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  • Yokosuka - Day Trip
    by Ewingjr98
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by Ewingjr98
  • Cherry Blossoms of Keizenji Temple
    Cherry Blossoms of Keizenji Temple
    by taigaa001

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  • nepalgoods's Profile Photo

    Off the Beaten Path Places in China

    by nepalgoods Written Sep 21, 2007

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    I have visited China many times. Beside the many beautiful and famous places like Beijing, Xi'an or Shanghai there are many Off the Beaten Path Places in China, which have not yet been discovered by most tourists. Many people, even expirienced travells, are reluctant to leave the beaten path to discover small villages or even big unknown cities. They feel uneasy in places, where they do not speak the language. I just can say: even though I speak Chinese now, I travelled to unknown places in China, when I still did not know any Chinese. And in many places people do not even speak Mandarin! Don't be afraid! You'll always find a bed and something to eat and many, many friendly people showing you around.

    For some of my experiences in Off the Beaten Path Places in China see my following pages




    Even on a group tour you can discover less known places in China:



    Jimingyi Jingdezhen Nanchang Yining Kuqa
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  • aussirose's Profile Photo

    Koh Samui

    by aussirose Written Jul 1, 2006

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    We boarded the cruise straight after arriving in Singapore on Sunday. Spent Monday sailing the high seas, and on Tuesday arrived at Koh Samui, an island off the eastern coast of Thailand. Here the hilight was an elephant ride.

    Koh Samui elephant ride
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    by aussirose Written Jul 1, 2006

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    I'm using the off the beaten path tips to tell you about about the places we visited along the way.

    Singapore - I fell in love with this place. I call it the 'Garden City' because everywhere were beautiful gardens and trees. I'm glad we saved the best for last :o)

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  • lmkluque's Profile Photo

    Tea Terraces in Mountians

    by lmkluque Updated Aug 19, 2004

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    It was just like being in a National Geographic documentary, driving up through the hills and mountains in Indonesia. Tea Terraces coated the mountains and life in this area seemed primative, peaceful and beautiful. Of course, for me, the real selling point for traveling out here had to be the cooler air. As can be seen in the photo, the humidity was thick, but the heat didn't make it up this high and I loved it.

    My advise is to make a trip up to Puncak Pass Restaurant and enjoy a cup of tea, or a meal and the views.

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  • mnybondas's Profile Photo

    Destinations that are not that easy to visit

    by mnybondas Written Jan 30, 2004

    Saudi-Arabia, North Korea and the British Indian Ocean Territory are difficult destinations to visit, because they are not easily accessible. In the cases of Saudi-Arabia and North Korea this has to do with the difficulty to obtain a visa. For the British Indian Ocean Territory the problem is that there are very few transportation alternatives available to get there.

    Saudi-Arabia has traditionally not issued any tourist visas. If you work in Saudi-Arabia you can receive a work visa. If you come on business you can receive a business visa. If you do not work in Saudi-Arabia and your employer does not send you on business to Saudi-Arabia either then your only options are the transit visa, the visitor visa or the pilgrim visa (Ummra). The transit visa can be issued for a maximum of 72 hours. You need to have a confirmed onward ticket to qualify for a transit visa. The visitor visa is intented for family members visiting somebody who is working in Saudi-Arabia. It might be possible to receive a visitor visa if you have a friend in Saudi-Arabia and you persuade him or her to invite you. The pilgrim visa is only issued to muslims, so this means that you would have to lie on your visa application if you are not a muslim.

    North Korea is the most closed country in the world. An organized tour is the only way to enter the country. A North Korean visa is notoriously difficult to get. Especially for American passport holders it is almost impossible to get a North Korean visa.

    There are no flights to the British Indian Ocean Territory and there are no regular ship connections either. It is possible to charter a boat for the trip to the British Indian Ocean Territory from Maldives or from the Seychelles. It is going to be cheaper of course if you find a group of people to share the cost.

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  • lmkluque's Profile Photo

    The Gazebo at Bogor Botonical Gardens

    by lmkluque Updated Sep 13, 2003

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    Bogor is a city in Indonesia that houses the Bogor Botonical Gardens. It is also a cooler and more refreshing place to be than at lower levels, where the heat and humidity were oppressive.

    This Botonicla Garden has a long history and is a show place that shouldn't be missed. Here you can see the lush, exotic flora and fauna of this part of the world and still, throughout the park there are beautiful signs of the Dutch colonial days Indonesia lived under.

    Now, the garden is the site of scholarly research and home to the endangered and elusive Rafflesia arnoldi. Called the 'corpse flower' it really reeks, to attract flies for pollination. Almost 1 meter wide and weighing about 9 kilograms, it is by far the largest bloom in the world. I wanted to see this flower, but my timing was off by three days.

    Jl. Ir. H. Juanda 13
    PO Box 309
    Bogor 16003

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  • Yiannis2000's Profile Photo

    Visit East Timor!!!

    by Yiannis2000 Written Feb 25, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    East Timor lies just north of Australia, it is our newest nation in Asia and in the world!
    Safe, after 25 years of troubled history, Timor still has limited infrastructure, so it is recommended for devoted travellers!
    You can fly there from Bali or Darwin, N.T. Australia.
    For more, check : www.timor2004.tk

    by J. Lewis
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  • found some of the best value...

    by gavski55 Written Aug 26, 2002

    found some of the best value food in the outback areas, cheapest rooms , not so many travellers which was cool if you are after culture and getting to know the country, good idea for travelling on buses is 24 seaters usually locals use it , they are way better than the nastier one for tourists like us , 24 seats

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  • Most tourists only see the...

    by China-doll Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Most tourists only see the glamorous parts of a city. I encourage people to go into the 'real' parts of the city and see how the local people live. Go walking and let yourself get lost. It is much more fun not knowing where you are. Only then can you experience things you wouldn't otherwise. You'll find that the unnoticed people are much more friendly than the crowd rushing out of the MTR station or the cashier at the supermarket.

