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    Spacious Rooms
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    Bar and Restaurant
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    Beachfront and the Cabana
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San Juan Things to Do

  • Bring Your Pet To The Beach Resort

    More and more resorts are becoming known as pet-friendly resorts. When we read about La Luz Beach Resort as a pet-friendly resort, we decided to bring along our shih tzu with us. It was the first time we brought Chloe, our shih tzu to the beach. My daughter's friend told her shih tzus prefer cooler places like Baguio and Tagaytay rather than...

  • Kayaking and Snorkeling

    The sea air is so cool and refreshing, the waters are so clear and inviting, exotic fishes abound...What a perfect situation to go kayaking and snorkeling!Rent a kayak after your buffet lunch, and row with all your might until you've burned enough calories. Park your kayak on the sandbar or cove, and snorkel to appreciate the beauty of exotic...

  • Photo Shoot

    Seascapes are always challenging to shoot, and you have to be willing to explore vantage points for good shots. The sunrise is a photographer's favorite subject. Wake up early to jog/exercise in the beach and after your exercise, wait for the sunrise to capture the golden hours. At the beaches in San Juan, there are a lot of human interest shots...

  • Explore Areas Beyond The Beach

    At La Luz Beach Resort, we explored an imposing rock formation/hill at the right end of the beach, an inlet just beside it, and a foliage-covered hill. The first time we went there, the climb to the rock hill looked risky; the rock formation had sharp edges, but we patiently sidled until we reached the top. The air was so refreshing there, and it...

  • Massage by The Beach

    What could be a better treat after a tiring day at the beach, but a full body massage. The services of a masseuse may be requested thru the front desk. Since there are many guests expected to request for such a service, make the appointment early.Massage can be done at the privacy of your room, or in the massage cabana by the beach. Not to worry,...

  • Talk To The Locals

    Whenever we're in a new place, we find time to talk with the locals...but we're careful to ask their permission to watch them if they are busy. At Laiya Beach, we approached some fishermen as they returned from an early fishing job. They were friendly and showed us their catch. They were "game" enough to allow us to take their pictures while at...

  • Wake up Early To Watch The Awesome...

    I find it exciting to wake up early and watch the sunrise in every new place we go to. By far, the sunrise in Brgy. Hugom, San Juan, specifically at La Luz Beach Resort is the most beautiful and colorful daybreak I have ever witnessed in my life. Although the sunset in that area cannot be witnessed because the sun sets behind the mountains, the...

  • Stone Art At The Seashore

    When the tide has ebbed, go to the beach and look for sea rocks with interesting shapes and color. Transform them into beautiful works of art. In no time, people will gravitate around your "stone art masterpieces", and you will gain a lot of satisfaction/fulfillment from your creative endeavor. Who knows? You might gain new friends,too.

  • Just lay down the outside...

    If you just want to escape the fast pace of city life (for a moment) and try to slow time then go to La Luz Beach Resort.. You will do nothing but just lay down the outside casitas listening to the waves of water while having a good massage...What a good way of taking break.. You can do this during off season where there is not much people and...

  • Hanging Out at Laiya Beach

    Today, Laiya beach in San Juan, Batangas is one of the top 10 beach in the Philippines. When I read about it in one of the blog of my colleague, my family took the opportunity to visit the place Although the texture of the sand is not comparable to Alona Beach and Puerto Galera, the environment and natural beauty is almost the same. Since there are...

  • Snorkeling

    There's a marine sanctuary/ coral reef right in front of the resort. You can bring your own snorkels or rent from the resort for 100 pesos per 3 hours.

  • Boating

    The resort can arrange a boating trip for you, or you can walk to the nearby community and ask for local fishermen to tour you around the area.

  • Relaxing Massage

    For 300 pesos, you can have a whole- body massage in your room or in one of the cabanas right in front of the beach.

  • See old houses

    San Juan has its fair share of old ancestral homes which were built during its boomtown heydey in the 1920's, when coconut was king. Lots of beautiful old houses flank both sides of its main street that leads to the church and also along the sidestreets.

  • Go to Laiya beach

    On the outskirts of San Juan, is Laiya Beach. It like Boracay without the tourists. About 5 kms of white sand beach and there is a subterranean garden. It's only 3 hours south of Manila. It's a great place to relax and wind down.


San Juan Hotels

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San Juan Restaurants

  • The alternative Dining place in La Luz

    This rest is the cheaper alternative that eating at La Luz Rest which you have to pay 900 pesos for a 4 meals/day!!This is good to experience simple dining in a province with no 'usual' fine dining accomodations. You can customized your meal in advance for lunch,dinner and breakfast.. or just visit her rest and see what is available for the day.....

  • The Only Dining Place in La Luz

    The resort requires all guests to avail of their buffet meals for 800 pesos, which includes lunch, afternoon snacks, dinner, and breakfast. Iced tea, juice, and purified water are served bottomless. The dining area is clean and has a homey feel to it. The staff is friendly. The food is simple, just the usual homecooked meals. There are at least 4...

