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  • DSwede's Profile Photo

    Koel Cafe: Artistic Hotspot

    by DSwede Written Mar 6, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Koel Cafe is a art gallery and studio by day and a cafe and restaurant by night. I came here with a few local colleagues and ever since then I've heard its name several times both in conversation and print. It is a local landmark.

    The menu is not all that large, but has a good variety of local and international dishes. Sizes are not all that large, but the quality was excellent.

    There are a few tables indoors in an air conditioned room with large glass windows. But most of the tables are in the open air courtyard. The gallery is visible through the windows, but is not open to the public at night.

    Favorite Dish: All the dishes were good. I particularly liked the grilled fish with Tarragon sauce. And the photo is of their signature chocolate pudding.

    Koel's chocolate pudding
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  • Subway Boat Basin: You definitely dont want to eat here!

    by EhsaanullahZ Written May 20, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I happen to be under the common impression that Subway is healthy and hygienic. I was frequently the boat basin outlet that is open 24/7 on a regular basis. One occasion the guy who was going to make my sandwich picked his nose in front of me. When I asked him to wash his hands, he apologized and did wash them. I let it slide. Then there was the insect killer that didnt really work and flies buzzed in the outlet. When on two occasions, I had to discard a drink and sub the flies sat on them, I decided to call the server and politely complained hoping it would be resolved. The owner happens to be Mr. Tariq Salim Karim who visits regularly, but takes no notice of the flies or the dirty washroom. He also owns another 12 outlets in Khi and Im told he is a franchise distributor.

    On my next visit nothing had changed, so I took snaps of the flies, dead and alive and emailed him complaining. The guy at the counter that day decided he needed to clip his nails, so I asked Tariq in the email to check the camera feed. As I was done uploading pics, a big cockroach happened to come of the kitchen. Two days later, I had Hepatitis A and severe jaundice and ended up in the Hospital for 2 weeks, and it was very painful.

    Below is the email I sent to Mr. Tariq on March 31 to which he didnt even bother replying :

    Mar 31

    to tariqsalimkarim
    Mr. Tariq,

    Could you kindly have a few more or bigger insect killers installed at your Subway Store Id : 39526. The constant buzzing flies destroy an otherwise great experience at the outlet. I have had to discard a drink one occasion and a 6 inch sub on another because the flies would contaminate the edibles. I lodged a complaint 3 days ago, on the suggestions card, and also notified one of your employees to request that you install more insect killers. The current one has only one functional tubelight. I'm attaching pics I just took so gives you an idea.

    I just saw a Cockroach crawl out of your kitchen, will send you that pic too if I can now find the critter under my table. A little repulsed now.

    Someone is clipping their nails behind the counter. I think you should have some of them go through a crash coarse in hygene. Have a look at your camera feed if you can at 7.41pm today.

    P.S. Please have the person who cleans the washroom not handle food right after. I dont see them washing their hands after handling the mops.


    I have a bad experience in Isb at Subway as well where one of the guys decided to blow his nose into a tissue, then wipe the tissue on the wash basin. A friend threatened to complain unless he washed the sink, and used disinfectant. I have a feeling they just hire anyone regardless of their hygiene habits. I for one no longer want to eat outside after this.

    Mr. Tariq Salim seemingly well educated has no regard for the health or safety of his customers because both he and his 12 or so outlets are doing brisk business. Coming on a trip and then getting Hepatitis A or food poisoning is not something anyone looks forward to. To make matters worse, the concerned people turning a blind eye adds insult to injury.

    House Flies inside Store Id Dead Fly More flies
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  • Mozumbus's Profile Photo

    Biryani of the Seas: Authentic Karachi Food

    by Mozumbus Written Sep 11, 2012

    Biryani of the Seas - BOTS - is a new addition to Karachi's food scene which had made quite a buzz recently.

    The eatery mainly serves local varieties of seafood along with a vast range of other items ranging from Chinese and Thai food, BBQ, chicken varieties, etc.

    The flagship item of BOTS is biryani - spicy and colorful rice popular in Pakistan and India. Traditionally, biryani is made with meat or chicken, however, BOTS specialty is the seafood variety, both fish biryani and prawn biryani.

    In our first visit we found the quality of food and taste awesome while ambiance was just fine. The place is conveniently located in Clifton, in a relatively secure vicinity, and easy to reach from own transportation.

    I have posted the full review on my travel blog: Restaurant Review: Biryani of the Seas

    Favorite Dish: At BOTS, I would mainly go for desi seafood; prawn/fish biryani, Dhaka fried fish, and fish fillet. To compliment this, Masala Dosa and Chicken Garlic Mayo Role are also good options. Next time, I plan to try the Goan Fish Curry - out of curiosity.

