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  • Kanjoo Muhalla, Rahim Yar Khan during the rains.
    Kanjoo Muhalla, Rahim Yar Khan during...
    by Kanjoo
  • Kanjoo village near Moza Pattan Minara, Rahim Yar
    Kanjoo village near Moza Pattan Minara,...
    by Kanjoo
  • Cotton, the main crop has been damaged widely
    Cotton, the main crop has been damaged...
    by Kanjoo

Rahim Yar Khan Things to Do

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    Desert Safari, Bhong Masjid, Pattan...

    by Kanjoo Written Sep 24, 2004

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    The most interested activity which one can take in Rahim Yar Khan is desert safari. However no one is operating, but one can explore the desert himself (selfguided). Every year notables from the royal family of United Arab Emirates also come to explore the Cholistan desert. One can go for hunting (after permission) as we have lots of wildlife. Wild cats, the Chinkara deer, a variety of pigs, jackals, foxes, badgers, porcupines, squirrels, gerbils, wild rats, mongeese, poisonous snakes, hog deer, blue bulls, ravine deer, sand grouse, wild lizards, wild egrets are among many other creatures are found in the district. Farmstay is also possible if anyone is interested in visiting Rahim Yar Khan, just need to let me know, and I can arrange it at both side with local villager families in arid Cholistan desert side south of city (Paka) or also in rather greener irrigated areas in north (Kacha). laterly the district is devided into 3 vicinities by common men as Kacha, Paka and urban.


    Mosque is located some 40 km from city, easily accessible by road, it is also one of the place to see in Rahim Yar Khan. it stands among the most beautiful mosques in the world.


    An ancient tower (light house) at the bank of river Hakra or Ghagra, once running. It is almost 10 km from city. However rest of the remnants of the building are long gone but this tower is still existing and also one of a place to be visited in Rahim Yar Khan.


    Many saints are buried in district and being visited for centuries by pilgrims. There tombs have got some traditional architecture that is why I consider them also one of the places to be visited.

    above are few the important places but the most interesting thing to do is meeting locals, Cholistanis, and we have got some families from Marwari community.

    Mausoleum of Pararan Sharif, Dist Rahim Yar Khan
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Rahim Yar Khan Restaurants

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    Resturants in Rahim Yar Khan

    by Kanjoo Updated Sep 24, 2004

    We have got lots of good and modern resturants in the city but the most famous these days is QUETTA HOTEL which is about 50 km from Rahim Yar Khan, near the town of Zahir Peer, on newly built highway, i'll not say they have got good facilities but they are serving more traditional way and it is most popular nowadays for its (mutton rosh). And than among the oldest BBQ type in city is CAFE` TERIA, situated in middle of city at Noshehra Minor canal but nowadays there are AL-KABAB and CLUBnCAFE` also in contest. And in the exclusive or modern resturants, the first one is DIWAN-E-KHAS and now there is an other one, CAFE' LAMIS, I'll rate them equal, they have got english, chinese and continental.

    Instead of such we have 20s of more, good and average resturants within the city, mostly locals.

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Rahim Yar Khan Nightlife

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    Night Life in Rahim Yar Khan

    by Kanjoo Written Sep 24, 2004

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    Nightlife in the meaning of west is not at all alive in Rahim Yar Khan. However we have for 3 cinima houses in the city but there condition is worst. People are used to go for some walking etc. with families in the night and also there is a family park aka city park, but it is also dated. Tradition of city in terms of night activity, is to sit and gathered outside houses with other nieghboring males at any (Chowk) and chitchat about the days activities or crticizing the army, politicians etc. or policies.
    Or in the summer going to the nearby canals and spending the holidays as a picnic is also one of the activity. The popular place for this activity is "HEAD ADAM SAHABA" which is almost 8 km from city.

    Dress Code: Majority in the cities wear Shalwar Kameez, but jeans etc. are also common. but in the rural areas most of the men don turban and wear (Lungi n Chola)

    Lungi or Chader = wrapping unstiched clothe around waste to cover the bottom.
    Chola = like shirt

    Females wear bit more colorful dresses, veil (burqa) can also be seen but it is very rare and scarves have taken place.

    Kanjoo youth at Head Adam Sahaba
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Rahim Yar Khan Warnings and Dangers

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    Heavy Rains

    by Kanjoo Written Nov 25, 2011

    For three years Rahim Yar Khan has suffered quite unusual rain fall during the monsoon season.. this year it was 4 days of non-stop rain in August, which caused havoc and brought down lots of walls and houses to the ground.. so owing the unpredictable weather in the recent years, one of the danger which i can see is to visit the town in the Summer.. of course the summers are quite extreme and than the rains..
    The rains not only damages the urban areas but also over flowed the river indus and damaged the crops of cotton and sugar cane, and forced people to pluck long before the time..
    So my travel warning for anyone who intends to come and visit RYK shall come in winters...

    Kanjoo Muhalla, Rahim Yar Khan during the rains. Kanjoo village near Moza Pattan Minara, Rahim Yar Cotton, the main crop has been damaged widely girl schools resumed after rain, but most in camp. Flood affected woman in Moza Pattan Minara.
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Rahim Yar Khan Off The Beaten Path

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    Time to Explore Rahim Yar Khan

    by Kanjoo Written Sep 24, 2004

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    The climate of the district is hot and dry in the summer and cold and dry in the winter. The summer season is comparatively longer. It starts in April and continues until October. The winter season goes from November to March. However, the month of March and November are pleasant. Dust storms are frequent during the summer season and it can be dangerous if one is intending to travel in May or June as it isextremely hot and windy. The average rain fall is less than 100 millimeters. So the only thing to keep in mind if intending to explore Rahim Yar Khan should be the time/months, nonetheless there is not other risk or danger in terms of security etc. for visiting in Rahim Yar Khan. The Best time to me is November.

    Camel caravan, Bagho Bahar, Rahim Yar Khan

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