Baguio City Warnings and Dangers

  • This
    This "Stolen" Shot Made Her Mad
    by cyndymc
  • Slippery stones at Mines View Park
    Slippery stones at Mines View Park
    by joiwatani
  • Be very careful not to fall down
    Be very careful not to fall down
    by joiwatani

Baguio City Warnings and Dangers

  • Number Coding In Baguio City

    If you intend to travel to and around the Baguio City in your private vehicle during a weekday, be forewarned! Please bear in mind that like in Metro Manila, there is a number coding rule restricting the entry of vehicles with specific plate ending numbers on specific days at the Central Business District. Solution: Stop at the nearest tourism or...

  • Baguio- Love It Or Leave It!

    A group of Baguio Homeowners Associations and Civic Groups have come up with a battlecry-"Baguio- Love It Or Leave It". Particularly addressed to Korean migrants of the city, who reportedly have been notorious in unwanton littering and "noise pollution", the motto "Love It Or Leave It" was meant to assert the locals' rights to maintaining the clean...

  • Pickpockets in Crowded Places!

    Baguio City has become overpopulated because of the surge in migrants. Imagine how it would be like when it is peak season...but peak season or not, be careful with your cash and credit cards. I myself was a victim of a pickpocket at the Mines View Park Souvenir Stores. There were so many people shoving their way through the crowd, so I didn't...

  • "Enterprising" Igorots

    Steer away from natives who volunteer to be your models in souvenir pictures. Most Igorots clad in native costumes who volunteer or allow you take their pictures are expecting to be paid in return. Be clear about his/her terms before you take pictures, or you will feel the ire and pressure of said natives. It is very disconcerting to be shouted at...

  • Baguio peddlers

    A trip to Baguio will not be complete without buying the standard Filipino gifts (strawberries, walis or broom, wooden keychains, vegetables). If you do decide to buy, some peddlers overprice their wares so canvass around a bit before jumping in.

  • Pickpockets

    Careful going around Baguio specially when you go to the market and getting busy shopping. The crowd is full and busy and you might be one of the victims. Well, i was not but when we went there my brother gave us caution that there are group of people who will try to follow you all the way to session road and rob money from you. Its scary. Just be...

  • One way traffic scheme

    Beware of new traffic scheme in Baguio, especially if you are bringing a car. Most of the streets in the city are one-way so be prepared to take detours. It is useful to carry a street map so you can figure out which road to take.This was instituted early this year, to address traffic congestion in some areas.

  • Creepy Creatures roaming around the...

    I have never experienced the "pickpockets" in this city ever since. But, one of the local residents here just warned us to be careful and watch our belongings to those creepy creatures. Ohh well, I think, there are many of them in any part of the world?!?

  • Fog: Be careful when it rains!

    There are times when the roads are surrounded by a thick fog, and this usually happens all year round, especially when it rains. Be careful when driving throughout the city, especially when traversing through the streets of Quirino Hill where landslides often occur during heavy rains. It is best to check your fog lights before travelling and drive...

  • Beware of Pickpockets

    One need to be extra cautious on their valuables: wallets, cameras, etc. Never put them on the outside pockets of your back packs or belt bags. They usually pick pockets when you are busy: walking, choosing souveniers,etc. Pick pockets are in the public market and Session Road (based on experience)

  • rock slides

    it was way back in my college years (circa 1992-96) when i experienced rock slides on my way back to manila. i was riding the victory liner bus and we were along marcos highway when rocks slid due to heavy rains. i was scared, of course. the bus had to stop and we waited for a few minutes before driving on. lesson learned: try to travel during a...

  • Beware of Snatchers!

    Downtown.... as any other busy city that is frequented by tourists and visitors... characters like snatchers abound...Be careful when walking through the city proper... dont display your cellphone and try to avoid wearing jewelry... make sure your wallets are well tucked inside your pockets and bags...

  • Stumped Vehicles Up Ahead!

    As Kennon Road is very tricky... be very careful especially when you see big derailed trucks and vehicles alongside the road.... This is a common sight....

  • Slippery When Wet!

    The soil consistency of Baguio is clay-like and its reddish.... no wonder when it rains (which is almost always in the rainy season) it gets so slippery...The roller coaster-like roads only made it worse...

  • Sharp Curves Ahead!!!!

    The Kennon Road is a very tricky road to drive on.... apart from its winding and sharp curves, the roads can also be very slippery when wet....There are ravines and cliffs on one side of the road as the road going to the City of Pines is carved on the mountainside...

  • Careful of Towtrucks

    There are no parking meters in Baguio City...well there are but they're no longer working..they're just there for display. So if you happen to bring your car along or rented a car, expect to be approached by men wearing this maroon colored shirts. They're the collectors for the parking fee. While the contract between the local government and the...

  • Dangerous driving conditions during...

    During the rainy season, landslides usually occur on the highways leading to and from Baguio. To construct the Baguio roads, mountain sides had to be hacked off to make roads and these areas are particularly prone to stones/mud slides when the rain comes. Try to avoid going up/down when it is raining. Also, fog can be very thick sometimes and this...

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Baguio City Warnings and Dangers

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