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  • sdq's Profile Photo

    Lal Qila, Shan e Mughalia and Chandni at PC.: The Foul Birds Serving Restaurants in Karachi.

    by sdq Updated Aug 27, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Bokhari Bhai as I am a pure Karachite I have one 30 bore TT(China 66), one 9mm (Taurus)and one 12 bore repeater (Turkey Akkar) for safety as you know about the condition here well it's my hobby too. Talking about the quails and batair birds as you have noticed they are served in the buffet dinner of many restaurants like Lal Qila, Shan e Mughalia and Chandni at PC etc and people are attracted towards them but I think it's cruelty to kill these bird for food as they hardly have any meat in them.

    1, LAL QILA,
    A restaurant depicting the legendary grandeur of splendid and noble past. A vivid and conspicuous realization of the glory of our brilliant esthetical essence. All the way a combination and innovation. Adorned with courtesy of mughlai era we offer you to dine out authentic Mughlai , Tandori , Live Bar-B-Que & Traditional Pakistani cuisine

    Dining Areas of LalQila

    Open To Sky:

    Just outside the exit of the Play Area starts it's compound with a flowing river as there flows river Hamna in the Red Fort Delhi. It's sparkling atmosphere is filled with natural melodious sound of two waterfalls springing fountain & the sound effects of the flowing river.

    Mughlai Hall:

    Mughlai hall has a Jharoka (lattice) in its outer view. Its inner position gives you a true marvelous depiction of Mughlai Artistry. Decorated with real items of Mughlai era it takes you back to the 17th century.

    Bara - Dari:

    The most elevated sitting place in front of here you can relish the spell bounding view of LalQila.

    Dewan - e- Khas:

    After Exit from Mughlai Hall the place reserved for parties that stimulates you with the Amazement of the Fort Night.


    Originating from cascade, River incarnates an unbelievable scenario, which leaves every one astonished as there flows River Hamna in the Red Fort.

    Favorite Dish: 2, Shan-e-Mughlia,
    Shan-e-Mughlia is Pakistan’s leading buffet restaurant. Shan-e-Mughlia Restaurant Karachi offers an amazing buffet and has been regarded as the biggest buffet in Asia. It is located just adjacent to the Millennium Mall at the end of the National Stadium Road on the same location where the old Drive-in cinema used to be. Shan E Mughlia Restaurant included at least 92+ menus which mostly includes Pakistani, Chinese, Continental, Italian and even Indian dishes too. In Ramadan mostly at Iftar time, the place gets too crowed. Dishes which are served for Iftari are Rolls, Samosa, Dai Badia and much more. One can like the buffet in a grand environment in an attractive garden-like airy field distinguished by gravel paths for separate sitting arrangements.

    The restaurant offers a very spacious yet highly sophisticated interior with an antique finish of bygone era. Traditional artwork elegantly drapes the walls, and the atmosphere as a whole does indeed satisfy the yearnings of a mind bent toward whimsical creativity. Our Chefs at Chandni are the creative force behind capturing the exotic flavors, robust aromas of evocative Asian and International favourites.

    Lunch 1200hrs - 1500hrs
    Dinner 1900hrs - 2300hrs

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  • Bokhari76's Profile Photo

    United King Bakery: Cakes, Pizza & Refreshment Items at United King

    by Bokhari76 Updated Apr 12, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    United King is one of the leading bakeries in Karachi. They have great varieties of Cakes, Sweets, Nimko, Fast Food Items & Pizza. Since last one year they have started Home delivery of Pizza. Their Pizza recipe's are like Pizza Hut, better than other local bakeries.

    We often order their fast food items like Samosas, Rolls, Sandwiches, Pastries, Drum Sticks etc. for our office refreshment. They are little costly than other ordinary bakery, but very fresh & tasty.

    Using thier website you can send gifts like Cakes, Sweets, Pizza etc. from anywhere in the wrold to your loved ones in Karachi.

    They also have sweets in Tin Packs, easy to take away as gift. These tin packs & other nimko items are packed & sold by their sister concern, United King Foods (Pvt) Ltd.

    They have 5 brances in Karachi.

