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  • Rawalpindi view from plane
    Rawalpindi view from plane
    by Bokhari76
  • Board into Air Blue Flight
    Board into Air Blue Flight
    by Bokhari76
  • Radio Taxi Kiosk at Karachi Airport
    Radio Taxi Kiosk at Karachi Airport
    by Mozumbus
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    by Bokhari76 Updated Jul 8, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I have a pleasant experience with Air Blue in a KHI-ISB-KHI trip. Plains are new & clean. Flights departed and arrived on time. The food was superb. All crew was cooperative. After making a very good reputition in domestic, now they are conqureing the international routes. For easier online booking facility Click Karachi-Lahore-Islamabad UAN +9221-111-247-258


    Karachi to Islamabad Daily 4 flights at 0700, 1130, 1800 & 2100 HRS
    Islamabad to Karachi Daily 4 flights at 0930, 1330, 2030 & 2330HRS
    Karachi to Lahore Daily 3 flights at 0800, 1530 & 2100 HRS
    Lahore to Karachi Daily 3 flights at 0830, 1300 & 1830 HRS

    Daily Flight to Peshawar


    Karachi to Dubai Daily Flight
    Islamabad to Manchester Daily Flight
    Lahore to Dubai Daily Flight

    Weekly 3 Flight to Jeddah from Karachi
    Weekly 4 Flights to Jeddah from Lahore

    For more details visit at:

    Board into Air Blue Flight Rawalpindi view from plane
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    Airport Transfer: Metro Radio Cab

    by Mozumbus Updated Oct 13, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Though Karachi is one of the biggest metropolitans in the world but it has yet to see an effective and efficient mass transit system. However, Metro Radio Cab provides with a reliable and comfortable travelling option within the city including airport transfers.

    City to Airport: You can book the taxi in advance by calling in the below numbers (111222787), which will arrange to pick you up from your place and drop you right in front of the departure area. I always found this reliable and convenient. The charges for this vary depending upon the distance, I pay PKR 460: USD 6 for approximately 15 kilometers.

    Airport to City: If you are coming to Karachi and want to travel to your destination at your own from the airport then go straight to one of the Metro Radio Cab Kiosks installed in the arrival area, as shown in the picture, after you get out of the arrival gate. The guy at the kiosk will ask your name and may be your mobile number and provide you with a computerized slip with all the details on it. Note that you do NOT need to pay anything here until you reach to your destination with a fixed rate of PKR 20/km (USD 0.25/km). Another guy, a porter, will direct you to your taxi, it will be a 5 minutes easy walk, you can hand over your luggage to the porter, who will expect a small tip (less than PKR 50: approx. USD 0.5). The porter will hand over you, your luggage, and the computerized slip to the taxi driver.

    Karachi is a big city, and it usually takes 45 min - 1 hour (around 20 kilometers) to reach to a typical destination within the city from the airport depending upon the time of the day. At the end of your journey ask for the same computerized slip from the driver who will write the amount payable on the same slip as per the kilometers travelled. You are again expected to pay small tip to the driver (PKR 50-100: approx. USD 0.5-100) depending upon his traditional courtesy and condition of the cab.

    Here, beware of guys (taxi drivers) who will approach you soon after you get out of arrival gate, and do not go anywhere but to the Kiosks for authenticity.

    Have a safe journey!

    Radio Taxi Kiosk at Karachi Airport
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  • s_odyssey's Profile Photo

    Airblue and PIA

    by s_odyssey Written Apr 17, 2007

    For in and around Pakistan:
    Karachi - Islamabad or Karachi - Lahore

    Quite cheap about $100 CDN for a 2 1/2hr flight
    Airlines: Airblue and PIA (fantastic onboard service and excellent meals served on both)

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    by JessH Updated Jan 17, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Jinnah Int'l Airport has always been the largest aviation facility - both international & domestic - in Pakistan. It is the primary hub of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

    From the 1960s to 1980s Karachi was once a much busier airport. It was an online station of many major airlines of the world including British Airways, Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Swiss Air, KLM, Air France, etc. However, due to the emergence of Dubai's airport in the 1990s, acting as the "gateway between Europe and Asia", several airlines discontinued their service to the airport. The airport states that they handle almost 6 Mio passengers per year.

    Upon arrival we gladly went to the "Foreigners" counter. As we had been the only non-Pakistanis on our flight we were through in less than 10 min. Your passport & visa are checked and a small camera takes your picture. (As the whole affair looked rather serious, we tried not to laugh at the female officer's amusing name: Rosie Butt ;-)

    Once outside the terminal there are plenty of taxis waiting to take you on the 30-45 min drive into the city. There are also public telephones (where you MUST haggle for the cheapest price possible...)

    Be prepared to be separated at the security check before entering the departure lounge. There are separate queues for men & women where your hand luggage is screened. Strangely, we as women were never asked to walk through the metal detector. They seem to prefer a "hands-on approach" with female passengers & we always got the patting-down treatment.

