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  • Shelton's Layalina
    by Asifs66
  • Shelton's Layalina
    by Asifs66
  • Shelton's Layalina
    by Asifs66

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    Shiraz Restaurant: It,s Hot N Spicy,must try it

    by silenttraveller Updated Oct 11, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Shiraz`Restaurant is one of the best eating place in Peshawar,because the specialty of Shiraz restaurant is it,s Quality of food and taste,it is the most high ranking eating spot among the peshawarites, things to note;

    . Fresh foods on order and Buffet
    .Chinies and continental foods
    .Reservation should be made before arrival
    .Food is tasty,delicious,hot and spicy
    .Nice,comfortable table setting
    .Open till late night

    Favorite Dish: Crispy Fried Fish,Lamb Leg Roast,Chicken handi

    It,s one of the best dishes of this restaurant, because its hot,spicy, crispy and delicious,all you want in a sea food.

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  • Chai

    by Papita Written Nov 8, 2008

    Chai meaning "tea" is a loose black tea, mixed with sugar and milk (often milk from a water buffalo).

    Favorite Dish: It's that good because when you wake up in the morning, it is the best thing to be served with a hot roti.

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  • Kahwa

    by Papita Written Nov 8, 2008

    One thing very near and dear to the hearts of Pathans is Kahwa - their special green tea. If you are a guest in their home, this is a likely beverage they will serve, even in the dead heat of summer. Often it is preferred over regular sweet & milky chai and is usually served slightly weak and without sugar.

    Favorite Dish: Kahwa comes in many different varieties and is basically a loose-leaf green tea. The best place to venture in search of the perfect Kahwa is "Namak Mandi" (meaning Salt Market), in which hundreds of stalls are crammed into just a few narrow streets. They usually sell black chai, salt, and green tea varieties and if you follow your nose you will find the area. Many of these teas are brought from north-eastern Pakistan from Tibet or China and some are also grown locally. Kahwa throughout the rest of Pakistan is known as "Peshawari Chai".

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  • Street Vendors are Always the Best

    by Papita Written Nov 8, 2008

    What I love about Peshawar is its always bustling atmosphere and great smells of food that you can sense when you get off the plane! The locals always stress the necessity of "fresh" food, and usually means the halal slaughtering of a chicken upon ordering. The foods are real in every sense of the word - small to medium sized chickens that are grain-fed and are not genetically-modified in any way -- I don't know what can be more fresh than that. We are so used to the taste of chemicals, preservatives and MSG that we often forget the beauty of flavour of the simplest ingredients.

    The most common forms of "street food" you will encounter in Peshawar are: BBQ chicken, Kalool (red kidney bean dish), Bindi (Okra), Kaddu (pumpkin/squash dish), Mantu (amazing Afghani dumplings)

    Favorite Dish: BBQ Chicken - roasted in a clay tanoor oven with a dry spice rub.

    Kalool - a red kidney bean dish with tomato broth.

    Bindi - chopped up okra with onions and tomato

    Kaddu - pumpkin or squash dish

    Mantu - amazing Afghani beef dumplings

    Ash - Iranian-style noodle soup, quite salty and spicy but addictive

    Souf - literally meaning "Soup", THE BEST SOUP YOU WILL EVER TASTE, which is a chicken soup with thick broth and egg drops.

    Kema kebab - my absolute favourite dish, ground beef meatball kebabs roasted on an open flame with nothing but salt and oil on them

    Chaka - Peshawar's specialty, more like an Eastern take on Tzatziki sauce. It's plain yoghurt mixed with salt, crushed cilantro and crushed mint - very refreshing when accompanied with a spicy dish.

    Chutni - A dip for your roti, which is a spicy, tangy blend of many ingredients including olives, red chili peppers, vinegar and yoghurt - usually comes free if you purchase with another dish such as Kalool

    Samosas - Need I say more? Mostly available only from 4-6pm daily.

