Safety Tips in Iligan City

  • Welcome to Iligan City !
    Welcome to Iligan City !
    by BobNewYork
  • With Security like this, No Worries !
    With Security like this, No Worries !
    by BobNewYork
  • Part of Hotel 24 Hour Security
    Part of Hotel 24 Hour Security
    by BobNewYork

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  • muslim awareness

    by racdman Written Oct 14, 2010

    u knw i grew up in this city and after years of being thing i wud suggest dat tourist shud be aware of is not the moslems n ds city bt d christians dat are from pagadian and cebu.sila sumsira sa iligan.dahil sa holdap at snatching

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    Use Your Common Sense and NO Worries in Iligan !

    by BobNewYork Updated Mar 22, 2010

    It was quite by accident that I found Iligan City, Mindanao, Philippines in the first place. A name and address ending with " 9200 Iligan City " came across my internet screen while websurfing a few years ago. The combination of the post code and the name interested me to find out where this place was. A websearch quickly brought the desired answer. I knew next to nothing about the Philippines at that time but in websearching Iligan City I began finding hundreds of pictures of the place along with videos on youtube. What I found most impressive about these pictures and videos of a place I had never heard of before, were that most all of them were put on the internet by the people that leve there and not some commercial or tourist website.

    For the next two years I spent a considerable amount of time websurfing Iligan City and the more I learned about it the more fascinating it became to me. While looking at a picture of a fast food franchise " Jollibee on Tibanga Highway in Iligan " I sat back and wondered what it would be like to be sitting in there, eating burgers and looking out of the windows watching the Jeepneys, Tricicads, and other forms of transportation go by that I had never experienced before. It was at that point I thought about seeing what would be involved in actually visiting Iligan City, half way around the world from where I live !

    When I asked a Filipino friend where I work about going there he described what he thought would be the dangers I would face going to any part of Mindanao, although he confessed he was from Cebu and had never been to Mindanao himself. I later learned that many of those describing Mindanao in such a negative voice that many of them had never been to Mindanao either. Yes, there are certain areas of Mindanao that tourists may be well advised to stay away from. On the other hand however there are parts of Mindanao that are very tourist friendly and very hospitable ! Some of those places are Iligan, Cagayan De Oro, and Davao. There are others as well but it is Iligan and Cagayan De Oro that I have had first hand experience with and visited 3 times as of this writing.

    In any city, New York, London, Seattle, Miami, etc. there are always certain common sense precautions any traveler should take like not being too flashy with expensive jewelry, displaying a wallet overstuffed with cash, showing off your Rolex when you want the time etc. Any experienced traveler knows these things. The same kind of things apply in going to Iligan City. The same precautions apply here as they would in any other city.

    Almost all public places in Iligan are equipped with uniformed and armed security guards. the city has been equipped with security cameras wired into a central location, which I have seen myself. You can even sample some of those cams right here on the internet ! When a disturbance erupted in another part of Mindanao, many mountains away from Iligan, thousands of people left their homes, and everything they had. They boarded boats, home made rafts and just about anything else that would float. Where did they seek refuge ? They floated their way around the coastline to Iligan City of course ! Can 10,000 people be wrong ? I don't think so. Mindanao is a huge Island and just like most other parts of the world it has its places that are tourist and visitor friendly like Iligan, while other areas are best left to those that inhabit it.

    Many people ask " what about the Muslims " ? Statistics indicate Iligan is 90% Catholic, 5% Muslim and 5% everything else. They didn't bother me, I didn't bother them and I hardly gave it a second thought. In fact I have seen more Muslims per square block in London than I have in Iligan. Iligan City is a place where people from different backgronds and beliefs have come to live peacefully together and from my experiences there I have no reason not to believe this. After all, if it were that dangerous or negative would I have ever thought of going back there ? Best vacation I have ever experienced for myself was going to Iligan City ! I felt a lot safer in Iligan City than I ever have on a New York City Subway or the London Underground !

    My best advice, take some time, do some websearches, Know before you Go !

    Iligan City

    Simply Amazing !

    Welcome to Iligan City ! With Security like this, No Worries ! Part of Hotel 24 Hour Security Central Control for Citywide Security Cams Fort Knox could learn a thing or two from Iligan !
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    cellphones and bags!

    by tsan Updated Nov 29, 2008

    i think this goes to all tourists...especially in these parts of mindanao. always be careful in handling/carrying your cellphones and bags!

    for cellphones, (experience tested hehe) as much as possible, don't put them on your jean's pockets... especially for girls since lady jeans are almost always tight fitting... the bulge of your phone will attract "snatchers" (watching your every step 'til you make the mistake of taking it out) and "hold-uppers" - not so sure with the spelling though hehehe.

    p.s. if unfortunately you fell trap and got "hold-upped", it is always wise to stand still and give off your phone. it's only a phone can't bring it with you in the old filipino adage goes... =)

    for bags, always carry them in such a way that you can see your bag's zipper. preferably below your armpits... you'll never know if someone's creeping behind you and opening your bag...right?

    BE VIGILANT! woot!

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  • Be aware of the Christian and Muslim Thing here!

    by yen_2 Written Mar 20, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Iligan is within Muslim areas, the nearest plcae of muslim areas is the Marawi City. But most of the people are happy living here with different religions. Though the other part is the Lanao Areas which is not a right time for now to visit if your a foreigner! But I will be home this next month!

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