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  • Camiguin Island
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  • Sunken Cemetery
    Sunken Cemetery
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  • Ardent Hot spring - relaxing!
    Ardent Hot spring - relaxing!
    by scarletf

Camiguin Island Things to Do


    SUNKEN CEMETERYLocated in Bonbon, Catarman a huge cross marker has been installed by the Provincial government to mark the community cemetery that sunk during the 1871 volcanic holocaust. Years ago, gravestones were visible during low tide.ARDENT HOT SPRINGThe local hot spa is a natural pool of about 40 degrees centigrade springing from depths of...

  • White Island of Camiguin - A place not...

    White Island is a sand bar across Rocky Village, Yumbing, Mambajao. This is an activity that you should NOT miss! As the name speaks for itself, White Island is pure white sand, there are no trees that you will can shade under. The best time to go there is early in the morning like 6:00 - 9:00am where the sun perfectly shines, not scourging hot and...

  • Roaming around the Island

    It would be best to rent a multicab as you can roam the whole island for a day. We had an overnight stay in Camiguin. But overnight is not enough for you to enjoy the island's beauty. The itinerary we had was the following:Day1: van costs Php 1500 - pick-up at Benoni port, proceed to resort/cottage to check in. - proceed to Camiguin countryside...

  • Tabada's Homestay

    Tabada's Homestay is in front of Paras Beach Resort. They have five rooms . Each room have cable TV, Air condition, and C.R .. They have also a family room.You can also use and borrow kitchen utensils.They also have canteen.Room Rate :2 pax - 1,000 per day4 pax - 1,200 per dayFamily Room - 1,500 daycontact us :cell # 09186306672tell # (088)...

  • explore camiguin w/ Kuya RICO

    Camiguin is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines, you can feel the hot water of Hibok-hibok Ardernt Spring,,,,the sparkling sand of White Island,,,, the cold water of Sto. Nino cold spring........ the nice view of sunken cemetery during sunset,,,,, the cascade of water in the katibawasan falls.......more....more if you want to...


    ITINERARY FOR ISLAND TOUR:** WHITE ISLAND - jump off ride a pumpboat travel 10-15 min. ** WALKWAY -** SUNKEN CEMETERY-** OLD CHURCH RUINS-** STO. NINO COLD SPRING** KATIBAWASAN FALLS** HIBOK-HIBOK ARDENT HOT SPRING***** If you plan to go Mantigue Island you add 300.00 pesos only - jump off ride a pump boat travel 15-20 min.** we have our package...

  • Must Do in Camiguin

    There are a lot of things you can do in Camiguin. But mostly, these are for nature lovers. The island abounds with beautiful beaches, waterfalls, sites, thick foliage and wonderful people. Being there is like being in a virgin forest. Here are a few things you can/must do in Camiguin.1. Rent a jeep or van, since places are far from each other. It...

  • White Island is worth your money!

    When you go to Camiguin, never ever miss a trip to White Island. It's like never going to Camiguin at all. Better to go there early in the morning, when the sun is not that hot and the waves are calmer. Likewise, some parts of the island disappear in the afternoon, so better to catch all of it in the morning.If you're on a budget, you can bring...

  • Holy Week

    There's a lot of things to do in Camiguin on Holy Week. Maybe you can join the Way of the Cross around the island. It's fun and you can make friends along the way. But remember put your comfortable walking shoes on since it's a long long walk and you'll be walking even on late evenings and wee hour in the morning. I was not successful with this, I...

  • Get a Tan on White Island

    get a tanshoot photosgo on a picnicchase hermit crabsdig toes in white powdery sandadmire Mt. Hibok-Hibok from afarget more tan

  • Walkway to the Old Vulcan & Via Crucis

    How about praying and nature tripping at the same time? Yes, we can do it here in this walkway. Maybe praying the Via Crucis and walking through the site of the Old Vulcan Daan. I enjoyed the greeneries I've seen here.

  • Visit the White Island

    This is my favorite destination in Camiguin, a crescent-shaped sandbar and a photographer's favorite. I remember myself just walking and walking in its powdery white sand unmindful of the things around me. This is just another perfect place to stay away from the city noise and pressures. See more pictures in my travelogue.

  • Visit Sunken Cemetery

    I waited for the sunset when I took this picture of a floating large white cross. It marks the spot of a cemetery swept into the sea by the eruption of Mt. Hibok-Hibok in 1871.

  • Visit Gui-Ob Church Ruins

    See the cuntury-old walls of the church. This is the reminder of the 1871 eruption of Mt. Hibok-Hibok that buried the town and part of the church. There is a grassy plot outside, the old wll is lined up with trees and plants and from there you can see the panoramic view of the sea and the tip of the island.

  • Visit Sto. Nino Cold Spring Resort

    Enjoy a different swimming expereince that this resot has to offer. They have large pools with cold and clear running water from the mountain spring. This place is like a fairyland for me. The cottages are sorrounded with trees and plants.


