Province of Bohol Favorites

  • Finally seeing the Chocolate Hills..............
    Finally seeing the Chocolate...
    by paolodecastro
  • rice field near Loboc.
    rice field near Loboc.
    by picek
  • Virgin Island
    Virgin Island
    by lionsnake

Province of Bohol Favorites

  • white sand and many more

    Many different parts in Bohol that love most especially the white sand beaches, the blue clear water and the green river. I love tarsiers as well:=) Chocolate Hills is one of the tourist attractions and its in the top of the hill. Its really nice when you can see the views around the area especially when you are already in the top of the hill. The...

  • Enter the twilight zone

    The best sunset in Bohol I had in Baclayon - that's small town very close to Tagbilaran which is famous for its old church from coral stone (one of the oldest in Philippines) and it's also starting point for watching dolphines. The best time to be in Baclayon is for sunset but you shouldn't miss the church before (or later) - before it's better...

  • green for eyes and soul

    Green is prevailing color of Bohol. Its many rice fields and forests have good feel for your eyes and soul; in the rice fields you can see plenty of birds searching for food; when there's water in the field they reflect the sky or neighbouring landscape. I loved going away from the coastline into interior of Bohol. Plenty of beautiful sights begin...

  • Great Bohol

    The place is of full of amazing place (Loboc river & chocolate hills) to visit unique creature (the tarsier), protected beaches and tha relaxing BBC. Bohol a place to visit. The destinations are endless and the day would end up without noticing it. Everyday there’s a new place to explore and exciting things to discover. My 6 days stay at Bohol was...

  • Bohol in one day

    Bohol is such a small island you can go around all it's major tourist land attractions in one day. of course its beaches and diving areas is another thing...this probably needs a weekend for you to enjoy the wonderful beaches, reefs aand dolfins :)

  • Perfect Vacation!

    Hi, been in Bohol just last week and I'm having so much fun with my friends and colleagues. I would have to say that 8k is good enough though.. because we stayed at Bohol Beach Club. Yes it's quite expensive but i think it's worth it. The place is SWEET! The beach is FABULOUS! We had a great tour guide/driver for our tour, Spencer. We actually got...

  • Paradise in Bohol

    If you want to truly experience Bohol, you should stay there for 3 days. On the first day, take the countryside tour. This will take you to see Blood compact site, Baclayon church, Tarsier sanctuary, Chocolate hills, hanging bridge, Loboc river lunch cruise, python, higdanganan cave, souvenir shopping. On the second day, wake up really early (about...


    Just like any other tourist destinations, August to November is considered a low season for Bohol. For Bohol, it actually means low turn-out for local tourists as I noticed that there are still foreigners, mostly Europeans, in Bohol, more specially in the beaches. I suppose that they are more into diving than beachcombers. Besides, local tourists...

  • Something to bring home

    Peanut Kisses is one of the favorites from Bohol, you can buy it cheaper at BQ Mall than other places in bohol, for me i bought Star Kisses at BQ Mall, the small ones costs only P7.Remember your family and friends, bring home something for then!

  • Tata Rabe

    A lot of reviews has been said about Bohol. But I like to acknowledged also Tata Rabe and her company for the warm welcome and service they rendered during our stay in Bohol. Tata Rabe became synonymous when it comes to Bohol travel (especially here in VT).She constantly get in touch with me (thru Chikka and email here in Doha) and with my wife (...

  • Sand, Wind and Waves at Alona

    I have read contrasting reviews of Alona beach and wondered how come others see it as almost equal to Boracay while others see it as rough and dirty. Now I know...With my four days at Alona beach, I can say the beach changes face relative to the tide+weather. When we arrived, it was low tide but the wind was blowing hard that big waves hit the...


    You will notice that the two nights, there are no suggested activity after supper. At night, Bohol is a quiet place and the province sleeps by 10 pm. There are some entertainment establishments in Tagbilaran City and Alona Beach but they usually close before 12. For me, it is no big deal if I sleep early or just enjoy the silence of the night. I...


