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  • Chocolate Hills
    by aevelasco
  • Chocolate Hills
    by aevelasco
  • Chocolate Hills
    by aevelasco

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  • paolodecastro's Profile Photo

    Butterfly Garden… pictured like a butterfly

    by paolodecastro Updated Nov 1, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In the butterfly garden there is an entrance fee 30.00 Php for the adult….& 5.00 for children (I paid 5.00 php) ahhahahaaaa joke……..

    When you go here be the butterfly that you can be......or a fairy...or be Both...;)

    There are many things I learned…..and laughed about in this site
    1. That there is a shemale/android butterfly……………wtf…….
    2. That they have the largest catched butterfly………..i just don’t kow if it is in the Philippines alone or in the world…….(this you have to find out for yourself)…….then correct me if im wrong….
    3. That it is just a superstitious belief…that butterfly can make you blind …or the powdery thing in their wings….the superstitious belief die right there at this moment…….hahhaaha
    4. That butterflies are like DOG’s they can play DEAD…wow……perhaps the dogs should learn a new trick now…….
    5. That there is a bird that you can see within the vicinity of the Butterfly garden named ‘FLYING BULBUL”……….will not explain anymore……….
    6. That the favorite flower of the butterflies in the Butterfly garden is named “KANTUTAY” lol……………
    7. That the lifespan of every butterfly is just in a few days………………..*

    During my trip here……..ironically the mascot of the butterfly garden is not a butterfly but a tarsier hahahahahaha

    Also, the guides who explained everything to you regarding the butterfly thing knows how to take a good picture and has a good sense of humor…….they can picture you as butterflies and as fairies…..just like in my photos…………..


    Be the butterfly...that you can be..... Become Fairies too....... The flying The Kantutay flower me and the tarsier mascot.......
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  • paolodecastro's Profile Photo

    See BOHOL..........

    by paolodecastro Updated Nov 1, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    SEE BOHOL……………………..
    In my 3D 2N travel to Bohol……I have accomplished what I planned for……….there are some bonus spots pa…….
    I arrived May 22, 2011 6:30 in the morning………
    I arrived at the hotel knowing that I can only check-in at 12:00 nn
    Good thing I had my coutryside tour at 8:00 am
    We started at the Blood Compact site
    During our visit here…..its too crowded…..many tourist trying to get a picture in the Blood compact monument…….
    What we did is that after a group of tourist was finished we hurried to be on the monument and we shouted
    “Its already our turn”…………and then we did our picture taking…….
    My case I used the entire spot so there will be no tourist doing his picture……picture thing near me……..
    I gestured my both hands stretching in the farthest it can reach…so i can use all the space hhahahahahaahhaa
    If you will not do this… will be a century old…….after you get your chance to take your pictures………..

    Its my turn.....dont dare to be near me.....hahah site where the Spaniards first landed.......
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  • paolodecastro's Profile Photo

    MAKE FRIENDS.............. see Bohol..........

    by paolodecastro Updated Nov 1, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I usually travel on my own like what I wrote in my homepage.....
    But this time around I had the chance to meet new friends Vters Buena and Marco........
    Im just fortunate that our schedule jived during our Bohol trip.........
    I was with them during the Countryside tour only.....because the following day they have to go to Cebu for a conference.......I think they tried the Skywalk Adventure there hahhahahaah I envy them........
    We had a goodtime.....
    Especially during our the chocolate hills and the butterfly garden....
    Good thing if you have friends doing the tour it will save you some money.......
    I am supposed to pay 2500 for the countryside tour alone if I will travel on my own
    But because im with them I just paid lesss tan 800 pesos........thats a nice saving already
    Another thing is that when you have companion........there will always be someone who will take your pictures..............

    On my second day........yup I traveled on my own......
    But my tourguide/driver is Kuya Arman
    He ¡s a nice person he took all my pictures and videos hahahahahahaha
    He even shared…..stories with me………and we even laughed the whole trip especially that incident that we forget to pay our lunch in the Clarin residence and we pictured the face of the cashier…..cursing us hhahaahahahhaahhaa (but this is another story ill tell you later)

    Overall…….travelling is very nice…you got to meet new friends……..
    You hear different stories……… learn new things…….
    For all the friends I made during my trip in Bohol thank you….hope I can see you again….in our future travels…..possibly in the VT meet in Boracay 2012……..

