Philippines Nightlife

  • the bar
    the bar
    by machomikemd
  • Philippine cover band.
    Philippine cover band.
    by cachaseiro
  • Philippine cover band in Iloilo.
    Philippine cover band in Iloilo.
    by cachaseiro

Philippines Nightlife

  • Live Entertainment

    Manila Nightlife

    Priscilla, the Queen of the Dessert is asthonishingly the most beautiful play I have ever watched. It showcased the talents of local Filipinos in the entertainment industry. A week ago, I watched the annual plays of my son Amielll (Elementary and High School) and I would say given the oppurtunities they could also do the Priscilla. It was a story...

  • El Gecko

    Cebu City Nightlife

    Great local bar to start the night off with. I pre-gamed here almost everyday during my stay in Cebu. Many expats and cheap drinks and food. The owner is from England and works the bar. There is a great sound system for tunes and pool upstairs. I really enjoyed coming to this bar and making new friends. A must go for expats. Any

  • Makati

    Manila Nightlife

    One of the very first night spots I visited when I came to Manila was Havanas. It is a very popular location in the Greenbelt complex, at Greenbelt 3 to be exact. The majority of the bar is located outside. This can be very pleasant as you can soak in the night time air and watch people pass by. It can also be extremely humid, as Greenbelt can act...

  • Malate

    Manila Nightlife

    You will be surprised how many bars there are in Manila that cater for bi-sexual, gay, lesbian and transgender groups, so i thought that i would mention a few of them. The area near Remedios Circle in Malate is famous but most of the bars have moved to new locations. BED BAR This was a club with three floors that was packed out late in the...

  • Libis

    Manila Nightlife

    Eastwood City is a great place to settle in the Philippines but BEWARE, don't get conned by eastwoodcitycondo run by CHRISTINE CHAN, in fact don't have any dealings with the woman, she's a SCAMMER and a disgrace to Eastwood City and the Philippines. She lets condos and takes a 2 month security deposit which is quite normal BUT in the contract it...

  • People/Local Culture

    Manila Nightlife

    This was a delightful place where I had dinner (buffet, eat and drink as much as you can) inside Intramuros, next door to my hotel (White Knight). In the price, very moderated, it was included, apart from the dinner, show with folkloric dances, and sometimes guests were invited to participate. any

  • Go and listen to some philippine cover...

    Philippines is famous for is their cover bands that plays well known western tunes.Some of these bands are incredibly good and really manage to pull it off which is also why you see them all over Asia.If you have been on holiday to places like Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam or elsehwere in Asia and seen a really good band playing western rock music...

  • Japanese Food

    Little Tokyo is a Japanese restaurant row which comes alive after sundown. Indoor and outdoor seating. Japanese food cooked the Japanese way. Tried Nodasho, where you can sit at the bar, table or the traditional Japanese room. Very wide selection of sushi, sashimi, ramen, grilled food. But surprisingly, no dessert. Menu has photos.Lots of Japanese...

  • night life

    In manila its nice to have some little party party ...manila is known for having a lively night lifeSome popular places to visit:Eastwood City in Libis, QCMalate, ManilaThe Fort Global City in TaguigGreenbelt in MakatiMega strip in OrtigasTimog etc.try sisig, flavored lambanog, san miguel beer etc.cheers!

  • Awesome Live Bands

    I was very impressed with this bar. I love live local bands no matter where i visit. I will tell you i have never been to a live venue that gave me that total enjoyment. The bands were from different types of music and they all were very good. I love the outfits that the wait staff wear its a perfect match to the atmosphere. Great food and cold...

  • City versus provincial nightlife

    While big cities such as Manila have an array of swanky clubs and bars, out in provincial towns these simply do not exist. Nightlife is limited to videoke (karaoke with video) bars almost exclusively populated by men and sometimes used as fronts for brothels.The national obsession with karaoke is not limited to these bars, however. Many Filipinos...

  • Bars, Bars and more Bars

    I decided to try this bar because my wife recommended it. Great atmosphere with lots of dancing girls and friendly people as always when in the Philippines. Drinks are priced a little higher when in a bar but still great value compared to home. Once again, keep tabs on what you buy or else you will be paying for a lot more than you have...

  • Its Time to Laugh

    This is a comedy bar but i will classify it as PG (Parental Guidance), since some of the comedy acts or jokes are for adults. They also sing songs, at times even with their audience. anything, casual will do

  • Sexy Dudes

    Wow, sexy male go-go dancers, load music, friendly crowd, and room to grove on the dance floor. The crowd was mixed- straight and other- very frendly/ no attitude. Being the only white boy in attendence, I was getting a lot of attention. Spent the night dancing w/ some local Filippino girls and a German girl or line dancing w/ the boys. The waiter...

