the border to Kyriong, Tibet. Kyriong, incidentally, is the place where Peter Aufschnaiter and Heinrich Harrer stayed a few months in hiding - more or less - waiting for clearance to get on toward Lhasa ("7 Years in Tibet").The border is closed from the Nepalese side, with a...

  • Scaling the peaks of Laurebina La

    Most people just hurry over the Laurebina La pass, and it gives sense when staying overnight up here is not part of the plan. But if there is an open hut down at Gosainkunda Lake, or with a tent, this is a good place to explore further and stay a few days.Up at the water divide near the pass itself there are a few nice peaks that can be scaled -...


Langtang National Park Sports & Outdoors

  • TracyG's Profile Photo

    The Langtang & Goisankunda trek

    by TracyG Written May 17, 2006

    This is a beautiful trek that is not so difficult and relatively free of major crowds. You get up close to the mountains and even have a chance to climb a peak. There is also a lot of culture to immerse yourself into.

    Equipment: A good pair of well worn in hiking boots and some warm clothes as it does get cold at night.

    Me hiking to Goisankund

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Langtang National Park Favorites

  • Landscapes of Langtang Valley by...

    Some places in Nepal have good detailed coverage by Google Earth, and while Langtang isn't among them exactly, the impressions of the landscape given is useful in order to understand the general lay of the land. Check the pics, courtesy Google Earth!

  • Beautiful views

    The views in Langtang are simply fantastic, even the route into the Langtang National Park is amazing for views. My soon to be finace. I met him whilst I was teaching English in Langtang and we were inseperable for 6 months, so I am desperate to see him again when he comes to England September 01st

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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