Sagada Travel Guide

  • Hanging Coffin @ Echo Valley.
    Hanging Coffin @ Echo Valley.
    by wayward_joanne
  • Fog rolls through in the morning
    Fog rolls through in the morning
    by GenuinelyCurious
  • the long winding road to Sumaguing Cave, Sagada
    the long winding road to Sumaguing Cave,...
    by lakbayPinas

Sagada Things to Do

  • I Love the whole Sagada experience!!!

    Did the following and would definitely recommend anyone to visit.1. Took the bus to Banaue. Then took another van from Banaue to Sagada**this part of the trip allows you to passby the World popular Banaue rice terraces. As you move around the mountains and move further up, you realize that Rice terraces are all over the region and not just in...

  • Watch The Sunrise

    One of the things that Tourist go for in Sagada is to watch the sunrise. When we got there, there were so many people with their high end cameras pointing to the east. Unfortunately, it's cloudy that day so we weren't able to watch the sun rise. But if you ever decide to go in Sagada, this is a must do!You have to go up to Kiltepan Peak to get the...

  • Bontoc Falls

    If you ever get tired of trekking the mountains, it will all fade away when you reach Bontoc Falls. There is actually a bigger falls in Sagada but we decided to just go to Bontoc since it's nearer. You can swim and if you are more adventurous jump from the top of the rock formation and into the water!


Sagada Hotels

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Sagada Restaurants

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  • Yoghurt Lassie!! Eggplant pasta!!

    WIth the food that I was able to try, definitely enjoyed the food. Ordered the eggplant pasta! I also enjoyed the Spicy Java Chicken; both sweet and spicy. Was able to drink Mango Lassie and Lemon Lassie which were both good!Ambiance was ok. Yoghurt Lassie

  • Menu Set 4!

    Food was really good. sauteed potatoes (sliced in chips style) with sliced chicken and mushroom sauce. Among the 4 diff food that 4 of us ordered, I would like to recommend this one the most. Ambience of the restaurant was also perfect. True to its name Log Cabin. Given the cold weather in Sagada, it was a very cozy place eating beside the fire...

  • Sagada's delicacy

    We arrived at Sagada at noon and checked all the restaurant serving the famous pinikpikan and only Pinikpikan House has an available one. We got the dish plus a rice for Php 120. Pinikpikan is like tinolang manok and bulalo at the same time. The chicken are beaten to death before cooking - that's makes the meat texture different.


Sagada Nightlife

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  • Silent Night

    Unfortunately when we visited Sagada, there was no nightlife in this side of the planet. Even the restaurants closes shop early and we found ourselves knocking at any available place to dine after our exhausting caving and spellunking. Flashlights or outdoor lamps

  • Vincent's Eatery and Snacks

    Nothing fancy about this place and can only accommodate few guests. So if you want someplace not crowded go to this place if there’s still space left for you. I tried this one because I’m too tired to go farther up from George Guesthouse. The bar only plays soft music and their Redhorse beer costs P40 pesos.

  • Kimchi

    I love this bar located in front of Igorot Inn. It is frequented by foreigners because of its international ambiance and they have good singer that belted out mixed and reggae music. I think this one is the only place where you can party while listening to live music. It is also a good place to mingle with fellow tourist and exchange experiences...


Sagada Transportation

  • Always choose a BUS RIDE

    Always choose bus ride especially when you are going from Banaue-Sagada or vice versa because if it not the peak season the waiting time is too long. As much as possible do not consider the van-for-hire....based on my experience. Don't worry the scenery is GREAT....

  • Schedule of trips during regular season

    Schedule of Trips During Regular Season (Information based on the leaflets from the Sagada tourist Center)Sagada-BaguioBus: 5-6 hours Php 220.00GL/Lizardo1st trip 5:00 AM2nd 7;00 AM3rd 8:00 AM4th 9:00 AM5th 10:00 AMLast 1:00 pmBaguio-ManilaBus: 5-6 hoursVictory Liner: Every 30 minutesDagupan bus: every hourBaguio-Vigan Php 294.00Bus: 4 hours4:30...