  • Cuban Music

    Great bar to have a Mojito and watch the world go by. An open air cafe that faces all the activity on Remedios Circle. Cafe Havana features a stylish cigar bar, great Cuban music, and best of all, a beautiful waitress that will show you a few Salsa moves.

  • @ 12 Midnight

    The Fort Strip is a very busy spot at Fort Bonifacio, Global City, Philippines. There are a lot of clubs in the Strip, just go by each one and check the party scene. It is beside other great clubs like Jaipur or East of St. Louis, so people can easily club hop. The music gets cranked up and loud at around 11pm till sunrise. One club that I love is...

  • Night Life on the Baywalk

    Walking along the bay of Manila at night offers a few things for tourists. Besides having that cooling breeze come in from the bay, it's a great place to stroll from each open air restaurant for food, drinks, and great entertainment by the many bands that play along the walk. Music ranges from disco to hip-hop; performed by local bands.This is a...


    19 East is located along the east service road near Sucat, Paranaque. As the name suggests, it is 19 kilometers from the center of Manila, which I believe is the Rizal Monument. It's an easy 20 minute drive from Makati. Their happy hour is from 6 to 9 pm and their feautured happy hour singer or band starts playing at around 6:30. Where in the world...

  • Many of Manila bars...

    Grenbelt is one of the enternatinment complexes in Manila. There are many different bars there. So dont stick with one... Have some cocktails, try them all! =)

  • First Class Association Party

    This was a cool little bar that we had our First Class Association Party at. We all sat around drinking for free for about 5 hours before we went out that night. During the day it's a regular bar. At night it picks up a little bit. They had a singer and guitar player for entertainment. They were a pretty good duo.

  • Karaoke In PI

    Just another night of karaoke like I don't get enough of that crap in Japan. My friends wanted to go so I was pretty much stuck tagging along for this one.

  • Double Your Pleasure and Double Your Fun

    These are not the Double Mint chicks, but O managed to double his pleasure and fun our first night inport (I don't think there was any gum involved). Good times!!!

  • Night Music and Dance

    Entertainment often follows a sumptuous meal. Heralded as Asia's entertainment capital, Metro Manila is awash in neon in the evening. Nightlife is a source of adventure to many people, the adrenaline rush that goes through your system as you walk in a jumping loud bar with beautiful people surrounding you is to make this experience something to...

  • Cool, Groovy and Cozy

    Padi's Point is my favorite night spot when I want to relax and enjoy cool and lively musicPadi's Point offers a unique selection of food like sizzling seafoods or cripsy sisig. The ambience is cool, cozy and friendly. Price is inexpensive and very affordable compared to other bars. No typical dress code except no slippers or undershirts.

  • Get Acquainted with the Local...

    When I came to the Philippines in 1973 the Calesa Bar at the Hyatt has been my favorite hang out at nighttime. This habbit has not changed for the past 30 years. Whenever I visit Manila Calesa is on schedule to meet old friends.Excellent live bands and or piano music with my favorite local entertainers are on schedule every night.Business men,...

  • Start the Weekend Off Right

    Capone's is a cool place to hang out with your friends to grab some dinner or a few drinks while you listen to many of the Philippines' best bands play their hit songs.The place has two levels with multiple tables set up around the band and a bar located to the rear of the establishment. Pick a table on the second level or kick it by the bar if you...

  • What is Leaving Fee?

    This can be confusing for the first timer to the Philippines. Basically a leaving fee is the cost payed to the bar, restaurant, Karaoke Club or whatever for the permission of a lady to leave with a guest. The bars lose is your gain and you have to pay for it. Sometimes it is for an hour, a half day or an entire evening. Sometimes buying the lady 10...

  • Angeles City, The New Wild Wild West

    The city is has been called a "Wild West Town, type of place" which is pretty accurate. There are no Taxi's to speak of for example and getting around is by Trike, Jeepney or on foot. Although, you can hire a motorbike at Swagman Travel for example for P500 a day. The streets are dirty, broken and much of the area in non-paved. There is trash on...

  • Angeles City Night Clubs

    FOXYS BAR with some of the best decor in the whole of Angeles.The center stage is in the shape of a hexagon, with seating all around, is well designed. Again the web style bikini outfits are very fetching, and they have some secluded and tastefully styled booths where you can sit andchat in relatively luxurious surrounds.