    There aren't really any restaurants in the departure area... we saw a McDonald's and reluctantly approached, only to hear that any order would take at least 20 min because the food is cooked in another part of the terminal.
    There are some snack-stands where you can purchase soft drinks, chocolate bars, crisps, etc. & for nicotine addicts amongst us there is also a smoking area.

    It's not one of the best airport I've ever been in, but also by far not one of the worst.

    Jinnah International Airport, Karachi Railway tickets at Jinnah Airport, Karachi John using the public phone at Karachi airport Jinnah Int'l Airport Karachi (from website)
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  • JessH's Profile Photo

    PiA - Pakistan International Airlines

    by JessH Updated Jan 9, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We decided to fly with PiA to Karachi as they had the most convenient flight timings for our hectic travel schedule. Even my Pakistani colleagues at work had warned me: "don't fly PiA! Even Pakistanis try to avoid it!" But, as hardened, brave (and slightly budget-concious) travellers we covered-up, dress decently, had one last strong drink at the airport and boarded the plane...

    PiA flies to the following cities in Pakistan:
    Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar, Sukkur & Quetta.
    On March 11 of 1955, Orient Airways merged with the Government's proposed airline, becoming Pakistan International Airlines Corporation.

    To be on the safe side, we had packed all our clothes as carry-on luggage. As we were attending a traditional wedding & would be wearing Saris, I didn't want to take the risk of my bags taking a subcontinental detour and not reaching us in time for the event. Some friends that had previously travelled on PiA had also given us this advice so we gladly obliged.

    In the end, we were pleasantly surprised. We had purchased our economy class return tickets for Dhs 900 each (US$ 245) and it would've been even cheaper if the Islamic holiday of Eid al Adha hadn't been in that following week. The plane to Karachi was relatively new, albeit slightly cramped. The machine on the way back to Dubai was large, spacious, food (we ordered vegetarian meals) was OK and service wasn't friendly but also not rude.

    I could imagine that domestic flights might not be so "sophisticated", but for our travel purposes (flight time from Dubai is only 1 hr 45 min after all) PiA was more than sufficient. I definitely have no qualms about recommending PiA as a quick & budget-friendly way to reach Pakistan.

    NOTE: Before landing in Karachi you will be asked to fill-in a form with your flight number, passport details and lodging information in Pakistan. This is then checked at Passport Control at the airport.

    My boarding pass on PiA from Karachi PiA Boeing plane at airport
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    by aliz786110 Written Dec 7, 2006

    on 07th december 2006, I was flying from karachi to lahor eon Shaheen Air. It was my first experience with Shaheen Air and is for sure the last one too..It was a shock for me when I enetered the plane..The cabin was dirty, seats wer ebroken and even the seat cover were stinking like anything..

    Anyways..The plane took off b ut the moment it took off there wa sthis very prominent jerk in the plan making obvious for everyone that something is wrong with the plane..but it kept on ascending after reaching more ten 8,000 feets, everone realized that the plane i snot balanced and bend on one side..As an aviation analyst by profession, I am aware of the aircrafts technicalities. The old Boeing 737 with such a thrid class maintenance, anything is possible...Anyways after flying for about 20 minutes, the captain announced that due to some technical reasons, we are going back to Karachi. We landed safely in Karachi and then there was a mess...Ground staff were reluctant to disclosed what happened and started giving some redicuous and non sense excuses..!!

    I would never ever recommend anyone to fly on Shaheen Air without a life insurance...Its perhaphs the worse airline with their fleet in horrible condition.

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  • TONY786's Profile Photo


    by TONY786 Written Jun 25, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    travelled by Air Blue from Islamabad to Karachi.
    this new local airline i could not fault very friendly staff , clean fairly new airbus planes, great foiod they even had a free draw/raffle half way through the two hour flight, excellent

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  • Pakistaniguy's Profile Photo

    Jinnah Terminal, Karachi Airport

    by Pakistaniguy Updated Feb 1, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Karachi Airport is very far from the city center and modern housing societies in the city. So, you must keep in the mind the factor of Traffic and this much far distance whenever u have to take a flight FROM Karachi airport to anywhere else!

    Driving to Karachi Aiport
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  • Pakistaniguy's Profile Photo

    Jinnah Terminal - Karachi Airport

    by Pakistaniguy Updated Feb 1, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Jinnah Terminal & Allama Iqbal Terminal at Karachi Airport anf Lahore airports respectively are the two Best Airports of Pakistan. but Jinnah Terminal in Karachi is the Main HUB of Pakistan & Pakistan International Airline ! So, if you are planning to find the cheapest fare to Pakistan then try to come to Karachi first and get a local carrier to any domestic destination.

