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  • "White House" Top of the Mountain
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  • The Pool
    The Pool
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  • The Bat Cave
    The Bat Cave
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Claveria Things to Do

  • Dreamy Sentinela Cove

    One of the hidden paradise in the town of Claveria is nonetheless the Sentinela Cove, home to the Ubing-Ubing of the Cagayan. Unlike the coast in the Poblacion area, Sentinela is enthroned with white sand and the current is more tender.Ubing-Ubing, as told in the legend, is the offspring of Lakay-Lakay and Baket-Baket, who in their greediness was...

  • Taggat Lagoon

    A marina for local fishermen, Taggat Lagoon is a favorite beach swimming destination. The water is generally calm considering the lagoon has a natural breakwater of rocks shielding it from the direct waves of the open sea. Bring your own food. Open cottages put up by the local village association are for rent plus a minimum entrance fee to the park...

  • Centinela Beach

    The most precious hidden gem of Claveria in my humble opinion. This should not be missed in any trip to Cagayan. The waters are clear and calm, not too salty as this is near the point where the river meets the ocean. There is a rocky formation not too far from the beach which can be reached by wading when the tide is not too high.

  • Swim at the Claveria Beach

    Four kilometers of clean beach...what else can you ask for? You can spend your day here from dusk till dawn. During summer, fishermen gather here from 5:00am to 9:00am for their daily catch of galunggong, dilis, atbp. As suggested by Boyet (bikepacker), I tried fishnet-pulling with the locals. It is fun! According to one Manong, the whole catch is...

  • Short Hike at the Bantay Kalbo

    Bantay Kalbo is an enjoyable short hike from the Centinela beach. Your huffing and puffing will be greatly rewarded by the light breeze and scenic view from the top. This is one of my top 5 places in Cagayan! For more photos of Bantay Kalbo.

  • Enjoy the Clear Waters of Centinela...

    This is my favorite beach in Claveria. It is off-the-beaten path and secluded by cliffs at both sides. The view here is spectacular ... very beautiful indeed! During low tide, you may go to the little rock islet at the beach' center and take that funny pose...ala Dyesebel! :0) It is true, "the best things in life are free".For more photos of ...

  • Suspension Bridge - Pedestrians and...

    One great view to take snapshots of the countryside>> a river and mountain ranges in the background, the suspension pedestrian bridge completes the whole landscape. Built by the locals from native hardwood, this 70m long footbridge connects the river-isolated barrio of Nagsabaran to the rest of the town.

  • Unwind at Claveria Beach

    A favorite weekend hideaway for Cagayanos and Isabelanons come summer time, this 4-km long stretch of fine sandy beach is the main attraction of the town. The numerous beach resorts that dot the Beach Boulevard has a total accomodation capacity of about 500+. Whatever your budget, you will find your place. Camping out by the beach during peak...

  • Snapshots of Wild Flowers: Find Them ...

    For the trigger-happy novice photographer, this won't escape. (Who anyway travels these days without a digital camera ready on hand?). Wild flowers endemic to the place can be seen while exploring the hills, sand dunes, stream banks, thickly-forested mountains.The accompanying pictures were taken at "Bantay Kalbo".

  • Cold Dip at Porta Baga Falls

    Have a great time dipping on the cold waters flowing from mountain springs. There are 5 pools at the base of the falls. The 2 original natural basins have the biggest areas and are about 15-ft deep, recommended for adults. The other 3 man-made pools are tiled and are 2-, 3- and 4-feet deep, safe for children. There are about 6 private open cottages...

  • Dive, Slide, Swim at Macatel Falls

    It's good they let this place stay in its unspoiled natural conditon. Only nipa cottages on the banks for day-tour visitors. A well-placed big flat rock on the left side is a favorite diving platform for those who dare to dive 8m high down to the 6m deep basin formed at the base of the falls. The basin is wide enough to do some backstroke/freestyle...

  • Early Morning Swim at a Private...