  • San Juan Hotels

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San Juan Nightlife

  • cyndymc's Profile Photo

    by cyndymc Written Apr 1, 2010

    Since La Luz Beach Resort is a family resort, there is no loud live music and dancing at night. Instead, there is a nightly bonfire at the beachfront. Originally intended to provide light for stargazers, the bonfire also attracts non-stargazing guests to gather around the beach for quality/bonding time. Photography hobbyists also mill around the bonfire in an attempt to create nice images.

    Dress Code: No special dress required

    Guests Gather Around The Bonfire Guests Gather Around The Bonfire Guests Gather Around The Bonfire
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San Juan Transportation

  • Bring Your Private Vehicle

    Whenever we go to the beach resorts in San Juan, we bring our own car. From SLEX (South Luzon Expressway), we drive towards STAR (Southern Tagalog Arterial Road) Toll and proceed according to the route specified by the resort website.

  • 3rd, Take 2 Jeepney Rides

    At the jeep terminal in the Lipa City Market, take a jeep bound for San Juan, Batangas (more or less 45 minutes travel). Get off at San Juan Town Market, then take another jeep to Laiya for the beach resorts. Please note that the jeeps ply the route only from 6am to 5pm, afterwhich, there is no more means of public transportation going there.

  • 1st, Ride Bus From Manila To Lipa

    To go to Laiya, San Juan, first, take a bus (Jackliner, Tritran, BLTB, Jam, Alps, etc.) from Manila to Lipa City. Get off at Bus Terminal which is very near McDonalds, Jollibee, and Shakey’s. Depending on traffic situation, your travel time will take about 1.5 hours.


San Juan Tourist Traps

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    by miss.adventures Written Jan 5, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    La Luz Resort, as most resorts in the area, do not allow guests to bring in their own food and drinks. This is because, and the reason why, they require guests to avail of the meals offered by the resort itself, which is paid separately (EXCLUSIVE) from the entrance/ room fees. La Luz is at the far end of San Juan. It is at the very end of the town, and quite far from other resorts. The nearest convenience store is about 15-20 minutes away, about where the concrete ends and the rough roads begin.

    Unique Suggestions: You can smuggle in snacks. Just keep it hidden well inside your bag. Sometimes, the staff is not too strict on checking your things anyway so you can get away with it.

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San Juan What to Pack

  • Safe Drinking Water

    Picnic bag; small bag for towels, toiletries & change clothes;beach bag for wet swimwear flipflops or marine shoes sunblock, soap & shampoo in small sizes. talcum powder, lots of tissue/wet wipes/paper towel digicam/videocam, tripod picnic mat, portable griller, cooler for drinks lots of small bottles of mineral water & juices

  • What to Bring

    pack light aqua socks! walking on the beach can be painful because it is very rocky. there is a charge if you request for an extra towel bring books, board games, mp3 players, portable dvd players, laptops, and anything that can keep you busy especially at night because there is no television!

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

San Juan Off The Beaten Path

  • Kota Keluarga Beach

    Kota Keluarga is an exclusive Residential Beach Resort so not many people have yet discovered the pristine beauty of the beach which is surrounded by a mountain ridge with lush greens. You can enjoy the privacy of swimming and family get-togethers if you or your relative/friend are lot owners of Kota Keluarga. If you are not yet members, watch out...

  • Cross-over Walkway on Coconut Trees

    When visiting southern Luzon (particularly in Laguna, Batangas and Quezon province), expect to see bamboo bridge constructed on top of coconut trees. This serves as cross-over walkway for tuba-wine maker. Tuba is a native wine/spirit made out of coconut sap. The juice that is extracted has undergone fermentation actually from the container that is...

  • Hiking

    You can arrange for a local guide to take you to Mt. Daguldul. Or climb the rock formations just beside the resort for a bird's eyeview of Hugom Beach and Sigayan Bay.


San Juan Sports & Outdoors

  • Jump-off to Mt. Daguldol

    I was resting in the massage cabana when some backpacking mountaineers passed by. I wondered why they were in trekking mode at the beach. I learned from hubby that while having a photoshoot at the coastline, some mountaineers greeted him. He asked where they were headed. They told him they were going to climb and camp at Mt. Daguldol.Trekking and...

  • Diving

    I learned that the water infront of La Luz Beaxh Resort is part of a marine sanctuary that is monitored by the local community. There are 2 dive sites infront of the resort. Although La Luz is not a dive resort, they can make arrangements for dive masters if you inform them in advance of your intention to go scuba diving, You have to bring your...

  • Beach Volleyball

    Beach volleyball is a popular pasttime among beach goers. At La Luz Beach Resort, they have set up a place for beach volleyball. You only have to rent the ball for P100 per game. You may bring your own volleyball, but for convenience in packing, I suggest you just rent one.


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