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  • Sunshine Baguio
    Sunshine Baguio
    by jose_mi_home
  • Lions Club park Baguio
    Lions Club park Baguio
    by jose_mi_home
  • Baguio Convention center
    Baguio Convention center
    by jose_mi_home

Most Recent Tourist Traps in Baguio

  • Mana-Manna Shop in Mile Hi Camp John Hay

    by P&C888 Updated Dec 29, 2009

    We stopped by the Mile Hi Inn at Camp John Hay to check it out and we went to this shop called Mana-Manna. They sell native crafts like wood carving. My boyfriend like those things and he has been wanting to buy a set of arniz in baguio. We saw a pair made of kamagong and They sell them at P650-680 a pair. Being naive tourists from manila, we haggled for P600 and paid. My boyfriend then wanted to buy this long kamagong staff for his elderly dad and the last price was 600 as well. we bought the 2 items thinking that it was the fair price coz of the type of wood. That night we passed by mines view park market and and we were able to get a nicer pair kamagong arniz for only P250. imagine the horror. then when we passed by Manna mana shop again, a different person was minding the shop so we were curious to ask how much the staff is, he said P580 so most probably we can still haggle for P500. I told my boyfriend maybe we could return the items and exchange for something else but he said just to let it go. To more horror, when we got back to manila, he was showing the arniz to some of his friends and I noticed one of the expensive pair had cracks on them and the other had a big chip at the tip.

    Another tourist trap was in front of the mansion, peddlers will approach you selling Sagada oranges. it's true they're really sweet but notice when they weigh them they don't face the scale to you. the initial weigh of the scale is like 1/4kg already without the fruits yet. They sell the oranges for P150/kilo then you can haggle until P120-130/kilo. They'll tell you they sell them P180/kilo at mines view park market but in fact they're only P100/kilo there. The oranges are cheaper at the strawberry farm.

    I guess next time we'll shop around first before buying.

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  • clinique27's Profile Photo

    Natives at the entrance of Botanical Garden

    by clinique27 Written Apr 9, 2008

    Me, my sister and cousin wanted to have a souvenir photo at the entrance of the Botanical Garden. When we were about to pose for the cam, two of the natives ask if they could join us to the pics..knowing that they just wanted to be included on the photo, we allowed them since they were very persistent. After a while, when we were about to leave, they were asking for a fee! Good thing i have 20 peso bill on my pocket..what if i left my coin purse to the van? urghh..

    Fun Alternatives: Actually, i don't mind giving tips for just posing with us in the picture, the problem was they did not inform us beforehand that they will be asking for a fee.. Maybe all we have to do is always have an extra 50 peso bill or less on your pockets.. *wink* :)

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  • ProudMarikenya's Profile Photo

    A not so Blissful Dinner at Bliss Cafe

    by ProudMarikenya Written Feb 19, 2008

    A not so blissful dinner at Bliss Cafe

    I read good reviews about this veggie restaurant in lifestyle magazines and newspaper in Manila so made this resto part of our Baguio culinary adventure. The food was not worth the long wait. I wonder why our order took sooo long to serve when we were the only customers then. We ordered by plate meals and we had to follow up like 3-4x before they serve the first plate, and each order came to our table one at a time, like 20 minutes after the other. While others were eating already, some were still waiting. The Biancci and Miguel were crying because their veggie sisig was too spicy, I was looking for the server to ask for water but she was nowhere to be found, I even have to go to the kitchen to ask for water. I got so pissed to find out that the staff was all in the kitchen just playing around. The staff was not even pleasant nor apologetic for the long wait. When we asked for the bill, I questioned the server why the O.R. was under a different name, she couldn’t give me an answer. I asked her to replaced it (just to make her life a little difficult). When she came back to me, she said “ hindi daw do pwede sabi ng kasama ko” but I insisted. Then one of the staff in the kitchen came to me angry and said “ Hindi pwede kasi magbabayad kami sa BIR!” WHATTTT!!!! %8&#@*%!!!!!!!!! I felt like my blood pressure gone up, and my hidden waray waray nature came out (no need to detail every thing) Then the other kitchen staff came rushing with the new O.R. and apologizing for everything.

    The place is supposed to be good in ambiance, but surely I will not recommend this resto and even warn people not to go to here.

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  • ProudMarikenya's Profile Photo

    Atenara House- A Night Mare

    by ProudMarikenya Written Feb 19, 2008

    Have you ever been fooled into staying at lodging inn or hotel because of a nice-looking website or worse, a bogus review planted by the owner themselves? Well, I have!

    Atenara House main draw is its enviable location near Baguio’s tourist destinations. This is where it begins. And this is where it ends.

    We had a hard time finding the place as it doesn’t have a signage. Finally, we found it, but we were skeptic to enter as it was not the place I have in my mind as pictured in their website. The house was built in 1958 and which I think was never renovated ever since. As you enter the house you'll be welcomed by the smell of antiques, just like the smell of an abandoned ancestral house. I vomited for real because of this distinctive odorous air in this place. The place was dusty and rundown. I don't mind the idea of an old house type, but this one is worst! The room was so dimly-lit, The bed were made of plywood, the linens and bed sheets looked like it was not changed.No fridge, just an old TV. I didn’t allow my helper to hang the clothes n the cabinet because it smelled moth balls. The place was dusty and rundown that I have to wipe the dresser and TV with tissue. And oh, their’ll think twice if you’re going to use them or not, they r like rags
    After an hour of checking in the hotel, we were feeling uneasy about d cleanliness of the place n true enough, when I looked under the bed, it looked like the room had not been cleaned for months. I even saw a cockroach. The toilet failed 2 flush n it reeked of urine evidence of the place's utmost filthiness.
    We immediately checked out of this place d next morning n when I lookd for d landlord to complain about d place, the people there claimed he wasn't around!


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  • Zinoki's Profile Photo


    by Zinoki Updated Dec 14, 2007

    One day I was shopping in the market and a old lady on her side came by, I felt sorry and gave her 20 pesos, I know its not much but my friends said it was too much, even if I didn’t feel it was.

    So the lady left, but 5 min later she came again but this time she rearranged her clothes and was holding the child differently, and changed her head gear.

    I tend have a good memory for faces so I knew it was the same person, when I told her I just gave you money she just looked confused and said she has never seen me!

    Wow even grannies are crafty here.

    Unique Suggestions: People here are quit nice if u tell them or catch them they will say sorry, but it is understandable why they do it, so you cant be to angry

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  • JaneCajuguiran's Profile Photo

    Baguio Market

    by JaneCajuguiran Written Feb 8, 2006

    Besides being so crowded and filthy, the baguio market is a special spot for thieves who pick on the busy buyer. So don't go there. If you have anything to buy, go to Camp john Hay or the wright park or the strawberry fields in la trinidad. Goods there may be a little more expensive than what you'd find in the market but, hey, for the convenience and for the opportunity to stay out of danger, it's all worth it!

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  • jvsabas's Profile Photo

    There are better views...

    by jvsabas Updated Oct 27, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Skip it, the view at Mines View Park is less than spectacular. You can hardly tell where the park is due to all the shops that surround it, as well as along the paths that go down to the vista.

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