  • Two routes going to Sagada

    there ar two routes going to Sagada if you are coming from ManilaFirst route: Manila-Baguio-Sagada (this will cost Php 670.00 Php 450.00 Manila-Baguio thru victory liner and Php 220.00 Baguio-Sagada thru Lizardo bus>)Second route: Manila-Banaue-Bontoc-Sagda....for tme this is the more adveneturous route you can ride at the top of the jeep when...


Sagada Shopping

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  • Sagada Saturday Market

    In Sagada, there is a weekend market wherein you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, used clothes (ukay-ukay), art and craft or sovenier items. Food kiosks are also located around the venue. Weaved items such as clothes, bags, wall decorations etc.

  • Shopping Galore

    Ug-uggo Souvenirs is our most favorite shop in Sagada. Why? This shop showcases different and unique crafts good for pasalubong. You can choose from variety of designs from their shirts down to accessories. Aside from that, the prices are affordable. You can haggle the price as long as you will buy a lot, right Ms. Safe? hehehe... You will surely...


    There are a lot of souvenir shops scattered along the road where many inns are located. There are also some at the sagada plaza where the bus/ jeepney stop is.Don't forget to drop by the popular Sagada Weaving Center near Cangbay's Photo Studio and Motor Shop Shirts are from P 140 to 150, personalized ones cost around P 300. You need to place the...


Sagada Local Customs

  • Dap-ays' decision

    Sometimes Dap-ays ( Tribal leaders) can close all tourist attraction so please be aware of this or you won't able to visit the attractions. Usually it happens after their Town fiesta. the tourism office can't do anything about it, it's their land so just respect their decision if it happens you experienced one. You can do something else by walking...

  • Respect the culture

    Sagadans have a strong traditional culture with many rituals associated with rice planting, harvest, weddings, wakes, purification and some are connected with nature specially the Bomod-ok falls. Sometimes they close this attraction because tribal leaders sometimes do rituals here. Don't be mad if such thing happens just respect their culture.

  • The Wedding Celebration

    Special occasion in Sagada like the weddings, it seems like the whole town is invited to the said occasion as the locals, both young and adults, fall in line to get their share of food served by the family of the newlyweds.I was informed that the visitors, local or foreign, are free to join the queue. I didn't join, though. The heat of the sun was...


Sagada Warnings and Dangers


    Momma is the spit from the red betel nut which the natives chew and this caused a big problem as some years ago the street, walls, etc were covered in the horrible red spit which is hard to clean, so now the authorities will fine someone for spitting. Some years ago you could see traces of red everywhere in the village.

  • Delaying tactic of Halfway Lodge

    From the Bus terminal, a shuttle service will take you to Halfway Lodge. The people who fetched you will tell you that you can have a breakfast there before going to Sagada but I discourage you not to do so because their simple Filipino breakfast took 1.5 hours to finished. I think it is their delaying tactic so that you will miss the jeepney bound...

  • Never go caving alone!!!

    No matter how strong you think you are, never go in the cave alone. Every newbie in the place, every visitor needs a tour guide. Trust me, its for your own safety and please LEARN to throw your trash in the designated areas other than just leaving it any where. Read about the culture and the people of Sagada before you travel there just so you'll...


Sagada Tourist Traps

  • Bus versus van-for-hire

    You have to weight things is much faster if you will ride a bus rather than waiting for so long if you will ride the bus going from banaue t0 Bontoc....... if it is not the peak season. Peak season is between March-May. If you will do this you can save a lot of time.

  • Sweet Oranges

    Im not sure if its a tourist trap.In Dec 2008, we stayed at Rock Inn - a very beautiful place by itself. One of their feature is that the adjacent orange orchard where you can buy at P15/kilo. You can even pick yourself or ask the utility boys to help you.They have a sample so that you can gauge how sweet the oranges are.The bunch that we had...