    Sharfabad Branch: Ibrahim Residency, Sharfabad, Karachi, Pakistan.
    Phone: +92-21-34120031, Fax: +92-21-34135354, UAN: +92-21-111 022 022

    Gulshan Brach: Amir Complex, Main Rashid Minhas Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan.
    Phone: +92-21-34029605

    North Nazimabad Branch: Near Five Star Chowrangi Karachi, Pakistan.
    Phone: +92-21-36721781

    Karachi Club Branch: Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi, Pakistan.
    Phone: +92-21-35662662

    Jinnah International Airport Branch: Address: Domestic Departure & Arrival.
    Phone: +92-21-34604855

    Favorite Dish: Chocolate Fudge Cake,
    Fast Food Items (Samosa, Roll, Drugm Stick, Sandwich)

    United King Stall at Expo Centre Karachi
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  • Bokhari76's Profile Photo

    Pizza Hut: Specially developed recipes for Pakistan

    by Bokhari76 Updated Mar 24, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was thinking that I should not write about Pizza Hut, because it is a global chain & everyone knows about it. But then I realized that specially developed recipes, which they offer in Pakistan, will not be available in other countries. So Travelers interested in Pakistani food should also try Pakistani Pizza.

    Their Chicken & Beef Pizza's with Pakistan Spices & Recipe are very tasty and mouth watering. I regularly taste their delicious Pizza every once in a month or two. I love:

    Behari Chicken Pizza
    Chicken Tikka Pizza
    Fajita Cicilian

    In Starter BBQ Chicken Spin Rolls & Behari Chicken Spin Rolls are nice.
    Recently they have introduced Arabic recipe Pizza like:

    Shish Tauk
    Arabic Supreme
    Shawarma Supreme

    Pizza was originated in Greece. It is one of the oldest foods. An early type of Pizza was present in Roman age. Modern pizza (with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese) was originated in Italy about 125 years ago. In 20th Cintury the dish has become globally popular mainly due to Italian Immigrants, who brought it to America & many other parts of the world.

    In Pakistan it was introduced in late 1980's. Now Pizza Hut has more than 20 outlets in Karachi & 20 Plus Outlets in Other major Cities of Pakistan. In the regions where pizza is known, spicy chicken and sausage-based pizzas are very popular, as they cater to the local palate.

    Favorite Dish: Fajita Cicilan Pizza
    Behari Chicken Pizza
    BBQ Chicken Spin Rolls

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  • Bokhari76's Profile Photo

    Kaybee Snacks & Ice Cream: Kaybee Restaurant in Adamjee Nagar

    by Bokhari76 Updated Mar 22, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Kaybee's is one of the oldest & well reputed restaurants in Karachi. It is a three story fully furnished restaurant with open air dining area in ground floor and air conditioned family halls on top 3 floors with a play area & gaming zone for children.

    I often come here for Chinese & sandwiches.

    They serve Chinese dishes, broasted chicken, different type of Sandwiches, burgers, Juices & ice cream.

    One can enjoy good food at normal cost.

    Favorite Dish: I am fond of their Sandwiches. Club Sandwich is their specialty.
    I also like their Chinese dishes like chicken Shashlik with fried rice.
    Must try cone Ice cream.

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  • Bokhari76's Profile Photo

    FOOD CENTRE: FOOD CENTER'S Biryani at Burns Road

    by Bokhari76 Updated Mar 21, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Burns Road has been declared as "Food Street" of Karachi. Food Centre is one of the main restaurants of Burns Road.

    Speciality of Food Centre is BIRYANI, Indian spicy rice dish. I have tasted Biryani almost everywhere in Karachi, but Food Centre Biryani is the best of all.

    They offer Chicken & Mutton Biryani alongwith Deserts like Kheer & Zarda.

    Food Centre has started Bufffet in their newly built 4 story building. No. of dishes has been significantly increased including BBQ, Biryani, Fish, chinese, other local & Indian Dishes @ Rs. 600/- per head

    It is one of the top delivery restaurants in Karachi. For home/office delivery call their UAN: 111-000-606

    Favorite Dish: Must taste Food Centre CHICKEN BIRYANI.

    Food Centre Burns Road Karachi Food Centre Burns Road Karachi at night
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  • Bokhari76's Profile Photo

    LAL QILA: Rememberable Buffet Dinner at Lal Qila

    by Bokhari76 Updated Mar 16, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Lal Qila has gained a good reputation in BUFFET Restaurants. They have UNCOUNTABLE varieties of PAKISTANI, SOUTH ASIAN, CHINESE & SEA FOOD dishes alongwith BAR B Q & DESERTS.

    Restaurant literaly looks like a Qila (Fort) of the Mughal Period. Both Interior & Exterior are well decorated in Mughal Style. Food is too good. Each & every variety is delicious & Fresh.

    Restaurant is so busy that you have to make a reservation first. It is the first & only ISO certified restaurant in Karachi. So If you are in Karachi then don't miss a buffet dinner at LAL QILA.

    Lal Qila Restaurant at night
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    by IRFANAHMED Updated Feb 20, 2012

    Saffron Restaurant has revised its menu with new dishes of BBQ & others which are so tasteful, also has changed the Chef who makes every dish tasteful, it's a very sophisticated fine dinning restaurant, i like Saffron, its food & splendid service..

