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Multan Things to Do

  • Baha-ud-din Zakariya Mazar

    Sheikh Baha-ud-din Zakariya (1170-1267) was a sufi saint who for several years travelled the region from Baghdad, Iraq to India preaching Islam, and made his final abode in Multan. His offsprings and disciples travelled all over India to preach. His most famous descendant is Shah Rukn-e-Alam (grandson).The tomb is on top of the same hillock, behind...

  • Shah Rukn-e-Alam's tomb

    Situated on top of a small hillock, behind the old ruins of Multan Fort, the Mazar and its majestic dome is the first landmark visible when you enter proper Multan. Shah Rukn-e-Alam (1251-1335) was a Sufi saint in Multan. He was revered by his followers, and to this date thousands of pilgrims from all over Pakistan come to Multan to pay homage. He...

  • Other Saints and Sufis Mazars

    Multan is known as City of Saints, and this is evident by the number of Masuleums, Mazars, Dargas, or tombs situated in this city. Some of them are listed below.1 Hazrat Baha-ud-Din Zakaria2 Shah Rukn-i-Alam3 Shah Shams Sabzwari4 Shah Gardez5 Musa Pak Shaheed6 Hazrat Hafiz Muhammad Jamal Multani7 Bibi Pak Daman8 Hazrat Sher Shah Syed9 Hazrat...

  • Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower house)

    Ghanta Ghar whch is situated in the city center is the city government head quarter. (not a great picture, taken from a moving car)

  • Multan Fort

    The Multan Fort on a high mound of earth which separated it from the old branch of the river Ravi. There are now only remnant of this old fort, which was considered as one of the best fort (defense wise) built in the sub-continent. The fort was destroyed when the British took over. During its haydays the fort walls were was almost 1.6 km long.The...

  • King mosque Eid Gah

    This Masjid is a marvelous piece of architecture of is a very beautiful masjid and must to visit place of Multran city

  • Shrines must to visit

    Given below is list of must to visit shrines in Multan1.Shrine B.B Pak Damman2.Shrine Hameed-ud-Din Hakim3.Shrine Qutab-al-quteeb'Moj Daryan'4.Shrine-Syed Pir Sakhi Shah Hasan Prwana5.Shrine-Qazi Qutab-ud-Din Kashani6.Shrine-Syed Hasan Kanjzee7.Shrine-Hazarat Shah Dana Shaheed8.Shrine-Abu Hassan Hafiz Jamal ud Din"Musa Pak Shaheed"9.Shrine-Hazarat...

  • Shrines of the sufi hermits

    Hi Awais,All the destinations in Pakistan, they've their own attraction or somethijng very special in that area, likewise in Hunza, you can't find the shrines of the sufi hermits, or in Multan, the mountains like Nanga parbat or Kalash tribes in Lahore?Multan, Medina-tul-awlia, the city of saints, famous all over the world, because of these...

  • Visiting Historical Places

    As I describe before that Multan is the city of Saints so there r so many Tombs to Visit and explore the history.


Multan Hotels

  • Ramada Multan

    This is a very nice hotel to stay coz service is good. I lov it. Its situated in the heart of Multan...


Multan Restaurants

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    Khan Restaurant aka Taj Hotel: The Most Authentic Lunch in Town

    by Mozumbus Written Apr 30, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Khan Restaurant (know as Taj Hotel which the Restuarant is a part of) is famous among locals for its quality and authentic food. The hotel is located at Nawan Shahar (New City) traffic signal and very easy to find with either by a rikshaw or your own transport. The ambience is good keeping in view the fact that this is a sort of road side restaurant and not for people looking for luxuary. However, there are split air-conditioners to beat the scrotching Multani heat and the waiters wear unfirom and are attentive.

    Its home like food differentiates it from its competition but be there early, especially for lunch, as they close around 3-4 pm for lunch. It is likely that you will not find an empty table overthere, no reservations, but you can either wait in the outside couches or share a table with someone, which is quite a norm especially if the table is of more than 4 people and you find 2 or 3 people on that table.

    Favorite Dish: We were recommended Mutton Joint by the waiter and we did not regret. For mutton lovers like me that was a treat. The dish is actually made up of mutton joints in a thick balck-pepper curry and is not spicy in nature. The dish resembles to Paya and Nehari, the famous local dishes, but the taste is quite different and authentic.

    Authentic Food in Multan
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Multan Nightlife

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    There is no as such night...

    by Pakistaniguy Updated Sep 24, 2002

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    There is no as such night life. But you can go to any shopping areas to find some activity happening.

    Local Handicrafts: Multan is famous for various types of souvenirs, Multani Khussa (shoes), embroidery work of all types, thread and 'Aar' work costumes for ladies,
    embroidered cloths cholas or kurtas "for men" painted and glazed earthen pottery. Camel skin products, carpets  and lacquered wooden
    products etc. are available in the narrow colourful bazaars.
    Centres: Main
    shopping centres are Bazaar Hussain Agahi, Chowk Bazaar, Bohar Gate, Haram
    Gate, Delhi Gate, Lohari Gate and Pak Gate Bazaars in the old city and the
    Cantonment shopping areas.
    men in rural areas wear a 'Pag' or 'Patka' (turban) or sometimes a 'Kulla'
    White or blue waist cloth or 'Majhla', a 'Chola' or long shirt and a 'Chadar'
    worn over the shoulders. Amongst educated class in urban area,
    Shalwar-Qameez and the western dress is common. Women wear Shalwar, 'Lehnga'
    or 'Ghagra', 'Chola' and 'Kurta' of bright colours. Short sleeved 'Choli'
    or 'Kurti' is also worn in the rural areas. The head is covered with 'Bochan'
    or dupatta or embroidered and Phulkari chadars

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Multan Transportation

  • By Air

    Pakistan International Airline flies ATR between Multan and other Pakistan cities such as Karachi, Lahore and Multan multiple times a day. Flights usually connect between more than two cities to gain economies. For instance, I took a flight from Karachi to Multan which had to fly to Islamabad afterwards. And on the return flight, the plane was...

