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  • Tulsi tree at the museum
    Tulsi tree at the museum
    by besal
  • Citadel block
    Citadel block
    by besal
  • Passing canal enroute to Harappa
    Passing canal enroute to Harappa
    by besal

Harappa Things to Do

  • Eid Gah - Masjid

    Eid Gah, as it was called, appeared to have been built sometimes in between 15th and 17th century. It may have been built at the same time a sufi saint Baba Nur Shah Wali who may have lived. It was constructed utilizing the bricks from Harappa’s remains.

  • Citadel Area: Mound AB

    Northern Area: This mound show remnants of a well planned city, revealing east-west streets, brick covered drains, and sewerage treatment area pits,. To the north and south of the streets were houses, connected with small lanes. This mound dates back to 2200 BC. Several of the bricks in the upper structures were taken away by contractors who built...

  • Granary

    Leading further north from the masjid is the remains of an old granary, which shows that the Harappans were a civilized and organized foreseeing need for storing grains and other commodities. We didn’t go that far as it was too hot, and our kids were exhausted from walking.

  • Cemetery R – 37

    This site was discovered in 1937 by Shastri, and further excavated by Wheeler (1946) and Dales and Keynor (1986-88). 57 graves were found in this cemetery, with pots and personal toilet instruments. The graves are of poor order, meaning they were for average citizens and dates 2600 - 1900 BC. A male skeletal was discovered here and is displayed in...

  • Cemetery H Civilization

    Excavation of this site was started in 1926 by Madho Vats, revealing several cemeteries of people who lived here. Two different levels of burial were identified. The upper level graves consisted of large painted jars in which the skulls and bones were buried. The fragmented skeletal remains showed that corpses were exposed to the elements, and...

  • Rakh Forest

    There are several indigenous thorn forests vegetation or the Rakhs comprising of Salvadore oleodes (Wan, Jal), Tamarix aphylla (Frash, Phalwan), Prosopis cineraria (Jund) and Capparis decidua (Kareer). Hundred years Rakhs formed one of the most remarkable landscapes of Punjab. There wood was main source of firewood, fodder, and food for the...

  • Harappa Museum

    A small museum houses majority of the artifacts excavated from the site. There is a female skeleton with all its ornaments, and potteries around it which depicted the burial custom of Harappans. It also houses a male skeleton excavated from Cemetery R-37.Fees is nominal for local, but foreigners a hefty Rs. 200.

  • Baba Nur Shah Wali Shrine

    The shrine dates back to 17th or 18th century. The tomb is quite long, almost 9 meters. Some say that this saint was very tall. The tomb is located right behind an old mughal masjid, on path leading towards the granary.

  • History of the Subcontinent

    Harappa is one of the oldest cities in the subcontinent. It's been there for more than 8000 years, if I remember the words of our tourist guide correctly.Some of the buildings of that time are still in quite good condition and are open for visits of tourists. You enter the city through a small museum with some items that have been found when the...

  • The old market

    It was quite hidden inside the town not that easy to be found from outside. The two local friends treated us some of the local melon juices and some extreme sweet desserts, I don't know what that call in name but was very sweet and I had so much.

  • The first contact

    The first contact is about a visitor using his palm to make contact with the nature of the soil of Harappa to generate some kind of travelling connection of V.

  • Soil of Harappa

    This tip is to let yall see the soil of this ancient civilization. It was dry when I visit, so you can see the soil looks quite like a desert or wastelands.

  • Non humankind watching 3b

    Non humankind watching 3b is similar tip as 3 but slightly dissimilar, if you look carefully using the way of non humankind watching to watch. This tip is actualy for Non humankind but I uploaded it anyway.

  • Humankind watching

    This tip shows a VTer trying to perform one kind of kneeling techniques to make himself look more Harappanizable to entertain himself while visiting this location full of Non humankinds being watched by humankins worldwide.

