Boracay Island Travel Guide

  • Bonding time...
    Bonding time...
    by gabrielle2008
  • Relax and enjoy the beach  and the morning breeze
    Relax and enjoy the beach and the...
    by donnavelasco
  • Boating and Sailing
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Boracay Island Highlights

  • Pro
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    syllybabe says…

     Unequalled powdery white sand 

  • Con
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    lahoree says…

     Too commercial 

  • In a nutshell
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    sirenna says…

     Come and see this beautiful island now, because in a few years it will probably be spoilt. 

Boracay Island Things to Do

  • Island Hopping

    I consider Allan Fun Tours as the most affordable Island Hopping tour in Boracay. We went there last July 2013 and for only P700 plus P20 for the snorkelling gears, we had an amazing tour with drink/eat-all-you-can lunch buffet. We want to try the Crystal Cove Cave so we paid an extra of P200 per person. I love the cave and the view outside the...

  • Parasailing

    April 2012 (Summer in the Philippines) Parasailing. My hubby and sister-in-law are afraid of heights, but REMINDING them that parasailing in fresh-air weather is not possible in Manila (in the Philippines) and is not gonna be as cheap in other parts of the world MADE them agree to go for it. The speed boat will go against the wind to haul you up...

  • Crystal Cove Caves

    The main attraction of this island is to visit its two caves. One of the boatmen will guide you and the island securities. They are assisting guests in going in to the cave giving some tips for safety. They also help capturing pictures for their visitors. Fascinating thing to do. After the cave visit, you may refresh yourself with young coconut or...


Boracay Island Hotels

Boracay Island Restaurants

  • Seafood on White Beach

    We had a lovely meal here at Paraiso Bar and Grill. There was a lovely selection of seafood as we were walking by enjoying the view of the beach to our left, and all that was going on with the bars and restaurants on our right.I spotted some great looking lobster, and I liked the constant effort they were making to keep flies away from everything,...

  • Looks can be deceiving!

    I had walked past Haubi's on a couple of occasions before deciding to venture in. Haubi's is a brand that I had previously come across in Austria and their wares here in Boracay were certainly enticing. I bought a loaf of their crusty bread and was really looking forward to eating it. Unfortunately looks can be very deceiving and this bread was...

  • Good dining experience

    I came across Don Vito on my first day in Boacay. It sits along the beachfront of Boat Station 2, right at the entrance of Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel and I passed it as I walked along White Beach path. As it was lunchtime I ordered a salad. Service was attentive but discrete and the salad was well presented. Not really a lot that you can say...


Boracay Island Nightlife

  • Don't get capsized.

    Since joining VT, I have attempted to make my tips as balanced and objective as possible. I mention this here as I provide this tip with the caveat that the co-owner of the place is a VT member and also a friend. I trust that my review will be objective and hopefully of use to the reader.If you are wondering about the title of this tip, it refers...

  • Stroll

    For those who loves to drink, there are a lot of Bar at Boracay, But for me, nothing beats a drink by the beach with friends, strolling and watching people.

  • My favorite bar inBoracay.

    Red Pirates is a little beach bar in station 3 where you have a very bohemian vibe and often live music.The bar is situated right on the beach and has both indoor seating and seats and tables right by on the beach.The friendly owners are usually there sharing drinks and good times with the clients and you will find live music there a few nights a...


Boracay Island Transportation

  • manila to boracay island

    i guess the cheapest way to go to boracay is through RORO. The round-trip fare if you are taking bachelor bus is about 1,600 (aircon). If ul take philtranco, about 1,800 (aircon). Bachelor's terminal is in Cubao, at the back of Ali Mall. Bachelor Aircon trip to Caticlan leaves manila at 3pm, for non-aircon trip, they have two skeds, if m not...

  • van rental

    The last time we went to Boracay, we met this van driver. Since we almost occupied the whole van, we have it all by our group. He gave us his contact number since we planned to maximize our stay in the island and leave at early morning. And so we asked him to be our van going back to kalibo.

  • Boracay Boat transfer - caticlan to...