    Jump addict Buena and the Tarsier Its Blue versus yellow with Marco.....hahahahahhaa
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  • elhombre30's Profile Photo

    Lovely Tarsier

    by elhombre30 Updated Oct 17, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Found only in Bohol Philippines, this famous Tarsier is one of the smallest primates in the world and is considered to be the mammal with the biggest eyes. They have big eyes which makes them a good night-hunter.

    Tarsier is very sensitive too in terms of their habitat. If you try to keep them as pet in your own backyard, they easily die if artificial habitat is not suitable for them.

    If you take a photograph, please do not use flash as it disturbs them from sleeping or worst can cause them blindness for they have very sensitive eyeball.

    This is really a must see in Bohol!

    Tarsier of Bohol Philippines Tarsier of Bohol Philippines Sleeping Tarsier Tarsier of Bohol Philippines Tarsier of Bohol Philippines
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  • paolodecastro's Profile Photo

    PRAY………make friends……and see Bohol….

    by paolodecastro Updated Oct 12, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Inluded in the tour are Bohol’s famous churches…… the Baclayon and the Dauis church (known for the miracolous well inside the altar)………
    I think part of being a Filipino is being religious……..if we go to a certain place we will find time to go to the famous churches within the area……….im sure of that.....

    Some things you have to know about these churches:

    In the Baclayon church… is the law there that women cannot enter the church with exposed shoulders, mini dress and spagetti strap shirts……but you can enter if you will wear the cloak (this is for free) provided by the church at the entrance doors………

    Also here in the Baclayon church……there is this image of St. Pius ( I don’t exactly know,please correct me if im wrong) in the exterior column of the church…one will see the face of a man here (did you see it already)……..

    In the dauis church…..i think everybody knows this about the Mama Mary's well..inside the altar……..
    The well is enclosed and tourist cannot open the glass cap……..(but I tried to being a pasaway, the lady incharge just stopped me hahahaaa)….

    Tourist can get a bottle of mineral water at the back of the church…but they require a donation of any amount……

    During my travels here I stopped and kneeled and pray for the God’s guidance ………….

    Also I prayed that HE would still give the opportunity to travel…..maybe this time outside the country……(too much).....

    Facade of the Baclayon Church......... Image of St. Pius...see it already...... Wear a cloak if you have sleeveless shirt....... Facade of the Dauis Church.... Mama Mary
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  • paolodecastro's Profile Photo

    EAT...pray...make friends & see BOHOL

    by paolodecastro Updated Oct 12, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had my Lunch at the Loboc floating restaurant with Buena and Marco (during Day 1 of the tour)…………..
    I thought that there will only be about two to three floating restaurants…….but I think I saw eight if im not mistaken….
    There were already traffic in the loboc river…hahhahahahahaaa
    The food……buffet style…… ok...but the scene..its too is an experience of a lifetime........:)

    The tip here is that when you go for the countryside tour much better if your tourguide…can contact or make reservations…….to any of the floating restaurant here in the loboc river…………so you can save time…..because expect many tourist to dine here……at 11:00 am-12:00nn

    The feeling….its very nice… you get the chance to hear Boholeno singers………doing different kind of songs with a twist………..(they turned every song in reggaebut with a bohol accent)

    Our boat stopped at a certain part where we got the chance to see little boys and girls singing and dancing with the different dance songs popularized by sexbomb with a twist……..hahahahhahahhaa

    Overall the experience is something memorable…………
    I enjoyed a lot…hahhhaahaaa

    Also I dined at the CLARIN Ancestral House (during day 2 of the trip)………
    I once saw it in Jessica Soho’s TV show……..and ironically it is not included in the itenerary for the countryside tour
    As expected…it is an old house of the former Philippine Senator……..(the rest of the historical facts about the house the traveller has to find out)……

    This restaurant is famous for their crab or “Alimango” which they hunt only in their background…………..
    If you go there you will see many holes inside the backyard……… this is where the crab will come out….
    They provided some tools like the bamboo thing (as shown in my picture) to get these delicious crabs…….

    The restaurant caters for conference and business functions……
    They also provided a couple of four to six seater tables at the background……

    The sad part of this is that I didn’t get the chance to taste their “Ginataang Alimango” their famous cuisine
    I think every tourist should know that YOU have to order one day in advance for their famous/bestseller menu….
    They said that the crab menu is very hard to cook for it takes long hours of preparation……
    Cannot do anything about it so I have to settle for their other menu…its already lunch time……..

