Pakistan Tourist Traps

  • The Two Canals K2 & K3.
    The Two Canals K2 & K3.
    by sdq
  • I fell in this Canal.
    I fell in this Canal.
    by sdq
  • Another view of the Canal.
    Another view of the Canal.
    by sdq

Pakistan Tourist Traps

  • Avoid Religious /Political gatherings

    Lahore Tourist Traps

    I must highly insist not to go to any Political gatherings becuse it wont take long before a fight burst out and then you can imagine what can happen when about 50-60 thousand people are running everywhere. Donot enter any religious place until you know how to co-ordinate & respect the place.....

  • Be aware of Rent-a-jeep Brokers

    Naran Tourist Traps

    Rent-a-jeep is one of the most popular business in Naran as the city serves as base for all near by tourist spots. Many drivers with their jeeps wait in main bazar for tourists to come and get a deal. One thing which is very important is that you should talk directly with driver about how much he is gonna charge. Never ever get any tout or third...

  • Avoid the Smugglers' Bazaar

    Peshawar Tourist Traps

    There are 2 parts of the Smuggler's Bazaar. The legit side, which is the most boring place I've ever been (blenders, and other kitchen appliances, etc), and the restricted side, where you can appartently buy hash, guns, and a lot more. I met a traveler who went to check it out, but I didn't; I had my mind on going to Kabul.

  • Bargaining for the Price

    Nathia Gali Tourist Traps

    In Nathaiagli you would meet many locals with their horses offering you rides to near by areas and some time on long routes. You would meet many of them on your way to Greens Retreat Hotel. Horse ride on short routes is fun but longer routes you need to be extra careful. Well its fine to have horse ride if you really know how to handle horse. But...

  • Gilgit City

    Hunza Tourist Traps

    The city of Gilgit is impressive, but then again not so impressive. It is a big city, with restaurants, houses, hotels, etc but has no major attraction. However, it has benefited from the beauty of its northern counterparts. People usually stay here a lot. It can get very good in Gilgit, upto 40 Celsius is normal in summers. There is little...

  • Skip the Tour Guides at the Lahore...

    Lahore Tourist Traps

    I have to first say that I totally understand why these guys are trying to be tour guides, but in this case it was depressing! A guy who was actually pretty sweet approached my friend and I to see if we wanted a guide. He made the hardest sell, first saying he spoke 20 languages, including English IN 4 DIFFERENT ACCENTS! Then, he said he could...

  • Avoid Tribal Areas

    Peshawar Tourist Traps

    Dont go beyond the Khyber Pass. The area is declared Tribal. Never pay the price the shokeeper asks. Always bargain for a better deal. If you still insist to go to see the famous Khyber Pass, Do ask the local authorities so that they should arrange some local guides for you. The best way to see that area is to get on to the Khyber Pass Train that...

  • Few Tourists, No Traps

    Lahore Tourist Traps

    There is no as such Tourist Trap but just be careful and keep an eye on people around you. People are very friendly and hospitable. We do not get a chance to see huge number of tourist because Tourism industry here is not so well maintained. but try avoid places where there is any religious or private rally or gathering. Its surely safe but try to...

  • Drug Addicts & Beggers

    Lahore Tourist Traps

    If you see any beggers in Lahore plz lower your generousity level a little because if you give some rupees to one of them then you will find youself in great trouble & spend all your day getting rid of them.....

  • There ARE no traps!

    Due to the western media, Pakistan has very few tourists visiting, and partly because of that fact, partly because of the ingrained culture of hospitality, there are very few instances of tourists being ripped off.Unlike in many other tourist destinations, you don't get hassled for your custom. Coming from India, it's a bit of a shock!

  • Peshawar: Smuggler Bazaar

    I did not go to the bazaar myself. This is the experience from travelers who I met. They took the tour for 2000Rp for 2, the package included the Smuggler Bazaar, truck painting and Afghan refugee camp. There are 2 parts of the bazaar, one pretty normal and another one supposed to be a bazaar with weapons, drugs, fake dollars etc. They were brought...

  • Go off the beaten path - Go for local...

    Well, there are some over-rated spots. For visitors from the mountaneous countries, please avoid traveling to hill stations near Rawalpindi-Islamabad, valleys of lower Himalayas like Kaghan and northern Swat only to see nature. You will have spots like these all over your own country. However, if you go there, plan a hiking / trekking trip through...

  • Arranging funerals abroad

    I can't answer you the first question. However, you can search online via travelocity,,, etc. Or check out with your local travel agency.The cost of transporting a deceased person from USA to Pakistan is very expensive. First, you have to check with the airline first. Also, check with the local funeral home. They are...

  • Beware of imranthetrekker

    Hi imranthetrekker!Recently we traveled with V E and i replied to the question above.Fact is that, if one does not heed your recommendation and choose ones own, then it never justifies you to label it "touting". A quick search shows how many touting posts have...


    Watch out for monkies - they will grab your handbag and your food too. They are cute but so cheeky. I saw this happen up near Murree.

  • watch your cash

    Pakistanis see westerners and visitors as walking money trees to be plucked dry believe me they all assume that we are loaded and will try any means to get extra cash off you from relatives with sad stories and medical conditions to store keepers doubling the prices you will get ripped off no matter how warey you are

  • No tourists so No worries

    I found Pakistan to be one of the most hassle free destinations in the world. Along with my other experiences in Iran and Georgia etc there are not a lot of tourists roaming around meaning you can bargain in the bazaars without getting ripped off too much. The bazaaris are not used to seeing travellers too much so they are more willing to bargain...

  • Buying Carpet in Pakistan

    Just like anything else, buying carpet in Pakistan can be either rewarding or otherwise choking. If you know the place to shop and have some good experience on different type of carpet quality and making, you probably can get good quality carpet and rock bottom price. Off course, your bargaining skill is a must. However some carpet shops in Karachi...

  • Karachi

    Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan, and hub of business activities. With population exceeding 12 millions,and millions of vehicles on the roads it has very little to offer for the tourists. The only attraction is the Arabian sea... but the beaches in the city are among most polluted in the world. It s better to goto the beaches like paradise...

  • Beggars

    Don't give any money to beggars on streets. Oostly they are professional beggars and once you give them some alms their whole platoon will gather around you and will demand money. If you want to help poor people then the best way is to give donation to the charity organizations like Edhi foundation.

  • this is a big tourist trap in...

    this is a big tourist trap in lahore but unfortunately no tourists come in lahore for that 'kite flying' one of the worlds biggest kite flying dayknown as basaunt people fly kite , dance, do fun fares and also places are decorated and u seem to know the culture of pakistan and also paki concerts this happens in march.festivals are arranged in these...

  • Always try to bargain on...

    Always try to bargain on things that you want to buy. If you kept this thing in mind that you are in Pakistan, you will be fine. Try not to go to places which you dont know or never heard from others.

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