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Bontoc Things to Do

  • Stroll the main street.....Poblacion

    Bontoc has only one big street. Here one find the town hall, tourist center, municipal hall, in this street where also find the banks, doctors, dentist and pharmacy. Poblacion is where all the business located in Bontoc, wandering in this street you'll find many of those gadget shop where sells phone, and accessories and so on. Most transportation...

  • Livestock for sale at the market

    We were surprised see a livestock for sale in the market, at first we walk to the meat and fish area, we haven't seen the cage of the chicken yet. Afterward we walk through direction vegetables and suddenly on the sideway we've seen this cage with livestock chicken. Is horrible see the chicken this way, cramped to a cage waiting for a buyer. It...

  • Find a slipper in the market

    The market has everything you need. If one not interested in food, there are other things might interest you. In the market they sells everything, from houseware to apparel a leather shoe and slipper, unbelievable how they do that.This public market in Bontoc is huge, the meat stand separately from the others. Is nice place to wander around seen...

  • Looking for fresh veggies and fresh...

    When it come to fresh fruit, market is my favorite place for that, I like wandering around and just looking to all kinds of fruit. Philippines has many different kind of fruit which we don't have in Belgium. My favourite fruit is mango, we do not have Philippine mango in Belgium. I also enjoying looking to the vegetables, I like the color of it. In...

  • The market is a place to be for fresh...

    Wandering in the market is so interesting, market in Philippines are not much better place than other places in Asia. Locals buy their meat, fish and etc in the market. Considering about hygiene people don't know what it is. But this an only place where you can buy a meat, fish and some other food. While starred to the meat and fish that lying in a...

  • Visit Sta. Rita Cathedral

    I was just wandering around the town when I spotted this church...from the church's grounds is the view of the mountains that sorround the town. Going inside, I noticed some interesting paintings located at the right side of the church.


    On the road to Baguio, about an hour from Bontoc you will come to Mount Polis at an altitude of 6,216 ft or , 1895 m. If you are on the bus it will stop here but if you have your own private transport you must stop for a few minutes as there are coffee shops, snack shops, veggie stalls, a huge statue of the blessed virgin . There is a small shop on...


    If you are not planning on visiting Banaue from Bontoc, change your mind as it is a beautiful trip, even if you just have time to go there early morning and return in the afternoon. The road gradually leaves \bontoc passing by villages on the right hand side until it reaches Mount Polis, the highest point on the road, before you wind your way down...


    If not, you can see a sculpture of a Bulul next to where the buses leave for Banaue and Sagada. A Bulul is a figure carved from wood to protect the rice crops, that the Igorots strongly believe in. Igorots reside in this are of North Luzon. The Bululs are representations of their ancestors and are believed to gain power from the presence of the...

  • go to the Bontoc museum

    Nobody has said anything about their museum. I find it the most interesting so far in the philippines. It has many ming vases and other pottery including baskets by igorot, artifacts with their history, old photos,jewlery, originl nipa Igorot village. It's a must see!

  • Watch the Lang-Ay Festival

    Every April, tribes from the different municipalities in Mt. Province are gathered to participate in the celebration of the Lang-Ay Festival. Unlike the other festivals in the Philippines, the delegates here are dressed in their native/authentic attire as they go around town dancing with pride. The audience are expected to appreciate the real-life...

  • Visit the All Saint's Cathedral

    The Episcopalian Church of Bontoc built the All Saints' Cathedral from generous donations of patrons. The church is made of native stone gathered from the Chico River and cut by local stonemasons from Mainit town who generously told the priests that they were willing to work for less than their usual pay because it is for the church and their...

  • Stop by Bay-yo

    If you are driving to Bontoc from Banaue or vice versa be sure to stop at the Bay-yo View Deck and enjoy the Bay-yo rice terraces. It is smaller than the other rice terraces but its location is very picturesque and worth some photographs! :DThe weather is also cooler there than in Bontoc.

  • Visit Malegcong Rice Terraces

    It is best to visit the Malegcong Rice Terraces during May and maybe early June when the plants are well-established already. I visited it over Easter this year and was told that the weather have been too dry that the planting of upland rice have been delayed.It is easy enough to get there as there is a regular run of PUJ plying the route...

  • Glimpse of the Past

    At the Bontoc Museum you can have a glimpse of the past tribes from Sagada, Ifugao and Bontoc. The place displays a collection of books, photographs, tribal costumes and battle gears.

  • Walk round town ...

    The main street of town of Bontoc is lined on both sides by shoplots. From far, you can see the misty mountains. As this is only a stopover for us, we did not venture far out of the town - just had our breakfast in one of the shops and then walk about the town area..See pictures of town on my travelogue..