  • Non humankind watching 3

    Non humankind watching 3 goes into a watching sensation where if you watch more you will gain more of non humankind watching skills to be able to go non humankind in your ownself.

  • Non humankind watching 2

    Non humankind watching 2 has an obvious large green vegetation in exuberant growth. This tip is for tourists to observe lush green without humankind involve.

  • Non humankind watching 1

    Non humankind watching 1 shows a scene of green vegetative in full observable appearance for humankind to observe as an must see activity.

  • The activity of activity

    The activity of activity is an activity which we should pay more attention to. If you visit this location, this activity of activity is a must do activity to activate your activitiness of the activity of activity.....do you understand?


Harappa Restaurants

  • Harappan Desserts

    Harappan Desserts are another special guests treat by the 2 friendly Harappans, this time was in a real restaurant in the old market. The desserts taste so sweet and then we have melon juice after desserts. What an unforgettable visit.

  • The Harappan sugar cane juice

    The Harappan sugar cane juice is not a real restaurant but it was a wonderful experience because that was a glass of sugar cane juice for special guests only, a treat by the 2 Harappans.

  • Harappa Hotels

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Harappa Transportation

  • The buses

    These are the buses that sent us from Sahiwal to Harappa. Not that bad huh. In the bus, be expect to shake hands with many peoples.

  • Our Harappa bus

    On the bus, we met at least 10 peoples who wants to shake hands to make friends with us. They are nice peoples. At last it was a young man that brought us to the museum also to invite us to visit his house. Harappa peoples are way too friendly.

  • How to get to Harappa

    To get to Harappa is way too easy. Tourists from Lahore just have to buy a bus ticket in the main bus station to Sahiwal (4 hours). The bus only go up to Sahiwal and you will be dropped there to catch another bus on the main road. Yes you just have to stand beside the main road where the bus dropped you, to wait for bus to Harappa (another 1half...


Harappa Shopping

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    by l_joo Written Aug 13, 2004

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    A Harappa Shopping Tip is to let you see the town in full, so that you know what to expect to shop when you are in Harappa, next time?

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Harappa Local Customs

  • A top class local cutom tip - part 2

    Part 2 is a shot where the two brothers moving up front to stand more confidently with hand in the pose of FL. FL is a pose well known throughout Penang Island, just ask any Penangites about FL.

  • A top class local cutom tip

    A top class local cutom tip? Yes I agree. This is a top class tip, a top class local cutom tip. Look at what I have here, to be invited to have a photo with the whole family of the local peoples. What else can I say. Therefore this local custom tip is A top class local cutom tip.

  • A very very local custom tip

    A very very local custom tip is a tip for me to recall back my memory when I was sitting inside the house drinking the cold Pepsi. By looking out from the house, I snap this photo. This tip is not only a tip for rating purpose but a good tip to motivate tourists worldwide to ermm...(I let you figure it out)


Harappa Off The Beaten Path

  • Semi off the beaten path

    By looking at this photo, we know it was still in a visible path yet to be considered as off the beaten path, therefore this tip should be named Semi off the beaten path.

  • Let's go off the beaten path

    This is a tip to promote, to encourage more OTBP actions in travel. For this one, it shows 3 guys are about to go off into somewhere, somewhere that consider as off the beaten path.

  • Enigmatic footprints

    Enigmatic footprints is a tip I want to show you. I put it under OTBP because it was quite off the tourists area when I stroll alone without any Harappans around me. These footprints looks somewhat the size of godzilla, therefore worth a look.


Harappa Favorites

  • The museum entrance fees

    Here is a photo I took before I enter the museum, 200Rs is the cost unless you disguise as a native Pakistani to pay only 10Rs.

  • The museum

    This is the museum you and me and he or she must see. This museum is Harappa Archeological Museum. Entrance is 200 Rs each with a ticket but they won't allow photography, so you might want to try some other way.

  • A free commercial advertisement

    Here is a free commercial advertisement by l_joo for ISIS water, mineral water. This is the water I drank when I visit Harappa.


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