    Rujee/Chawal - What is Pakistan without rice!? Many different varieties, the best I find is a light fluffy basmati rice mixed with garam masala, chick peas and raisins.

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  • Kalashtravels's Profile Photo

    Hotel North West Heritage: Pakistani Food

    by Kalashtravels Updated Apr 21, 2007

    Best Restaurant, they make very good Pakistani food. I like the roof top Restaurant and the atmosphere. You can view the old city and Balai Sar Fort. The nice time to go there is for dinner. They play traditional rabab music.

    Favorite Dish: I liked fish cooked in the mud oven, chicken baked in the mud oven and the Peshawari kebabs.

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  • JohnniOmani's Profile Photo

    Rose Hotel: Quality Food and Great View

    by JohnniOmani Written Oct 13, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Rose Hotel is in the old city and it is place that is great for budget travellers. It offers basic food but the price is quality and the view of the old city is great as you can look down (the windows are tinted so nobody can you see you take photos) and watch the locals sell fruit etc. You can watch the women walk by in burkas and you can even snap some photos of them if there is no hotel staff in the room when you take the photo. A great place to relax and take in the buzz of peshawar.

    Favorite Dish: I only sampled the chicken dishes but they were all great!

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  • Rehmat's Profile Photo

    femous Tea house

    by Rehmat Written Oct 3, 2006

    I naver miss to drink AfternoonTea called in this area (dudh-pate) and Green Tea called (keh-wa). so please dont miss to sit in Local SMALL TEA HOUSE called (keh-wa khana) and enjoy the fresh Tea or GreenTea. i hope u ll like it,
    But ,,,,,, if u dont like suger then ask 1st that u need without suger

    Tradetional Tea House
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  • leonik's Profile Photo

    -unnamed-: Chappli Kebab!

    by leonik Written Oct 25, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nothing but Chappli Kebab and naan...

    Chappli Kebab is a Peshawari specialty and it's a must-try if you happen to be in Peshawar, the frontier city... where many travelers stop here on the way to or from Afghanistan.

    I asked around for recommendations and many pointed me the direction of this place.
    It doesn't have a signboard, but many rickshaw-wallahs will know this place. Just tell them "Chappli Kebab, Chawk Fowara" and they'll drop you off right there.

    Chappli Kebab is made up of (i think) mashed mutton or beef and peppers and other yummy stuff which i couldn't quite remember. But it's usually accompanied by naan.

    There is a small, cool (no fans or a/c but surprisingly cool) eating area below the kitchen.

    By the way, Chawk Fowara means "Fountain Intersection" and it's in Saddar.

    Favorite Dish: Chappli Kebab, what else?! And it's really cheap... and really good and although it doesn't seem hygienic, it really is! My weak stomach had surprisingly no problems at all!

    With the chef in a kurta shalwar... THE Chappli Kebab... best accompanied with naan...

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  • Local Chai hotels: Chai Time in Peshawar

    by WAHEEDASLAM Written Oct 21, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Chai(Tea) is the favouite drink in Pakistan. Although its very hot in some areas but people seem to enjoy it more in summer! Peshawri chai is the most famous & tasty. I f u ever visit Peshawar always try few sips of hotel chai to freshen up yourself.....

    Favorite Dish: dood patti..water is not used to make this kind of chai..I really love it

    Time for chai..Local Chaiwala
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    In Kashgar, our tour leader...

    by jillikins Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In Kashgar, our tour leader had arranged for us to have lunch in the local Uyghar home. This would be a side business for the home owners.
    Atmosphere was great, we sat on the floor on big cushions, and had the appropriate music in the background. And then we were able to take a tour of the home, which did not belong to a poor person.

    Favorite Dish: As you can see, there was a large selection of specialty breads, cheese, nuts, small dishes of sweet biscuits and lollies.Then they brought out dish after dish of hot food, and we had to tell them to stop, it was just delicious though.

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