    Favorite Dish: Grilled Jumbo Prawns, grilled to perfection.

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  • Saffron Restaurant: A GREAT VISIT

    by KAMRANQURESHI Written Feb 19, 2012

    We went to Saffron Restaurant, we surprised when we saw the wooden work there, it was a great visit for our family, Saffron's food is sumptuous & service outstanding...

    Favorite Dish: Grilled Chicken Jalapeno is so good, its taste is awesome, served with nicely done vegetable with the outstanding presentation..

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    by aqeelahmed18 Written Oct 30, 2010

    AMBALA SWEET is one of the best sweet marts in karachi.(no link with the london's one).
    they are famous for there sweets and cakes in karachi.i choose the theme dessert because its not just about sweets,they are also famous for there milk shakes and local drinks.(lassi and faluda etc).
    actually there are 2 shops situated side by side (sweet mart and milk shake corner).owned and managed by 1 family.
    what i like most is there variety in milk shakes." more then 20 flavours"

    Favorite Dish: hummmm.what to say :-S.
    kheer,rabri,ras malai,lab e sheeren, all the local desserts .each and every thing is soo good .
    all sweets are made from fine ingredients and pure desi ghee.
    GAJAR(CARROT) HALWA is also there speciality .available in winters only.

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  • besal's Profile Photo

    Gun Smoke: Howdy Pardner!

    by besal Updated Oct 3, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Waiters wearing sheriff and deputy badges; talking bit rudely to you; throwing or slamming your plates and glasses on your table; peanuts shell all over the floors; hee-haw music in the background; and TV screen showing rodeos. Well it looks as if we are in a restaurant in Dodge City or a western movie (City Slicker to be exact).

    When I first went their, I did not realize what was going on, but after a few minutes the ambiance set in - Gun Smoke is depicting a Cowboy/Western setting.

    A friend of mine told me that when the restaurant was intially launched, the sheriffs and deputies were quite rude, and some of our locals couldn’t understand, expecting courteous service, which resulted in a gun fight/duel. After losing some sheriff and deputies the restaurant has toned down a bit of this behavior, but still you will find one or two playing the part, if you are in for it.

    Originated in Lahore and imported to Karachi, the restaurant is situated in Karachi’s ‘in’ district, ZamZama (very close to OKRA).

    No horses allowed! And you will not find any parked outside, only the latest/flashy 'carriages'.

    Favorite Dish: Burgers and fries...I keep it simple

    Howdy pardner No horses
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  • besal's Profile Photo

    Rheri walla (Cartman): Nuts everywhere

    by besal Updated Oct 3, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I love Karachi during winter time...all the crazy NUTS descend on the streets of Karachi, driving everyone's stress levels, BP, cholesterol and other cardio-metabolic aliment levels high.

    Some of their 'tribal family' names are AKHROOT, MOONPHALI, CHARGHOZA, KAJOO, BADAM, PISTA, INJEER and some more - and in pure English - walnuts, Peanuts, Pine seeds, Cashew, Almond, Pistachio, etc. It is only in winter time that these nuts are available fresh from these vendors. Though you can still find some of these in other seasons, but the freshness is not there.

    Since the trouble started between Afghan-Pakistan border, the prices have skyrocketed for some of these nuts, as they are now in short supplies. Some of these nuts were also supplied from Afghanistan and due t o cut in this supply, the prices are outrageous, but taste delicious.

    No wonder Karachi is going NUTS!

    Favorite Dish: CHARGHOZA - PINE SEED!

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  • Sajjad Restaurant: Good Place at the Highway

    by leokub Written Jul 7, 2010

    The restaurant has a large outdoor area, and alfresco dining is in its heart. The restaurant is decorated in Pakistani village chic. Elevated sitting platforms (takhat) covered in ethnic cloth, surrounds the table. You can sit cross legged on the "takhat" or laze on a huge sausage like pillow, while enjoying the breeze.

    This restaurant serves Pakistani food. I would recommend ordering, karhai and barbecue. For the faint hearted order the "Afghani" selections. They tend to be mildly spiced.
    They also do steaks and Chinese food, albeit attenuated to the Pakistani palate--which isn't at all bad. Just don't be surprised if they don't taste like the one's you are used to!

    The place is packed on weekends and I recommend getting there early (around 8pm) if you want a good table.

    Great place for kids to run around. Separate sitting arrangements for Gents and Families.

    Favorite Dish: Chicken Tikka, Karhai, Tandoori Paratha
    for dessert: Kulfi Falooda!

    I just wish they start serving "sheesha" too!

    Lighting Sajjad Restaurant Sajjad Restaurant Sajjad Restaurant
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