    Hidden private mini-cove.The little cove at the back of "Bantay Kalbo" at the east side of Centinela is a favorite swimming place as early as the sun rises when the almost vertical mountain shades this place from the scorching heat of the sun. No sunburns. Get ready to leave the place before 8:00 AM. To wash up of the salty water in your body, go...


Claveria Nightlife

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    Claveria Beach: Beach Bonfire

    by bike_packer Updated Feb 20, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After watching the sun sets, it's time to light a bonfire by the beach. Driftwoods washed away to the shore are a-plenty and could be easily gathered to start a bonfire. It's even fun gathering some more just when the burning wood would run out. Along the stretch of the beach, it's but usual to see a lot of other groups doing the same thing on their own.

    Things to do while enjoying the warmth of the fire >> Sharing jokes/stories while sitting on the warm-but-slowly-getting-cold sand. Or, stargazing and meditate with the soothing whisper of breaking waves. Or why not start a beach party roasting some hotdogs on a stick, then bring out that red wine, tequila or gin pomelo. Get some music playing! Dance and free it up!

    Dress Code: Barefooted or beach sandals. Bring windbreakers needed as the night gets late

    Bonfire At Claveria Beach
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Claveria Shopping

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    alcala's milk candies: frozen milk candies

    by sweet_sentiments Updated May 18, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    it's along the national road so it's hard to miss....

    What to buy: frozen candies.....try their diff. flavors........

    What to pay: Php20/pack

    alcala signage
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Claveria Local Customs

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    Offerings to Lakay-lakay and...

    by bike_packer Updated Feb 23, 2006

    The most famous natural monument of Claveria, Punta Lakay-Lakay is a mountain islet in the western end of Claveria Beach. It is obviously detached from the mainland by just a few meters - most probably the works of erosion done by breaking waves on the mountain's rocky sea cliff making it a jutting rock monument in the sea horizon that adds beauty to the landscape on sunsets.

    Legend says that with a curse, a fisherman together with his wife were turned into rocks. A smaller islet beside Lakay-lakay ("old man" in Ilocano dialect) is conversely named Baket-baket ("old woman"). Old folks have a lot of stories to tell about the curse of Lakay-lakay throughout the years. Like, everytime Lakay-lakay gets mad for any reason (like poking fun of it by the unbelievers), he has the power to make the sea go wild in a moment.

    It is a common tradition then among seafarers and fishermen on their way out to fishing trip when passing by Punta Lakay-lakay to make an offering. Either food floated on woods or coins tossed by the sea to appease Lakaylakay is done for a safe voyage.

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Claveria Off The Beaten Path

  • Help Pull the "Daklis" with the Local...

    Claveria Bay is a vey rich fishing ground. The most enjoyable and exciting way to catch fish is joining the "daklis". Daklis is the local term for beach net fishing wherein the net is normally cast 50-100m from the beach in a semi-circle using a row-manpowered boat. Both ends of the net then are pulled to the beach simultaneously by two sets of...

  • Awesome View at "Bantay Kalbo"

    At the eastern end of Centinela Beach is Bantay Kalbo, a 100-meter high carabao grass-covered hill with a steep cliff on the sea side. A good break while enjoying the beach is to scale up this hill. It takes about 15 minutes to get to the top giving a spectacular view of the expanse of Claveria Bay extending up to the Babuyan Islands to the north....

  • Explore The Inland Communities Riding a...

    There are more than 20 barrio inland communities in Claveria accessible mostly thru gravel roads interconnecting them like a web. Mountain Bike! Yes, the best mode to move around and give your lungs a break for fresh air. Sweat it out with a bike and meet the locals. A great learning experience in taking a look at their everyday life. Get ready...


Claveria Favorites

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    Taste the Local Flavor - Empanada

    by i-s-a Updated May 29, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fondest memory: I love this empanada! The pastry is crunchy and the filling tasty. Best when dipped with sour and spicy vinegar.

    Bought it from a small stall in front of the cooperative building at the town center. Each cost about P15.00.

    More photos of this delightful empanada from my travelogue.

    i want more :0)
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