  • Bontoc Museum

    This is a little tricky to find. The museum is located on the grounds of the St. Vincent elementary school. You will notice the unique building-replicas of Ifugao, Sagada and Bontoc dwellings. The small museum has an unique collection of Igorot crafts and everyday items. There are some beautiful antique Chinese bowls and plates. There are...

  • Maligcong Rice Terraces

    Bontoc is the place to base yourself to go trekking to the Maligcong Rice Terraces. These rice terraces differ from the ones in Banaue as they were constructed with stones that have been piled atop one other.


Bontoc Restaurants

  • Filling and Hot

    Well, the restaurant entrance was a bit daunting... dark and a little unkept. But I was not put off by that (well, I was with a group of locals so I just followed their lead) . We went on to the second floor where the room opened up to a well lighted veranda. The food is hot and filling and the prices not bad. We had the noodles, lumpiang shanghai...

  • Cable Cafe

    Food is nice, I remember one staff who was kind enough to let me take a nap at one corner of the cafe. I was so tired after walking around town....Has TV for you to watch while waiting for your bus to Manila. I tried the boneless bangus with veggies.

  • Bontoc Hotels

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Bontoc Transportation

  • Tricycle terminal in Bontoc

    Poblacion Bontoc is the town center where provincial capitol building, provincial plaza, provincial market, municipal hall, commercial center, government center is located. Tricycles are the means of tranportation in Bontoc and the minimum fare is P 8.00 per person, students and the elderly the fare is P10 per personTricycles are plentiful around,...

  • The easiest way to get around and cheap

    Its very easy just to walk around the main street and find everything you need. Tricycles here are cheap and I have never had a hassle paying the local rate. Bontoc and Banaue is the only two of the Ifugao province has tricycle, in Sagada there is no tricycle.Town of Bontoc is navigable on foot but for those will want to go outside town, tricycles...

  • Bontoc Jeepney terminal

    The terminal in Bontoc is on the main street, hang a sign of destination. There is a waiting shed where you can see the jeepney terminal to Banaue or Sagada. If the jeepney came from Sagada or Banaue, this stop right in front of the terminal it makes easier to visitor through connecting their final destinationJeepney plying to Banaue or Sagada it...


Bontoc Shopping

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  • Shopping at the Bontoc Public Market

    The Bontoc Public Market is a sprawling complex straddling more than 3 streets near the Provincial Capitol. The people consider Sunday as their market day. A couple of streets offer fruits and vegetables, another household and hardware items, another VCDs and DVDs. On a parallel street up from main street you will find small restaurants catering to...

  • Crafts for sale

    This shop is fixed price and sells local textiles, rattan bowls, purses and other bags. Definately worth a look. Some nice souvenirs. They also sell some sagada weaving merchandise.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Bontoc Local Customs

  • An overcrowded....transportion

    This a typical transportation in the Philippines, a jeepney. Especially in Ifugao province. Many of this jeepneys are running around and in some place is the only way to go around. It is cheap but uncomfortable to sit.As what I've noticed, this kind of transfer is always overcrowded. Passenger inside squeezed to each other, you have no space of...

  • Malagkit.... wrap in banana...

    There are so many variety of snacks in Philippines, but malagkit is famous of all and is one of my favourite thing when I'm in the country. In Cebu where I came from we have a different form of malagkit is a long rolledMalagkit (glutinous rice) has a very high percentage of this sticky starch it absorb liquid water or in the case of many sweet...

  • Bontoc has it all when it comes to...

    We have no experience for any medical help during our trip, luckily!. When we wandering around town we discover that Bontoc has much more to offer to their own people than in Sagada and Banaue. Bontoc is also bigger than those two. We have seen a pharmacy in Sagada and Banaue but not seen a doctor. Bonctoc in is between Sagada and Banaue, probably...


Bontoc Warnings and Dangers

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    It is possible to drive to and from Bontoc using an ordinary car but it is really better to use a 4x4 because the road is not really kind to an ordinary car. :( Minor rockslides occur even in summer and the DPWH never can work fast enough to clear them all out, so better safe than sorry.

    Rockslide between Bontoc and Bay-yo Going over the rockslide
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Bontoc Favorites

  • I want my ATM

    ATMs on an international network are not easy to find in the North Luzon. Most big cities will have atleast one. In Bontoc, there is the LandBank (near Plaza) that has an ATM, but not on an international system, or atleast our card didn't work. We then tried the Philippines National Bank (PNB) and they have an ATM, which is inside surrounded by...

  • Talk with local kids!

    As I was traveling with my 11 year-old son we were always approached by children and adults that wanted to talk with us so it made it kind of nice to always talk with the local people!! Some people are very shy and others will talk all day long!

  • Screaming Pigs!

    This bunch of pigs was just screaming right near the Jeepney stop. So I had to take a picture of them! The big male kept biting the others! It scared my son to see such a mean pig!! One of his favorite movies when he was younger was "Babe Pig in the City" He thought all pigs were nice.


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