    Feel the basking heat of the sun, Warm water, soft sand, and swaying palms in the soft breeze. That is how we describe BORACAY, the paradise in tropical island of the Philippines.I spend 5 days in boracay and I really have fun. My travel makes a lot of difference from boat transfer to boracay. I rode in oyster ferry . I think its a new ferry there...


Boracay Island Shopping

  • Accessorize like a true island girl

    If you died and went to fashion heaven, that heaven would look a lot like Island Girl -- the store is just right on the beach, after all, with a plethora of different resortwear accessories, sandals, and styles to help you look the part. Island Girl doesn't sell your typical handicraft accessories with the same style from twenty years ago. The...

  • Hello Dolly!

    Precious Moments is a specialty shop selling only Precious Moments dolls! A wide selection of themed dolls are on display. Since you are in Boracay, the Boracay babes are a highly recommended buy. Trivia: The creator of one of the world's best-loved figurines - the heart-warming and teary-eyed PM dolls - is American artist Sam Butcher. He now...


    Starting at Budget Mart on the Main Road, in Station 2, all the way through to White Beach D'MALL is a one stop shopping experience. Here you will find designer clothes, souvenir shops, upscale and budget restaurants. There is also a Market offering fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood.I have posted pictures of "Sally's Seashells Station" one of...


Boracay Island Local Customs

  • Experience Filipino Delicacies!

    While you are here, you may be asked to try some of the more unusual local specialties. One popular delicacy is Balut - a young duck embryo cooked in its shell. While this is certainly not to everyone's taste, it's worth a try - it's not as bad as it sounds. In fact, it is rumoured to be an aphrodisiac! You can buy it from one if the vendors on the...

  • Ati-Atihan festival in Kalibo

    This is a week long traditional festival celebrated on the 3rd week of January in honour of the 'Santa Nino' (holy infant Jesus). Hoards of people dressed in fabulous, flambouyant costumes dance through the streets, faces blackened with soot, and marching musicians play drums and xylaphones. The highlight of the festival occurs on the last day,...

  • banana que

    MMM, a fried banana on a stick covered in brown sugar. So good, so cheap. I'll take two please :)Available from street vendors everywhere.


Boracay Island Warnings and Dangers


    There are these people who offer boat rides, parasailing, helmet diving, and whatnot to tourists. They will stand like your middlemen or something. Some of them were really nice to us, but there was this one guy who kept on bothering us. So we said to him that if he could schedule us a 5pm parasailing/helmet diving activity, then we would go.BUT if...

  • High tide and the steep Grotto

    Be careful when you swim in the afternoon (12nn-3pm) because the waves can be so wild. During high tide, the whole beach is soaked in water and can't almost see the sand. Be careful too in climbing the grotto, someone died falling to the rocks.

  • No Lifeguards on call!

    My friend's 17 yr old sister drowned last July 29 on Boracay.They said there is redflag but not everyone knew that redflag means swimming is prohibited. No proper information dissemination. No lifeguards on call.They were a total of 5 teenagers,their aunt kept calling for help but no one from the resort came,the only help they got were from other...


Boracay Island Tourist Traps

  • Boracay Sand Art

    When you go to Boracay you will see a lot of sand arts on the beach. And if you to try too take picture of it, there will be children running towards you asking for some money because saying made the sand art. You can give some coins to these children. They are not harmful, just a little annoying if you don't give them anything :)

  • Beauty outside, Rotten inside.

    Boracay was one of my dream vacation destination until I've been there last year. The beach was indeed a beautiful with its sugar-like white sand but very crowded specially on weekends. So many prostitutes specially gays scattered around every corner, tricycle drivers charges you 10 times and ever more higher than a normal tricycle in other...

  • Tricycle tip

    Some dishonest tricycle drivers might try to trick you into paying more so before getting into the tricycle, ask how much the fare is or ask the locals first. If you're in doubt just wait for another tricycle or get the tricycle driver's serial number and you can complain about it later.