    Another thing a tourist should find out is that…….if you go here and they conduct a tour
    Inside the house….they will charge you for a certain fee…..;) (the price I don’t know)

    Entrance Hall of the Floating Restaurants........ Me at the Loboc River....... Lunchdate with Buena and Marco Me performing with the talented people of Bohol... Floating restaurants at Loboc......
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  • elhombre30's Profile Photo

    Loboc Ecotourism and Adventure Park

    by elhombre30 Updated Oct 6, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is one of the most exciting activity we had in Bohol. The 2 way package is 350.00 per person which includes zip line and cable car on the way back.
    Zip Line 1 way 250.00
    Cable Car 1 way 250.00
    2 way package 350.00 (Zipline and cable car)

    You can also get a soft copy in CD for Php250.00 for all the photos taken by their official photographer for your souvenir.

    The interesting part of this zip line is the panoramic view of the Loboc river from atop. Its roughly about just 35 seconds fly but definitely worth it.

    You can bring your cameras and handycam as long as its securely fastened.

    Loboc Ecotourism and Adventure Park - Cable Car Zip Line - getting ready! Loboc Ecotourism and Adventure Park - Zip Line Loboc Ecotourism and Adventure Park Loboc Ecotourism and Adventure Park - Cable Car
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  • elhombre30's Profile Photo

    Loboc River Lunch

    by elhombre30 Updated Oct 5, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Just coming straight from the airport on that same day of arrival, me and Jess headed to scenic and winding Loboc River - one of the most famous tourist attractions of Bohol for lunch. Served on board in town’s native floating restaurants which features fresh seafood and native dishes. Dining while the "bangka" - (local term for boat) is cruising along the river is really a great experience.

    Buffet Lunch is 350.00 pesos per person.

    Another interesting part, the "bangka" will have a short stop in a floating stage where local performs very amusing folk dances and singing in their local dialect. It was a total entertainment and you can even dance with them.

    Saturday is the busiest day so make sure to arrive around 11am if you want to take your lunch at 12noon otherwise you can board and eat at 3pm.

    Floating Restaurant at Loboc River Loboc River Floating Restaurant at Loboc River Locals performing Folk dances to entertain tourist Loboc River
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  • paolodecastro's Profile Photo

    IT SHOULD BE BOHOL_CEBU TRIP...much better

    by paolodecastro Updated May 27, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I just thought of this after I went bck home from my Bohol trip……..i should have made a sidetrip to Cebu for the Skywalk and edge Coaster adventure…If I did this I will just add …let me count…
    545 php…for the boat fare
    1000 for a cheap but convenient accommodation
    850 for the Skywalk and edge coast Adventure…….
    50o for the miscellaneous expenses….
    +/- 2,895.00 php not bad for the two tourist places…..:)

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  • paolodecastro's Profile Photo

    BEEHIVE FARM……………..

    by paolodecastro Written May 27, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    From the word itself….what you will see here are bees and bees product…….
    There will also be a tour here but the tours are scheduled……..i arrived 9:30 am in the site but the tour will start at 10:30 am so what I did so as not to waste anytime…….i went to their restaurant…………………I already know that they serve GARDEN SALAD here…it’s a combination of the typical salad plus petals of different flowers like the gumamela the large one and the typical red ones, bougainvilla, violet flower and the cosmos………the taste….imnot that much in garden salad….but just for the experience…..

    How much did it cost?
    Garden salad is…….160php
    Lemon grass iced tea……..100+
    Iced tea……………………..100+

    Tried tasting the Garden salad........ testing the Bees........ Just want to try how they weave.........
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  • IamPam's Profile Photo

    Lunch at Loboc River and meeting the Tarsiers

    by IamPam Written Apr 28, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are in Bohol it is a must aside from seeing the chocolate hills of course is to experience the floating restaurant in Loboc river. There were actually a lot of restaurants to choose from so more choices for you plus, it's very cheap! You could have a buffet lunch for only P250.00.

    Once aboard, you will enjoy the scenic view of the Loboc river. Additional attraction here is the Brgy. Tourism Projects near Loboc where villagers will perform native dances for the tourists.

    Also a must, is to see the famous marsupial tarsiers which you could only see in Bohol. You could take pictures with them but be very very careful since they are very very sensitive and have suicidal tendencies hahaha!

    Tarsier-fy me! hehehe It was this big! Floating restaurant in Loboc River What we ate Shrimps
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  • Bohol island tour

    by bucheonman Written Apr 25, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We hired a driver for a whole day. We got him at the booth right at the road entrance to Alona Beach, and paid 1800 peso for the whole day. We tipped the driver 100 peso and had some entrance fees to pay as well. Overall, not overly expensive.

