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  • Punta Fuego beach
    Punta Fuego beach
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    Camping on "Holy Grounds"
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  • Hamilo Coast
    Hamilo Coast
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Nasugbu Things to Do

  • Pico De Loro Beach Front (2)

    Part two of my beach front tips with more pictures around.The Main Attraction of the Pico De Loro Complex is the Beach in One of the 13 coves of the Hamilo Coast of Nasugbu Town and it's reason for being. the beach is a large u shaped area protected at both sides by the hilly and rocky coves and the beach is crystal clear and the waves are not...

  • Beachside Umbrella and Beds

    There are many beach beds and umbrellas where you can take a rest or have a tan and even have a drink or two as these facilities are free to members and guests, buth they also have beachside cabanas with private beach beds which you can rent at a price.The Main Attraction of the Pico De Loro Complex is the Beach in One of the 13 coves of the Hamilo...

  • Golden Sands of Pico De Loro

    like what i've said, the beaches are clear and there are no strong waves or rip tides here but the sand quality is not as great as other philippine beaches, so if you have time to go to other Philippine Beaches, then go there instead of here.The Main Attraction of the Pico De Loro Complex is the Beach in One of the 13 coves of the Hamilo Coast of...

  • Pico De Loro Beach Front

    The Main Attraction of the Pico De Loro Complex is the Beach in One of the 13 coves of the Hamilo Coast of Nasugbu Town and it's reason for being. the beach is a large u shaped area protected at both sides by the hilly and rocky coves and the beach is crystal clear and the waves are not strong, although like in other areas of Nasugbu, the sands...

  • Pico De Loro Beachside Clubhouse

    Pico De Loro Complex has two clubhouses, the Main Clubhouse, where most of the sports and function rooms are and the Beachside Clubhouse, where the main infinity swimming pools and some of the beach facilities like kayaks, banana boats, scuba gear are located. it also hosts a beachside bar and a restaurant and a main reception area facing the...

  • Pico De Loro Swimming Pools

    there are two main swimming pools inside the Pico De Loro Complex and they are located just beside the Main Clubhouse and at the Main Beachside Clubhouse respectively and you can have access to these facilities if you are wearing your pico de loro bracelets, provided that you are a check in guest at the hotel. the swimming pool at the beach area...


Nasugbu Hotels

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Nasugbu Restaurants

  • Main Restaurant and Bar of Pico Sands...

    Pico Sands hotel has a main restaurant and bar lying just across each other, just after the reception area and it is here where the complimentary Breakfast Buffet of Hotel guests are held. they also offer ala carte meals for lunch and dinner for guests (there are other restaurants and bars in the complex but I did not have time to sample them. The...

  • Highlight of The Trip: Balut!

    Nothing can prepare you for such a unique fare. I've read about it on various websites and even searched out pictures of this creature.I'd learnt from the very start that you never take balut lightly and when a host offers it to you, one must never reject it. You see, balut is an egg with a fertilised duck in it. This delicacy can be found around...

  • Grandiose Meal

    My group of friends went around Nasugbu to check out what would be the best restaurant to bring our host to. They returned with a big contented smile. Yes, it shall be the restaurant near the town centre.When we arrived for dinner, I was bowled away by their huge wooden doors that greeted us. The place was rather empty for a Saturday night so in...


Nasugbu Nightlife

  • marktqm's Profile Photo

    Bars along Apacible Blvd.: Karaoke anyone?

    by marktqm Written Aug 26, 2005

    Nasugbu's nightlife revolves around the karaoke clubs along Apacible Blvd where the beach resorts are located. They are open every night of the week. Hint: Please don't even attempt to sing "My Way", "The Way It Used to Be", "Just Once" and "To Love You More", as these are the national anthems of the karaoke fanatics. To be unique, try Air Supply, Bee Gees or any Spanish song. If the waitresses like your singing, they may even ask you to sing a duet with them.

    Dress Code: no dress code. come as you are.

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Nasugbu Transportation

  • Bus going to Nasugbu; DLTB or BSC

    There are 2 Bus companies route to Nasugbu directly.DLTB Bus - Terminal is at Buendia Taft Avenue corner Sen. Gil Puyat AvenueBSC - MRT Pasay Taft. at the back of Mcdonalds bldg. Or you can also take Balayan route in DLTB Cubao Station get off at Tuy crossing and then take Jeep to Nasugbu town proper.If you are want to take a side trip to Tagaytay...

  • Pico De Loro Shuttle Bus

    The Pico De Loro Resort and Beach Club at Hamilo Coast is a large and sprawling area divided into several condominiums and buildings, the Pico Sands Hotel, Mutli-Functional Hall, Convention Center, Beach Club and Beach Fronts and Man Made Lagoon. It's a good thing that they provice free shuttle transport to and from each areas at around 15 minute...

  • By Car

    there are now two ways of going to the resort town of Nasugbu, the older and longer long drive via Southern Luzon Expressway (Slex) to Tagaytay City and then going down to Nasugbu Town or the new route which goes to the Cavite Coastal Road to the Cavitex Highway and then through the winding and panoramic sea views of Ternate Town up to the Largest...


Nasugbu Shopping

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    Mamaraka Festival

    by marktqm Updated Dec 31, 2005

    The Mamaraka Festival is a trade fair that takes place during Holy Week, from shortly before Palm Sunday and ending at Easter. Dozens of stalls are set up at the center of town, Plaza de Roxas, and there is entertainment daily lasting until closing time at night. Local produce and products are highlighted in this fair.

