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  • A Buddha statue in Patan
    A Buddha statue in Patan
    by vinod-bhojak
  • A view of Patan's Durbar Squar
    A view of Patan's Durbar Squar
    by vinod-bhojak
  • Patan Museum
    Patan Museum
    by vinod-bhojak

Patan Things to Do

  • Patan Museum

    Patan Museum is in a fantastic big house from the 15th century. It has a big and lovely courtyard.Its a well maintained museum Here you can see the detailed information about Hindu deities, Buddhism .The temples surrounding the museum area are mesmerizing.We went and the museum and the entire area of Patan is a must see on a visit to Kathmandu....

  • Golden Temple :Hiranya Varna Mahavihar

    The Golden Temple is situated in the heart of ancient Patan(Lalitpur) is full of art and architectural of Nepali pattern.The temple built by King Vaskar Varma in 12th century it's different than most other temples in Nepal and has its beauty from the golden roof to the interesting craving on the smaller windows that's housing the statues of...

  • Goddess Baglamukhi temple

    On the southern side of the Kumbheswar temple complex is the single storey temple of goddess Baglamukhi with green painted woodwork. I have seen only this temple in Patan durbar squre where people worshipmg otherwise I saw most of people visit temple as a toursit and take photos. being a Hindu I also worship inside the temple.The goddess Baglamukhi...

  • Beautiful Sunken water conduit or pool

    Just ahead, on the far side of the courtyard, you come to Manga Hiti, a sunken structure with a stone water spout at the base. This sunken water conduit or pool) has three water fountains. The water spouts from the mouths of three wonderfully carved stone in the shape of 'makara'(mythical crocodile-elephants) These spouts were carved by...

  • Kumbeshwar Temple

    Directly north of Durbar Squre is Kumbeshwar Temple , one of the valley's three five-storey temples. The temple dominates the surrounding streets and is said to date from 1392, making it the oldest temple in Patan. The temple is noted for its graceful proportions and fine woodcarvings and is dedicated to Shiva, as indicated by the large Nandi, or...

  • Bhimsen Temple

    Opposite Vishnawath stands Bhimsen Temple devoted to the Newari god Bhimsen who watches over traders and artisans – the two professions that were the lifeblood of Nepal for centuries. In fact, an image of Bhimsen used to be carried to Lhasa in Tibet every 12 years to protect the key trade routes crossing the Himalayas. That centuries-old trade,...

  • Vishwanath temple

    Vishwanath temple is dedicated to god Shiva. It was built in 1627 during the reign of Siddhinarasimha Malla. The roof supports are decorated with erotic carvings similar to imagery widespread in Shiva temples in India. The temple is guarded by two stone elephants in the front entrance. On the other side of the temple is the sculpture of a bull,...

  • Krishna Temple

    Krishna temple was built by Malla King Sidhhinarsingha in 16th Century. This temple is considered as the masterpiece of Shikhar style temple in Nepal. It has 21 golden pinnacles and three storyed. Not a single nail or wood has been used to built it. The king saw Krishna and Radha standing infront of his palace. The temple is built exactly at the...

  • Patan Durbar Square

    Do not miss visiting the Patan Durbar when you are visiting Kathmandu.Patan Durbar Square is the spectacular sight of Asia indeed". Really it is full of Hindu temples and Buddhist monuments with bronze gateways, guardian deities and wonderful carvings and many visitors come here to see the these monuments. Patan Durbar square is the famous visiting...


    I did not come across a central market but in certain parts of the city you will see the locals selling their produce, which is ideal for photography. The veggies were very fresh as they had just been harvested from the local fields.


    Everyone knows that Durbar Square is the main attraction in Patan but wander away from there by foot or by bike and you will have many opportunities to see stupas, temples and just the locals carrying out their normal business.


    Durbar square was the site of an ancient crossroads and had many temples there for many centuries but nearly all of the present day structures are from the 17th century. In and around Durbar Square are the majority of the towns 55 temples and 136 courtyards. The important buildings worth seeing are the Krishna Mandir, Bhimsen Temple, Vishwanath...


Patan Restaurants

  • Best views of Durbar Square.

    Around Durbar Square there are several restaurants, but this one maybe has the best views in all the square. Good Nepalese food, maybe a little crowded but once you get a table in the roof-top terrace you´re in heaven (even with Monsoon rain).

  • Visit If You Are Very Hungry!!!!!

    I will not suggest anyone to visit this place just for eating. This place is not recommended at all. It was our second day in Nepal and after visiting Patan it was 4.30 in the afternoon all of us were very hungry. We were highly tempted by the look of the Restaurant just infront of the Durbar Square, it was built in the pattern of the Royal Palace...

  • Great Veiw of Darbar Square

    This place has tables overlooking Darbar square. We wnet here because we needed an urgent pit stop and made a great tea and snacks time out of it.

  • Panoramic views over Durbar square

    This roof-top terrace on the fifth floor allows bird’s eye views over the Patan durbar square, from is southern corner. They also have wine, 100% drinkable!

  • splurge

    Run by the Summit Hotel, stylish open air place, having a gorgeous garden setting behind the Museum. Try the organic salads and do not miss the coffee.