Boracay Island What to Pack

  • the very basics

    it's always warm here, and very few occasions call for formal wear. Swimsuits, shorts and flip flops are the norm, so you can pack lightly. sunblock and bug repellent are essential here. of course, bring a camera, this is a truly beautiful spot

  • Travel Light But Protected

    Backpack, beltbag, dry gear bag bikini/swimsuit; mix & match shorts & tops; light, cotton beach clothes; sarong; hat/beach scarf; beach/all weather sandals; shades maintence medicnes like antihypertensive meds & anti-asthma meds or inhaler, etc;1 or 2 of band-aid, antihistamine, antidiarrheal meds, antacid & paracetamol (there is a drugstore at D...

  • Fashion or Comfort? Swimwear

    Waterproof beach sling bag for valuables while strolling on the beach. Or ziploc bags to stash them. Thong like footwear. Cotton slip ons, sarongs, and lots of shorts. Basic travel kit: Paracetamol, Loperamide (for bum stomach), Betadine (for cuts while walking barefoot), BandAid, Hydrite (for rehydration in case of bum stomach). It is normal...


Boracay Island Off The Beaten Path

  • Puka beach.

    Puka beach is a little out of the way and therefor not very visited compared to the other beaches in Boracay.The beach is located on the northern part of the island and is best reached by boat from the main beach in Boracay if you decide to take one of the popular boat trips from there.This is in many ways your classical bounty beach with white...

  • Boracay: Day off - a day trip to Panay

    Staying on Boracay for a while and looking for an day off: A day trip to Panay is an promissing thing to do. Even it`s just across Boracay Island it`s definitely off the beaten path: Your day trip brings you from Caticlan to Laserna, only 18 km by good road. You can use any bus, mini bus or jeepney with the direction Kalibo / Nabas. Laserna or...

  • Coast line Buruanga - visit an secluded...

    This day trip is done best by an boat trip from Boracay. You even can ask around in Boracay`s dive shops, since Buruanga is one of Boracay`s favorite dive spots - may be you can ride with there boat even your are not planning to dive.You will sail along the coast line of Buruanga, unspoiled beaches, high cliffs, small fishing villages, tropical...


Boracay Island Sports & Outdoors

  • Aqua Sports

    Actually, there are many water sport activities you can do in Boracay: jetskiing, parasailing, speedboating, flyfishing, paraw sailing, skim boarding and banana boat riding. You can just rent all you need for your desired aqua sports.

  • Frisbee

    Frisbee is another favorite activity on the beach. It is best done during early mornings or sunset when it is not so hot. No expense if you bring your own frisbee. Bring your own frisbee or buy from hawkers on the beach

  • Beach Volleyball

    Beach volleyball is a popular activity among the young ones, teenagers, and even adults. There is already a volleyball net on the beach; you just have to rent the volleyball if you didn't bring one.


Boracay Island Favorites

  • Dreamer and explore

    Boracay Island is one of the riches island in the Philippines. Because of it's known as white sandy beach, many tourist whole world wants to explore the beauty of the place. Philippine tourism continously bloomed the highest sales of attraction that highlights and captures the tourist travellers. Aside of beach captivity, there are also budget and...


    Boracay Island has 12 Beaches. WHITE BEACH is the most famous and where the action is - accommodations - restaurants and shopping,BULABOG BEACH is the 2.5 Km long water sports beach of Boracay and is located on the east side of the Island. Here you will find windsurfing, kite boarding, Jet Skis and parasailing. There are some resorts here as well....

  • Boracay is NOT "Bora"!

    In recent years, certain city socialites have begun calling the island "Bora".DON'T!Firstly, the people of Boracay really don't like it. Respect them, they are proud of their name, and you are a guest in their island.And second, there already is an island called Bora - it's in French Polynesia, so it is foolish to rename Boracay after another...


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    Jul 24, 2013 at 5:02 AM

    Tryke drivers are rip offs on Bora! cots of ride from Boat Station 2 was 10 peso for locals but they charged me 80 peso. The hell with that thief I walked!

    23 cents vs $1.85 USD that's = to 8 fares!
    The amount is of no consequence to me but deliberately getting ripped of does bother me and refusing to back down and negotiate when I called him on the price bothered me.

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