  • ATR from Pakistan International Airlines

    Pakistan International Airline flies ATR between Multan and other Pakistan cities such as Karachi, Lahore and Multan multiple times a day. Flights usually connect between more than two cities to gain economies. For instance, I took a flight from Karachi to Multan which had to fly to Islamabad afterwards. And on the return flight, the plane was...

  • Muhammad Bin Qasim International Airport...

    Muhammad Bin Qasim International Airport (MUX) situated 10 km from Multan city center very close to Multan Cantonment Area.Although it serves international flights but it is a very small airport only caters to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) domestic and international ATR flights. The airport is easily approachable, there are a couple of...


Multan Shopping

See all 3 Shopping in Multan
  • Modern Shopping Malls

    A modern mall with every thing for men and women. You can buy men clothes of reputed brands and also women cloths. You can also buy electronics and other related things. You must have full pocket to shop in United Mall

  • Hussein Agahi Market

    Congested, hundreds of shops, is a famous market in Multan which is selling almost anything. But the shops are mainly famous for local textile, carpets, handicraft, pottery, and selling famous Multan halwa. Without negotiation, you will not get a good deal. Almost everyone are selling the same items, so to find a bargain is quite easy. As mentioned...

  • Pottery

    Multan pottery z really unique and beautiful.the blue colour is quite dominant in pottery as well as architecture of Multan.If u ever get Chance to visit beautiful city do buy some pice of pottery so that it reminds you of ur wonderful experience in Multan Pottery


Multan Local Customs

  • dress for tourist

    Pakistan is an islamic state so i will suggest tourists(men and women both )to wear modest can ware trowsers,full pants and t-shirts(longsleve or short sleves both r option for you)while women can have shawl with it.(it is optional)and you r free to go any where.

  • Agricultural center - Mangos and dates!

    Central and northern Pakistan are definitely witnesses of all seasons. It can get cold in the winter, and hot in the summer.Its combination of heat, dryness, yet rather strong water table make it one of the most agriculturally diverse and strong areas of Pakistan. This area is known for dates and mangoes, many of which are exported (so look at the...

  • Wood for fuel?!

    Regions of Pakistan can get very cold during winter. And with construction of homes as they are, homes can be cold and drafty.Gas heating is not readily available, particularly outside of the cities. Therefore many people think that locals heat their homes with wood fires.The wood is more valuable to be used in the making of furniture and...


Multan Warnings and Dangers

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    New Page 1 ...

    by Pakistaniguy Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Latitude 29 -22 and 30 - 45 and East Longitude 71 - 4 and 72 - 55


    45 square km



    1,288,170 (1998


    Urdu, Punjabi and
    Saraiki, English is spoken and understood by educated people.


    Cold in winter and
    very hot in summer. The normal rainfall is about 6' during the
    monsoon from July to September.


    October to March



    Fox, Jackal and wild
    boar. Amongst birds are grey and black partridges, sand grouse visiting
    the district in winter, quail, plover and pigeons are common.



    local assistance, information and planning your holidays, please contact
    PTDC Tourist Information Centre at Sindbad Hotel, Nishtar Chowk, Bahawalpur
    Road, Multan.
    (061)512640, 43594, 72994 Ext: PTDC.****Please note that all the information provided over here is by the curtesy of PTDC.

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Multan Tourist Traps

  • Multan Sohan Halwa: Which Brand is to...

    Multan is famous for its Sohan Halwa, a local sweet made up of milk, among other specialities such as saints, shrines, mangoes, and oranges. The most famous brand of the Sohan Halwa is "Hafiz", however, there are multiple vendors who sell the same brand but with varying quality to seize the opportunity coming out of the brand popularity.There are...

  • Beggers

    their r many professional beggers that you may find near shrines they will also ask you for money .in case you give money to any of them more beggers will come to you for money and you may not find it pleasent. the easy way to get rid of these professional beggers is ; not to give money to any of them so that they are not encourage to ask you for...

  • Multan Hotels

    1 Hotels in Multan

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Multan Off The Beaten Path

  • Derawar Fort

    Situated approx 200 km from Multan (3 hours drive), close to Bhawalpur, is huge fort in the middle of Cholistan desert called Derawar Fort.A square shapped fortress, approx 5000 feet in circumference and 100 feet high, the forts 40 large cylindrical shaped bastions shows its majestic from far away. Since 1700 the fort is the property of Nawab of...

  • Fort Munro

    Fort Munro, at height of 6,500 feet, is a hill station in the Dera Ghazi Khan district, and part of the Sulaiman Mountains Range. The place is named after General Munro who was the administrator of Multan before partition. To escape hot Multan summers, General Munro would shift his head office to this location. Because of its proximity close to...

  • Uch Sharif

    Situated approx 175 km from Multan is another city which can be labeled City of Saints. Uch Sharif has some of the most beautiful architectural monuments which are now on the UNESCO World Heritage Site . However several of the master pieces are in depleted conditions. Damage was caused by floods several years ago. The most notable tombs are of...


Multan Favorites

  • You should always try to visit...

    by haarisonline Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: You should always try to visit Multan in the winter or spring time.Because in these days temperature is moderate here.

    Fondest memory: Last time when I visited Multan,I went to this place which is a very old Shrine .I think it was built around 1100AD.Tourists can visit this if they are in a proper dress.
    It was fascinated by the peace and calm inside.And I can never forget it.

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