  • Great views

    The views from the rooftop terrace are spectacular. Looking over Durbar square watching the world go by. The vegetarian momo good Vegetarian momo


Patan Transportation


    Patan, one of the three Royal Cities is only 5 kms from Kathmandu and there is no better way of getting there than on a bicycle which you can hire in Kathmandu. You can easily cycle there within an hour, stopping for photos on the way. Make sure you bring a bicycle lock. There is not only Durbar square to visit but cycle in the backstreets of the...

  • taxi to & from Kathmandu

    From nearby the British embassy in Kathmandu north east of Thamel, the taxi to Patan was 120 rupees, 30 minutes. For the way back to Kathmandu, I did not find any cabs as it was night and long after tourists ought to have left already. So I started walking towards Kathmandu, and within 200m, I caught a shared cab, “20 rupees for foreigners”.

  • Taxis to Patan

    The best and fastest way to get to Patan is by taxi. It wont cost no more than 80 to 100 rupees and it is pretty much straight forward with most taxis dropping you off at the citys old gates. You can arrange for return transport but due to the high volume of taxis in the area outside the main gate there is not point. Easy and accessible.


Patan Shopping

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  • Hymalayan Art Work

    You will find water colors, skethes and oils in this art gallery. Water color of the Hymalayas by a local artist. $100

  • Carpets

    Locally made carpets at fixed prices, this is a fair-trade business. The showroom is on the ground floor of the school. Carpets aren’t amazing, but feel free to ask as many questions as the pupils in the showroom are very friendly and ultimately you can find something interesting to buy.

  • Nepali Handicraft Shop With Good Quality

    My Newari friend(My nepal homestay host family !) is one of the member of the cooperation(Shop).If you say about this homepage and my nickname(Hideki,Japani Phyakha),you will buy goods with 'Nepali Price'. +++Handicraft Goods+++Silver Jewelry and Accessories. Horn / Bone / Wood / Metal Buttons and Accessories. Recycled / Lokta / Mitsumata...


Patan Local Customs

  • Machhindranath Jatra(Chariot festival)

    The most important event connected with the deity is the annual chariot procession known as Bunga Dyah Jatra or Rato Machhindranath Jatra. Each year, the locals of Patan, celebrate the festival in order to show respect to the rain god. This festival is one of the oldest and the longest festival celebrated in Patan and is celebrated in...

  • Daura and Suruwal.

    Also called Labeda-Suruwal this complicated design dress is the national costume of Nepalese males. The top is the labeda, and the bottom is the Suruwal, the hat is called Dhaka Topi. Actually this costume specially among young men is loosing popularity.

  • Patan Hotels

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Patan Warnings and Dangers

  • Bargain for whatever, from shopping to...

    If there is one thing you have to learn as quick as possible is this: Bargain! Regaurding whatever, from stuff, to food, to drinks to also the Guesthouses. When somebody is asking 100, you gotta pay not more then 30!Reguarding tghe GH you should not ask for the 30% of the inquiry, but for sure go down to the first price called by the owner.

  • Take care once buying a bus ticket

    It happends a very strange thing to me.I book a bus ticket for the route and I paid normally the rate.Once we were dropping on the bus, the man told us “you do have to pay for looking forward your bags”…and what tha hell does it mean?!So, despite the normal rate they will ask you for some Rupee for looking forward your bags…When this will happen,...

  • Street sellers

    Not so much as in Kathmandu or Bhaltapur,. But also here in Patan you will have the opportunity to get stopped from some street seller, some very nice and some other a little bit too stressy...But it might rise some nice talking, like it happends to me:Once, when I was walking trought the street, cames a little boy, age six or seven yrs old, and he...


Patan Tourist Traps

  • Say NO to guides!!!

    Usually, to have a guide with you is great thing, if you can afford to have one. BUT, When you are off to buy something then be careful. specially buying Thangkas, statues, and a few items of luxury, REMEMBER don't take guide for shopping. the guides charge about 30-50% extra commission on SALES, so be careful!!!SAY NO TO GUIDE!!!

  • Commission on tickets

    Once you would need the service of an agency, for example to book a train ticket or whatever, before to agree for somehting, ask them which is the % or value of their services. So, before to confirm something, bergain also about the provvision!!!!

  • Rickshaw commisions

    Another very common thing that will definitely happend to you during your stay in is this: You will take somewhen a rickshaw or whatever to reach a site, and they will definitely bring you in some shop (a shop of a friend or a brother or whatever). Keep in mind that the owner of the shop will pay the driver a commision cuz he brought there some...


Patan Favorites

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  • Patan

    Patan – once named Lalitpur - is one of the three ancient royal cities of the Kathmandu Valley (the other two being Kathmandu itself and Bhaktapur). Today however the city forms one large agglomerate with the capital, since it lies on the other side of the Bagmati River. The heart of Patan is its Durbar square, filled with Nepal’s most amazing...

  • Durbar square – Mul Chowk

    The largest and the oldest courtyard of the former royal palace let’s you discover exquisite sculptures on the surrounding buildings, together with good views over the palace’s three Taleju temples. The entrance is guarded by two stone lions, and there is s small gilded temple in the middle of the courtyard.

  • Durbar square – King’s Column

    The tall column in front of the Taleju Temple and the royal palace is topped by a golden figure of King Yoganarendra Malla (1684 – 1705). The king is in kneeling position over a lotus bud and is protected by a cobra. A small bird rests on the head of the cobra. The kings’ statue faces his palace since 1700, and legend says that as long as the bird...


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