    The Chocolate Hills were an utter disappointment, as some local politician was there and ordered the mountain blocked of all traffic until he left. I understand why even Filipinos hate their arrogant politicians.

    The suspension bridge was cool. I crossed it. We skipped the Loboc River cruise because of the time delay at Chocolate Hills. The tarsier is definitely worth seeing. I got to hold it in my hand and take pictures of it. A great experience.

    The snake sucked. the area was overcrowded and wed have to wait 30 minutes to take a picture all the whole listening to some transgender guy talking. The Baclayon church was nothing special, and either was the Blood Compact Shrine.

    The man-made forest and butterfly area were both good as well. Tip: if you want to eat at the butterfly conservatory, order your food and then take the tour. The cook is really slow.

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  • One Fine Day in Bohol

    by jotan23 Written Oct 26, 2010

    Entrance Fee: 15 pesos
    Tricycle Parking Fee: 5 pesos

    The stairs going down the cave was steep and you have to watch your head as you climb up/down. Bats were everywhere. Just mind your steps and ignore the flying bats :p
    Swimming is allowed inside but the water is too deep.

    no entrance fee
    This is a historical marker of the first “Treaty of Friendship” between the brown and white races.

    Entrance Fee: 10 pesos
    Tricycle Parking Fee: 10 pesos
    This famous python is said to be 14 years old. The owner claims that this is the world's biggest and longest python in captivity. Everyone is free to have their pictures taken but donations are appreciated.

    Buffet lunch cruise is around 350-400 pesos per person, which includes barbeque, fruits, etc. Some also provide entertainment like musicians serenading you while you dine and enjoy the view.

    NO ENTRANCE FEES (by donation only)
    There are plenty of places in Bohol that offers a personal experience with the smallest primate in the world. So if you happen not to be able to get a good picture with a tarsier, just ask your driver to bring you to another tarsier stop.

    Just a note: Please refrain from touching the tarsiers as they get stressed. It is known that when they get too stressed out, they commit suicide. Also, please do not use flash photography so you won't blind them.

    BACLAYON CHURCH is the oldest church in the country.
    Baclayon Church Lunch Break: 11:45am - 1pm
    Baclayon Museum Lunch Break: 11:45am - 1:30pm

    ALLAN (Bohol Tour Guide) - 0910-912-6655

    Tarsier Blood Compact Blood Compact Marker Baclayon Church Hinagdanan Cave
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  • limledi's Profile Photo

    Parish Church of the Immaculate Concepcion

    by limledi Updated Oct 15, 2010

    About four km to the east of Bohol is Baclayon, the oldest town in Bohol. It is the location of one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, the Parish Church of the Immaculate Concepcion, built in 1595. The small museum adjoining it is open Mon-Sat 9-11am and 2-4pm. Admission is P10.

    Parish Church of the Immaculate Concepcion Parish Church of the Immaculate Concepcion Parish Church of the Immaculate Concepcion
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  • kemisteryoso's Profile Photo

    DIne at Floating Resto..

    by kemisteryoso Updated Aug 25, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As always part of the Bohol tour, having your buffet lunch on a floating river restaurant is my most awaited part of the tour.

    The starting point the river cruise is just right below the Loay Bridge which is proximate from Tagbilaran but there is another staring point which is from Loboc Poblacion. Watch your step or you will end up swimming on the river.

    The Rio Verde restaurant is actually two banca hulls with a large wooden platform where numerous tables are placed. There is band that will serenade the visitors on board. Different songs were played and most of the songs I heard were foreign. They are really professional on singing songs of other countries.

    The beauty of the pristine Loboc River makes you enjoy more their delicious Philippine local dishes they serve, you can eat all you can.

    What you can see along the way depends where your starting point is. From Loay Bridge you will see lots of Nipa trees and lesser structures you will also see the Village of Eksaya tribe. They said on the other starting point, the Nipa trees is lesser and much manmade structures but you will have the chance to see Busay falls. Some other things are children swimming, people passing by in small bancas, daring kids climb coconut tree alongside the river, and dive to the river.

    It's better to visit this place on fine weather so that you will surely experience the cruise. The resto won't sail during a heavy rain with strong wind because of strong water current. Make it before 11 AM so that you will be the first one to devour their food and not yet crowded.

    I suggest it's better to finish your lunch so that you can enjoy the cruise and will catch everything on pictures when the cruise starts.

    The gastronomic Buffet Lunch the band

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