  • Registration?

    i must warn you that those who are coming from Banaue who happened to hire a PUJ from there. i have observed that the driver seem to be the ones doing the guiding in some spots of Sagada like Kiltepan, Burial Cave, HAnging coffins, Bokong FAlls etc.. Pls do not patronize them. The Banaue drivers often give wrong information on our way of life and...


Sagada What to Pack

  • Two types of Clothes to bring

    Two sets of clothes to bring;First will be the comfy clothes when you are doing the activity like trekking and cave connectionthen the second one is a jacket for it will be very cold at night especially in December Bring also pain killers....for aching legs

  • Be prepared and travel light!

    Always travel light. A backpack to carry your stuff is good. A beltbag or a water-proof backpack for the trek to carry water, first aid kit, and other essentials during the trek. Zip lock plastic bags for your digicams, cellphones and videocams. Plastic for soiled clothes and an empty foldable bag for pasalubong to fill-up before you head...

  • Sagada Packing List

    Backpack inside cave (hard to maneuver w/ a body bag) Havaiannas sandals (with straps) - very good grip, or rubber sole strapped sandals for hiking, rash guard (so it wouldnt be too cold in cave), arm covers (so your arms wont get burned on the hike to the big falls), waterproof windbreaker (for the rain during long hikes), sun glasses to protect...


Sagada Off The Beaten Path

  • Photo op on one of the few remaning...

    This Bontoc house going to Bomod-ok Falls is easy to miss because it is already surrounded by concrete houses. But we got a nice shot anyway. Our guide, Noel, told us there's one native house in town ideal for photo op and postcard shots. Though it's located in Poblacion, it's not along the way, and one has to pass a residential area to get there.

  • Videoke in Sagada

    On the way to Sumaging cave, there is a shop called Turn Right Souvenir Shop with funny hand-painted shirts.They have videoke machine, so we sang and danced to the delight (or shock) of the residents. We sang till we dropped! It was a great way to end our stay!

  • ATM Now in Sagada

    Rural Bank of Sagada now has ATM to serve the visitors and the locals alike. Has started operating this Dec 2008...


Sagada Sports & Outdoors

  • Ball games

    There are no organize sports in Sagada that I know of. You can climb but I don't know of anyplace/anybody in there that does this. You can bring your own badminton set or a basketball (there's a court in St. Mary's) or volleyball, provided you have somebody to play with.

  • cave connection

    for the more adventurous you can try the cave connection..... you would need to rappel, swim, etc to exit and enter the connecting caves in sagada (lumiang and sumaguing caves included)...check with the tourist office for fees and other inquiries....

  • Spelunking Sumaging Caves

    The Sumaging Cave is huge, it could take 1-2 hours exploring it, and it is interconnected to other famed caves of Sagada..Spelunking is probably the highlight of any visit to Sagada..On some part of the cave, you need to rapel, using some rustic ropes..great experience. Be prepared to get wet, .. so for cameras place it on ziplock bags..


Sagada Favorites

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  • Some thoughts on my Sagada Travel

    • It is a must for everyone to experience travelling in this place whether you are solo or in a group. I prefer a solo trip in this place…..because it gives you time to think…and all that…. • Don’t be afraid if you will try to go here solo…there are many people before you who did this…• If you have more time…..than 4...

  • Just Enjoy the Place

    I think sagada is one place where one can enjoy by just travelling alone, because at the end of the day you will find other solo travelers and you can form your own group for the different activities to save money and at the same time earn new friends.It is a place where you can just sit on one of the open space beside the St. Mary Church while...

  • Buy a Map

    Sagada is a small community and buying a map is very handy for only P10 to P30 pesos. The attractions that need guide are the Bomod-ok falls and Caving so the rest you can go by yourself if you know how to read maps :). You can buy it on souvenir shops and some stores. I bought the green one at the Tourism office after the registration.


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