North Korea Local Customs

  • Taking aim on their wedding day
    Taking aim on their wedding day
    by wabat
  • Having a swing in the park
    Having a swing in the park
    by wabat
  • One for the wedding album
    One for the wedding album
    by wabat

North Korea Local Customs

  • Hard-wired radios

    Any and all residences in DPRK, as well as the public spaces are all wired with broadcast speakers.The public can only adjust the volume of these speakers, but cannot change the channel, since they are hard-wired. Nor can they turn them off. If the wires are severed, they may have to answer to the officials.These speakers are used to pipe...

  • Police Women

    Particularly in the city center of P'yongyang you will pass Police Women in the intersections directing traffic. In the outer cities, the traffic control becomes a bit more equal between men and women. But P'yongyang has the vast majority being women.As with most of the country, electricity is a premium. Street lights and traffic signals are no...

  • Stalls/kiosks

    Dotted around the city are small stalls that sell fruit juices and, I think, cider etc. I went up to one that was on the corner of the foreign language bookshop we visited and tried to buy something with the North Korean Won that I obtained from my hotel only to get a horrified look on the face of the lady at the kiosk. Buying something with local...

  • The people

    Unlike in China, where residents cycle, the vast majority of residents appear to walk and bicycles are notable by their absence. People walk around wearing old style clothes that look like they're from the 1940's and 50's and very few people where any bright colours. It's all drab blacks, greys and dark blues with white shirts, almost like a...

  • Traditional costume

    At a couple of attractions that we visited, we were met by a guide who wore the Korean national costume which, I think, is called the hanbok. Our tour guide wore one on the morning of our departure and also they were for sale in the souvenir shop at the Yanggakdo Hotel. Also young girls were wearing them at a school we visited. Basically, people...

  • Kim Il Sung pin

    Every adult in North Korea has to wear a pin with Kim Il Sung on it to show their allegiance to him, everyday of their lives. I believe they actually get given them on their 17th birthday and different styles don't actually mean anything but I can't confirm this. All I can confirm is that there is no way of buying them in North Korea. You can buy...

  • Pyongyang traffic ladies

    Some junctions (intersections) in Pyongyang do have traffic lights but these didn't seem to be working when I was there. Instead, Pyongyang is full of rather attractive, young traffic ladies dressed in a blue skirt with a white uniform jacket and hat. They hold out a red and white baton that glows at night and stand in a circle in the middle of the...

  • Information with an open mind

    Obviously the traveler who finds themselves going to North Korea will tend to be a bit more adventurous, more educated and curious about life on the 'other side'.Your tours here will all be for an educational and cultural value, since there is not much of a night life or socializing that you will be allowed to participate in.It should go without...

  • Curious look

    They don't speak languages.They don't approach you, unless they are in charge to help you (drivers, guides, waitress, shop girls etc.).In Pyongyang, they even won't look at you easily.But still, they are curious nation. And the only independent way (probably) to communicate with them is through eye contact (or even a shy smile). Don't try more if...

  • Taking photos among Koreans

    Usually you'll notice government's photographer taking photos of special moments of Koreans, probably because there aren't many who own it. This is great opportunity for you to take the photo without hassle and most of the time, they are very proud.

  • The Principles and Calendar of Juche

    In downtown P'yongyang, next to the river stands the Tower of Juche. At night time, the flame on the top has an artificial red/orange light to simulate a flame. This is less of a monument to pay respects to, but rather the icon of an Idea.Juche is the principle that the late Kim il-Sung created that in short states that North Korea can do...

  • Soiree on Kim Il Sung´s Birthday

    In the evening of the 15th of April, Kim Il Sung´s birthday, young people come together and dance on the Kim Il Sung square in the centre of Pyongyang.One can join in and might even end up on local TV screens...

  • The women have very nice...

    The women have very nice cultural dresses or army uniforms and some smile - they prefer if you ask to be taken for a picture: I requested from our minder would it be possible to marry a North Korean girl and he said: 'There is no law against it..', but the other fellow contiued '..but this time (compare with MUST SEE ACTIVITIES) it is not...

  • The North Koreans see...

    The North Koreans see themselves as the direct descendants of the Koryo dynasty and it is their plan to reunite Korea under that name. The North Koreans are very racially 'pure' - in that there has been no external intermarriage for two generations. They exhibit a quiet pride about this. As a result (I suspect) they have remarkable physical...

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  • Koryo Hotel

    Pyongyang, North Korea

    Satisfaction: Excellent

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  • Hyangsan Hotel

    I do not write about things that I have not experienced first hand and as I did not actually stay...

  • Ryonggang Hot Spring House

    We had been up since around 6am so when we arrived at our hotel, the Ryonggang Hot Spring House, at...

  • Yanggakdo Hotel

    The are only a small number of hotels in Pyongyang at which tourists are permitted to stay. One of...

  • Youth Hotel

    Chilgol-dong, Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, North Korea

    Satisfaction: Poor

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  • Ryanggang Hotel

    Chongchun Street, Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, North Korea

    Satisfaction: Terrible

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North Korea Local Customs

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