  • Angeles City Night Clubs

    Inside there is a stage with upwards of 25 girls now employed and dancing their socks off -- the atmosphere here is generally great with some nice staff, including Yolie and Jasmine behind the bar and believe me guy's you will not find a better looking D.J anywhere in the Philippines than Marianne :-). The music is good with the right mixture of...

  • Angeles City Night Clubs

    The bar is large and spacious inside, with a lounge area for a relaxing drink to enjoy some warm friendly hospitality from the GROís. There is an area for pool and even darts. The bar has some teams in local leagues that ex-pats and visitors are always made welcome to play a game or two, over an ice- cold beer or three!There is a stage with some...

  • COnservatory @ The Pen

    The Conservatory is one of my favorite lounge in Makati.. Mon to Saturday there are 2 or 3 sets of bands playing. One band will play different type of music from the other.. (one band are playing soul, other one is retro).The bands that play are mostly one of the country's best bands. Music being played range from soul, pop,jazz, blues and...

  • Cocktails on Boracay

    Go there during Happy Hour, when the ambience is at its most peaceful, and the drinks are two for one :)The barman knows his stuff, and the drinks are very good.I recommend the Margaritas!Sit back and enjoy! Casual evening island clothes.T-shirts, shorts, sarong....whatever.

  • Let's Dance the night away!

    Ratsky in the Philippines is a famous and more classy night spot with a live band music though it can get too crowded(there isn't a place for nightlife isn't crowded!). And owned by a well-known actor in the Philippine cenima;-) Any kind of dress as long as you're comfortable and atleast you look good as this place has a bit more character or I...

  • Canadian owned drink spot

    John is the Canadian owner of this sweet bar/club. It's located just beyond Pier 3. If you're looking for a great place to dance, play pool or sit at the bar and chat with a Vancouverite this is the place. It's right across the way from a HUGE nightclub that was newly opened in Oct. 2002. At Cocomanga's you can add a notch to your country...

  • coffee, shopping,

    this place is filled with different restos and bars. The whole family will enjoy. There's a night market too. Or you can just sit and have coffee while watching the people pass by. depends on the bar or resto u want to go to. But, casual attire is accepted

  • Clubbing in Makati

    It was really cool here because there was a mixed crowd and it seemed classy like a New York, upscale, 20's club. I loved the ambience, trance and house music. Great prices-100 pesos for mixed drink-that's US $2-and they make 'em strong in the philippines.

  • Karaoke Rules!

    Suffice to say, that if you're going out for the night, chances are you'll be singining. No one really cares if you're good, or bad, but just that you do it! Singing is believed to make YOU feel good; so people are happy to have you do it, even you're not on key!

  • Nice songs

    u can bring along ur friends and other persons whom u might want to hang with.u can enjoy the music and the good service they had.good foods and nice waiters anything as long as u look presentable.u can wear jeans and sneakers or u might wear skirts(if ur a girl).dress in a way that u feel comfortable

  • Filipinos display great affinity for...

    Most 5-star hotels offer everything from high-tech discos to lavish cultural songs and dances, as well as superb pop singers and performers, show bands and classical string ensembles. On most evenings there are cultural performances by local artists or foregin groups at the many other venues for the performing arts. Philippines have unusual musical...

  • Eastwood City

    Has a wide variety of bars and restaurants to choose from. My favorite is Jack's Loft. Their 4-mushroom pasta is really great! Also, at Amoeba, they have a drink/dessert called Serendipty (based on the movie) haven't tried that though. Chic casual

  • Without a doubt, the Malate...

    Without a doubt, the Malate district in Manila. Although it's undergone a massive face lift since its glory days of being the artistic and cultural haven of the capital, Malate remains vibrant and of the only places in the city where you can still 'come as you are.' And it offers a vast array of choices for the night owl...from...

  • the nightlife is amazing. in...

    the nightlife is amazing. in subic bay there were night clubs for a mile on both sides of the street. all you had to do was pick your favorite. for example country, rock and roll, or rhythm and blues.there are outside bars. such as mariposa. at least this was true when i was there. it does not matter how you dress when you are clubbing as long as...

  • The nightlife in Manila is...

    The nightlife in Manila is excellent, with clubs and bars everywhere. If you like gambling try Casino Filippino. Don't try going out until midnight though. Like most other spots outside the US, nightlife starts and ends late. Dressy to casual in Manila. Dressed up at the clubs.


    There are NO NIGHTCLUBS or BARS in Limasawa.This is a very beautiful, primitive and religious island. In fact, this is the exact place where Ferdinad Magellane held the very first Catholic Mass in the Philippines.


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