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  • The Love Love Pashmina Store
    The Love Love Pashmina Store
    by into-thin-air
  • Inside The Love Love Pashmina Store
    Inside The Love Love Pashmina Store
    by into-thin-air
  • Rob Inside The Love Love Pashmina Store
    Rob Inside The Love Love Pashmina Store
    by into-thin-air

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    The Love Love Pashmina Store: Quality Pashminas in Pokhara

    by into-thin-air Updated Jun 1, 2015

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If like myself you are a bit overwhelmed when trying to shop for a Pashmina then a good place to purchase a Quality Pashminas in Pokhara is The Love Love Pashmina Store.
    Mrs Singh, the Proprietor will take time to explain all the different qualities of Pashminas, and believe me there are Lots of different qualities and therefore different prices.
    From 100% Pashminas. To Water Pashminas, From Cotton Pashmina mixes to Silk Pashmina mixes, Single sided and double sided, Different Quality Pashmina depending on whereabouts exactly the wool comes from, Different weights and qualities, It All totally overwhelmed me but Mrs Singh managed to put things in perspective and gave me a better idea on what Pashmina buying is all about :-)

    Her store is located in lakeside, Pokhara, Heading away from the centre in the direction of Damside before you get to the Royal Palace.
    Her prices are fair, You might find cheaper elsewhere But not the same Quality.
    My recommendation is If you are looking for a Quality Pashmina then Definitely go to The Love Love Pashmina Store

    2015 Update
    I was recently sent a link to this YouTube Video where the person who posted it claims to have been ripped off by The Love Love Pashmina Store – All I can say is that I have been very happy with my own purchases there and whether this video is genuine, or one that has been produced in conjunction with a competitor to try and discredit The Love Love Pashmina Store, I Really Can’t say.
    But it the light of this, I would say, Double Check everything you buy to ensure that you don’t fall prey to any scams – if indeed there is a scam in the first place

    The Love Love Pashmina Store Inside The Love Love Pashmina Store Rob Inside The Love Love Pashmina Store Inside The Love Love Pashmina Store Rob Inside The Love Love Pashmina Store
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    by davidjo Written Jan 3, 2015

    Bagh Chal or Tiger Game originated in Nepal and is normally a board game for two players but you can buy a rather nice looking set made from metal and the tigers and goats can be stored inside the metal box. One player controls the 4 tigers while the other controls the 20 goats which try to prevent the tigers from hunting them. The board consists of a 5 x 5 point grid with diagonal lines also, which the pieces are allowed to move on. Basically at the start of the game the tigers are placed on the 4 corners and the goats are off of the board. When the game begins the goats are placed one at a time on the free intersections, but the goats cannot move until all 20 goats are placed on the board.(20 plays for each player) Players take turns and the goats are removed if a tiger can jump over a goat in to a free space.
    The Tigers win if they capture 5 goats
    The goats win if they block all the tigers from moving.

    I bought this game quite a few years ago and it is on display in the house, where so many people have asked questions and wanted to try playing the game.

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    Do you buy your trekking gear at home or in Nepal

    by into-thin-air Updated Oct 13, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Down jackets and Down Sleeping-Bags represent excellent value, OK the quality is not quite as good as you might find in the “West” But they still keep you Very Warm – the only down-side is that you may well look like a chicken yourself as they do tend to shed a few feathers ;-)
    If you are only going to use your Down jacket and Down Sleeping-Bag for one trek then you also have the option of hiring them, Most trekking shops in both Kathmandu and Pokhara hire out trekking gear.
    You can find an adequate pair of trekking poles for less than $10 for a pair – I took my own “Replica Leki” on a thousand mile walk this year and it is still as good as new
    One of my trek-mates once bought a Chinese “Therma-Rest” copy for about $50 and the quality of that was surprisingly good, it even had a brass valve.
    Lots of rip-off “Gortex” equipment – it will keep you dry enough but don’t expect it to breath, but again you can get an adequate waterproof outer shell for less than $25.
    As for “Technical” equipment, wick-away underwear, boots and water filters, I would say that you would probably be better off brining your own or buying what you need before it before you leave your home country.

    Helga modelling Kathmandu Gortex !!
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    “Sportswear International”: Trekking Gear shop in Kathmandu – Buy or Hire

    by into-thin-air Updated Nov 15, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I discovered another great trekking gear shop on my 2012 trip that I can recommend both for hiring and buying trekking gear – This is “Sportswear International” – Located on the same road as Nirmal’s office but a couple of hundred meters to the north.

    Bam, the owner has his own factory and own label “Hi-Himal” – His sleeping bags are excellent and represent great value for money both for hire or to buy
    Prices to hire start from as little as 60NPR per day and to buy from 9.000NPR (Just over $100)
    Down jackets are also available to hire with prices to hire start from as little as 50NPR per day and to buy from 4.000NPR (Less than $50)
    On top of these already good daily hire prices, Bam will also give a small discount for longer treks (Usually a month or more)

    Normally there is no need for either a deposit or is there a cleaning charge (Unless excessive soiling has occurred)

    If you have any problem finding this shop than pop into HMA and one of the office staff there will happily take you to the shop.
    I am Sure you will be more than happy with anything you decide to buy or hire from “Sportswear International”

    Bam with his sleeping-bags for hire People of Kathmandu ?Sportswear International? Shop Pisang from HMA with hire down jacket Location Map
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    The Nirvana Art Gallery: Paintings by local artists

    by into-thin-air Updated Jul 27, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For many years I have looked at paintings by local artists on display in the galleries in and around Thamel and this year finally splashed out and bought one myself.