    What to buy: Foodstuffs such as locally grown fruits and vegetables; delicacies like muscovado sugar, rice cakes, pickled vegetables, and the popular cure-all, the Bignay Tea (which tastes like sawdust, eww!).

    Dry goods are also offered in the trade fair.

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Nasugbu Local Customs

  • Pico De Loro Beach and Pool Pass...

    Pico De Loro in Nasugbu Batangas is an exclusive resort and community and hence, if you are a check in guest of the hotel at Pico Sands, they will give you waterproof bracelets to signify that you are a guest and so that you can access the pico de loro beach and assorted swimming pools and the gaming rooms at the multi-purpose hall with it, also...

  • Sugbuan Festival

    On the morning of the day before the town fiesta (Dec. 3 - St. Francis Xavier's feast day), the community celebrates the Sugbuan Festival, a spectacular street dancing parade with various groups, mostly students, in colorful and creative costumes performing in the streets. In the afternoon there is a majorette competition. The day's events are...

  • Nasugbu Hotels

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Nasugbu Warnings and Dangers

  • Resort Touts Posing As NTIC Staff

    Just as our vehicle parked infront of the Nasugbu Tourism Information Center, a man approached us and asked us if we were looking for a beach resort. We ignored him. My husband knocked on the door of NTIC office; the door remained locked and nobody answered. I asked the man (my mistake) if there was anyone inside. He said he was the one on duty. We...

  • Don't go swimming during a typhoon...

    Every year we always have tourists (sometimes locals) getting drowned at the public beach, mostly drunk guys who think they can go swimming when the waves are deadly, especially shortly before, during and just after typhoons. Locals believe the sea claims lives every year as some sort of tribute or tax. When a strong wind is blowing crazily from...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Nasugbu Tourist Traps

  • marktqm's Profile Photo

    Beware of self-styled hotel/resort...

    by marktqm Written Aug 25, 2005

    If you're driving towards Nasugbu and you don't have any hotel or resort reservations yet, do not entertain the offers from roadside guys who pose as 'guides' or 'hotel agents'. They are only out to get a fat commission from the hotel owners for bringing you to them, and consequently, you will bear the cost of their commission, sometimes up to 50% of the rate. Deal with the hotel owners directly. These 'agents' tend to be aggresive and badmouth other reputable resorts that don't do business with them.

    Unique Suggestions: If a guy on the roadside carrying leaflets/photos tries to flag you down on the way to Nasugbu, don't look them in the eye and continue driving. If you slow down, they will hang on to your vehicle's side mirror all the way to town! What I do is try to run them down then swerve at the last moment. It's a game of bluff but takes practice, ha ha ha.

    Fun Alternatives: Call the tourism office during a work day (63-43-4120222) prior to your visit so you can get good recommendations and contact numbers of resorts. This service is free.

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Nasugbu Off The Beaten Path

  • Barangay Balaytigue: Fishing Village

    My friends and I arrived at a fishing village in Balaytique. When we arrived, the weather turned gloomy. We started to mingle with the children with what little time we had. But we had to take shelter when the rain started to pour. Zinc roofs were good enough to keep us dry.Once the rain has eased, we continued with our intended mission - to feed...

  • Getting To Barangay Balaytique

    We took a short 30 minutes tricycle ride from Nasugbu to Balaytique. The vehicle had to climb a mountain ridge and from that vantage point, we soaked in the beauty of what Philippines has to offer - wide expanse of sea on the right, and padi fields on the left. The camera in my head captured so many lovely images.The roads were in pretty good...

  • museum at bsu arasof

    ...want a glimpse of historic a room...bsu arasof campus host a unique museum...old receipts, old things old coins...old fresses, old fresses... open during school days......take care of the things...the old owners may be watching


Nasugbu Sports & Outdoors

  • Pico De Loro Country Club House

    The Huge Country Club and Multi-Purpose Hall of the Pico De Loro Resort is located just a few steps away from the Pico Sands Hotel and this sprawling two story center hosts assorted facilities for sports like a badminton court, tennis court, pool and billiards room, Gyn, Table Tennis, Swimming Pool, function rooms, music rooms (karaoke rooms) and a...

  • ...i'm hit..deadman...

    Airsoft is a modern combat sport or recreational hobby in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched from a compressed-air gun (or Soft Air gun) powered by gas, manual spring-load, or an electrically powered gearbox.Airsoft play employs an honor system whereby the players rely on each...

  • Run, Drop, Ride, slide

    Unlike surfing, skimboarding starts on the beach. The skimboarder stands within running distance from the point of entry into the water with the skimboard in hand and waits for a wave. As the desired wave approaches the skimboarder runs towards the water. Depending on conditions the board is either dropped on a thin layer of water from a receding...


Nasugbu Favorites

  • Free Wifi at Pico Sands Hotel

    if you are checked in at the luxurious Pico Sands Hotel, where only guests of members can check in or if you are with you company on a company account, they assign you with free wifi which you can log in as they give you the free wifi paper with the username and password once you check in the hotel and you can use it anywhere up to a 50 meter...

  • people, garbage and beach

    well, i hope that the folks in nasugbu can help keep their shores clean, man.....i hate it when i see run-offs in the water..there's so many shores and beaches in nasugbu that i havent seen, some are desserted but have intact corals......some site sucks because of garbage!!!!! but still its a beach, nice to go out and have some beer.......not much...

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