    Day two will take you to the major Bohol destination, the Chocolate Hills in Carmen. For this trip, I suggest you travel by hired van. You may also opt for a cheaper mode and hire a jeepney or multicab. The van is more comfortable and faster, though. The trip to Carmen is about 2 hours from Panglao thus better start the trip at 8 am. You may skip...


    This itinerary is recommended for those who avail of 3 days 2 nights packages or would like to stay in Bohol for the same period. This is based on the usual queries received and based on my what I think would be the best way to maximize the time and cover considerable destinations in BoholFirst rule: Take the morning flight going to Tagbilaran and...


    Loboc river runs from the twon of Loay to Sevilla but the part of the river in Loboc is the most popular. Right after the town proper, the restaurant which lines the road and by the river banks offer boats for rent. The river is green during hot weather and turns to brown during rainy days. The usual route of the boat is downstream which will end...


    Cluster of small hills abound in Bohol. The Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol is the most popular. Every visit to Bohol should include Carmen's Chocolate Hills as it is really a sight to behold. From the viewing deck, the chain of hills seems endless. The best time to go to Chocolate is hills is during summer where the hills are brown but the hills...


    My Bohol vacation for this year, January 17-20, 2006. It would seem then that it would not be a good one as it was raining when I arrived in Tagbilaran City Although it was raining, the sea was not that rough. I was resigned to just spend the afternoon at Alona beach and hoped that the weather would improve the next day.The next day, the sun was...


    Unless you passed by Tubigon from Cebu or Jagna from Mindanao or Ubay from Leyte, Tagbilaran City is the main door to the island of Bohol. When you reached either the pier or the airport in Tagbilaran, you may say you have reached Bohol. In a loose sense, yes, but strictly speaking, you reached Tagbilaran City.More often than not, Bohol is equated...


    Bohol is blessed with pristine beaches and clear water. Everywhere you go where there is a view of the sea, you just cannot stop and marvel at the clean clear water. Take some time to have a complete stop and spend some five minutes to see how clear the water is and you can see the seabed.


    Dried sea weeds on the shore may look offensive, disgusting and dirty but do not let them deter you from appreciating the beauty of the waters of Bohol Seaweeds are important part of the whole eco-system. The first time i saw them I thought that the government should do something about them as they are destroying the good view of the sea!! Several...


    Tarsier is one of the oldest primate in the world. It is located in some parts of Visayas and Mindanao but the tarsiers of Bohol had earned the reputation as "THE PHILIPPINE TARSIER" It has become the official mascot of the province.In Bohol, you can see tarsiers either in captivity or in their natural habitat. Owing to the fact that tarsier is a...

  • panglao beach, bohol

    island hopping and dolphin watching, i was really amazed how playfull they are.we`ve been going around 45 to 1hr. and we cant find any dolphin but when they started coming out i took my cam and trying my best to get the best shot i can get. the people are so nice they are so accommodating.i miss panglao island, dolphin, chocolate hills and peanut...

  • Map of Bohol Island

    Bohol, in the heart of Central Visayas, is the 10th largest island in the country. Approximately 803 km south of Manila and 79 km southeast of Cebu, Bohol is the Heritage Province, the eco-cultural tourism destination of the new millennium.An oval-shaped island dotted with 72 smaller islets comprising an area of 4,117 sq. km. It has 47 towns with...

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Province of Bohol Hotels

  • Amorita Resort

    It was really a luxurious stay in Amorita. The staff are really helpful, the rooms are clean, the...

  • Amarela Resort

    The amenities are complete to assure a blissful vacation. This hotel is by far one of the cleanest...

  • Dumaluan Beach Resort

    Bolod, Panglao Island, , Bohol, Philippines

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Couples

  • Anda White Beach Resort

    Brgy. Bacong Sitio Dagohoy Anda,, Anda, 6311, Philippines

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Bohol Sea Resort

    Danao Beach, 6340, Philippines

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 2.5 out of 5 stars

  • Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa

    Eskaya is the best resort I’ve been to. Not because of their facilities, but because of the...

  • Flower Garden Resort

    This is a small, nice and quiet resort run by a Swiss couple. You can choose between bungalows or...

  • Nuts Huts Resort


    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

  • Paragayo Resort

    Paragayo Resort is not a beachfront resort; it’s located along the main road opposite the entry road...


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