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  • ukirsari's Profile Photo

    Find secluded place in any...

    by ukirsari Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Find secluded place in any countries of Asia. Maybe the name of the place is unknown or unfamiliar on the sites, travel books, etc. For example, Shankouyang a small town at Kalimantan (Borneo) --for temporary, I put it on my Surabaya page. This place not yet listed as a tourist destination, even in my country. But I do enjoy being here. Known as city with thousand temples, just like somewhere in China!

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  • There's one place no every...

    by tan_li_lian Written Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There's one place no every Singaporean know-----That is Paya Lebar Air Base (In Singapore). It is located in Old Airport Road. As what you can guess from the name of this location (Old Airport Road),
    Paya Lebar Air Base is actually the location Singapore previous Airport. Now, Paya Lebar Air Base no longer served as Singapore Airport. This previous Airport is replaced by the present new, high-technology, and air-conditioned Airport which has a very beautiful name called Singapore Changi Airport. Again, how this present Airport get it's name. It is the same theory----Singapore
    Changi Airport is called as such is because it is situated in Changi Road.

    Since Singapore Changi Airport has taken over the previous role of Paya Lebar Air Base, it (Paya Lebar Air Base) no longer served as a Airport. Now Paya Lebar Air Base served as a training centre for the safe taking off and landing of aircrafts.

    Paya Lebar Air Base gives me a very good impression because it has a very spacious piece of open land. Some part is cemented, and some part is bare land. That place is so big, so big which made you feels that you are so tiny, so minute.

    Sometimes, you can see aircrafts from different countries taking off or landing from there. It's such a nice feeling to see such a huge and heavy object flying up to the sky, turning smaller and smaller as it fly higher and further away. It's a nice experience to know how it sounds like when an aircraft is taking off, but for safety reason, try to give some protection to your ears by covering the(Your ears) with your hands.

    To ensure safe aircraft taking off and landing, that place is to be litter-free, otherwise accident may happened due to the litter being sucked into the aircraft causing technical faults.

    To get to Paya Lebar Air Base:
    >>> Take MRT (Mass. Rapid Transit) to Paya Lebar MRT Station,
    >> From Paya Lebar MRT Station, walk a very short distance to Tanjong Katong Complex,
    > From the bus stop outside Tanjong Katong Complex, take bus 30.

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  • When traveling to Asia,...

    by tan_li_lian Written Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When traveling to Asia, usually, tourists are so occupied with all those well-known places of interest. Besides all those attractive and interesting places of interest, there are another cozy part of Singapore which many people have forgotten. They are those little islands (For example, Kusu Island, Sisters' Island, St. John's Island) which belonged to Singapore, but is separated from the city by sea. Out of all the Islands in Singapore, only Sentosa, followed by Pulau Ubin are more well-known. In fact, all the other Islands (Kusu Island, Sisters' Island and St. John Island) are very nice places which provide you with a temporary escape from the fast-paced, stressful and competitive environment, bring you nearer to nature and give you a breath of life. These places really help you to reflect on this world and life again. Next time you visit Singapore again, consider visiting these places which has been near forgotten. Treasure the chance while you still have it, as they may not be around forever. Singapore is a highly populated country, one day all these cozy islands may be converted to high-rise building due to the need of land for more living estates. Friends, treasure the chance when you still have it.

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  • Food. You may think that all...

    by Hilda Written Aug 24, 2002

    Food. You may think that all asian food is good, but we went on a beautiful and expensive trip to Asia and found out that all of us had problems with the food. Of course there are excellent restaurant but mostly in the Grand Tourism Hotels. Sometimes we ate at local restaurants that weren't as clean and good as we would've like. If you are not of those 'all-eaters' supply yourself with crackers and cookies from the 'frienship stores.

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  • Krystynn's Profile Photo

    O.K., take a good look at the ...

    by Krystynn Written Aug 24, 2002

    1 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    O.K., take a good look at the Map of Asia enclosed below.... See which places you haven't visited... Make a note of it.... Start saving your $$$$ from today onwards.... and soon you'd be on your way to conquer the places and countries you'd never imagine you'd see in person!

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  • Krystynn's Profile Photo

    Volunteer Work In Third World...

    by Krystynn Written Aug 24, 2002

    1 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Volunteer Work In Third World Asian Countries:

    There are some things in life money just can't buy. Inner peace, your sanity; Happiness and Joy. Do you feel like there is something missing in your life... and that there is more to life than just 'been there, done that, got the t-shirt'? Or just sitting glued to your PC day-in, night-out and seeing your life slowly slip by you whilst the rest of the world seem to be moving ahead? Why don't you consider volunteering your time promoting environmental and social causes? This kind of holiday will be one which you'll remember for the rest of your life. Often room and board are provided, allowing you to stay longer abroad/ overseas without breaking your bank account. And depending on your skills, you may even be able to negotiate a small salary.

    World Service Enquiry gives a wealth of information and advice regarding working overseas in developing nations for peace, justice, development or even mission work!

    If you're interested to expand the Kingdom of Christ, please check this site: Mission Church Work. I have done some mission work in IndoChina and believe me, it has changed my entire outlook in life. I'm not one to sit down and do nothing. I'd rather spend my time going out - yes, even into the field (if necessary) to make a little difference in this world. Nothing beats seeing things with your very own eyes... instead of reading the newspapers.

    Photo Below: Yours truly at Club Med, in exotic Phuket, Thailand...

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