Camiguin Island Restaurants

  • Great food with a Great View at J&A...

    J&A Fishpen is a popular place among tourists and locals alike. If you order the fish you would like to have from the menu, they will instantly catch them from the pond there. Moreover, this restaurant offer a great view of Tanguines Lagoon.

  • Sto. Nino springs barbecue

    Well, first off one must start eating just like the locals or filipino style. You have to eat using your hands. I enjoyed the food for you cook what you bring! My family brought marinated chicken and cooked it on the spot. Sto. Nino springs has their own restaurant but do not expect "steaks", you can sing you heart out with their Karoke machine...

  • The best Camiguin pastry-PASTEL

    This bakery is located in the heart of Mambajao's marketplace. You will never guess that this is the ONLY place to buy the delicious sweet bread called pastel. You can also buy a variety of pastry, breads, and other cookies and biscuits. They have a mini-restaurant on the side for any clients who wants to eat some empanada, siopao, halo-halo, etc!...


Camiguin Island Transportation


    From Manila, you can take direct flights of Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, or Air Philippines to Cagayan de Oro City. If you are a budget traveler like me, Cebu Pacific is a good choice for promo seats. Flying time approximately takes one hour and 20 minutes. If you will be coming form rom Cebu, Cagayan de Oro City is even nearer -- a mere 30...

  • Going to and around Camiguin

    Going to Camiguin Island from CDO, take a jeep or taxi going to Agora Bus Terminal. Take the bus going to Butuan where it will go to Balingoan Port as well. Fare from Agora Bus Terminal to Balingoan port is Php 143. From the Balingoan Bus Terminal, you can either walk going to the port or take a tricycle that costs Php 7 each passenger. If you...

  • Getting around camiguin

    Getting around the island normally is through jeepneys, multicabs and motorela (motorcycle attached to a carriage which can carry at least 8 persons.Transportation rental costs (island tour for 8 hours):Van = P2500 good for 10-12 paxMulticab = P1500 good for 8 pax = P1800 good for 10 -12 paxJeepney = P2000 good for 16-18 paxhotel/resort transfers...


Camiguin Island Shopping

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    by scarletf Updated Apr 24, 2012

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    This is a bakery where you can buy different breads and pastries. What makes Vjandep so special?... It's famous pastel!

    What to buy: No, they are not selling hotcakes... they are selling the yummiest pastel I have ever tasted. This pastel can be seen in different places but Vjandep originated from Camiguin. This is a place not to miss as well. They bake the pastel everyday as it is always sold out in the afternoon. As I bought some, even if it is packed on boxes already... you can smell the bread's aroma. Nothing beats freshly baked pastel of Vjandep!

    What to pay: You can buy a piece for Php 6 for you to try it first. But you can buy cheaper if you will buy it big boxes.


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Camiguin Island What to Pack

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    by billbing Updated Feb 21, 2007

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Bring a lot of swim wears. You can find lots of swimming places around the island. Hot springs, cold springs and beaches. We went there on our car and you can actually go to all the springs in one day. Camiguin is a small island and you can go around it for only 2 hours on a car.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Bring a tent if you plan to go to white island...

    My nieces and nephews at White island
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Camiguin Island Off The Beaten Path

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    by madmary71 Written Apr 16, 2007

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    If you are the adventurous type, & feel that you want to experience a "Romancing the stone" type of trek then you should hike to Tuasan Falls. It's a jungle alright but not too dense (see pics attached). Upon seeing Katibawasan Falls, I was not too thrilled about it. It feels too convenient & not too enthusiastic about it. Hence, I requested a trip to Tuasan with my cousins and they obliged. You must at least reserve 1 -day for this trip. We left at 9am, we were on the dirt road for almost 1 hour (ouch my bottom) by motorbike or mo-ped. Then we left the bikes upon seeing the entrance to the jungle (trust me on this, NO ONE will take your bike! I was paranoid that some locals will take it, but surprisingly no one touched it.)
    Then we trekked through the jungle for another hour, please-oh-please wear proper sandals or trek shoes. I was only wearing thongs, & I don't know what bit me but they are the worst than a mosquito bite. I was only wearing my shorts and shirt & wil insects must've known I'm not a local for I was the only one biten. There's a lot of hiking and there is a so-called ladder made of coconut tree which you have to use to descend down a cliff! I was freakin out & my cousins are watching my every step for we don't need someone like me (foreigner) to fall on my ass! One of them challenged me to think "Fear Factor" that I was a contestant- that got my adrenaline going, whew! But in the end it's all worth it. Once you get there I was very impressed by the untamed beuaty of Tuasan. I was also told that one foolish tourist (German) plunged to his death upon leaping from the top of the falls. He got stuck in the bottom- the only casualty of Tuasan. My cousins & I had beer and picnic at the banks of the Falls, it felt like we own the whole place for there was only us immersing in the cool waters of the falls.

    Tuasan Falls with the ladies Jungle fever After the trip photo session. Slippery and strong current
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