    The photo is of the painting I chose, Ama Dablam and the old bride below Tengboche and if I say so myself it is a beautiful painting.

    I chose The Nirvana Art Gallery, which is on the same street as The Kathmandu Guesthouse, same side of the road as you head towards Durbar Square.
    Lots of paintings to choose from (This was the hardest part – Selecting the painting) and I thought that the prices were fair.

    These painting make a wonderful souvenir as well as providing work for local artists, so buying one is a Good thing to do :-)

    What to pay: Prices vary by artist and size as well as your negotiating skills, I bought a wonderful large acrylic on canvas for around $60

    Ama Dablam and the old bride below Tengboche
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    by davidjo Written Jul 10, 2012

    Tibetan singing bowls make a unique gift or souvenir for yourself. Singing bowls go back 3000 years and were used in meditation, relaxation and music and even psychotherapists. You can either strike the singing bowl with a padded mallet or rubbing a piece of wood around the rim of the bowl, which will produce a harmonic sound or a continual vibration which gives a continuous 'singing' sound.

    singing bowls

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    by davidjo Written Jun 26, 2012

    Nepal is a wonderful place to shop for souvenirs, as the streets of Kathmandu are lined with many shops. Among the items i have purchased are small silver jewellery items, colourful bags, waistcoats, shirts, and thangkas which are all light and easy to pack in your luggage. But apart from that there is Tibetan jewellery, metal and wooden objects, rice paper and dolls. On my many visits to Nepal i have always purchased too much and find myself offloading books, shoes and clothes to accommodate my new acquisitions.

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    " Fuji Money Changer ": Changing money in Kathmandu ??

    by into-thin-air Updated Jun 1, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Not exactly a shopping tip but I couldn't find a suitable page to put this one on !!??
    Changing money in Kathmandu -- There are literally 1000's of money changers but my tip would be to try " Fuji Money Changer " on Thamel Chouk, I found P K Bhattachan the manager a good guy to deal with and if you are changing a largish amount of money then they are willing to give you a better rate than advertised -- give them a try !!

    2006 -- I was back in this, My Favourite Money Changer in Kathmandu and Yes -- He Again gave me a better rate that All of his competitors -- See if he will do the same for you !! -- Happy Travels in Nepal -- Rob

    I was back at Fuji Money Changer again this year (2008) and pleased to report that their exchange rate are still the best that I was able to find in Kathmandu

    I was back changing my money at a better than average rate with Mr Fuji on my 2012 trip ;-)

    Durbar Square, Kathmandu
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    Best email /Internet outlet in Thamel

    by into-thin-air Updated Aug 3, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are literally 1.000’s of internet outlets in Thamel, some of them have good connections and some of them have Slow connections, some of them have good computers and keyboards and some of them not so good !!
    Prices also vary Greatly !!
    So the trick is finding a good one with good computers and keyboards, a good connection and air Price.
    I have used the same place for the last 8 years and haven’t found better, Prices are 20NPR per hour, Good computers and keyboards and a good connection.
    Located on the cross street that heads away from Hot Breads / Le Bistro (Same street as The Kathmandu Guesthouse) in the direction of Thamel Chowk and The Royal Palace. On the right hand side towards the end of the street.

    They also offer a great laundry service which I use when in Kathmandu, a lot cheaper than hotels, reliable too !!

    Best email /Internet outlet in Thamel
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  • Fishtail Book Shop: Second Hand Books in Pokhara

    by poledi Updated Apr 4, 2011

    I'd like to recommend Fishtail Book Shop in Pokhara. If you are looking for second hand guides (Lonely Planes, Footprint etc) that;s the best place to go - as they have the most reasonable prices (have checked prices in 3 or 4 other book shops) .

    What to buy: Second hand guides.

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    Tailors' shops: Nepal's own weave - Dhaka cloth

    by Saagar Updated Apr 4, 2011

    What to buy: Dhaka cloth is very popular among Nepalis and is traditionally used in folksy women's blouses and shawls and men's caps (topi). The weave is rather intricate and detailed and appears quite on the geometrical side at close range. Color focus is on red, white,green, all in rather subdued colors.
    Buy by the metre and take home for your own design/fit at the home tailor's or get a garment made in Nepal. Topis are everywhere to be found, but you might find the best selection in Kathmandu's Asan road and it side alleys.

    What to pay: A range of prices depending on quality, all affordable. Solicit local assistance when choosing pattern, quality and finding the cost. Normally sol per metre. If asked more than 500 Rs per metre you are being seriously cheated in a regular tailor's shop, but in artsy shops you may be finding something special at that price and above.

