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  • The Makran Coastal Highway - A Pleasure to Drive
    The Makran Coastal Highway - A Pleasure...
    by Mozumbus
  • Driving in Pakistan
    by Rumi-fan
  • my love
    my love
    by kailasakes37
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    Makran Coastal Highway - A Pleasure to Drive

    by Mozumbus Written Apr 7, 2010

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    The Makran Coastal Highway - A Pleasure to Drive

    In the recent past, there has been a lot of infrastructure developments in Pakistan, and one of them is the recently built 635 km, pleasure to drive, Makran Coastal Highway (National Highway N10) which links Karachi - the commercial hub of Pakistan and arguably the world's most populous city - to Gwadar - the recently developed port city.

    Situated in the province of Balochistan, the highway runs in East-West direction along the Arabian Sea and shies only few kilometers from the South Eastern border of Iran from its Western end. It is a fully metalled road (with some exceptional patches) with no speed limits, long beaches run along one side of the highway, and the other side is full of diversity; rocks, mountains, sand, etc. The highway cuts across virtually inhabited areas mostly consisting of deserts, rock formations, and the eye-catching coastal line thus making it a perfect choice for nature lovers. Ormara and Pasni are the only major cities on the highway while there are also islands and mud volcanoes, famous among scuba divers and adventurers, near these cities. Interestingly, these active mud volcanoes are claimed to be world’s highest and largest of their kind. One of the most amazing things is the natural rock formation along the road carved by the coastal breeze and can be observed while passing by without much effort. These formations are so spectacular that it is hard to digest that they are not man made. And the other is the long and crystal clear beaach especially near Khand Malir, approx 100 km from the Eastern Toll.

    The only flip side is the absence of road side facilities (fuel, food, first-aid), hence adequate planning is a must.

    In future, it is hoped that this highway will be extended to enter into Iranian, but not in the near future, hence making overland trips between Pakistan and Iran a lot safer as compared to Tuftan border.

    So, if you are tired of the schedule and wish to have a break, then fill-up your motor tank and embark on the long and pleasure drive. And I dream of driving a superbike all the way to Gwadar…

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    Modes of Transport

    by Rumi-fan Written Jan 12, 2007

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    How many modes of transport can you see in this 'Chonk' (Roundabout)? Each and every one is typical in Lahore: rickshaws, bicycles, trucks, donkey and cart, car, motorbikes, buses, and pedestrians. This pic gives a good view of all modes. A vibrant and colourful city - Lahore.

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    Travelling within Pakistan

    by Aghani Updated Dec 20, 2006

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    1] Selfdriving by tourist NOT recommended . (a) Traffic on the left side of road. (b) Traffic rules are not strictly followed.(c) It would be difficult to find the destination bydriving tourist.
    2]There are four excellent airlines PIA,Aeroasia,Airblue and Shaheen.Check them.
    3] Excellent train service.Sometimes congested but enjoyable with fellow passengers.
    4]Road transport widespread but not so organised.
    5]Try a three wheeler "Auto-Rickshaw" within a city. Noisy ,bumpy but recommneded as joy ride for one or two trips.
    6]Should negotiate taxi fares beforehand by bargaining. There are vintage taxis as well as very good new radio cabs.
    7] There is a fast vanishing breed of horse carts.Good for leiserly exploring a city.

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    Daewoo Bus to Islamabad from Lahore

    by imranthetrekker Written Mar 20, 2006

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    Daewoo bus

    Salut Mes Amis,

    The best way to take a flight but you need a reservation by PIA.
    The 2nd option's to take a bus from Kalma chowk on Fairozepur road, by Daewoo bus stand, 480 Rs, 4 to 5 hrs on motorway to Islamabad.

    For Daewoo please make a reservation before 2 ,3 hrs and you can make it by phone.

    Enjoy the marvels of Pakistan

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  • Travel with in Pakistan....

    by WAHEEDASLAM Written Mar 10, 2004

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    tongas (horse & carriage)

    Pakistan has an extensive network of roads and highways, linking every big and small town. There are several highways like Grand Trunk Road between Lahore and Peshawar, Super Highway and National Highway linking Karachi with interior of Sindh and Punjab, Indus Highway linking Peshawar with the Southern Punjab, RCD Highway linking Karachi with Quetta and on to Taftan (Pak-Iran border) and the Karakoram Highway joining Islamabad with Kashgar (China) through Abbottabad, Gilgit Hunza and Khunjrab Pass. A land mark has been achieved with the completion of Lahore-Islamabad motorway (M2) and Faisalabad-Pindi Bhatian Motorway (M3), which have opened some of the remote areas of Pakistan for visitors. Another project of Motorway i.e. Islamabad-Peshawar (M1) will be completed in near future.
    You will find all types of public transport in Pakistan. Taxis, auto rickshaws, vans, tongas (horse & carriage) and mini-buses are used for traveling within the city/town/village limits, whereas air-conditioned, non air-conditioned and deluxe type of buses, vans and coaches regularly ply between major cities and tourists destinations.

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    by WAHEEDASLAM Updated Jan 15, 2004

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    way of car

    by kailasakes37 Updated Nov 21, 2003

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    my love

    I just wanted to say I never had so much fun before in traffic because the difference in traffic where I am from and in karachi is I was just surprised bye everything I was seeing! I never had a ride so fast in my life! flashes of chickens , goats ,donkeys,cows,people and buses passed me bye. many many many times I found myself just laughing in pure joy! everyone I was staying with in my fiances family loved my expressions! I tried to explain I am used to straight lines of traffic, just the usual waiting and waiting behind streetlights but here in pakistan everything is on the streets people selling toys and flowers and yes even birds as you see in this picture.
    This was my first time sitting in traffic that I ever in my life got a bouqeut of flowers,i just smiled all the way thru the city at everything I was seeing!! I would jump and say OH LOOK at this and look at that! everyone would laugh and clap and be so excited that they were seeing me happy just driving thru the city!
    I would say ..did you see that COW??a cow in the city! I said I only see them in farms where I am from! there was a cow back there! they laughed so hard at me! then they explained what a rickshaw was to me ..immediately I wanted to ride one but we never got to that point in my stay..! next time! :)

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  • The best way to get to...

    by Creaky Updated Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The best way to get to Pakistan in my opinion is to drive there !!! I drove there from the UK and the further east you get, the easier you are acclimatised to the changes in culture etc. Then you can go where you like and see places you wouldn't normally see. Its a bit dangerous in parts though so on second thoughts, just fly there !!
    I drove, which is best, but there are loads of trains and buses, if you go on the buses, buy some valium from the chemist beforehand ! scarey experience.

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    Rent a car - Insh'Allah

    by CliffClaven Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Rent a car! On second thoughts, perhaps not such a good idea in Karachi's honking traffic. There are plenty of firms offering cars with drivers, which is the easiest way to get around. But if you really do want to live dangerously, the Bukhari company at the Sheraton will let you have a car you can drive yourself. You may be asked to settle your room account first. Insh'Allah.

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