    Picture from inside the plane just before take-off
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  • Pakistaniguy's Profile Photo

    Airlines and their Offices in Karachi

    by Pakistaniguy Updated Feb 1, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Aero Asia,
    Inst. Of Engineering Building. 177-2 Fowler Rd.
    Lines Tel: 778-2851-4

    SriLankan Airlines,
    No. 1. Services
    Club Ext. merewether Road
    Tel: 566-2679

    Egypt Air,
    Avari Towers , Shopping Arcade.
    Fatima Jinnah Road.
    Tel: 566- 1125 , 566- 1135

    Emirates Airline
    265A, RA Lines
    Tel: 568-3377 – 10 Lines

    Gulf Air,
    Kashif Centre.
    Tel: 567- 5231 –36.

    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines,
    Club Road
    Tel: 567- 5231-36

    Kenya Airways
    4 Lakson Square. Sarwar Shaheed Road.
    Tel : 568-5730, 567-0770

    Malaysian Airlines
    23 Sheraton Shopping Arcade. Club
    Tel: 568-2238

    Royal Jordanian
    Metropole Hotel Merewether Road.
    Tel: 566-0458- 60

    Saudi Arabian Airlines,
    5 Floor. Al Sehat Centre.
    Sarfgaraz Rafiqui Shaheed Road.
    Tel: 568-2525

    Singapore Airlines,
    2/3 Services Club Ext. Building Merewethe Road.
    Tel: 566-0330 – 35

    Swiss International Airline,
    Hotel Metropole,
    Merewether Road
    Tel: 568-2307

    Thai Airways
    Hotel Metropile. Merewether Road.
    Tel: 566-0160 – 64

    Turkish Airlines,
    14 Hotel Avenue Centre.
    Tel: 568-5766

    United Airlines,
    14 Hotel Metropole Abdullah Haroon Road.
    Tel: 568-4731 – 2

    Quaide Azam International Airport, Karachi
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  • Quaid-e-Azam International Airport

    by I_LOVE_LAHORE Written Dec 15, 2003

    Many airlines serve Karachi, including the national carrier PIA. Here is a list of airlines flying into the city.

    Aero Asia : Tel : 45791190
    Aeroflot: Tel : 519192 , 512838
    African Airlines: Tel: 4554245+Fax
    Air China: Tel : 4542559 - Fax: 4547071
    Air France: Tel : 5681071-5, Fax: 5684815
    Air Lanka: Tel : 5680382
    Biman Bangladesh Airlines: Tel : 5662008
    PIAC: Tel : 45794769 , 4578700
    Bhoja Air: Tel : 45791037-41 , 4574494
    British Airways: Tel : 051-564702
    Egypt Air: Tel: 5689605
    Cathay Pacific: Tel: 5660391
    Emirates Airllines: Tel: 5684500
    Ethiopian Airlines: Tel: 5661713
    Qatar Airways: Tel:5687804
    Gulf Air: Tel: 5682265 , 5678270
    Iran Air: Tel: 516293 , 5678274-Fax: 5684055
    Indian Airlines:Tel: 5682035 , 5682034-Fax: 5692188
    Royal Jordanian Airlines: Tel: 5660440-Fax: 5682026
    Kenya Airways: Tel: 5683272-Fax: 5680478
    Kuwait Airways: Tel: 5683272-Fax: 5680478
    Lufthansa German Airlines: Tel: 4571081/4571096/4571283 -Fax: 4570975
    Malaysian Airlines: Tel: 5682629-Fax: 5682195
    Oman Airways: Tel: 5689700
    Safe Air: Tel: 45791285
    Saudi Arabian Airlines: Tel: 568213
    Shaheen Air: Tel: 4591185
    S wiss Air: Tel: 5682307
    Syrian Arabian Airlines: Tel: 5682827
    Thai Airways International: Tel: 5660156
    Turkish Airlines: Tel: 5670069
    Turkmenistan Airlines: Tel: 513468
    Uzbekistan Airways: Tel: 5872493
    Xin Jiang Airlines of china: Tel: 051-273446
    Yemen Airways: Tel: 514776
    Singapore Airlines: Tel: 5686198

    Jinnah Terminal - QEAIA

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    Served By: Aero Asia ...

    by nishat Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Served By:
    Aero Asia Aeroflot Air China Aviacompany Turkmenistan
    Biman Bangladesh Delta Egyptair Emirates
    Ethiopian Gulf Air Indian Arlns Iran Air
    Kuwait Airways Kyrgyzstan Arlns Malaysia Arlns Oman Aviation
    Pakistan Intl Arlns Qatar Airways Royal Jordanian Saudi Arabian Arlns
    Shaheen Air Intl Singapore Arlns SriLankan Airlines Swissair
    Syrian Arab Arlns Thai Arwys Turkish Airlines TWA
    Yemenia Yemen

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  • TONY786's Profile Photo


    by TONY786 Written Jun 25, 2005

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    great clean plane and very attentive crew,well done air blue i will use you again and highly recommend them , dont let the standards slip though as p.i.a have.

    security at Islamabad is tight, boarding the airbl Clean and efficent the usual stampede to get off a plane in Pakistan simple but tastey snack

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