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    Holyland HikingShop (old "Woodlands"): "Repair 2" plus by order sports clothing.

    by Saagar Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Holy Land produces its own brand sporting goods, sells and buys old and new goods.
    In addition, they do repairs, and they do it well and inspired.
    Their business is rooted in a sister trekking company, so thier equipment is tested (on Everest, to, if that is a good enough measure).
    The quality sign for such shops are seams and zippers. These two things are the first to go. Good thread is apparently the most difficult item to buy cheaply for production in Nepal. This shop's ones are strong enough, thanks to good quality choise of materials and a good workshop with excellent employees. They have never disappointed me.
    The proprietor is Baden Thulunge Rai.

    What to buy: I have bought helmet, Swiss army knives, Leki hiking staffs, bags, fixed my backpacks here and a host of other things.
    I also brought a sketch of a tent I wanted to have made, and it has been great.
    They produce according to order, in a very professional manner, everything from down jackets, shell jackets of any quality you want (fabrics is imported), sleeping bags to backpacks and toiletries bags etc.
    You will probably find larger shops with better selections in Kathmandu, but try this one also for good service and quality.

    What to pay: It's quite cheap, most of it, except what comes directly imported from Europe or the US. Second hand expedition gear is ok, locally produced goods, repairs and made-by order is according to the fabrics chosen, by and large very cheap.

    Holyland Hiking Shop

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    Patan Handicraft Cooperative Center: Nepali Handicraft Shop With Good Quality

    by kamayan Updated Apr 4, 2011

    My Newari friend(My nepal homestay host family !) is one of the member of the cooperation(Shop).
    If you say about this homepage and my nickname(Hideki,Japani Phyakha),you will buy goods with 'Nepali Price'.
    I made up the Map of the shop on my website.

    What to buy: +++Handicraft Goods+++
    Silver Jewelry and Accessories.
    Horn / Bone / Wood / Metal Buttons and Accessories.
    Recycled / Lokta / Mitsumata (Argelo)Paper and Paper Products.
    Mithila Painting and Products.
    Wood Crafts.
    Silk Screening and Block Printing
    Silk Pashmina / Cashmere Scarves, Stoles, Shawls, Throws etc.
    Clay Garden Items, Incense Holders. Candle Holders, Decoratives etc.
    Natural Handloom Fabric Products, Cotton / Woollen Knitwear etc.
    Metal Photo Frames, Votive Candle Holders etc.
    Thangka / Scroll Paintings etc.

    What to pay: You can buy your favorites with friend price!
    Not likely Thamel Area shop for foreigners.

    gallary & shop
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    Nepal is growing good coffee

    by Saagar Written Mar 20, 2011

    Nepal is maturing as a coffee grower and it's organic production based on small home plantations has really taken off. The most important places are the hills in the central parts of the country from a bit west of Pokhara to the hills east of Kathmandu. The quality and taste is really good, and you will enjoy good memories of Nepal along with a refreshing good cup of coffee. I do bring coffee home on every trip.

    Note that when you get coffee served in private homes of roadside stalls it is very weak and taken nearly the same way as tea. You find better coffees at speciality shops in the cities.

    What to buy: What to buy is up to the individual buyer's taste and preference, of course, so little is to be said in a general recommendation about this. I prefer medium and dark roast, the common bean is the Arabica, and I prefer to bring the whole beanns, vacuum packed back home. Brands that I have tested are Everest Coffee, Machhapuchhare Flying Bird, and I generally fin coffee from Palpa district tasty.

    What to pay: The well packed ones meant for the upmarket and tourist market segments is expensive in Nepali terms, my last filter coffee purchase was NPR 280 for 200g dark roast. Definitely cheaper than my home price.

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    Banking, money exchangers etc.: Handling money matters in Nepal

    by Saagar Written Jan 22, 2011

    Upon landing in Nepal, exchange sufficient money at TIA to get you a taxi into town, a room deposit and a beer, say 50 USD or so. The TIA exchange counter's rate is bad. Once settled in a hotel, go to the nearest exchange counter (not hotel, they add an extra fee as well) and do the main exchange. It is also a good idea to use visa cards at ATMs - that's the absolutely best way to handle money. ATMs are comeing up everywhere in small towns and urban centres. Personally, I always carry a stack of EUR or USD for hard-currency payments (local flights etc), and pay other bills in rupees withdrawn on a visa card. I use one visa bank card and one visa bank card, using mostly the credit card when shopping for safety's sake (you et your money back if things go awry on credit cards, but with a bank card you lay your account open for theft). If you pay services and goods by card, the credit card fee slapped on is quite high - I have been asked charges up to 20% "because I have to use the machine of a friend". Master card, Diners, Amex is less used for money transactions in Nepal than Visa. For large amounts, 50.000 Rs upwards, take your card to a bank counter and withdraw. In this way you minimize the exchange fees and trouble and time it takes to deal with banking. If you handle big amounts you may end up taking too much hard currency into into Nepal, and that's not good either - for you, as it might happen.

    Visa works!
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